Anthony Rizzo Day was a winner for the Cubs.

Anthony Rizzo didn’t deliver any elevator babies or end terrorism in his Cubs debut, but he did have a pretty great night. He looked slick in the field, and had a single (originally scored an error, but it was certainly close enough to be called a hit) and a double (that probably could have been called a single and advancing on a throw).

As good as Rizzo was, Randy Wells was not. He couldn’t hit his spots – hell, he couldn’t even hit the strike zone against the opposing pitcher who was trying to bunt – and he once again allowed an insane number of base runners in his short outing. As he walked off the mound, I was pretty certain we’d seen the last of Randy Wells starting for the Cubs this year. Maybe ever.

  • BluBlud

    I was really impressed with Rizzo. He looked very comfortable at the plate, and even more impressive in the field. Considering the hype surrounding his arrival, its was an all around great night.

  • Steve

    I think we’re going to use the following word to describe this kid, and use it for a very long time:

    *** SOLID****

    Last night, if you listened closely enough, you could here chickens hatching….. 😉

    • Grant

      So we can finally count them?!?

    • Tony

      SOLID…use it all the time! Now more with Rizzo finally at home in Wrigley!

  • thejackal

    this kid kinda reminds me of joey votto…. minus the batting stance anyone agree>>>> disagree

    • Papi

      I can see the comparison: the calm collected swag

  • Stinky Pete

    I’m pretty sure the reason Tejada had trouble with the first ball is because Rizzo was shooting lasers from his eyes.

    “You know, I have one simple request. And that is to have 1st basemen with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads! Now evidently my cycloptic colleague informs me that that cannot be done. Ah, would you remind me what I pay you people for, honestly?”

    • Cubbie Blues

      I still love me some Austin Powers (I used to have as much hair Austin, now it is like Dr. Evil’s).

      • EQ76

        rumor has it that they’re filming Austin Powers 4..!!!

  • Leroy K.

    Was Rizzo comfortable at 1st? No issues?

    • Gabriel

      none whatsoever – it just looks like it comes so naturally for him

  • Ash

    Hey, remember that time back in late Spring Training when the Cubs got Shawn Camp and we couldn’t figure out why Sveum and the Cubs were so committed to him?

    That was awesome!

    So far Camp has pitched in 38 games, dropped a 3.10 ERA, K’d 7/9 and a 1.18 WHIP. Not too bad at all.

  • Myles

    Rizzo looks like he doesn’t care (and in his interview after the game, he said it’s always a complement when he hears that). On the one hand, I’m super psyched about that, because I think he could have the right mentality to deal with the insane pressures, and I’m sure he does care about doing well. On the other hand, it sucks because there is someone that is good at baseball and “makes it look easy,” but then I can barely field my position in softball and every AB is an adventure. Something about seeing your players work hard at it makes me feel good, and I know it’s irrational.

  • #1lahairfan

    He went through this in San Diego.