Pre-Gamin’: Red Sox v. Cubs (7:00 CT) – Lineups, Broadcast Info, etc.

The Cubs can still nail down a series win tonight by taking down the Red Sox, who are offering up Franklin Morales in place of the injured Josh Beckett. Morales is making his first start in three years, so he’s certain to struggle against the Cubs, right?

The game is a national one on ESPN, so at least you’ll be able to cap off your Father’s Day with baseball.

Game Info

Boston Red Sox (32-33) at Chicago Cubs (22-43), 7:00pm CT on ESPN.

Game Thread and Series Preview

The Game Thread lives here. You should participate in the madness. And, of course, for those who aren’t into message board-style game threads, please feel free to use the comments on this post for your in-game commentary/outbursts.

The Series Preview for this series lives here.

Starting Pitchers

Franklin Morales (0-1, 3.04 ERA, 1.225 WHIP)


Paul Maholm (4-5, 4.91 ERA, 1.333 WHIP)

Boston Red Sox Lineup

1. Scott Podsednik, LF

2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B

3. Kevin Youkilis, 3B

4. David Ortiz, 1B

5. Mike Aviles, SS

6. Darnell McDonald, RF

7. Kelly Shoppach, C

8. Ryan Kalish, CF

9. Franklin Morales, P

Chicago Cubs Lineup

1. Reed Johnson, RF

2. Darwin Barney, 2B

3. Starlin Castro,SS

4. Alfonso Soriano, LF

5. Jeff Baker, 1B

6. Joe Mather, CF

7. Welington Castillo, C

8. Luis Valbuena, 3B

9. Paul Maholm, P

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85 responses to “Pre-Gamin’: Red Sox v. Cubs (7:00 CT) – Lineups, Broadcast Info, etc.”

  1. Andrewmoore4isu

    Hopefully Castro busts loose

  2. Carew

    Lets go Soriano!

  3. josh

    Horrible lineup!

  4. Kyle

    Still just vaguely disappointed by Maholm. Didn’t expect a lot more from him, but a little more than he’s given.

  5. EvenBetterNewsV2.0

    Calling it now. Breaking the 1 run streak.

  6. Dustin S

    Koyie Hill opted for free agency. Best of luck to him. One of the nicest and most grateful guys to be in the big leagues.

    No Ivan Rodriguez for sure, but I’d be glad to see him hook on somewhere (preferably Cardinals, Brewers, Red Sox or White Sox lol…sorry couldn’t help it.)

    1. Kyle

      Yeah, Hill is one of those guys who makes it uncomfortable every time you hear he’s joined your team. On the one hand, good for him for being in the majors at all. On the other, @#%#@$ Cubs, stop picking up players like him.

  7. kyle

    Yay no Lahair. Sounds like a good idea…leaving out your best hitter two days in a row (frowny face)

    1. DocPeterWimsey

      It does seem like teams go out of their way to throw lefties against the Cubs.

    2. Kyle

      He can’t hit lefties. At all. Not even a little.

      1. GoldFinch

        Isn’t that was said about Colvin? He is sporting a .289/,320/.562/.882 slash line.

        1. Kyle

          In 120 plate appearances, most of which have come at the most hitter-friendly park in recent baseball history. Not exactly enough to change how anyone views a player.

        2. DocPeterWimsey

          Colvin’s line is largely because he’s been used very sparingly, largely against pitchers of the sort that he hits well.  Amusingly, his line against lefties is gaudy: 0.382/0.371/0.706.  However, it also is in only 35 PAs.  LaHair’s dreadful 0.171/0.340/0.293 line in “clutch” situations is slightly more meaningful (albeit still meaningless).

    3. ferrets_bueller

      When trying to retain value on a AAAA player who can’t hit lefties, that you need to sell high on….its best to not trot him out against a lefty.

      1. GoldFinch

        I’ll buy that.

  8. Deer

    I was on the fence about watching tonight. Tonight’s lineup pushed me over.

