Joe Mather momentarily became “Super” Joe Mather once again, and the Mets played the yakety sax while booting the ball all around in a four-run seventh (Jon Rauch pulled off the tricky feat of giving up four runs, none earned). Taken together, it was plenty of offense for the Cubs behind a brilliant start by Travis Wood.

  • Njriv

    Don’t do it! you are going to awaken and unleash the wrath of Cubs1967!

    • Drew7

      You think hes passionate? Anyone else remember how mad Jay Anderson Jr was when Volstad was named the 5th starter?

      • DocPeterWimsey

        Yeah, but didn’t Marshall just save his 170th game of the season tonight?  I think that he got the win, too: what’s that, 30 or so for him?

  • Kyle

    Something something giving out rotation jobs based on spring training stats.

    • Brett

      One could argue that Wood needed the time in Iowa to work on the very things that are helping making him successful right now.

      One could argue that. I’m not going to. But one could do so.

      • Luke

        He didn’t look that great in Iowa at the start of the season either.  I’m not sure what the problem was, but whatever it was he seems to have fixed it.  Good to see.

      • Kyle

        Yeah. But one could argue that I felt pretty stupid about my Wood touting when he was getting hit in Iowa, so I’m calling “scoreboard” first chance I get. Because I may not get another chance.

        • Brett

          You’ve earned it.

          • MoneyBoy


      • Jp

        Something something RIZZO side…??? I think when Brett comes up with his potential for the golden sombrero and also for a 4-4 night he should definitely get the SOMETHING SOMETHING JACKSON SIDE.

    • João Lucas

      Something something hindsight. Wood was abysmal in spring training, and Volstad was pretty good. None of them being exactly established starting pitchers, going with Volstad was a no-brainer at that point.

      • Kyle

        It’s not hindsight if I was there all spring arguing that spring results were less than meaningless and it was a bad idea to be giving jobs out based on them.

        • Luke

          Kyle’s not exaggerating.  He was leading the charge against putting any stock in spring training stats and promoting Wood as being up to the second best starting pitcher on the Cubs roster all the way through March.

          And, by the way, that skepticism of spring training numbers should be carried over to extended spring training as well.  If the games don’t count, don’t count on the stats.

          • DocPeterWimsey

            “If the games don’t count, don’t count on the stats.”

            Also, if the sample size is so small that the error bars on the averages are nearly as big as the average, then don’t trust the stats….

        • hansman1982

          If you honestly think this front office doesn’t understand that Spring Training stats are worthless, then you haven’t been paying attention.

          • Kyle

            Meh. They get the credit when Jeff Samardzija turns out awesome, they get the blame when Volstad falls apart.

            • hansman1982

              I agree, so far they are what 3-8 in deals from the offseason? I am not one to gripe or dance on individual moves (sans Rizzo trade) but I like the overall direction.

              The Titantic is presently steaming not quite as directly at the iceberg right now.

        • DocPeterWimsey

          But… but… Spring Training is how a player earns his job!!!!

          [/Japanese Anime Eyes][/Aghast Voice]

          • MoneyBoy

            Doc … which is where “Super Joe” earned his moniker!!!

            PS – Thankfully, he changed to 21, for Clemente, not Sosa.

        • João Lucas

          I apologize, then. Anyway, my point is that I do think spring training stats (and scouting) should be taken into consideration when there’s competition among players who haven’t yet proved themselves in the majors. Otherwise, spring training as a whole becomes almost pointless, don’t you think?

          • hansman1982

            the coaches and scouts will be looking for specific things. A pitcher might go 0-4 with a 14.00 ERA but if by the end of Spring he is pin-point perfect with his fastball (or whatever he was working on) then yes, you throw the stats out the window.

  • CBP

    Travis Wood was great! He Is starting to pitch very well!

  • Scott

    How about a shout out for the Castro walk!!

    • Brett

      And Soriano!

      • David

        I wonder how many times Castro and Soriano have walked in the same game?

        • Brett

          I would love to know that answer to that. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn we could count it on two hands.

          • PJ

            My guess is two fingers.

