I’ve got a dentist appointment and then an Apple Store appointment (protip: don’t let your power cord fall into standing water) this morning, so I may be in and out for a couple hours.

  • Dale Sveum has been impressed with Travis Wood, who earned his first win of the year last night with a quality outing against the White Sox. “I know when he was in Spring Training, I know the pressure of getting traded,” Sveum said. “I’ve had to do that twice. You always understand the pressures of coming to a new team especially when you were traded for one of the best relievers in baseball [in Sean Marshall]. It sure seems like he’s relaxed and making his pitches when he has to.” I like Wood’s chances to remain a quality 3/4/5 type starter for the Cubs for the next few years. Ronald Torreyes and Dave Sappelt have been disappointing thus far for the Cubs, but I think it’s fair to say that – as of this particular moment – the Cubs probably won the Sean Marshall trade. Or did they? Marshall’s really turned his season around since being bounced from the closer’s role in Cincinnati, and now has his ERA under three.
  • Jake Peavy on losing to the Cubs: “I don’t mean any disrespect, but a team playing the way the Cubs have been playing, we have to beat those teams. Please don’t take that out of context because the Cubs are a big league team, and you have to show up every night because any team can beat anybody. But teams that we feel we should beat that aren’t playing that well, we have to show up and take advantage of these opportunities.” Eh. He’s probably right. But, like … ha ha.
  • Alfonso Soriano was asked about his lasting memory as a Cub, and the first thing he said? The fans. “I think the fans they all support the team no matter what,” he said. “I think that’s the best memory because I played on different teams and when the team plays bad the fans don’t go to the ballpark. But here no matter what they go to the ballpark.” Bet you didn’t expect to hear him say that so soon after he was mercilessly booed.
  • Some Cubs pitchers (notably Jeff Samardzija and Randy Wells) talk about the possibility of playing on the Cubs without Ryan Dempster and Matt Garza on the staff. They say all the things you’d expect them to, but there is a sense of resignation about it – like they expect that both pitchers will be gone by the end of July.
  • Current Cubs talk about soon-to-be Cub Anthony Rizzo.
  • Koyie Hill must’ve known something we didn’t when he elected free agency rather than head to AAA – he just signed with the Nationals, and will slog it out at their AAA affiliate. They’re missing a number of catchers, so maybe he’ll get another chance.
  • Former Cubs farmhand Marquez Smith finally has a new team, after being picked up by the Boston Red Sox last week.
  • MLBullets at BCB note Roger Clemens’ not guilty verdict.
  • Leroy K

    aww Poor Peavy….screw him!!!!! No disrespect…wow. You know he absolutely meant disrespect. He has such an anger issue. I think he is CZambrano’s clone!!!

    • bluekoolaidaholic

      He and Hawk, a couple of whiners.
      Low class all the way.

    • ETS

      I actually thought peavy worded that fine.

      • LWeb23

        I agree. He spoke the truth, and said it as respectfully as possible. Face it, the Sox SHOULD beat us. If they let us take 2/3, whatever, teams will get tough breaks sometimes. If we sweep them, no excuses, they should be embarrassed.

      • Spriggs

        Totally agree. No problem with what Peavy said. I like the way he worded it. Showed some class and respect.

        Listen to Hawk and Stone if you want to hear whining and classlessness. Hawk is in a class by himself. What an autrocious pair they make. Absolutely awful. A total emabarrassment!!

        Stone: “Soto knew it wasn’t a strike, because he tried to frame the pitch after he caught it!” (translation: the umps and the big bad Cubbies are cheating us, sob, sob)

        • Jim L.

          Stone is a smarmy ass, all catchers frame pitches.

      • djriz

        I don’t think you call out specific teams. Ever.

        Be classy and say something like ‘ these are the type of games we need to win”

        No one will know what your talking about. Close game? Bad Team? Who knows?

        • DocPeterWimsey

          Of course people would know: players only say that stuff about the teams that they were just playing!

    • cubfan

      worded it fine because hes right. We suck its no secret.. Il take Peavy on the North Side, guy hates losing best trait to have in all of sports.

  • http://www.statefarm.com Matthew Paulish

    Think Dempster still gets moved since he was just put on the DL ? I believe GARZA is the only chip the Cubs have that will return serious prospects. Besides Castro of course but you don’t trade a young short stop that leads the league in hits. You can practice fielding you can’t teach someone to hit that well , thats natural ability.

    • Leroy K

      Castro is NOT getting traded.

