Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 0, White Sox 7 – June 20, 2012

Randy Wells did not take advantage of his rotation opportunity, holding the White Sox scoreless for two, but giving up three runs in the third and fourth, and his day was over (probably in part because of the ineffectiveness, and in part because he may not have been fully stretched out yet). All in all, it was disappointing not to see Randy step up and pitch well. The bullpen allowed a handful more, and the game was long over.

The Cubs’ bats didn’t do much of anything, so that didn’t help. And Gordon Beckham continues to hit only against the Cubs.

Also, there was this…

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96 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 0, White Sox 7 – June 20, 2012”

  1. rcleven

    What a crock of doo doo tonight.
    Brought up so high last night only to be crushed tonight,

  2. Jp

    Optioned or traded?

    1. NCMoss

      Stabbed with a bat.

  3. calicubsfan007

    Coleman, Maine, Wells did horrible. Corpas did well and Ascensio did well. We just need to have our bullpen pitch like Corpas and Ascensio.

    1. rcleven

      No matter how good you pitch if you don’t score any runs…………….

      1. hardtop

        True. But Maine sucks. The pitcher not the state. I’ve never been there, but I like lobster.

        1. calicubsfan007

          Hardtop: Lobster is good! (=

        2. Njriv

          Yeah, I want to see Jeff Beliveau get a chance.

  4. CityCub

    I’ve never really been a big fan of wells. Seems like this happens often with him

    1. Njriv

      He never really got back into his 2009 form.

    2. hardtop

      Meh. A few runs. A couple untimely walks… He got some shit calls. Floyd got calls randall couldn’t buy. I predict AJ was reaching back and giving blue some handy work. With the chumps we have in the bullpen, wed be better off with wells pitching the way he was (ask anyone, I’m not a wells in the rotation fan). But, I stopped scratching my head with sveum after I developed a painfully irritated bald spot in April. Of course, we scored no runs, so it doesn’t matter if Ronnie woo woo was pitching.

  5. Serious Cubs Fan

    Speaking of Colvin, the guy is playing well with the rockies recently. There winning that trade. But I really think Ian Stewart could significantly improve if he could just get that wrist healthy. Supposedly its been bad for years. He plays good defense and I think he could raise that average and slugging if he got healthy

    1. MichiganGoat

      Meh Colvin had no spot on this team, it was a gamble worth trying

      1. calicubsfan007

        Michigan: I agree with you about Colvin. He was incredibly inconsistent with the Cubs and there was a huge logjam in the outfield. Plus, Colorado is a great place where hitters tend to dominate.

      2. Njriv

        I agree, I’m just kind of frustrated he could have been an asset if he was being used properly. He looked like a decent power bat before the injury.

        1. calicubsfan007

          Njriv: Quade sure didn’t help with that.

          1. MikeL

            Guys…..they are using him as a fourth outfielder…which is basically his ceiling. You also need to look at his home road splits….and his K/BB ratio….he would have well over 200 strikeouts with virtually no walks if he played every day. He has had a few good at bats that have bloated his numbers…..he hasn’t had as good of a year as you might think…..

            1. calicubsfan007

              MikeL: I definetly agree with that. Plus, Colorado has been known to be pretty hitter friendly.

            2. hardtop

              It wasn’t colvin for Stewart. It was colvin and DJ, a couple million bucks, and a few years of youth, for Stewart. Just sayin.

              1. calicubsfan007

                Hardtop: In hindsight, that probably wasn’t the best trade. Maybe Stewart can turn it around?

                1. MikeL

                  It wasn’t a bad trade either. The cubs gave up an infielder that will amount to nothing and won’t be a major league baseball player, money that they won’t miss, and a fourth outfielder. In other words, they gave up nothing for Ian Stewart. Colvin’s OPS is over 1.000 in Colorado, but under .700 on the road. His numbers are misleading. If he were playing for the Cubs, he would be one of the least productive hitters on the team. He also has only played in 49 games and a lot of those games he has only had one or two at bats. If you go 1-1 or 1-2…it is going to inflate your numbers. Again, his numbers are misleading.

              2. AJB

                yeah dj has really been raking for colorado

                1. DocPeterWimsey

                  Oh, do they have him doing grounds crew work, too?  Hmm, I guess a 0.540 OPS is OK there…..

