Lukewarm Stove: Epstein and Dempster Indeed Have Discussed Trade Issues (And Other Rumor Bits)

The Lukewarm Stove kindles on…

  • So, that Epstein/Dempster chat on Wednesday that had everyone (including me) speculating that the duo were finally talking about possible trades, and where Dempster might want to go? A source says, indeed, that’s what the two were discussing. That’s still an early step in putting together a trade, but I’d be surprised if Dempster is still on the Cubs come early July. Hopefully he’s open to accepting a deal to a number of locations, which will give the Cubs flexibility in accepting the best offer (rather than accepting whatever offer comes from the one place Dempster is willing to go). Dempster has recently suggested that, when it comes to a trade, he views ensuring that the Cubs get the best possible return for him as part of his responsibility to the team, so I think he’ll be relatively flexible. I do hope the Cubs put him in a good situation, though.
  • On that chat, by the way … why did Epstein and Dempster have it in the stands, where everyone could see and report on it? Surely Epstein knew that rumors would swirl, and that we (and other teams) would draw the conclusion that we did. And surely he could have met with Dempster in private. What’s his angle here? Wanting to make sure teams know that Dempster is open to a move?
  • Ken Rosenthal talks up the virtues of Ryan Dempster, and, for those reasons, concludes that Dempster is going to find himself on a new team soon enough.
  • White Sox players would love to have Dempster on their team (and Dempster could stay in Chicago), but everyone is pretty skeptical that the White Sox could put together the right package to acquire him.
  • Doug Padilla chatted this week, and offered some thoughts: (1) David DeJesus has little trade value, and if moved, would just be a salary dump (I could not disagree with this more strongly – DeJesus is not a star who would net a huge haul, but he’s signed to a very fair contract, and he provides quite a bit of value); (2) no one is worried that the formalities associated with finalizing the Jorge Soler deal will cause any problems; (3) Padilla doesn’t really see any other players besides Ryan Dempster, Matt Garza, Alfonso Soriano, and Bryan LaHair potentially being moved this Summer (seems like a few role players could be shuffled off the roster, too); (4) Padilla doesn’t see LaHair as a long-term part of the Cubs’ future; and (5) Albert Almora will very likely sign.
  • Bruce Levine also chatted: (1) Bruce expects the Rizzo/LaHair/Soriano situation to be resolved by July 1, which would allow Rizzo to come up and start every day at first (that seems like a pretty aggressive estimation to me – it sounds like Bruce is saying he expects either Soriano or LaHair to be dealt by July 1); (2) the White Sox would love to have Garza or Dempster, but they don’t have much talent to trade that isn’t already on their 25-man roster; (3) Bruce thinks the Cubs have already burnt Shawn Camp out; (4) Carlos Marmol will have to pitch well over the next month for a team to take him (yeah); (5) Bryan LaHair will probably be traded; (6) Bruce doesn’t think the bad contract for bad contract type swaps will be the Cubs’ MO going forward;   and Albert Almora will very likely sign (sensing a theme there?).
  • Ken Davidoff says the Cubs are at the top of his list of most likely to be trade-happy teams over the next month and a half.
  • The Orioles have been scouting Alfonso Soriano and Cubs pitchers.

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120 responses to “Lukewarm Stove: Epstein and Dempster Indeed Have Discussed Trade Issues (And Other Rumor Bits)”

  1. Fishin Phil

    When I was a kid, the Orioles were my favorite AL team (my uncle was in their farm system). If they would take Soriano, they would immediately reclaim the #1 AL team in my heart.

  2. Forrest Gump

    What is the return on a player like LaHair?

    1. ETS

      Lonnie Chisenhall

      1. Norm

        I would guess some lottery ticket type in High A or lower
        or a lower ceiling guy from AA

        1. ETS

          edit: comment removed for boneheadness. ;)

      2. Luke

        Where did the Chisenhall for LaHair rumors come from anyway?  They’ve been lurking for a few weeks now.

        1. ETS

          doh obvious brain fart there. Sorry, ready for the weekend. I still think Chisenhall would be a good move

        2. Webb


          If the O’s are scouting Cubs players, what kind of return would a Garza, Soriano, and Vitters/Baez package net?

