Enhanced Box Score: Red Sox 0, Cubs 3 – June 15, 2012

My apologies for the massively late EBS, but, after the Cubs’ lovely victory over the villainous Red Sox, The Wife and I simply had to celebrate. So we did. For many hours. I had a great time meeting up with BN’ers Danny, Max, and Jim before/after the game, as well as ESPN’ers Wayne (Drehs) and Sahadev (Sharma). And the Cubs stepped on the Red Sox courtesy, in large part, of another brilliant outing by Ryan Dempster.

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  1. Mysterious4th

    I really like dempter, but I hope he allows a trade and we get something decent! I really think he loves the cubs to help them beyond the contract he’s in and he could do that via a trade with a prospect. He’s just that type of class act!

    1. Toby

      Dempster, IMO, will not stand in the way of a trade, but I have much respect on how all parties are handling this situation.

  2. cubspong

    I understand that one start will not make much of a difference in trade value, but I wonder in this case if it will. Right now only Beachy and Sale have lower era’s.

  3. Joepoe123

    Picture of dempster with his close friends at wrigley today(perhaps for one last look?)

  4. Joepoe123

    Also suspicious, his freinds happened to come to this game perhaps to see him pitch as a cub for one last time.

  5. NCMoss

    Anybody else think Matsuzaka’s pitching form kind of abuses the rules about what pitchers can and can’t do? Like he literally stops and (barely) shakes his hips before he delivers. It’s basically designed just to screw with batters. Seems very unnecessary.

    1. Njriv

      Well if it screws up hitters, then isnt it necessary?

      1. GoldFinch

        Yes, it’s an advantage. Dempster has that “twisting” thing he does with the glove before he deliveres. Is it against the rules? Of course not. Is it cheating? Of course not. Is it what makes him feel comfortable? Yes.

        1. Cubbie Blues

          Actually, Dempster started twisting his glove because he thought he was tipping his pitches.

          1. GoldFinch

            What does tipping pitches have to do with twisting your glove in the delivery to the plate? Not being smart, just asking. There is no way a pitch can be “tipped” until the batter see’s the ball leaving the glove. Therefore, all the twisting means nothing, except to aggravate the batter.

            1. Njriv

              There are many ways to tip a pitch. Lets say for example when ever Demp wanted to throw a splitter you can see him fumble with the ball in his mitt during his wind-up trying to get the grip. The waving of the glove eliminates that.

              1. GoldFinch

                Wait a minute partner. You get the grip on the ball before the delivery. Why would you be “fumbling” with the ball during the wind up?

                1. Njriv

                  Read drew7′s reply.

            2. AJB

              he was tipping his splitter by having to shove it into his hand so he starting twisting his glove before every pitch so every pitch looks the same

            3. Joe

              Batters could tell when he would switch from the splitter grip to another pitch. That’s why he started twisting his glove to hide what his hand was doing with the ball.

              1. calicubsfan007

                @joe: Haven’t heard from ya in a while. Good to see ya posting. Is this the Joe I have talked with on BN or are you a different Joe? If that makes any sense…

                1. Njriv

                  Cali this is the reasonable Joe, the other one Joe changed his name to GoldFinch.

                  1. Drew7

                    I wouldnt put it past him to reply to his own post under a different name, but you could be right.

                  2. calicubsfan007

                    Thanks Njriv, a lot of people on here. Sometimes forget which “Joe” or “Bob” I am talking to. Sometimes duplicates on here.

                    1. Njriv

                      No problemo compadre

                2. Drew7

                  I think you know the answer to that…

            4. Drew7

              He was tipping pitches by altering his glove position with different pitches. Rothchild suggested he wiggle his glove to keep himself aware of his glove position. He now starts every pitch with a splitter grip and, if throwing a different pitch, adjusts his grip during the wiggle so hitters dont see him *digging in* for a different grip.

              There are several ways a pitcher can tip his pitches before he even starts his delivery, so many have their own version of *the wiggle*.

              1. GoldFinch

                That I’ll buy! The glove position, arm position, and actually the body position will tip a batter. However, there is no way in hell a batter could pick up a pitchers grip(position of fingers) in a windup, IMO.

                1. Njriv

                  No but if you’re the better and you notice every time the pitcher throws a slider he digs in a little longer or what ever the case may be before he starts, that’s how you can pick up a pitch during the windup.

                  1. GoldFinch

                    O.K. Dig long on every pitch and the bateer will never know what’s coming!

        2. Drew7

          Big difference: its against the rules for a pitcher to stop his delivery motion once its starts, which is why NCMoss said he “kind of abuses the rules”, not that he breaks them. Dempster wriggling his glove isnt even close to breaking any rules.

          1. NCMoss

            Exactly! The first few times I saw it I thought he actually stopped. What Dempster does is completely different. He had to hide his pitches from batters better. Matsuzaka’s “stop” is something put in specifically to screw with the batter’s timing. It doesn’t break the rules but I feel like it’s kind of a d*ck move, you know?

