Chicago Cubs Sign 2012 Third Rounder Ryan McNeil (And 18th Rounder David Bote)

At last check, the Chicago Cubs had signed nine of their top twelve picks in the 2012 Draft (i.e., their picks through the first 10 rounds), and now it looks like we can make that ten, after the Cubs agreed to terms with third round pick Ryan McNeil.

McNeil, a high school righty pitcher out of California, was taken 101st overall, and is expected to receive a bonus right around his slot value of $471,000. He’ll head to Chicago tomorrow for a physical, before finalizing his contract and likely heading to Arizona.

The 18-year-old sounds pretty excited to get his professional career underway.

“It’s pretty surreal actually. I don’t think it’s really going to set in until I get there and start playing. I’m kind of just trying to have a level head about it and go with an open mind and just be excited,” McNeil told KSBY. “I know that not a lot of guys have an opportunity to do that and just you know live it up.” (There’s a nice video of McNeil at that link, too.)

With McNeil essentially signed for slot, the Cubs remain about $425K under their bonus pool (plus another $396K if they’re willing to exceed their bonus pool by up to 4.99% (and pay a tax, but lose no future draft picks)), so they’ve got plenty of extra cash to play with in order to lock up first round pick Albert Almora, and second round pick Duane Underwood. The Cubs could also throw some extra cash at a later round pick or two.

Speaking of which, the Cubs have also signed 18th round shortstop David Bote out of Neosho County, a JUCO in Colorado. Bote received the full $100K signing bonus, plus money for college tuition (a relatively standard incentive to get guys over the top and sign)

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58 responses to “Chicago Cubs Sign 2012 Third Rounder Ryan McNeil (And 18th Rounder David Bote)”

  1. Luke

    I think the odds are good the Cubs will sign all of their top twelve picks, although I’m sure Scott Boras will leave us hanging until ten minutes before the deadline.

    1. MichiganGoat

      I’ve been impressed with how smoothly everything has gone with these slot amounts. I really expected more agents to push for some players to be over slot, but so far it seems that most players and agents are accepting the slot recommendation without too much fuss. I’m still unsure how this will impact the overall game and draft in the coming years, but so far things seem to be going simpler than I expected.

      1. ETS

        Maybe a benefit of the new CBA? There really isn’t a ton of room to argue for increases or decreases.

      2. Cubbie Blues

        I was thinking the same thing. If everyone starts taking slots, in the future will the kids even need an agent? That would be what like 10-20% more in their pockets?

      3. hansman1982

        agree, this also bodes well for the trade market with prospects – teams may be a tad bit more relaxed in giving them up knowing that the amatuers have adjusted their expectations

  2. JB88

    I was really hoping they’d manage to save enough to sign Rhett Wiseman, but that is looking less and less likely.

  3. MightyBear


    Do you gentlemen think they could sign Wiseman with the extra dough they might have? Please advise.

    1. Luke

      Not unless Almora comes in well under slot.

      1. Serious Cubs Fan

        How much do you think it will take to sign Wiseman? $600,000? $800,000? +1,000,000!?

  4. Serious Cubs Fan

    Kind of disappointed we didn’t sign McNeil to at least a little bit underslot. Would have been nice to have the few extra dollars because they add up. But I really hope the Cubs stick it too Boras and Almora and don’t budge and give him anything more then $100,000 tops over slot. Boras and Almora are all show, the kid doesn’t want to go to college. This kid is all baseball from what I hear and wants to go pro now, and he’s just trying to squeeze more dollars. Almora guess what! If you sign with the Cubs and start your pro career as soon as possible and start that development now, you’ll get closer to making the big bucks in the future!!!

    But on a separate note the reason why I don’t want the cubs to budge on give even a little bit overslot for Almora or Underwood is because I want Rhett Wiseman!!! The 25th round kid! My cousin who lives Eastcoast and has played against the kid say the kid is a monster! People over there think he’s way underrated because he played high school ball on the east coast and those kids get a bad rap because scouts think its weaker competition and play. My cousin says he won’t blow you away with his physical skills in terms of speed but has a good arm, the bat just flys off his bat and has a grinding out at bats approach which is encouraging for a young player. Really want this kid and I think its going to take around $800,000 to sign him.