          1. cooper

            I can’t imagine that Baez is the least bit available…

            1. JulioZuleta

              Baez can’t even be officially traded until Aug 15. He won’t be going anywhere. Law said he’s in his top 50 right now. If Almora and Soler officially sign before Rizzo graduates, that would be 4 in Law’s top 50. Not bad.

              1. Webb

                Has the date not passed that they are allowed to be used as a PTBNL?

                1. JulioZuleta

                  They can be named the PTBNL, but that “player” couldn’t officially be Baez until August.

                2. gabriel

                  why are we EVEN talking about this? Baez is going nowhere & has star potential

            2. Webb

              My thinking was that he might make some serious upper echelon talent more available to the Cubs if he was offered along with the obvious MLBers. It might convince a team they’re not completely mortgaging their future.

          2. Luke

            More than Baltimore would ever be willing to pay.  Drop Baez out of that it gets a bit more reasonable.

            If Baltimore wants Garza, I think they have to put Machado or Bundy on the table.  I don’t think they can manage the best offer otherwise.  The Orioles farm system has two of the best prospects in baseball at the top, and then not a whole lot else.  That’s going to make deals with Baltimore very, very tricky.

          3. Jzwizard

            I wouldn’t want to trade Baez even if that’s what it took for a team to take Soriano. Soriano is actually having a very nice year for us. Is he overpaid? No question about that, but at least he can produce at times unlike other huge contracts such as Vernon Wells or John Lackey.

        3. Ben

          Luke, the Chisenhall rumors surfaced after Jim Bowden wrote one of those strange hypothetical trade articles……That is my best guess anyway he suggested Chisenhall and a low level guy for LaHair

  3. Jonski

    imo …It should be a half way decent return just because the team that gets him will have control over him pass this year.

  4. EQ76

    I think LaHair’s trade value will be much higher this off season.. If he can produce for a full year, teams will have more of an idea what his worth is. I’d imagine if he ends with something like a .290/30/110 line, he could get a much better return.

    1. Ted

      Theres a chance someone in the hunt (thinking pirates or nationals) makes a hendry-type move and offers a lot for him, but otherwise on board with you. If he’s only valued as a backup with this season a fluke, then let him play it out. If he has a good while year hell be valued more highly, and if he doesn’t no problem — teams only value him as a backup now anyway.

      1. Kyle

        When did Hendry ever severely overpay for a deadline deal?

        I swear, I lived through an entirely different Hendry era than most fans. Did I slip into an alternate universe?

        1. DocPeterWimsey

          It’s the universe where a third of the All Star Squad is stocked with former Cubs farmhands…..

        2. JB88

          There are only a few deals that I can recall Hendry overpaying for and those were offseason deals. The worst was the Pierre deal and the Garza deal is still up in the air, but seems better than most thought at the time.

          1. Drew7

            I’m with you on the Pierre deal 100%. He wasn’t a very successful “seller”, but credit him for getting the following players for almost nothing:
            Derrek Lee
            Aramis Ramirez
            Kenny Lofton
            Eric Karros
            Mark Gruzielanek
            Rich Haren (2008 Harden: 5-1 with a 1.77 ERA and .972 WHIP!)

            1. JB88

              I do credit Hendry quite a bit. I’m not a Hendry hater.

              1. Cubs Dude

                Yes, he was very good at his craft. I was mistaken. I miss Hendry..

                1. JB88

                  Come on now. You don’t need to be flippant about it. You didn’t like Hendry, fine, but don’t forget that he did some very good things as GM and his teams made the playoffs three times. This is the Cubs we are talking about, three playoffs in 6 years is pretty much unheard of in Chicago.

                  You can be critical of things Hendry did, but don’t let your dislike overshadow the fact that he also did a number of very good things while he was GM of the Cubs.

                  1. EQ76

                    i agree.. Hendry had some good moments and some bad ones.. his downfall was contract length and handing out no trade clauses like candy. he did make some good deals (Lee, ARam, Harden, etc) but unfortunately he’s more remembered for the Soriano contract and Milton Bradley. Which, were in retrospect, terrible moves.