    1. Ogyu

      But in which direction? :)

      1. calicubsfan007

        That’s what I was wondering! (=

      2. Deer

        Sorry..Reed, Baker, and Mather all in 1 tv won’t be safe if I turn on the game.

  9. calicubsfan007

    I am hopeful that Valbuena makes up for the suckfest that is Jeff Baker. Can’t wait til he’s long gone.

    1. GoldFinch

      How Baker is still on the team goes “beyond” ridiculous.

  10. RWakild

    The Cubs have been throwing an all righty lineup all year. They are 3-14 against lefties. Isn’t it about time to try something different? And again Lahair rarely gets to go against lefties and if he does it’s once a week. Even the best hitters won’t hit lefties if they never see them. Not wasting my time watching this massacre.

    1. Kyle

      He had lots of chances to hit lefties in the minors. He failed pretty consistently.

    2. Bric

      If they’re 3-14 against lefties that means they’re 19-29 against righties. You can look up all the numbers you want, they all just mean the same thing- they suck, right handed or left handed. Rocket science.

      1. GoldFinch

        Yep!(Head bouncing off the table)

      2. Professional_High_A

        Rocket science is more exciting and less depressing than the cubs losing.

  11. RWakild

    That was last year. He is still one of your best hitters this year and could he do worse than Baker?

    1. Kyle

      It wasn’t just last year. It was every year of his minor league career.

      Yes, he could be worse than Baker. He’d probably be worse than Baker. And that’s not saying anything good about Baker.

      1. DocPeterWimsey

        tut tut, we all know that getting to the Majors means that you have a clean slate: thus, although a guy did (or did not) do something for 8 years in the minors, we still do has not “been given a chance” to show that he can hit lefties….

      2. Cheryl

        Kyle, Didn’t he change his stroke and approach about two years ago? What’s been his record since then? Or isn’t he allowed to get credit since the change? If the change didn’t affect his battinge against lefties I’d like to know.

  12. Deer

    You gotta sit him against good lefties, but Franklin Morales? What’s the harm in giving him some occasional ABs against mediocre lefties?

  13. Kevin
  14. Patrick G

    Don’t you think his trade value would drop then on a contending team. Come playoff time in late situations, they will always do righty-righty/lefty-lefty matchups, basically guaranteeing an out

    1. Cheryl

      His trade value has dropped. But the cubs are consistent – they don’t use him, The last month of last year and the early month in the baseball season he hit like gangbusters. During that time he must have faced some lefties and he still hit well, or at least it didn’t affect his average.

      1. Kyle

        He’s hitting .107 against lefties this year.

        1. Cheryl

          Thanks Kyle. I finally found that. The interesting thing is he has more strikeouts vs right handers than left handers. But you’ve provided something besides the constant ‘he doesn’t hit lefties.’ I now see where you guys are cming from, but as bad as this team is I don’t think it would hurt for him to face an occasional lefty. It sure would help his trade value. I don’t think it could be any worse than it is now.

      2. Drew7

        Cheryl, with him having a terrible record against LHP for nearly a decade, his value would probably plummet if he were playing every day. You asked about his *adjustment* right? Well, in 2012 he has 33 PA against LHP, with 3 hits, 16 SO and a .457 OPS. Baker’s OPS against LHP? .692.

        While neither sound at all appetizing, Baker is the better option.

        1. Cheryl

          OK. I have to agree, i now see what you’re basis is.

  15. TakingWrigleyToSaoPaulo

    I keep hearing the Dodgers are the front runners for Demp. Any thoughts on what a realistic package would be?

    1. Patrick G

      Not sure how their system is. I’d hope for Toronto, Atlanta or Detroit they seem to have pretty good systems. Even Boston since Theo knows the players well but prospects are prospects, you never know

    2. Eric

      I don’t know about their farm system but I’m not expecting anything higher than a top 15 guy and maybe a 20-30 guy.

  16. notcubbiewubbie

    glad to hear koyie hill gone for good this time. more pieces loaded into the jim hendry dumpster box.