                  1. AJB

                    obviously joking he just lost his starting job

      3. Mike F

        Yeah you’re right too many Cub fans can’t look analytically at this stuff, too much of the loser mentality and curse sh t. I think all the moves this season were worth making and Colvin clearly wasn’t going to fit their philosophy or hit here. It was a good gamble and with Stewart’s wrist it just didn’t work… this year… maybe ever. If every move has to go one direction and all people want to do is piss and moan, bring back Hendry or better yet McFail and Eddie Lynch. But they got the premium young baseball mind and yes he will make some mistakes and no he doesn’t walk on water. In this case though, just like the Wood trade it was worth the gamble. Wood is looking good to me and Marshall isn’t burning up the world. Colvin, no but you nailed it. Paul M and DeJesus look excellent, so given where they were and where they are focused, I think we are not doing as badly as people seem to fixate. I don’t think it’s going to be more than 2013 if that of abject losing and I think Theo is doing a great job, it just isn’t as visible, And this one last note. What Theo is doing in the selling of Soriano, is nothing short of spectacular. Theo is literally turning chicken sh t into chicken salad. And although he will have to eat a lot of the contract it sure appears he is a position to move the immovable.

      4. Spoda17

        I agree with Goat…

  6. Jp

    More good news this evening Brett Jackson has now struckout 19 times in his last 36 ABs. That’s impressive I don’t care who you are. I love the guy but he’s really starting to look more and more like Corey Patterson…

    1. Njriv

      I think he’s just having an off year, give him another year at Iowa and bring him up at the All-Star break next year if he’s ready.

      1. calicubsfan007

        Njriv: Do you think he can really make it in the majors?

        1. Njriv

          I really hope so, I’m a big fan of his. I don’t think he’ll be an All-Star maybe an appearance or two, but I expect him to be a good role-player for the Cubs. He might not do anything great but he can provide good defense, good base running, he can steal some bases and probably hit 20 or so home runs, even with his struggles he is posting a pretty decent OPS. Even though I don’t expect him to be more of than a .260-.270 hitter I think he can be a good role player for the Cubs in the future.

      2. Serious Cubs Fan

        Well I hope they keep him down in AAA all year so his arbitration clock doesnt start (Hopefully till this time next year so we get an additional year of control in his prime if he pans out) and so he can learn patients and lower his strikeout rate and get his contact rate up. But wow that statistic looks awful. Got my hopes down on him

  7. Can't think of a cool name

    Sox hitters batting less than .238 were 6-15 with 6 RBIs and 2 walks.

  8. Jp

    He’s played in about 68 games to this point and has 97 K’s. In 140 game regular season he’s on pace for almost 200 K’s… Ugh

    1. Madprizamwoo

      He’s far worse then c Patterson.

      1. Jp

        You are right! I knew CPat was pretty decent in the minors but he was MUCH better than BJax. I wasnt in to our minor league system as much back in 1999-2001 when Corey was down there but after jumping into my google machine Corey was barely in the minors for 2 1/2 seasons and he had 42 HRs in in his 1st 230 games and didn’t K nearly as much as Jackson has this season. Hindsight is 20/20 but looking back on it we may have pushed Corey way too fast. I remember he broke his leg or tore his ACL the year he was breaking out and was never the same really after. Sorry for bringing up that sad story fellas, now I’m depressed…

        1. Drew7

          You’re right, CP wasn’t ready to come up (he posted a .694 OPS in AAA in the 1st half), but saying he was “MUCH” better than BJax is a stretch.

          CP put together a good season in AA the year before, but still K’d 26% of the time. BJax at the same level, posted an .824 OPS and K’d 24% of the time. It was only when he arrived at AAA that BJax’s K-rate became a big issue.

          Don’t get me wrong, this is a huge issue, but don’t forget this is still the same guy with a career MiLB OPS of .870 and the same guy posting an .823 OPS for his AAA career.


          1. Luke

            And an .810 OPS this season.

            When a guy has an OPS over .800 while mired in the worst offensive season of his professional career, I have a hard time getting too worried.

            1. Norm

              I think you’re putting too much stock into his AAA stats against AAA pitchers. Plus, the league OPS is 775, so it’s only slightly above average. When you strike out 32% of the time against AAA pitchers, you’re not going to too well against major league pitching.

              AND he has a .373 BABIP down there and still only hitting 260.

            2. Kyle

              I’ll stop worrying once someone shows me a guy who struck out this often in AAA and then hit in the majors. Or better yet, several such guys.