                    1. Drew7

                      Who did he give NTC to? I thought Zambrano was the only one but I could be mistaken.

                    2. MichaelD

                      The complaints about NTC’s is misguided. Most of the players who got an NTC would not have been traded before they had 10 and 5 rights anyway. Also, contract length really actually wasn’t too bad for Hendry (Soriano excepted). Either the players underperformed the whole time (Bradley, Fuku) or they didn’t.

                      Hendry’s main fault as a GM had nothing to do with free agents. His primary fault was in drafting and player development.

                    3. DocPeterWimsey

                      Also, NTC’s never are given out like candy.  They are given in exchange for a lot of dollars on a contract.  It’s not a garnish: it’s worth something to the player.

                      I agree with MichaelD: Hendry’s real downfall was the criteria he and his staff used to scout amateur talent.

                2. rcleven

                  Don’t forget Hendry picked up a player off the scrap heap that is one of our better players today, Ryan Dempster.
                  Hendry was a great talent evaluator. Just a lousy GM.

                  1. Toby

                    Dempster was one of the first pitchers that started the trend of picking up players that were coming off major arm problems at a discount.

                    1. Bric

                      Hendry’s biggest issues were drafting and player development? Has everyone but me forgotten Milton Bradley? Or Ted Lilly for Blake DeWitt? Or a sht load of other mistakes? Please, everyone, put down the Cubby weed.

                    2. Lou

                      This comment is actually for Bric. Put down the weed? Seriously? If Hendry would have staffed his FO with guys like McLeod, then talk of his contracts would have dissipated. Those contracts stand out even more because of the lack of farm system depth coming up and filling holes around those big free agent signings. The criticisms of Hendry are largely the product of misguided analysis represented by comments like Bric’s.

            2. Jzwizard

              Yeah I am with you. Hendry was a terrible seller and drafter. But he did do a lot of good for us. Unfortunately for him, you just can’t win in the majors without having drafting ability. He tried to buy a ring and it just blew up in his face. Same thing happened to Theo in his last couple of years in Boston. You can’t cover up holes in your team with a few big free agent signings.

              1. Bric

                I don’t know- is evaluations of Koyie Hill, John Grabow, Jeff Stevens, Esmaillen Caridad, Kyle Smit, John Gaub, were pretty good.

                And he evlauated the hell out of Ryan Harvey, Mark Pawalek, Ben Christenson, Lou Montenez, and boat load of other failures before he drafted them. Please.

                1. Lou

                  I think he’s talking about his FA signings and buying a ring –not prospects.

        3. Cubs Dude

          So you like what Hendry did? Or are you just arguing that he was ok at deadline deals (which I guess he didnt do anything ridiculous) deadline deal related. IMO the biggest problem with him was he was never a big picture guy. It’s all about the now.. I could give a shit avout the pressures of the Tribune. It’s all on his watch. You can easily dominate the regualr season but lose in the first round of the playoffs. I think the key to winning a championship is being in the playoffs a lot. Because who knows what will happen once your in…

          1. JB88

            I think Hendry made some spectacular deadline deals. Landing Nomar (ultimately a blase deal), trading for Aramis and Lofton for filler. Landing Derrick Lee for essentially nothing in the offseason, the Rich Harden trade in the middle of a playoff race for filler.

            What got Hendry in trouble wasn’t his trades, it was the poor FA contracts he gave out and the poor draft history. Frankly, he probably could have survived the FA contracts if the drafting had been even modest. But the draft is where Hendry failed, not really in his trades (with the true exception being the Pierre trade).

            1. Cubs Dude

              Yeah I will give ya the Aramis trade. But overall I feel like it was patchwork. The correct drafting and development was subpar in the new way under him. And I know he was under pressure to win, but I wasn’t impressed with his work. I will admit I am a severe Hendry hater and bitter so take it for what it’s worth.

          2. Kyle

            Cubs fans seem to have this mass amnesia about what the Hendry era was like. Calling an overpaid deadline deal “Hendry like” is a great example.