    • MichiganGoat

      His defense is above average right now and hopefully the belief that he is a bad defender will go away by the end of the year

      • hansman1982

        ya, if I remember correctly from one of Cliffy’s stat posts he had over half of his errors in May and 5 within a few days of each other.

        Castro’s defense is a non-issue.

      • Jim L.

        I hope so, MG, but in this town, with the hack writers for both papers and TV sports guys, I think the misconception of Castro’s bad defense and “laziness” is going to stick for a long time.

        • DocPeterWimsey

          True, but the issue will be whether Theo & Jed fall for that.  I suspect that they pay a lot more attention to UZR and dWAR (and quite possibly their own metrics) to listen to some media blowhard who thinks that Mark Prior is still faking his injuries…..

  • bt

    That’s right Jake. When you are a full TWO games over .500, it’s simply inconceivable that you would lose to a team with a losing record.

  • EB

    Haha screw you peavy!! What a cry baby little douche

  • MichiganGoat

    But, but, but Marshall is a great middle reliever and was entering his contract year and if he was here we’d win like three more games… Rabble, rabble, rabble… Worst trade ever!

    • @cubsfantroy


      I see what you did there.

    • cubs1967

      glad you finally figured it out. t wood has one good game and presto; we win the marshall trade. NOT!! but at least jake “i scream like a female tennis player” peavy loses………….

      • bt

        Hey, just wondering which was Wood’s “one good game”. Last night, or his game with nearly 7 innings, 3 ER’s against Detroit, nearly 6 innings 2 ERs against the Astros or his 7 innings 1 ER against the Giants? Which of those 4 was his one good game?

        • cubs1967

          are we talking about the same travis wood; he of the FIP of 5.45, xFIP of 4.50, an ERA over 4, 1.26 WHIP and -0.1 WAR with 1 Win……….that travis wood??

          what’s your point?

          • bt

            My point is exactly the one I made. He’s had more than one good start.

            But pretending he has only had one good start makes it much easier to make it sound like trading a middle reliever at the end of his contract for him was a bad idea.

          • TC

            FYI, it’s not really considered good form to quote xFIP or fWAR in such a small sample of innings for a starter

          • rcleven

            Out of seven Cub starts he has has four quality starts. He had one terrible start against SD. Going 5 inning and giving up 6 runs. In his other 6 starts he has not given up more than three runs.
            Where he has been bad is giving up a lot of free base runners w/ 18 walks and 3 HBP.

          • cubfan

            Theo had no intention of paying Marshall after this season thats why he moved him so we got 3 prospects instead of nothing…

  • Featherstone

    Personally I don’t find anything wrong with what Peavy said, he’s right. If you are a division leading team you look to at least take 2 of 3 against the team with the worst record in baseball. Now they are forced to try to avoid the sweep, he’s a competitor and it shows. Nothing wrong with that.

    • Leroy K

      Too bad after losing last night to “the worst team in baseball” they’re not in first anymore…Wahh….wahh….

    • JoeyCollins

      Yeah theres really no excuse for the Sox to loose a home game against the cross town rival. Especially when Peavy gives you a two run CG. If the Sox miss the playoffs by a game or two im sure this will be one they look back at, and that makes me happy.

    • Featherstone

      Oh I savor beating the sox just as much as anyone else, it feels great, but I don’t find anything wrong with Peavys comments. He pitched a great game and had some tough luck.

  • OlderStyle

    TWood looked pretty good. He couldn’t locate the fastball on inner part to righties or the change up on outer part, but he battled through it. He showed grit, would like to see him become a Ted Lilly type starter. That fly ball to center off Dunn’s bat made my heart skip a beat.
    Marmol for the save? It was a decent audition tape he made last night. Alas, he could not find the plate with the fastball (if he could, he’d be devastating), but his slider was as unhittable as ever. He seems to be trying to find his confidence again.
    note: Fonzie laid off the off-the-plate sliders, it was a nice adjustment at the plate. Go Cubs.

  • 100 Years of Tears

    I have a question that’s totally off-topic: What do the “experts” say about DeJesus’s arm in the outfield? I’ve been to several games this year (and my seats are out by right) and every time he’s thrown at least one laser strike from right field. I’ve really become a huge DeJesus fan this year. I hope he can stick around a few years.

    • Leo L

      Me too. like wathiing him play. i liked how he “hustled” out of the box to get a triple.

  • Andrew

    The Marshall trade looks like it will be a win win like i thought it was when it happened. Reds get a quality bullpen arm which they need since they are a good team, Cubs get some pieces with some potential. Time will only tell though. If for example Marshall starts again, the reds may look like the winners. He’s still young and at the peak of his fitness with good control so you can’t rule out that possibility. This is a rare case that i hope its a win-win situation because I liked and still like Marshall a lot and hope he succeeds.

