One of your fellow BN’ers, Tim, has very graciously offered up a pair of tickets to tomorrow’s Midwest League All-Star Game, hosted by the Kane County Cougars. The seats are great, and the tickets are free – because Tim is awesome.

The game starts at 6pm CT, though there are a number of festivities beforehand. The Peoria Chiefs are sending four players to the All-Star Game, including pitcher Kyler Burke, second baseman Zeke DeVoss, first baseman Paul Hoilman, and catcher Rafael Lopez (who’s injured).

You can also see some of the top prospects in all of baseball, including shortstop Francisco Lindor, third baseman Miguel Sano and pitcher Noah Syndergaard.

All you’ve got to do to get the tickets is to drop a comment saying you want them. Make sure to include your email address (in the email address field – you don’t have to include it in your comment, itself), as that’s how I’ll be sending you the tickets. I’ll choose the winner from all entries at random at 7pm CT this evening. Please don’t enter unless you can actually go.

  • Luke

    DeVoss is a second baseman.  Some think he’ll ultimately move to the OF, but he’s been on 2B all season.

    • Brett

      Thanks. I knew that – it was more of a mistype than a miscast. Fixed.

  • Brian

    I live about 15 minutes away from the stadium, this would be awesome.


  • Jack Weiland


    • Jack Weiland

      (Seriously though I am kind of partly annoyed that they didn’t manage to shoehorn Baez in there somehow. I realize this makes me fairly absurd and unreasonable. So be it.)

  • JB88

    I was just at the Cougar’s game yesterday and will attest to how fine the stadium is and how terrific the food & beverage menu is. They have Two Brothers microbrew on draft along with Lienie’s. Reasonably priced and I believe tickets are still available to the event.

  • Njriv

    My brother and I would love to go, we live about 30 or so min away from the park.


  • RoughRiider

    I’m not sure if this was known already. Neither the Cubs or Baseball America have him signed.
    Former Americas pitcher Prieto signs with Cubs for $200K.

  • Professional_High_A

    I live no where near the stadium but already have my best friend on board for a road trip. I just graduated and don’t start my “real person” job until August so I have the ability to go on instantaneous road trips. Also if i I get the tickets I solemnly swear to say the following as soon the road trip starts
    “It’s six hundred miles to Geneva IL, we’ve got a full tank of gas, two cubs jerseys, it’s extremely dark, and we’re wearing sunglasses.”


    • Stinky Pete

      Hit it.

      • Professional_High_A

        this guy knows what i’m talking about

  • Segal27

    My summer school class is computer apps, we sit inside all day and learn how to type which everyone knows how to do. After we finish the assignment  we are allowed to do whatever we like on the computers. I spend my free time constantly refreshing the home page here hoping for an new article so i can be entertained for a few minutes. A baseball game after the boring class that i spend reading about baseball sounds pretty good to me.


  • Danny P.

    I can’t go, but this is pretty awesome of BN’er Tim.

  • calicubsfan007

    Congrats to whoever wins. I am too busy to enter and all, but I am rooting for ya’ll.

  • FrankAndBeans

    this would definitely be a good time. it’s always fun to compare the players to when they were in the minors.

  • Tom B.

    Tim must be a great guy. This would be a lot of fun!! Thanks Tim and Brett from whomever wins!!

  • AD


    • AP

      I just saw that. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks a deal has been done.

      • calicubsfan007

        AP: I think you are right. Theo wouldn’t be stupid and put Demp on the DL if there wasnt some sort of deal either in the works or done. Just seems like a odd/ horrible time to out your best trade product on the DL.

        • JB88

          Doubt that there is a deal done. DL requires a minimum 15-day stay, which could be backdated, but would still require that Dempster sit out until July 6th. It means he’d basically miss two starts. Why would the Cubs, if a deal were done, want to reduce Dempster’s value by removing him from his next two starts for another team?

        • Serious Cubs Fan

          I am being a pessimist and saying that they don’t have a deal done. I’m pretty sure you can’t trade a guy whose on the DL. He’s on the 15 day DL so it will be at least July 6th when he can be dealt. I highly doubt they did this as preconceived trade. Doesn’t make any sense. I truly just think this is bad luck and we lost out big time

  • The Show

    I’d love to go. Sounds like fun to see some of the youngins.


  • Brett

    Congrats to Njriv for winning the tickets. You’ll have to tell us how you enjoyed the game!

  • Njriv

    Thanks Tim, Brett and Bleacher Nation for the tickets! My brother and I are big baseball fans and I can’t wait to enjoy all the festivities and the game tomorrow! I have truly been blessed!