            Hendry cleaned up on deadline deals. I don’t believe he ever traded a prospect in a deadline deal who went on to be a useful MLB player, and he stole Aramis Ramirez from the Pirates in one of the best trades of the last 50 years for the Cubs.

            Hendry did some things right. He did a lot of things right, actually. He presided over the second most successful decade in Cubs history. He produced five winning seasons in that time (the same as late-60s run that is so important to Cubs history), three division titles and at least one team that was clearly the best in the National League. Hendry excelled at using the Cubs’ financial advantage to pick up quality major leaguers in or about to enter their primes from smaller-market teams.

            He also had some glaring weaknesses. He had some spectacular overpays in free agency (a weakness he shares with Theo Epstein, I might add). He had some very bad ideas about what made a good baseball player (actually wanting Juan Pierre?). He refused to use arbitration and compensation picks to his team’s advantage, and he didn’t like being a “seller” in years when it was clearly needed. Most importantly, he completely failed to build a scouting and development infrastructure. The Cubs lost an entire decade with failed draft picks.

            When people try to figure out why the Cubs are so bad, “Herp derp Jim Hendry was an idiot who was bad at everything and traded all our draft picks and spent the money on overpaid veterans” is a lazy way of looking at things.

            1. Cubs Dude

              “He also had some glaring weaknesses. He had some spectacular overpays in free agency (a weakness he shares with Theo Epstein, I might add). He had some very bad ideas about what made a good baseball player (actually wanting Juan Pierre?). He refused to use arbitration and compensation picks to his team’s advantage, and he didn’t like being a “seller” in years when it was clearly needed. Most importantly, he completely failed to build a scouting and development infrastructure. The Cubs lost an entire decade with failed draft picks.”

              I think your whole paragraph here spells why he sucked as a GM. Anyone can pay out the ass for a player in free agency. Aramis, ok it was a good deal. But that dude (Hendry) did some serious damage to the organization… Which were paying for now.

              1. Drew7

                Nobody said he didnt serious damage to the organization. The point being made is that just because he was terrible at the things Kyle mentioned, that doesnt mean he was bad at deadline deals or trades in general.

              2. Jack Weiland

                He did that when the Cubs had a window to win. I’m totally cool with that. Was Soriano an overpay? Hell yes. But it was an overpay at a time when the Cubs had a legitimate shot at winning the World Series. That’s what happens sometimes. The guy ultimately got fired for that, but you can’t take the bad and ignore the good.

                The Cubs won three division titles in his time here. If they win a World Series one of those years do you think people would malign him the way they do now? Absolutely not. And the playoffs are a crap shoot. Didn’t work out for the Cubs, but he still won three division titles with the Cubs. It wasn’t all bad.

                1. Drew7

                  “Was Soriano an overpay? Hell yes. But it was an overpay at a time when the Cubs had a legitimate shot at winning the World Series.”

                  That’s what most people forget: He paid Sori to put the team over the top during that window, and Sori did his part by posting a 122 (which happens to be his OPS+ this year so far) and 120 OPS+ in ’07 and ’08, respectively.

                  As indicated in previous posts, I actually dont think that deal was THAT bad; when a guy get a long-term deal like that, you’d expect him to over-produce the 1st couple years, and underproduce the last couple. He hasnt fulfilled the whole contract, but hasnt underperformed as much as people want to think.

                  1. Toby

                    Wasn’t Soriano also coming off a 40/40 season?

              3. Lou

                Great CubsDude–find the paragraph where Kyle criticizes Hendry and play it up to the hilt without considering the full extent of Kyle’s argument. You sound like Red Sox fans and their current regard, or lack thereof, for Epstein in the midst of this crappy season.

                1. Cubs Dude

                  Whatever Lou. All I was saying was that those faults of Hendry I highlighted from Kyle’s statement far out way a couple good deadline deals he made. The statement “he completely failed to build a scouting and development infrastructure” basically says he sucks. That is by far the most important part of being a GM. That’s a pretty big slap in the face comparing me to a Red Sox fan. Apparently Hendry impressed others more than myself though…

                  1. Lou

                    You took an argument and completely played off the criticisms and the negative without looking at the balanced approach that Kyle was taking in his comments about Hendry. And yes, you’re doing the same thing that Red Sox fans are doing with Theo now that the team’s losing. So, I stand by my statements COMPLETELY. Nice try, though.