    • Wilbur

      Agreed, thought this was a win-win early and seems moving that direction as the season plays out …

  • ibcnu2222 (John)

    What kind of money do you think Peavy will get in the off-season? I doubt the White Sox will pick up his 22M option. Could he be someone we target in FA?

  • oswego chris

    I really don’t like Peavy, but I take no offense in what Peavy said, in fact it’s kind of refreshing…

    • Stinky Pete

      +1 I wanted to get angry, but really he was very polite.

  • Cubbies Fan

    I feel like Travis Wood is more of a #4 or good #5 on really good world series contending team. He still needs to grow as a pitcher but could be a quality starter in this league for a while

  • rcleven

    Great game last night. A real pitching gem for both sides. LaHair has a little work to do to learn better routes. Think he gave up a little early on the ground rule double and could have caught the ball.
    Wood did a hell of a job holding a potent offense to four hits. Needs to cut down on the walks to get his pitch counts down to get a little deeper into his games. If he can accomplish that he can become an effective number three.
    Also nice to see the pen not implode. Dale did a good job with the pen last night. After Russell got in trouble bringing in the right hander.

    • MichiganGoat

      Agreed, as for the walks I think part of it was TWood was not getting those close calls as strikes. The first few innings he really danced around the edges and didn’t get a single good call, but once he realized he wasn’t going to get those marginal calls he adjusted and started to throw strikes and got a few of those margins calls his way- and Hawk couldn’t believe it as always. It was a great start and he kept the White Sox off balance all game. They were starting to sit on pitches hoping they would be balls and then he’d go right down the middle and get ahead of the count. A very impressive start and he appears to have the aggresiveness and attitude you like in a pitcher. Doesn’t get overly emotional when calls don’t go his way and bears down when needed. Nice to watch his progression thus far.

  • Karen P

    I’m not ready to put him in the same category as Marlon Byrd, but Soriano is really proving himself to be quite the class act. Or one heck of an actor. I suspect at this point his career, though, that it’s the former. Hopefully the offensive production continues along with the classiness.

    • Leroy K

      He goes in day in day out and performs his job, whether the fans like it or not. It’s like a Movie that all critics say is going to be good. You go into that movie expecting it to be very good, almost TOO good. When it isn’t—you feel let down. It’s a natural reaction. Maybe, we expected too much from Soriano, after all he was, as many before him have been predicted, supposed to come in and be our savior. Alas, his knees have been taken from him, and he never performed at the level that most fans wanted him to be. I am not a stat man. I will be the first to say it. Soriano has been very streaky. But the fans have been overcritical many times, and I truly believe Soriano wasn’t given a fair shake. Let’s put it this way. If Soriano was making 2 million dollars a year for 3 years, no one would think he was a bad player.

      • djriz

        And we should remember, when Soriano was signed, the city was going nuts. He was the best FA on the market that year. There was talk of the contract being a few years too long (proved to be true), but everyone was happy.

  • Sal T

    I think the Sean Marshall trade was primarily for the prospects and Wood was just a piece. If we can get one of the two minor leaguers up and producing, then we definitely won that trade.

    • rcleven

      Best trades made are win win trades. If TW can develop into a 3 or 4 this trade will be a win win.

  • cubfanincardinalland

    The front office has shown a great eye for talent. Travis Wood was a great pickup, 25 year old power throwing lefty starter, with 4 years of team cost control. Reminds me a lot of a younger CJ Wilson. Valbuena looks like a nice addition, and Camp was a great pickup.
    Peavey has always been a hot dog. The White Sox were a losing club last year, and are 2 games over .500, and now all of a sudden they are expected to win games. I think they finish under .500 again this season.
    As far as Dempster, is there not a good possiblility he resigns with the Cubs again next year even after being traded? I believe he and his family love Chicago, and he wants to finish up a Cub.

  • Cubs Dude

    I am not saying we won or lost the Marshall trade. Marshall obviously had limited value to a team like the Cubs who could care less about winning this year. I am sure trading a non closer RP has a limited market. But I will say I am not a huge fan of any of the 3 guys we got for him. Wood has been better as of late for sure, but something about him makes me skeptical. I just feel like he can get rocked at any given moment. I would be shocked if the other 2 guys did anything in the majors too.

    • @cubsfantroy

      It is the white trash facial hair and mullet, isn’t it?