              1. Drew7

                The name that makes me tremble? Dallas McPherson…

                1. DocPeterWimsey

                  Hey, any year now……

              2. Norm

                Exactly Kyle. I’ve been asking this for two years now, and there is NO ONE. Even the guys who K 200 times a year now; Stubbs, Mark Reynolds…only struck out 25% of the time in AAA.

                1. Cubs Dude

                  So basically everyone here thinks our top prospect (BJax) coming into the year, is going to suck complete balls in the majors… Thats always great to hear during a rebuilding phase. Good Stuff…

                  1. Jack Weiland

                    That’s prospecting, man. Most of them don’t make it where you hoped they would. Getting too down on one flameout here or there (not saying Jackson is, but IF he is) is not the mindset I’d advise you take.

                    1. Cubs Dude

                      I hear ya Jack. Let’s hope he’s the exception to the K rules.

                    2. Jack Weiland

                      If you wanna see something REAL depressing go read that BA chat Brett linked a few weeks back from 2001 when everyone thought the Cubs had a top 2-3 farm.

                      So, so, so depressing.

                  2. Jack Weiland

                    Also, as #1 prospects go, he wasn’t the strongest one in the world. Even when people liked him he was a “good defense, above average hitter” kind of guy, not a HOF type generational talent. Hell I liked Baez better even last year, and he easily surpassed Jackson this year with just a few weeks of real game data.

                    1. Cubs Dude

                      Trust me, I never thought of BJax as anything close to a Harper or Trout type prospect. But I had hoped there would be a bit more optimism towards him than what I see on here. It’s almost depressing to read all this stuff. But I do get the whole strikeout concern thing.

                    2. Jack Weiland

                      Well, hey, the way I see it … he’s had a bad 2012, but I liked him coming into the year. There’s no reason he can’t turn it around. Just a few reasons to believe he won’t.

                      Be optimistic, and if he flames out, move on to the next guy! hahah

        2. DocPeterWimsey

          I do not think that “pushing” was the problem with Patterson.  Patterson never had a batting eye. He had an amazing ability to hit a baseball: if you were sentenced to death by baseballs being fired from 4 different machines at random and had one defender, then you could do a heck of a lot worse than Corey Patterson.

          However, baseball is not played that way: you do not have to get your bat on every ball.  Patterson had no pitch recognition in the minors, but his ability to get his bat on the ball overwhelmed miLB pitching up until AA.  At the time, people still believed that this was a trait that players acquired with “maturity.”  It isn’t.  So, leaving Patterson in the minors until, say, 2004 would not have improved his batting eye at all.

          1. Drew7

            “I do not think that “pushing” was the problem with Patterson”

            I agree, but even if the FO believed his issues could be solved, he was struggling in AAA when they called him up.

    2. Serious Cubs Fan

      Wow he won’t cut it if he puts those kind of numbers up in the majors. You have to have power like adam dunn or ryan Howard if your going to strike out 200 times a year in this league. Those are just awful numbers. really starting to get my hopes down on jackson.

      1. Serious Cubs Fan

        What could be the reason why he’s striking out so much? Bad batting eye? Poor approach? Poor bat speed? To aggressive?

        1. calicubsfan007

          From what I have seen in videos, I would have to say his approach. At times, he has a great swing, which leads to great hits. But other times, the head of the bat drops, which leads to the strikeouts and the popouts that he tends to deal with.

        2. Njriv

          I forgot where I heard this, but I think it was Casey Coleman that said he talked to B.Jax and he said hes been pressing too much, swinging at pitches he normally wouldn’t because he was knew his call-up is coming soon and he wanted to put up big numbers.

          1. Serious Cubs Fan

            When you guys think the team is going to bring Bjax up? I really dont think he deserves a call up this year. Those numbers are pitiful. If he does that down there he will get murdered up in the bigs. They shouldn’t bring him up till he can show he’s consistent for a long period of time in the minors. Keep them down in the minors for a full another year from now.

            1. Njriv

              That’s what I said, somewhere on this page.

        3. DocPeterWimsey

          BJax has a good batting eye, a all his walks show. He has poor contact skills.

          1. Serious Cubs Fan

            So essentially Cory Patterson the second. Patterson could him the breaking ball to save his life

            1. DocPeterWimsey

              No. BJax would walk more in one season than Corey did in his entire career. Corey swung at everything and relied on an unusually good ability to get his baton the ball. Braxton swings at particular pitches but does not excel at getting his bat on the ball.

            2. Kyle

              Corey Patterson could hit a lot of breaking balls. He just couldn’t not swing at the really nasty, out-of-the-zone ones.

