Beat. Down.

Matt Garza had a decent start, at times looking great, but was once again victimized by the long-ball (the wind howling out at 40 mph didn’t help). It’s been his story of the season – if you dig deep enough into his peripherals, you see a guy who’s pitching almost as well as he did last year, he’s just giving up a heck of a lot more home runs on his fly balls. Bad luck? Bad pitches? I tend to think it’s the former. Of course, tonight, it didn’t matter.

Starlin Castro was squaring up the ball, Alfonso Soriano was doing what he always does when he DH’s (*LOUD, INSTRUCTIVE COUGH*), Bryan LaHair took to right field like a powerful gazelle, and Geovany Soto returned to the lineup with a bang.

  • MaxM1908

    Nothing better than waking up, checking the EBS, and seeing the Cubs trounced the Sox!!! I knew when I saw that lineup that they had the potential to actually drive in some runs. Let’s keep this lineup for the ENITRE series. Hell, let’s keep it against lefties, righties, short pitchers, tall pitchers, breaking ball pitchers, heaters, sidearms, screwballs, and spitballs. Even against NL teams, I’d move Soriano to LF and keep the rest the same. It sucks to lose Campana, but he can always be a bench player who comes in late in games to add speed in a small ball matchup.

    • GoldFinch

      It seems everybody but Sveum liked a lineup like this before he actually did it.

      • Leroy K

        and watch tomorrow, it will be back to the same old same old…

        • GoldFinch

          Don’t say that! But your probably right.(gotta get the the top draft pick now, right!)

          • Leroy K

            Sorry Goldfinch. I wasn’t thinking “the Cub Way”. We will put the same lineup out tonight!

        • GoldFinch

          I think Hansman said it the best. If we miss the top draft pick by a game, there will be hell to pay!

  • Leroy K

    for those of you who watched the game we know Dejesus and Lahair did well, but how did Clevenger do in the field. Did he look comfortable at 1st?

    • Cooper R

      Yeah I thought so, he only had one grounder hit to him that I can recall but he didn’t panic or anything and he made the play fairly smoothly. I hope we get this same lineup tomorrow and if so we’ll find out more.

  • Leroy K

    Hey Brett, Is it bad that I come here now first before I even go to ESPN? I’ve been converted!!!

    • Brett

      No, that’s quite good.

      • Serious Cubs Fan

        haha agreed I have BN saved on my home page tabs lol

    • Brady

      Considering that ESPN can be biased as all hell in their “news” I always come here first for Cubs info. I go to and the NFCW blog for my AZ Cardinals news, for Yotes (as all the teams sites are hosted by NHL, like baseballs which I love). I barely pay attention to ESPN, I just get so tired of their biased non-sense.

  • stu

    What, no Baker? Mather? The killer right handed lineup?

    Congrats on finding a lineup that can hit. Rizzo added to mix should be interesting.

  • Dumpgobbler

    I hope Hawk breaks his hip.. and I’m pretty peaceful.

    • notcubbiewubbie

      rude ignoramus refuses to call opponents home runs. but still ten times better than len(was i the fourth or fifth choice???) love bb though.

      • Jim L.

        Really, better than Len? You probably like Joe Buck too.