    1. Boogens

      I don’t have any iside information but I think it’s going to take a lot more than $800K to keep him out of Vanderbilt. That’s why he slipped so low. It was expected that it would take paying him well overslot in a much higher round so it’s doubtful that he’ll settle for that low an amount. Like you, I’d love to see it. Maybe this is where some of Theo’s east coast charm can help. ;-)

      1. djriz

        I don’t have a horse in this race, but doesn’t the fact Wiseman has a ‘number’ indicate he isn’t ALL that sold on Vandy?

        1. Norm

          I guess anything could happen, but I’m pretty sure Wiseman already said “I’m 100% going to Vanderbilt”.

  5. Spriggs

    Does anyone know how this money for college works? Does the new CBA make any references to it at all or are there any limitations/restrictions on its use? I’m thinking the money could be fairly significant.

    1. MichiganGoat

      I right there with you, I’m sure someone here will be able to answer these questions.

    2. Cubbie Blues

      Yeah, here is your “college money”. It should be enough to get you through 5 years of Harvard. Hope that helps us sign you.

      1. Norm

        This is too long, didn’t read, but I think it describes the plan in full

        1. Spriggs

          Thanks… the link only applies to contracts before 2007, but I assume that for the most part, it’s still intact. In summary (I didn’t read all of it):

          Only legitimate college expenses incurred are reimbursed.
          Doesn’t cover graduate school.
          Maximum of 8 semesters can be covered.
          Maximum reimbursements are spelled out in each contract. Anything over that is not reimbursed.

    3. Luke

      I’m not sure of the details, but it does not count against the draft pool.  In the past, I think, the money was paid directly by the team to the college without the player ever touching it.

      1. MichiganGoat

        I’m sure thats the case but when if your scholorship payment is greater than the tuition you get that money back. For “expenses”… for me that was rent and way too many social activites and drinks. Thats why I find this as a great way to add money to a high school draft pick. Hey buddy here is $400,000 now and if/when you go to college here is another couple million.

  6. MichiganGoat

    “Bote received the full $100K signing bonus, plus money for college tuition (a relatively standard incentive to get guys over the top and sign) ”

    Okay I’m confused, so they can get the “slot” bonus and also get tuition? I thought that tuition money was part of the bonus pool. Who is the tuition figured, is it basically like a trust fund/college account for if they bust as a prospect? What happens to that money if they make the show and get a MLB contract? Is this a way to increase the bonus pool without being penalized?

    Okay enough questions.

  7. ETS

    Is that pronounced like “Boat”?

  8. MightyBear

    The major league team could put in a 529 fund and earn some interest. Then when the kid goes to college the tuition is paid out of the 529 fund, if he/she doesn’t go, the money goes back to the team. I’m sure there are limitations on the amount deposited and it could be on a per year basis. The 529 fund is tax deferred.

  9. CBP

    So excited for tonights game that I even DVR the game

  10. Kyle

    Interesting note about the money for college. A guy on another board who works in scouting said that something like 80% of high school signees never use their college money. Apparently, there’s a time limit on using it after you are released by your original organization, and most of these guys would rather try to catch on with another team than go straight to college.

  11. Bails17

    Yup…that is true. I never used my college money and it expired in like 3 yrs. I can’t remember the exact way it went down. But most guys just don’t use it.

  12. Kevin

    If the Cubs signed Almora and Underwood to exact slot, that leaves $821,000 left to spend on Wiseman. Throw in tuition and he should sign.

  13. josh

    whats the word on duane underwood? ive heard all about almora and the boras bs. i think he signs, and hopefully we can get him for 3 mil like the picks above and below him signed for. but in any event, is underwood asking for above slot, im really just curious what the hold up with him is and i havent heard anything about it.

  14. EvenBetterNewsV2.0

    Well, heres to guessing Boras makes it his personal mission to promise to get 5% on every pick he does. Should be easy with Appel, now.

  15. North Side Irish

    There is a -40% chance the Almora signs for slot, let alone under. Can we please stop that speculation? More likely that all these pool savings are going to him.

    I feel like Wiseman has been seriously overestimated…intriguing yes, but not worth seven figures. I’d rather see the Cubs sign Hickman than Wiseman.

  16. #1lahairfan

    How much would Hickman cost?

  17. #1lahairfan

    What was rhett wiseman’s amount he could accept.

  18. Cub Gone Wild

    this has been going on for a very long time. I got money paid directly to IU to finish my degreee and that was in the 80′s. I left after two years and then went back and finished. It was 100% paid for. Everything room and board, meals the whole nine yards.