  17. die hard

    Could be worse…could be the Phillies where expectations were sky high…much further to fall….they are ready to do fire sale and so Cubs better jump ahead of them or else no takers left

  18. Njriv

    Castro needs the day off.

    1. die hard

      he needs a better role model than Soriano is and Ramirez was….dont see anyone on team with those creds though

      1. Hansman1982

        Die hard, you’re so cute…

  19. @cubsfantroy

    This line up has won, what? 3 games? Why don’t Sveum try to change it up a little. It obviously isn’t working. And he is killing my fantasy team by sitting LaHair so much.

  20. Kevin

    Please don’t suggest LeHair should play against lefties, someone on this site will shoot you down.

  21. @cubsfantroy

    At this point, no one is hitting lefties well, so really, it won’t hurt if he doesn’t hit them well. At least he will get the experience.

    Either way, this line up sucks. Nice to see Maholm give up two runs in the first.

  22. Ted

    Soriano couldn’t get Castro home because Morales is racist

    1. @cubsfantroy


  23. Serious Cubs Fan

    The Braves Brandon Beachy got sent to the DL! More of a market for Dempster and Garza! They are going to be more in need! Which means better prospects and more leverage in a trade! I feel bad for Beachy being hurt but they have a need and we are here t serve for a hefty prospect price!

  24. Carew

    Barney will be stickin around awhile i think

    1. Ted

      Because his OPS is average for a second baseman and he’ll be hitting his peak 2 years before we’re competitive?

      1. Drew7

        No, because if he can KEEP his OPS around league average for a second baseman, his glove makes him above average there (until he starts to get expensive).

        1. Ted

          I’m sure he’ll be asking for a Pujols-like contract with his performance.

      2. Carew

        Because he has a good glove, young, and hustles like nobody’s business

        1. Drew7

          Well, he has a good glove; hes not all that young, and if he were spoting a .625 OPS instead of a .725, it wouldnt matter how much he *hustles*.

          1. Carew

            Hes only 26, I consider that young. I dont understand how people think he either cant get better or just not capable

            1. CastrotoBarneytoLaHair

              Nice to see another member on the Darwin Barney bandwagon. Welcome aboard !!!

            2. Ted

              27 is peak, so by the time Cubs are competitive he won’t be young. If he were a stud/leader/the kind of guy you build your team around, I see him sticking around past his prime; but if his peak is league-average he’s not really a part of any plan, hustle or not.

              1. notcubbiewubbie

                the peak years are 27-32

                1. notcubbiewubbie

                  wow 28 your washed up??????

                  1. Ted

                    My not washed up at 28, just on the wrong side of peak. Clearly different, but going downhill from average just as the Cubs become competitive is not a fit.

            3. Drew7

              People make that assumption based on the fact that most players hit their prime at age 27, the fact that he has a career. 674 OPS in close to 1000 PA’s, and the fact that there really isnt any room for him to improve all that much, since its highly unlikely he will walk more or improve his slg much more than he already has.

              Im perfectly fine with Barney starting at 2B for the next couple years IF he can maintain this increase in power. If not, he just doesnt provide enough offense.

  25. Eric

    I hope Hill gets an opportunity to work with the Cubs in the future as a coach. He calls a great game.

  26. Mr.Boring

    The team stinks, the field looks bad. What’s next lawn mower racing around the infield? I’m all about rebuilding, but this is sad. Keep doing the same thing and expect different results, keep buying those tickets Cubs faithful. Hey, next home stand let’s set another attendance record to show the Rickett’s how stupid we are.

  27. Luke D

    Shawn Camp is overused.

    1. Jeff

      Dale waited one batter too many to make the pitching change..ugh!!

  28. Jeff

    Every time I watch a game and Russell pitches, He SUCKS big time!!!!!! why???

    1. Ogyu

      Maybe you make him nervous. :)

  29. Carew

    So uh when is Baker gonna be traded or released?

    1. Jeff

      Soon I hope, he does nothing, big waste out there

    2. @cubsfantroy

      Hopefully really soon.

  30. AD

    At least Castro is 3 for 3 tonight.