              Jackson’s problem is much worse: He can’t seem to hit any of them, including the ones in the zone that a MLB hitter should be able to hit.

              1. Serious Cubs Fan

                Do u think he’ll ever be able to hit them? Is that something you can mechanically fix? and even if he does I dont think he’ll be great or ever achieve the star status that many hoped. just another cubs prospect who couldnt live up to the hype

                1. Drew7

                  He never should have received the hype he did. I like Jackson, but his below-average hit tool has always been there. If it were even just average, he could have been drafted in the top 15 instead of 31st.

                  1. DocPeterWimsey

                    BJax probably got the hype simply because he was the best that the Cubs farm system had to offer.  But this gets back to yesterday’s discussion: the #1 guy in some systems would be in the 6-10 range in a lot of good systems.

    3. auggie1955

      Yeah, once the Cubs went down 6-0, I started listening to the I-Cubs. I got to hear 2 of Brett Jackson’s 3 Ks tonight. I sure hope he isn’t another Corey Patterson, but it’s not looking that way.

  9. Dustin S

    The sad thing is Jackson’s OBP is still 20 points higher than Campanas even with all the strikeouts. Someone has to help Jackson change his approach though and cut down on the Ks or there is no way he’ll fit into Theo’s system. At some point they’re going to have to decide if that’s a correctable problem, or it wouldn’t be that far-fetched to see them include him in a deal for a similar strong prospect that’s a better fit.

    1. DocPeterWimsey

      Most high OBP guys K a lot: you get walks by going deep into counts, and that means taking strikes you cannot hit well. It also comes from missing pitches at which you do swing.

    2. Drew7

      Im not trying to single you out, but you know every other team sees Jackson striking out a ton, too.

      A player like Jackson fits Theo’s philosophy pretty well; hes as patient as they come, and provides quite a bit of pop to go along with above-average defense. If Im a fellow GM and Theo puts him on the block Im thinking “boy, Theo has a team in desperate need of young OF talent but is willing to trade a 23 yr old, patient OF w pop? That hole in his swing must not be fixable!”

      Hes young and just now showing this to be a big problem. May as well hang on to the kid and see if he can figure it out.

  10. Leroy K.

    maybe BJAX hurt his wrist. Give him a cortisone shot ;)

    1. calicubsfan007

      Leroy K: Nice (=

      1. Sweetjamesjones

        That’s terrible. That’s can mess someone up. Ha.

  11. Serious Cubs Fan

    Anyone see the Cubs former top prospect Chris Archer make his major league debut for the rays today? Looked pretty good. I hope we trade Garza and get good and valuable star prospects in return.

  12. Featherstone

    Im sure no one wants to hear it, but we got to keep pace with the Padres for the 1st overall pick. If there is a silver lining to this season it is the top overall pick in next years draft and the largest pool for signing picks along with IFAs.

    1. Serious Cubs Fan

      I completely agree haha! We sound like bad fans but I think we look big picture. I would rather get the number 1 overall pic then see the cubs win the sox series (although it is very satisfying). I really think the padres are worse team though but that number 1 overall is just so valuable

  13. NCMoss

    I’m not a Sox fan or anything but I met Eduardo Escobar when he was on the Knights down here in Charlotte last year. I had no idea that he’d been promoted! It’s really weird to watch a major league game and go ‘I know that guy!’.

  14. calicubsfan007

    Michigan: I am sorry if I annoyed/angered you by talking to Gold Finch. From what I have seen, he is a good guy. If he is the troll that a lot of you guys say that he is, I will deal with it accordingly. If GoldFinch attacks me through this, I will deal with it accordingly. I know that I am cutting against the grain here, I am just a firm believer in treating others the way I want to be treated. If I am being naive, I will learn that the hard way as mother nature intended. I greatly respect your opinion Michigan and all those who have warned me, if I am walking into a mistake, I will learn from it.

  15. Big Joe

    Randy Wells…at least you’re consistent. Consistently bad. I think you’re starting to rub off on guys. Please, go back to Iowa.