  • thejackal

    cubsssssss win cubss win one more and thats called a winning streak havent seen one of them in awhile……. jackals prediction cubs go on a 13 game winning streak due to the rizzOMG and we finis the season tied with the cards one game playoff sori hits a walk off grandslam to send us to the playoffs…… hey it could happennnnn

    • Greg

      The Jackal might be drinking even more than the This Is the Year Kool-Aid

      • thejackal

        lol ya greg pretty far fetched but hey im jus happy for a cubs win 2021 is def our yearrrrrr u heard it first from the jackallllllllll lol

  • mudge

    Soriano’s putting together a remarkable season. 4 team walks! Mather’ll do some things for ya if you bat him 7th. Soto’ll do some things for ya if you bat him 3rd. Fun to watch Wood put it together over the last few starts. Wishing Dale Sveum a good night’s sleep.

  • NCMoss

    I’m still amazed the Mariners gave up Camp.

    • rcleven

      I am beginning to believe they are too.

      • Bric

        Well, I’m still surprised we gave them Michael Wuertz for basically nothing (Richie Robnett and some other kid). So I guess it all evens out in the end.

    • Spencer

      no matter, his arm will be toast by august.

  • CubsFan4Life

    Travis Wood seems to be getting better with each start. Thanks to Theo, we could have Wood as an important part of the Cubs rotation for many years. How many years of control do the Cubs have for Travis Wood? I think it was 5 years. Great job Theo !!!

  • Njriv

    I’m pretty pissed Cardenas is being sent down for Rizzo, he was completely misused, he rarely got playing time and at-bats outside the PH variety.

    • Drew7

      Is that for sure?

      Im not a critic of this FO, but thats been a head-scratcher for me.

      • Njriv

        Yeah I saw it being reported on twitter by Padilla and Muskat. I think it was more of Sveum’s decision no to play him than Theo and Jed’s.

  • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

    What in the hell is going on? Soriano and Castro walk. Then Wood looked dominant. Odd night for sure.

  • rcleven

    Loved the hustle from Cardenas on a obvious out.
    Wood is starting to impress w/his 5th quality start of the season. Starting to look more like a # 3. Can we begin to put the Marshall trade behind us?
    Kind of a backward Monday with all that we have bitched about all week thrown back in our face.The right handed line up comes thru..

  • MichiganGoat

    MOAR – Sveum and this line up against LHP… What… Really?… They won!… Uh but Baker sucks… really 2 hits, a BB, and a RBI… well Mather is the pathetic… He did?… Huh, so what can I complain about? Huh guess I have to wait until the next time he trots out this lineup and forget about tonight.

    • rcleven

      Hey Goat.they are now 4 for 19 w/right handed line up. Even a blind pig will find an acorn. Right handed line up gets whittled down by one tomorrow.

      Just yanking your cord.

    • Spencer

      and i could do the exact opposite for each time the cubs have been miserable with a lineup like this tonight. luckily the Mets are bad at defense.

    • Ron

      Seriously, I would like to see a stat if it is possible on how right handed hitters hit with lefties in the line up. First, I get it that righies hit lefties better but…an all right handed line up? I have always had a problem with this for the simple reason that it does not make the pitcher adjust. I have have pitched and caught (only high school and beer league) but I know what it is like to get in a groove as a pitcher. I am just curious about the success. I mean does the right hander get the hit because he hung a breaking ball making an adjustment to the lefty. I honestly do not know the answer but a one sided lineup almost always seems to not work. Again just the eyes test no stats to back it.

      Oh and tonights result was BECAUSE of the Rizzo Effect. No doubt.

  • Mrp

    We could go with, OMG Why wasn’t Rizzo in the lineup tonight? Rabble, Rabble! Anyway, hopefully this means the right handed lineup is out their collective slump.

    Travis Wood, next year’s opening day starter?

    • Rob

      If Garza does indeed leave, I’d say Samardzija will likely earn the opening day start, but I like what Wood has done thus far.

      • Andrew

        I’m going to predict that one of Demp or Garza is still here next year, even if it’s Demp coming back as a free agent (though I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Cubs not get what they want for Garza and end up holding onto him). So either Demp/Garza or Hamels (what? yeah, one can hope) as the opening day starter with Samardzija and Wood rounding out the top 4 and a healthy competition for #5.