            1. THEOlogical

              Not to be the bad guy here, but, it’s not a “wussy” move. He isn’t breaking the rules and I’m sure any of us would do what it took to throw off the timing of a batter (within the rules of course). As long as he does the same motion on every pitch when he winds up, he isn’t breaking or bending the rules. The first and thereafter times he changes from his normal windup, the pitch will be a ball.

  6. nkniacc

    well im not sure he would pitch again at home before the all star break maybe 1 time and i wouldn’t be shocked if hes gone by then

  7. Andrewmoore4isu

    DejesusCs 5 times 2 sb thats cool

    1. Njriv

      Hes not a base stealer anymore.

    2. GoldFinch

      Yes, I don’t understand it either. DeJesus can’t run. It’s that simple. I don’t care if Sveum wants to run “agressively”, but for cryin out loud, have the steal on with someone that can run! DeJesus was caught by a country mile after Boston’s catcher double clutched. Good grief.

  8. #1lahairfan

    We now have no batters over .300. :(

  9. Joshua Edwards

    Only 37 innings before Demp ties Hershiser’s record.

    Talk about improving your short-term trade value: that’d do it.

  10. Jed

    I love that Dempster was the only Cub to have a multiple-hit game.

    1. calicubsfan007

      Speaks a lot about the Cubs’ hitting abilities, doesn’t it? (=

  11. calicubsfan007

    Demps is an awesome dude. Unlike some players (ahem, Mr. Garza) who seem to be crumbling under the pressure of trade speculation, Demps seems to actually get better as the trade speculation wears on. I am sure I am going to get plenty of flack for the Garza statement, but I don’t care. Bring the flack, I can take it.

    1. GoldFinch

      Two different and distinct situations brother.

      1. calicubsfan007

        @Gold Finch: Eh, might be right hombre. Just surprised that Garza is still having these weird slumps when he is a main subject of trade speculation. He’s been in trade discussions enough times, I’d think that he wouldn’t have the weird slumps anymore.

        1. Glotzbach

          True but I think this is the first time Garza is being scouted as a big time starter, remember when he first came to the Cubs he was a number three starter. I think his emotions are keeping him from really being an ace. You can tell in clutch situations something doesn’t go his way (like the error by Mather the other day) he gets ratteled, and don’t forget the lack of offends that gives him another reason to put pressure on himself.

          1. GoldFinch

            I agree 100%.

        2. GoldFinch

          It wasn’t to long ago I thought(and others) Garza was one of the pinnacle’s of the organization. I can’t believe I saying this, but that could be changing.

  12. nkniacc

    Well Garza has been traded twice so he should be kinda use to the speculation.

  13. EvenBetterNewsV2.0

    Dempster is all class. Glad he has been a Cub. He has done as much on his way out as any Cub I can remember. He has been nothing short of great this year. I hope he goes to a place that he can get deep in the playoffs. Great Cub on and off the field.

  14. JL

    I’ve just heard that Josh Beckett was scratched from Sunday’s game. I’m not sure whether this is good or bad news for the Cubbies.

    1. rcleven

      Inflamed shoulder.

      1. NCMoss

        We can expect him to be playing golf all day Saturday. If he pitched like he did in his last start, then it’s bad news. He’s also 0-3 in starts at Wrigley.

  15. JoeyCollins

    I knoe we’ll get some great value for dempster but hopefully its after he plays his last all star game as a cub.

  16. Mysterious4th

    I like garza as a pitcher, but he is 28 and were atleast 3 if not 4 years from constant contention and he’d be hitting 31 or 32 and he would probably be on the backside of his prime (i.e. puljos) and id rather get some younger guys who are going to stick around a few years past the begining of our constant winning -I hope- so he needs to get his tail in gear to build his trade value so we can trade him to the tigers :)

    1. Brady

      I say we can compete next year if prospects such as Bjax and Rizzo turn out to be the real deal. I like Garza and think we should lock him up. If we are still losing in a couple years and he is still performing then we trade him (unless we get an absolutely absurd offer now).

      1. Vladimir

        Bjax is not doing so well in AAA. His numbers are less than stellar so he needs until atleast the beggining of next year before we give him a chance. While I think we will continue to get better, I think expecting true competitiveness next year is probably a bit too optomistic. I’d rather trade Garza and Demp for a haul of great players, making our next 3+ years even better.

  17. Patrick G

    Drabek on Toronto to have TJS and Hutchinson left the game tonight with an injury. They might seem desperate to get some pitching and throw some big prospects out there

    1. rcleven

      Whole pitching staff dropping like flies. Can they stay in contention to even be relevant?

      1. Patrick G

        Well they still have Romero and Morrow healthy. Drabek was a great pitcher anyway so put Garza in that mix, that’s a pretty good 1-2-3 with their offense.