                    1. Cubs Dude

                      I disagree completely and that was not at all what I was doing. ALL I was doing was saying those qualities Kyle presented nicely about Hendry can’t and don’t hold a candle to the fact that he didn’t build a scouting and development dept. properly. That’s it… I WAS not trying to do anything more or anything less.

                    2. Lou

                      I suppose, CubsDude. That’s not the way I read it, though. And that being said I’m not pro-Hendry fan either. Fukudome was too large of a risk to take with a big contract, IMO. And Zambrano wasn’t a #1 starter and shouldn’t have been given #1 starter money. Yet, Hendry had more success as a GM currently than anyone in the Cubs organization. If it wasn’t for him, the bar wouldn’t have been raised to the level, which ironically, has given some Cubs fans their current desire to bash him for his shortcomings.

                2. Kyle

                  And I don’t want to come across as pro-Hendry. He wasn’t good enough to be the Cubs GM.

                  He was a decent baseball guy stuck in an old-school mentality. To borrow from the Tampa Bay Rays’ book, he didn’t go “the extra 5%” and in modern baseball, that gets you left in the dust. While Epstein and those like him are working night and day to try to find new market inefficiencies to exploit, Hendry was comfortable using his old-schools scouting instincts.

                  The result was 5 winning seasons and 3 division titles in 10 years. In a division where the Cubs have a massive financial advantage over everyone else, that’s not good enough.

                  But compare his tenure to, say, Ed Lynch’s. Ed Lynch was a really *bad* GM. Ed Lynch traded a No. 10 overall pick one year after he was drafted, for a reliever with a 5+ ERA and a bad back. We blame Hendry for not being a seller, but Lynch failed to capitalize on a Sosa deal in 2000 that could have set this franchise up for the next decade.

                  tl;dr version: Ed Lynch was bad. Jim Hendry just wasn’t good enough.

            2. hardtop

              edit: nevermind

            3. KyleNovak

              Agree with all of this.

              In fact, If the 2008 Cubs didn’t crap the bed at the end of the year and in the first round of the playoffs, everything he did that season would have been touted as genius.

              He got Rich Harden from the A’s for nothing, a huge pick-up down the stretch.

              He picked a “supposedly washed-up” Jim Edmonds off the scrap heap. The platoon of him and Reed Johnson gave the best bang for the buck CF in the whole league.

              His deal for Ted Lilly was a great one.

              I could go on and on.

              1. JB88

                You could add his waiver wire pick up of Randall Simon to this list as well. That was a really great move and a very necessary one that season.

              2. Cubs Dude


            4. Jack Weiland

              Couldn’t agree with this more.

              1. Cubs Dude

                Yep, Hendry was great. My bad….

                1. Jack Weiland

                  No one said he was great. He just wasn’t THE WORST GM EVER WHAT AN IDIOT HOW COULD HE DO THAT TO THE CUBS??

                  He was pretty good. Had some success. Had some failures, too. Now he’s gone and there’s a new guy. I hope he does better.

                  1. Cubs Dude

                    I think he was really really bad, apparently I am by my self with that feeling. Maybe I am misguided, it won’t be the first time.

                2. Drew7


        4. Lou

          Yes. I second this comment.

    2. ETS

      That’s a big if. Trading him now is a sure thing. The way they have been using him (sparingly) makes me think they are moving him ASAP.

    3. Drew7

      Hopefully teams arent looking at RBI’s in the 1st place to assess his value. If they were though, I’m thinking hes gonna have a tough time getting to 110, since he has 26 right now.

      1. Drew7

        Kyle – I don’t know of any either. I think the “new toy” feeling is still here with the new regime and its easy to lump all Hendry moves together and label them “bad”(that certainly isnt a knock on Theo or Jed).

        While his FA aquisitions may be debatable (most of them werent that bad, either), I don’t remember any “buyer” trades that he lost.

    4. Cheryl

      LaHair won’t have a choice in terms of waiting. Wherever he’s going I hope he’s looked at as more than a platoon player. Unfortunately though, the less Sveum used him the less likely he’ll get a good return for the cubs. It would be great if he’s traded and did a Jose Bautista.