    • rcleven

      Wood gets him self in his own jams by trying to be too fine and walks batters. With age and experience he will learn he has throw more strikes early. By throwing early strikes it will accomplish two goals. 1) Keeps hitters swing at close pitches and 2) proves to the ump that he can throw strikes and he will start getting the border line pitches called in his favor.

  • Brian

    Isn’t there a saying or something, that says, if you have to preface your comment, ie, I don’t mean disrespect, you probably are meaning disrespect?

    • Cubs Dude

      Yep, just ask Bill Parcells.

    • http://www.viewfromthebleachers.com Norm

      Yeah, similar to “I know it’s a small sample size but…”

  • Carew

    I was ecstatic when i saw that the cubs got T Wood because i saw and heard of his performance in cincy. His stats were average but they were good for a very young pitcher. He also took a perfect game into the 9th before, so we know he’s got the stuff 😀

  • Ash

    Aside from the fact that when someone says “no disrespect” it usually means they’re about to disrespect you, I actually feel the same way Peavy does. The Sox should expect to beat the Cubs, just like the Cubs should deeply want to beat the pants off of the Pale Hose. The Sox are one of the most inconsistent teams around though, and when you’re on the downside of that swing you won’t beat any major league team by rote, even the Cubs.

    • Leroy K

      Let me say. That is what upset me. I agree they should have won. But in my head, we should be able to beat everyone every night. So I don’t see how we are such less of a team then they are.

  • http://www.viewfromthebleachers.com Norm

    You guys are starting to sound like Sox fans; don’t care what’s up with the Cubs as long as the Sox are losing. WTF cares if Peavy said the WS should beat the Cubs?

  • Kevin

    Anybody catch Hawk talking about Sori with his ability to only hit against a teams #3 & #4 pitcher?

    • Cubs Dude

      Hawk and Stone took so many cheap shots at anything Cubs related it’s mind boggling. I just listened to them because it became comical at all of their hate towards the Cubs. Nice farm system over there on the South Side guys..

      • notcubbiewubbie

        i listen to them because lenny is the worst baseball announcer going!!!! go cubs!!!

        • Drew7

          You’re the first person I’ve heard say that.

        • Spriggs

          I find Lenny to be pretty annoying. Sort of like finger nails on a chalkboard sometimes with the way he enunciates and places unnecessary emphasis on random words in his sentences. A little too much bullshit trivia too. Not nearly annoying enough to choose to listen to Hawk and Stone though.

  • Kevin

    Steve Stone belongs with the White Sox, a perfect fit!

  • Dustin S

    It’s kind of a cold way to look at it, but basically there are 3 categories of players on this team right now:

    1. The stronger veterans who won’t be around long enough for the rebuild, but have at least some trade value. Dempster, Soriano, Dejesus, etc.
    2. The average veterans who won’t be around long enough for the rebuild and have little or no trade value. Baker, Mather, Johnson, etc. Any of these we can move or get anything for is a plus even if it’s just for roster space.
    3. The younger guys we’re trying to build around, some will pan out and some will bust.

    The Marshall-Wood trade was a #1 for a #3 (well, 3 #3s) which is exactly what we need and what we’ll be seeing a lot more of soon. Hopefully this is one of those deals that works out well for both teams, which is kind of what it looks like so far – even if the other 2 guys are busts. With Wood I think he expected to have a starting spot already locked in when he came over, and then when ST came and he had to battle just for a spot he obviously pressed and it messed with his head. But he’ll be fine.

  • kirby

    I like T-Wood a lot-as an all-around player. Saw him jack one out of the stadium for the I-Cubs and his on-the-mound demeanor never changes regardless of what is happening. The guy, I think, is a winner and will never give up huge innings against him as he mostly keeps the ball in the zone. He seems like a natural and gets how the game is played.

    • Brian

      I really liked the way he struck out, out #3, put his glove in hand and strode off to the dugout like, That is how its done!.

  • willis

    I think it’s still too early to tell who “won” the trade. And if it’s even worth using that word. I have never been a Wood fan but he showed me lots of positives last night. He’s going to be the key of who “won” and who didn’t. Sappelt has a low ceiling and is destined for AAA or a 5th OF. Torryes (sp?) I don’t really buy either. I was never high on either guy back when the trade was made or now.

    So Wood is the key in my mind. If he becomes a guy that chews through 30+ starts and close to 180 or so innings, with a 4 or less ERA, then yes, it was a good trade.

  • Ivy Walls

    If Wood develops the mental pitching game that Moyer developed he could be a real steal, that said he has much work to do with his straight (or more like screw ball like) change and spotting his cutter better on the hands of RH hitters.