        1. nkniacc

          But they are already 6.5 out

          1. Patrick G

            Well the Red Sox are 7.5 out and theyre still involved. Just an observation that Toronto might be desperate to do something since all their pitchers are going. I’m sure they will see closer to the deadline to see where they are.

    2. nkniacc

      they might but id guess they wait untill atleast the all star break to figure their chances which may put them out of dempster but right in the middle of the garza talks likely

      1. Tim

        how about demp and garza to the jays for their top 3 or 4 prospects :)

    3. calicubsfan007

      I want D’Arnaud and Norris. Love Cleve, but can’t say no to the big D! And maybe Carreno? Anyone like the sound of that?

      1. nkniacc

        maybe you could throw Lahair in that trade

    4. Mrp

      Honestly I think with 3 pitchers out now Toronto isn’t going to try to go for it. Unfortunate for them, I was really hoping they could stay in it with their awesome farm system

  18. Blinda

    Who is Valbuna? I guess I missed his callup?

    1. GoldFinch

      That would be Valbuena.

  19. nkniacc

    BTW Cubs miss Beckett as he will be skiped on Sunday

  20. Njriv

    @Blinda The Cubs picked him up off the waiver wire right before the season started after he was DFA ‘d by Toranto. He was performing well at Triple -A and got the promotion due to Ian Stewart was put on the DL for wrist soreness yesterday.

  21. North Side Irish

    Disappointed to read this article about Anthony Rizzo…sounds like he is not exactly fan friendly. Have never heard anything negative about his attitude, so maybe he’s somewhat shy with the public? He does not come off well here.


    1. GoldFinch

      Umm…Who is Liz Rudisill?

      1. North Side Irish

        No idea. Rob Neyer tweeted about the article and I thought it was interesting.

    2. Mrp

      Meh, I don’t read too much into that. He very well could just be a shy guy, that is often misconstrued to mean that a person is an asshole. Either way I don’t really care as long as he mashes for the big league club.

    3. Serious Cubs Fan

      Wow I really hope hes not like this. I feel bad because I shouldn’t judge from one article but thats just really sad and I would not be happy if he was a self entitle grade A asshole that Bonds was like. Just a shame. We will just have to wait and see

      1. GoldFinch

        We don’t have to wait and see with Rizzo. You can take the article by that woman and wipe your ass with it, because thats all it is, toilet paper!

    4. Carew

      I dont believe he was bein an a-hole. He probably had something else on his mind or he’s just shy. In my experience, the nicest people in the world are the ones who go through the biggest struggles, like he did.

      1. GoldFinch

        Some people don’t like the “spotlight.” I know I don’t.

  22. Steve

    Thanks Demp. Your last start as a Cub was awesome.

  23. Serious Cubs Fan
    1. NCMoss

      And Theo thought us Cubs fans saw the positive.

      1. Serious Cubs Fan
        1. Doug

          “You are talking about the nonsensical ravings of a lunatic mind! Dead is dead!”

          1. GoldFinch


        2. The Show

          I still think the power is there and it will come eventually and he has improved quite a bit defensively this year. Keep in mind he is still five years away from being in his prime so he has time on his side. I don’t think it’s fair to say to someone like Castro who has been playing beyond his age for the last two years that he will never be an MVP, you just never know in professional sports nowadays.

          1. GoldFinch

            Castro is young. I keep forgetting that myself. Everytime he plays I expect(greedily, I must admit, as a Cubs fan) him to go at least 2 for 4! I know my expectations are set too high for the guy. But he will be very good.

  24. Doug

    That’s two minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

    1. Richard Nose


  25. jim

    Brett – it was great meeting you & the gang before the game. You kept your word about bringing back a win today (and my wife kept her word about making me submit my first post). Thanks for the time & effort you put into BN.

  26. grace17

    I now feel bad for calling dempster, dumpster the last couple years. If anything he’s the only tru cub left on the squad! I hope does well wherever he lands

    1. GoldFinch

      Well, let’s not get too sentimental. I’ve called Dempster the dumpster myself. Many of fans have called him the dumpster. There’s a reason for that, and I don’t want to get that argument going again.

  27. Leroy K.

    I haven’t heard a lot of news lately on the video board over in the right field side. Are opposing teams NOT complaining about it anymore?

  28. Leroy K.

    Did anyone else notice that the flag that flew outside the stadium said Nationals??? The Cubs can’t afford a Red Sox flag? LOL

    1. Brady

      All Red Sox material was burned during the Compensation desputes. (and rightly so)

      1. Leroy K.

        Ahh!!!! Understandable!!!!

  29. Brady

    Walks leading to runs!!! WITCHCRAFT! BURN THEM! I really hope we get quality for Dempster in a trade and then he comes back next season. I really like what he has been showing this year.

  30. fester30

    How about… Dempster accepts a trade, we get some decent talent in return, he goes off as a rental to some team in contention… and then resigns with the Cubs in the offseason!