        That’s my hope. I am, after all, a Cubs fan.

        • Serious Cubs Fan

          If its either demp or garza staying till next year then it will definitely will be garza. I hope both go and bring a good haul of prospects back. There is almost no chance demp is back though. It will be a miracle if he doesn’t get traded (only way he stays is if injury prevents him from being dealt, knock on wood he doesnt) and if he does there is slim chance he will sign a below market value to sign with the cubs because there is no chance we will compete or pony up to pay him when we’ll be bad. Garza I don’t even need to explain because everyone already knows. We have discussed this on this site so much that its like beating a dead horse. I just wish the trading deadline was approaching faster.

          • Andrew

            I get it. I kind of implied that it’s all wishful thinking. IF the Cubs were willing to pony up some money over the offseason for Hamels, I’d love to see them actually keep Garza and have a Hamels/Garza/Samardzija/Wood/5th starter rotation. But, knowing that the Cubs may be able to get a haul for Garza I totally get trading him.

            I just have a sneaking suspicion that they won’t really get what they want for Demp or Garza. They’ll dump Demp regardless because they won’t tender him an offer in the offseason to get the draft pick compensation if he signs elsewhere. Only way to get anything for him is to trade him now.

            Other than (possibly) the Youkilis (sp?) trade, there haven’t really been any big trades to see how the trade market pans out. Until the chips start to fall it’s all rumors. Maybe the market will be the same as past years, but I wonder if the new CBA will force teams to be more protective of their prospects, in turn making teams trading for prospects more likely to hold onto their current players when the return for them isn’t strong enough. If that happens, the Cubs very well could hold onto Garza.

  • RonSantosLegs

    I’m bummed the Cubs won. Let me explain this. I’m going to the Cubs game tomorrow to see Rizzo’s debut and was hoping the Cubs could pull off a W. Now that they’ve won this first game of the series, I have ZERO hope in the Cubs winning 2 in a row. Oh well! Great win. Bring me a W tomorrow baseball God’s!!!

  • Cub Gone Wild

    I am happy for TWood he is getting more confident every time out. I hope sveum protects these young pitchers. I would be happy if he kept pitch counts on Wood and Shark. Shark needs to skip a start before the allstar break and get long rest on his arm. I would like to see Volstad become a 2 inning relief pitcher. He was okay until opposing tems got 2 looks at him thru their lineup. Why they dont tell Wells he needs to focus on throwing strikes out of the pen is beyond me. Comes a time when Volstadt and Wells need to find their niche so they can stick and be useful and reliable. They will never be any good as starters. Camp baffles me. He doesnt throw hard enough to break a window. Teach him how to throw a forkball along with his other slow stuff and he can keep fooling hitters. I love the fork ball just like a knuckle ball but easier on the fingers. Not a splitter.

  • Mr.Boring

    I can’t wait to see LaHair, Castro, Rizzo and Sori in the same line-up. It has to help.

    Without Baker and Mather would be nice. Don’t mean to bust on Mather too much, but not what we need right now.

    Hopefully Dale will loose this stupid righty-lefty stuff soon. Stop playing tricks Quade, Oh I mean Manager Sveum………. let’s see what the Cubs have. My God, we ditched a 97 win team so we could sign Milton Bradley. Let the youngsters play. Who cares about his year, your a bad team and which direction you go will be fine as long as we see what we have.

  • Spencer

    Samardzija was awesome for his first few starts too. And now…..meh.

    Let’s hope T. Wood’s success is sustained.

    • rcleven

      Samarj will be ok. Once he gets it out of his head that he just has to over power every hitter he faces. Once he learns how to set up hitters he will be fine. He has the pitches to be successful.

  • grace17

    Go twood! Go cubs! Hope rizzo puts one in the bleachers tom! Then lahair hits a back to back!

  • Derrick

    Another bomb for Vitters and yet we still trot Valbuena and Mather out there at 3rd base. No one expects him to be Scott Rolen at 3rd just adequate enough to get the job done.

  • MichCubFan

    vitters is going to stay in triple-A until he is ready for the big leagues…which is not now.