      1. Drew7

        I had no idea LaHair was married…

  5. Norm

    I just don’t think Epstein cares what people are saying about the Dempster meeting.

    1. jp

      Second that Norm

      1. Alou and Vinegar

        I think he wanted it out in the media to make it appear a trade was close. Either draw more teams into the discussion and/or drive up the price for those already involved.



        1. ETS

          I love your handle.

  6. JulioZuleta

    Man, ESPN gets worse by the day. If you have MLB Network, I highly recommend never watching ESPN again.

    1. willis

      Amen. And I believe this for all the sports specific tv channels. MLB, NFL, NBA, Golf Channel….all trump ESPN by a ton.

      1. Jack Weiland

        +1 to this.

        MLB, NHL, NFL … all better than ESPN.

      2. Lenny Gilderleeve


    2. Dante hicks

      Agreed on ESPN. And not just because of it’s crazy east coast favorites (or as Mike North used to say, “The Eastern seaboard programming network.”. The TV product is always tough–Stuart Scott anyone?–to watch. However, Doug Padilla is basically Phil Rogers without the cool glasses. I’ve been very disappointed in his scoops. Levine, Sullivan, Wittenmeyer ans the good blogs know more. Oh, Patrick Mooney too. Excellent guy. MLB Network is the place to be. Their draft coverage was superior.

  7. BD

    Anybody think any of these prospects could be had from the South Side for Dempster:

    Erik Johnson
    Charlie Leesman
    Scott Snodgress

  8. MVG

    My first post on here:

    Ryan Dempster= Class act!

    1. Spriggs

      Agree… really high on Dempster and hope the best for him.

  9. Internet Random

    My two cents:

    The meeting in the stands is a signal to any ball club that might be interested in Dempster to get their best offers on the table.

    As in, look at us talking here. We’re talking about some good trade offers that we’ve gotten. We’re about to do a deal unless we get a better offer… so get your better offer in while the getting is good.

    1. Cubs Dude

      Ha.. That actually does make some sense Internet Random. Theo is so premeditated that he could be doing exactly that.

      1. Internet Random

        I always make sense. Ask anybody.

  10. Kyle

    Did I miss this article being linked/discussed? (Not being snippy, I really might have missed it at some point in the last few days):

    Epstein has been a lot more open in the last few days than he has at any other point since he took over the Cubs. Some really interesting stuff. He more or less admits that the pressure to win in Boston got to him and caused him to make some baseball decisions he regrets, and that he’s excited about being in Chicago where that pressure isn’t there.

    1. hardtop

      well, thats too bad. the pressure is most certainly there. i dont know how he could believe the greatest baseball fans in the world dont want or expect him to win, especially after a century plus of mediocrity and no title.
      i wonder how we get the message to him. maybe hang a sign in starbucks?
      maybe use big blue letters that say “theo: you better fucking win!”

  11. rbreeze

    One real refreshing thing for Epstein in being in charge of the Cubs is that he is the man here!  In Boston they had a much bigger baseball organization and although he had the GM title, he had Lucchino and others looking over his shoulder.  He is starting from scratch here and has to love it.

  12. Matty Ice

    With the way Dempster is pitching, the lack of starters on the market and the abundance of teams that need pitching, if Theo and Jed don’t get a top 50 or two top 100 prospects in return for him it should be considered a failure.

  13. AD

    Dempster shutting down the Red Sox can only raise his value in the eyes of American League teams such as the Blue Jays, Orioles, Yankees, and Tigers. I really think the Orioles could make a strong push for Dempster and Soriano.

  14. Matty Ice

    Callis just tweeted that Blackburn(supplemental 1st rnd) signed for exactly slot at 912k

  15. AD

    Just saw an article portraying Ryan Dempster as a natural fit for the Red Sox. Could Dempster land a return of Matt Barnes and Jackie Bradley Jr. or is that a little too steep?

  16. Lothar

    A little? Ha. Barnes by himself is probably too steep.

    1. AD

      What would you expect in return for Dempster then?

