Today the Cubs added Luis Valbuena to the 40-man roster, and activated Welington Castillo from the disabled list, so some space was needed on each roster. The Cubs took a two birds approach, and hurled Koyie Hill as the stone. Hill was designated for assignment, which opens up each necessary spot.

Castillo has been recovering from a knee injury in the minors, and must have been feeling pretty well. Geovany Soto is expected back next week, so it will be interesting to see what the Cubs do with their three catchers then.

Hill will now either be traded, released, or, more likely, put on waivers. If he clears, he’ll have to decide whether he will accept an assignment to the minors, or if he’ll become a free agent.

I’m not saying, I’m just saying: Ryan Dempster and Hill are very good friends.

  • Fishin Phil

    Please Koyie, do not accept the assignment. You future lies in Japan.

    • ETS

      “Please Koyie, do not accept the assignment. You future lies in Retirement.”

      I fixed your quote.

    • Luke

      His future lies as a catcher / coach for a minor league team somewhere.  He’s a pretty good catcher.  Not a good hitter, unfortunately, but a pretty good catcher.  He’d probably do well in a player / coach role somewhere.

      • ottoCub

        Good comment. I agree. And I hope Koyie Hill stays in the Cubs system, finishing out the year in the minors, then becoming an instructor/coach somewhere in the organization.

      • @cubsfantroy

        Which is all the Cubs needed when the injuries happened. Someone who could catch. Hell, the whole team wasn’t/isn’t hitting so to expect anything out of him would have been ridiculous. Although it was still infuriating watching him play, lol.

      • Cub Style

        The Gary Railcats!

      • baseballet

        During today’s game Pat Hughs and Keith Moreland said that Koyie was one of their favorites and said that they hoped he would stay with the organization in some capacity.

  • Luke D

    Good thing the Cubs put him on waifers.

  • Deer

    Koyie will laugh last and take Castillo’s playing time in AAA in about 2 weeks. Who knows, he just may be a September call up.

  • Cyranojoe

    What are the odds he’s part of a Dempster trade? More to appease Ryan than appeal to the receiving team, obviously….

    Also, goodbye Koyie, I hope to hell that you’re gone from the MLB Cubs team permanently. No offense, dude.

  • clark addison

    Koyie Hill did the best he could with limited skills. It took a lot of cojones to come back after nearly cutting off the fingers on his throwing hand in a power saw accident a couple of years ago.

    He’s no longer a major league catcher, but the Cubs were desperate. Now let’s see what Clevenger and Castillo can do.

  • cubmig

    My only comment on Koyie is: “He durable, and because he has been, he’s been a big help.”

  • mudge

    I think he was not hitting on purpose. What an awful guy.

  • Edwin

    His career WAR is -1.1. His best season ever, he was .8 WAR. His wOBA was .249. He has been the worst hitting catcher in the entire league the past 10 years. He was one of the most replaceable players the Cubs have had. Even if he was one of the best defensive catchers/game callers in the league over that span, he was still worthless. I wish him well with whatever he does next, but he was awful with the Cubs.

  • EricR

    I like Hill catching the game. He calls a good one. I don’t like him hitting though. I’d rather he stay with the club in a minor league role.

  • whiteflag

    I’m not a fan of Hill by any means, but I have to wonder what the cubs win percentage is when he is behind the plate vs. when he is not. Maybe its good, and that’s why he keeps finding a way onto the roster. I’m not really sure if this has anything to do with it, but its another factor to take into account besides his WAR. Or it could just be because the cubs were really desperate.

  • Jay

    The Cubs actually have a good winning percentage if my memory serves me right (this was discussed in prior message boards). Catchers are not historically the best hitters, hence the reason they get slotted in the 8th spot. Keep doing what your doing Koyie…you’ll always have a fan here.

  • @cubsfantroy

    I have to think that he knew this was coming when he signed, so I doubt it is a big surprise for him. I like Koyie and all, but his hitting was to weak to stick anywhere, he needs to do more than call a good game.

    As was said by a few people in here, hopefully he will want to stick around the game in some fashion and be an instructor/coach/manager of some fashion within the organization cause he is smart and could be a great asset to the organization in that regard.

  • Jesse

    Na Na Na Na…

  • RY34

    Thank you Jesus, hopefully to never come back again!

  • Cub Gone Wild

    I doubt he has a future working with a table saw!!! That’s how he tore his hand up. He is the type of guy who would make a good coach. He wasn’t a star catcher but he knew his craft and those types of guys make good coaches.

  • Cub Gone Wild

    Well this was a decision made by the Bob’s. whats this catcher’s name. Nagga Nagga… Koyie Not Gonna Work Here Anymore…. LOL… I love that scene in Office Space. Nagonna work here anymore…

  • Cheryl

    No fan of Hill, but probably didn’t give him enough credit for coming back to help the cubs out.

  • die hard

    would keep him and trade Soto

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