Matt Garza was very good again today – a number of metrics (K/BB, WHIP, K/9) would even say he was dominant. But, once again, he gave up a homer, and a couple other untimely hits, and his shiny day wound up looking merely very good. The offense did virtually nothing, though they did tease us with a rally and it’s another lopsided loss for the Cubs.

At least there was Alfonso Soriano…

  • Steve v

    Y is Jeff baker playing ??? How many times is sveum going to trot out that right hand lineup against lefties ? Sveum is a idiot y do you think after winning a playoff game with Milwaukee he didn’t get hired the next year .

    • Scotti

      Baker is playing because he has a track record of throwing an OPS of .800-.950 at lefties year-after-year and, since he’s all of 31 and 1 week old, there’s no reason to think his 80 AB on the year are representative. Soriano stunk through his first 80 AB this year and he’s been around .925 since. I wouldn’t get worked up over anyone’s first 80 AB.

      • PJ

        Though I’m not ready to throw Sveum under the bus I agree with Steve’s question re: Baker’s playing time. Baker is not part of the future – LaHair may be. Baker may give a better upside against lefties but LaHair is not going to improve sitting on the bench. If the Cubs were anywhere close to contending I might think differently. But since contension is in a different hemisphere right now, play LaHair (and Campana!) and see if they can improve for the future.

  • Steve

    #1 pick ladies and germs….#1 pick.

  • RoughRiider

    I wonder if Sandberg thinks he was done a huge favor by not being hired to manage this team. What an embarrassment. This is the worst collection of misfits I’ve ever seen, including the 1962 Mets.

  • Steve

    Zach…it is usually a requirement that their be people on BASE, before you can drive them in. I’d edit statement to:

    “First plate appearance: Solo homerun to left center field. “

  • RY34

    time to cut retreads like baker and mather, they both suck beyond belief! cut the dead useless and bring anyone up from the minors already! well on our way to the worst record ever.