  16. Peder Berg

    Brett, my observations at the Iowa Cubs game tonight. Our seats were in the third row
    right in front of the Cubs’ batters box.
    1. Rizzo has a poor attitude (like I’m better than any of you guys) he did not partake in
    any of the toss arounds after an out with nobody on base, Also, he did not converse
    with any of the players around the batters box.,
    2. He did make a nice play on a short hop grounder and threw to the pitcher for the out.
    3. However, he totally missed a pickoff throw from the catcher which allowed the
    runner to reach second.
    4. At the plate he appeared as though he didn’t care if he got a hit or not.
    5. Ty Wright looked good, hit the ball hard three times including an upper deck homer
    to left.
    6. Brett Jackson looked totaly over matched striking out three times. If he is the next
    CF, we are in trouble.
    7. Castillo was fine on defense, no hits.
    8. Suppelt needs to visit AA.
    9. DeWitt needs to be released.
    10. Raley pitched well, but only 88 mph.
    11, Amezaga was OK.
    12. Vitters did not play.

    1. Njriv

      If you mean when the ball is tossed around the horn after a strike out with nobody on, the first baseman normally doesn’t get the ball.

      1. AJB

        Yeah Rizzo’s attitude has nothing to do with him throwing the ball around after an out. First basemen are never really a part of that so its not weird at all

    2. beerhelps

      I am sorry no one impressed you at all. sounds like Des Moines just sucks. Did Rizzo not sign your kid’s ball or something? Geez

    3. Jp

      Not to be argumentative but I’d venture to say say he may “not look like he cares if he gets a hit or not” because he’s hitting .370 ish and he’s not going to showboat every hit he gets all season. He also “doesn’t converse around the batters box” because he’s a professional and focusing and he’s not a chatty Kathy (did I mention he’s hitting .370ish). As for bitters not playing he probably was due a day off seeing I can’t remember the last one

  17. Crockett

    I think the BJax conversation has been about beaten to death on the message board between Luke, myself, and others. He simply struggles making contact on pitches in the zone. Far more than a normal major leaguer. And it’s not a skill that is likely to improve.

    It is NOT an approach issue. It’s a physical issue that, even with very good bat speed, his hand/eye coordination is below average and disallows him from putting bat-on-ball consistently. Even on pitches he should be hitting.

  18. Mike F

    Here’s the thing, until you see him day in and day out you are truly projecting. No disrespect. So many seem inclined to give Tony C so much leeway and a chance because of speed and I am all for taking a look, but I really believe Sveum, most scouts, Theo and a lot are very impressed with his talents and ability. Do I think he’ll hit for 325 and have a 400 OBP no not at all. I think it appears to me from what little I know, he’s going to be a good to plus outfielder demonstrate 18-22 HR power, and bat 260 to 265 with an obp when he settles in at somewhere around 335-350. I think he’ll work the counts, take walks, get hits and ob more than people think and potentially be a lot like Rassmussen who the Cardinals signed and that’s not all bad. A more powerful version of DeJesus and younger.

    You may be right, I think though it’s important at this stage to not read too much into it. Far too much is read into Pie, Vitters and Patterson. All were highly rated in BA and by scouts much more than either Rizzo or BJax and every team came calling in a variety of potential trades. New Regime template and way of viewing things, I think we need to rely so much on former can’t misses and give some of these kids the everyone wanted a chance the actual chance. I think Rizzo and Jackson will both pay off and Jackson will be a pleasant surprise.

  19. Leroy K

    If you could pick your poison which would you want? A team with no errors but crappy at the plate, or a team with crappy defense but scores you runs? I tend to go with a better defense myself. Thoughts?

    1. DocPeterWimsey

      1) A team with no errors might still have lousy fielding: range makes for good fielding, not lack of errors.  Conversely, a lot of individual fielders who create a lot of outs make a few errors: and they are better fielders than the low error coffee-tables.

      2) Lots of good hitting, bad fielding teams have been in post-season in recent years.  Last year, 3 of the 8 post-season teams were below-average fielding teams and another two were very average.  The WS champions were one of the worst fielding teams in MLB last year.

      Conversely, numerous good fielding, no-hitting teams win 70 something games every year.

      The big thing to remember is that the vast majority of defense in baseball is pitching, and particularly starting pitching.  The NL playoff teams all had great starting pitching: and that let the Phils, Cards and Brewers give up few runs despite having bad fielders.

      1. Leroy K

        Thanks Doc. That makes a lot of sense.

  20. ferrets_bueller

    Come vote for Wrigley! http://espn.go.com/mlb/story/_/id/8074116/battle-ballparks-elite-8-vote-mlb-best

    We need to promote this somehow, so everyone here votes.

    1. Leroy K

      I have been voting like mad….

      1. Leroy K

        right now it’s tied 50/50