  17. Lothar

    I would be surprised if we get more than 1 top 100 prospect for him. I hope for more obviously, but for a half-season of Dempster I’d be pretty happy getting a guy like Barnes or Bradley.

  18. Lothar

    I think we’ll get 1 top 100 guy for Dempster and 2 for Garza which would give us 8 by the end of the summer (Rizzo, Soler, Baez, Jackson, Almora, + 3 TBD). Not a bad start to the rebuilding process.

  19. rcleven
  20. die hard

    All trades of anybody should be for draft choices only, figuring that if minor league player being offered was that good hed be up in the show already…rather take chances on draft

    1. Matty Ice

      Wow, just wow. There should be a test one needs to take regarding baseball knowledge before they are allowed to post.

      1. MichiganGoat

        Ah don’t sweat it die hard is out there but if you look at it as satire its kinda of fun. Plus die hard is a staple if BN, if it wasn’t for him Dick Tidrow would not have become a forum legend.

        1. NCMoss

          I’ve always found his posts to be quite entertaining. Speaking of out there, what happened to Ramy16? I always had a hunch that he and die hard were the same guy.

        2. calicubsfan007

          Tidrow is a legend! Hahahaha

    2. The Show

      That’s a clown statement bro.

  21. ProfessorCub

    ^ +1

  22. ProfessorCub

    @die hard…save that for the NFL message board, bro

  23. Matt

    The Blue Jays Starting Pitchers are all going down this week… Morrow, Drabek, and now Hutchinson leaves his start today with an injury. I hate to see injuries, but I can’t help but think that the Blue Jays just got REALLY desperate for a Starting Pitcher (or two). I hope Theo has Alex Anthopoulos on speed dial.

    1. calicubsfan007

      God’s wrath against Blue Jays pitchers benefit Cubs! (=

    2. Toby

      Garza, Maholm, Soto, and mid-level prospect to Toronto for d’Arnaud, Gose, Syndergaard, Aaron Sanchez, and Wojierchowski?

      1. calicubsfan007

        @Toby: We totally give up way too much in that trade.

  24. pj

    Cubs need a closer. Dodgers have one. Shawn Tolleson. He was just promoted up to the Dodgers from AAA. Last year, moving up the chain from A to AA, he struck out 105 in 69 innings, while walking 18. 1.17 ERA.

    1. GoldFinch

      If I remember correctly, Carlos Marmol had better numbers in 2007 as a Pro!

      1. calicubsfan007

        @Gold Finch: Nice point with Marmol. People thought he would be the next great thing in Chicago.

  25. nkniacc

    Cubs don’t need a closer until rebuilding is done. Yes they have lost a bunch of close games but you don’t trade for a minor league closer as main part of any deal

    1. calicubsfan007

      @Nkniacc: Gotta agree with you on that one. Starters, good bats, and a everyday third baseman come before the closer need.

      1. GoldFinch

        Without a doubt.

  26. GoldFinch

    Dempster is “unique” in terms of the the “catch.”

  27. Kyle

    “Hendry’s biggest issues were drafting and player development? Has everyone but me forgotten Milton Bradley? Or Ted Lilly for Blake DeWitt? Or a sht load of other mistakes? Please, everyone, put down the Cubby weed.”

    Name a big-market GM who doesn’t have some FA misses.

    Name any GM who hasn’t had the occasional bad trade.

    1. Bric

      Show of hands who thought the Milton Bradley deal was the biggest mistake of any team that off season. 99 out of 100 fans thought it at the time. He should’ve been fired the day that deal was done.

      1. Lou

        Show of hands who thought Carl Crawford and John Lackey were and still are two of the WORST FA signings before the 2011 season. Show of hands, anyone? BTW, I’m not saying Theo hasn’t admitted to these mistakes.

        1. DocPeterWimsey

          Chione Figgins trumps either of them. Amusingly, in early 2010 the Figgins signing was the only one considered better than the Lackey signing by many people….

          1. Lou

            Yes, that’s true but Crawford’s now injured and his game is largely based on his speed, so we’ll have to see how his returns from injury. But yes, that Bavasi guy in Seattle was just an awful GM.

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