  • João Lucas

    On a different note, is anyone else getting a little worried that the Soler deal has not been made official yet? I believe the new CBA limitation on international spending kicks in next week already!

  • calicubsfan007

    I am done with my hiatus, the incredibly long two day hiatus. (= Nice job TWoo!

    • Leroy K.

      good to have you back my days (nights for you) were boring on here without someone to talk too!

  • Mat B

    He has had a few good starts, and I am encouraged, but he still has a long way to go to convince me that was a good trade. I maintained over the last few years that, as valuable as Marshall was in the bullpen, he would have been just as valuable, if not more, as a starter.

    Marshall is 9 of 10 in save opportunities with a miniscule ERA. Wood is 2-3 with a few good starts. Again, I am encouraged. He could become a very valuable starter. Torreyes is hitting .227 with an OBP. of .288. I predict he will never even sniff the big leagues.

    • BluBlud

      Wood and Torreyes, with their current price and years of control are more valuable then Marshall. This trade was definitely Theodore best move so far.

      • Cubs1967

        typo-I know you meant one of theo’s worst trades, but t wood is starting to look good; we’ll give it till season’s end to see where we are on this trade. saffellt is hitting .225 at AAA. torreyes is .225 at high A; not a prospect.

        • Brett

          Torreyes, one of the youngest players in High-A, is not a prospect because he’s hitting .225? Magnificent.

          • Luke

            He’s hitting .319/.368/.449 in June.

            I don’t know who decided that prospects are never allowed to struggle when advancing to a new level, are never allowed to get off to a slow start, and that the only number that matters is batting average, but I will be glad when those myths go away.

            • Mat B

              I did quote his OBP as well. Don’t get me wrong. He may be the second coming of Pewee Reese. If he is, I’ll jump for joy!
              P.S. I’m not old enough to remember Peewee Reese. I read a book about him when I was a kid. We all want Cub wins. I’m just not completely sold yet. Right now. Go Wood! I would really like to see him continue the way he has. If he does, consider me sold.

          • Mat B

            He’s tiny. He may be another Augie Ojeda, but I think that’s his ceiling.

        • Njriv

          I swear you say Saffelt and not Sappelt one more time, I’m going to get real butt hurt.

    • rcleven

      Matt what do you want out of a starting pitcher?
      I will tell you what I want. I want a pitcher who can give me at least 7 innings who will give up no more than three runs. These simple request’s will keep you in 85-90% of games that pitcher pitches.
      Wood has done this in 85% of his starts. He has given this team five quality starts. He has drawn pitching match-ups against four Cy Young winners and out pitched or matched them pitch for pitch in two. He has lowered his ERA down into the threes. I will take a starting pitcher with these quality’s any day over a lights out set-up man. The Marshal trade should be put rest. Theo won this one even if Sapelt or Torreye’s never develop.

      • Mat B

        Again, I am very encouraged by Wood recently, but don’t you think Marshall could have given you the three things you’re asking for from a starting pitcher? Right out of spring training I thought the deal was a complete bust, as many probably did. It looks better now, but it’s not the haul that some people think it was. I have a lot of doubts about Sapelt, and I think Torreyes is another Augie Ojeda. Wood looks great since being brought up. In fact, the only reason his ERA is as high as it is, is one day with the wind blowing out, and I would go so far as to say that he pitched well in that game given the conditions. I really hope that Wood goes on to have several double digit win seasons with the Cubs. I’m just not convinced yet. No reason for us to get upset with each other. We all want Cub wins. Go Cubs!

        • MichiganGoat

          I think if Marshall returned to the rotation you’d have yourself an average 5th starter. He was never able to pitch deep into a game as a starter, his value is exactly what he is doing right now. He is a dominate 8th inning guy, but again on a team that is not contending what value does a dominate 8th inning guy really have? TWood will be around for years and continue to develop into a good 3/4 starter or an excellent 5th. Yes this year Marshall might look better but in years when we look at the production and cost of Marshall vs. the three players we recieved- we will look back at this trade and speak of it as a great trade. This just reminds me too much of the whole DeRosa trade, we got Chris Archer, which became the center piece of the Garza trade- that worked out nice for us.

          • Mat B

            I hope we do look back on the Marshall trade as great. As far as Garza is concerned, if Wood continues to pitch the way he has, that makes Garza the third best starter on the current staff. Don’t everybody get in a huff, but I’ve never been that enamored with him as a pitcher, as a teamate, yes. I love the way he cheers on his team, but how far under .500 can you be for your career and still be considered an elite pitcher? Yes I know a lot of that comes from pitching for the Cubs, but he was under .500 before coming to the Cubs. I would rather still have Archer.

        • Norm

          When Marshall went to the pen, his velo bumped up 2 mph. Moving him back to starter, you’d have to factor in the fact that his fastball would drop back down to the 88 range.
          You can’t just take every successful RP and assume they’d be solid in the starter role.

        • rcleven

          Marshall had the opportunity to be a a starter about four five back and he did a very decent job, He just couldn’t go deeper than four to five innings when hitters would see him the second and third time thru the order. Hence in need the Cubs converted him to the bull pen. There he excelled where hitters saw him only once. In that time he went thru arbitration and becoming more expensive with his success. At the end of the 12 season he was able to reach FA. So that leaves management with a choice to commit to either pony up or or use that talent and try to improve. Management made the choice to bring young cost efficient talent.
          When Wood reached the the parent club the first time he pretty much stunk the place up, as Marshall has not been perfect for Cincy. Marshall has pretty much reached his ceiling and is not going to get any better than he is right now. Wood can be a fixture on this team for many many years.
          Mat I don’t get mad at any posters until they start throwing insults. They have have their opinion and and they aren’t any better or worse than mine. So please keep on expressing yours. Thats what make a board great.

          • Mat B

            Cool, I’ve posted on before & people can get downright nasty. I’m hoping most of these moves work out. Some won’t, of course. I think we can already say Colorado got the best of the Colvin trade. I just wish they’d play him everyday. He deserves that chance.

            • MichiganGoat

              You’ll find this place so much better than what you find over there. Stick around and enjoy.

              • Njriv

                If you thought had nasty commentators, never go on ESPN/ESPN Chicago’s comment board.

  • BluBlud

    Drew7 June 25, 2012 at 11:06 pm | Permalink | Reply

    You think hes passionate? Anyone else remember how mad Jay Anderson Jr was when Volstad was named the 5th starter?


    It BluBlud now. IDK if Wood was ready out ST, but I know Volstad was never ready. The scary part is, once Garza and Demp is traded, we’ll probably see some more Volstad.

    Does anyone remember saying I was dumb for not caring how much Volstad got in Arb, because he would be non-tendered after the season. looks like I might be right.

    • Drew7

      Sorry, I wasnt sure if this was you or not.

      BTW, my comment wasnt bashing you or anything, just citing the intense frustration you showed when Wells didnt make the rotation; I wont open the can-of-worms that is that discussion!

  • Dan

    Wood will most likely be a piece the Cubs keep for awhile. He’s young, lefty, athletic, and looks promising.

  • Steve

    I swam with my kids, rubbed my wife’s feet, and watched Real Housewives of Orange County with her last night……..because…..

    ANTHONY RIZZO IS STARTING TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Unless the house catches fire…I am not to be disturbed.

  • Papi

    How can these Cubs beat Halladay and Johan Santana but make Franklin Morales and scrub pitchers look like Cy Young other days? I know Rizzo isn’t the answer but boy do we need something to get excited about

  • rcleven

    Get excited about Travis Wood. He has kept us in games where the offense had to score minimal runs.

  • Brady

    So I just finished watching a replay of the game since I worked overnight and was sleeping when it originally was on. OMG! That had to be the worst bits of fielding from the Mets. I was laughing for a while. Super Joe smashing a 2 run shot was great. Castro ran 2 full counts and got on base after both of them. The boy might be learning! Great game if not entirely earned from us. Lets keep it up and start the winning streak that will get us close to .500 (I know I know, it aint happenin but I can hope)

    • rcleven

      Sorry to hear you have to sleep. Missed your comments last night.

  • #1lahairfan

    I hope shark bounces back but not too much so we don’t have to give him a huge contract ext ension. Maybe 10-11 with an era of 3.90 at the end of this meaningless season.