What do you say about a 17-1 game that isn’t obvious or sarcastic? The Cubs got their asses kicked today, and most of the damage came off of Jeff Samardzija and Casey Coleman. The end.

  • Cub Gone Wild

    Shark has to sit until after the allstar game. He is tired whether he admits it or not. Cant keep the ball down = tired pitcher they are going to ruin him if they dont.

    Come on Theo make some trades!
    Sign Puig.. lets get the show on the road. RIZZO was so Yesterdau.

    • Dustin S

      There was an interview with Samardzija after his last start where he mentioned wanting to change his offseason training program and kind of admitting he went too all out last winter since he didn’t know if he would be starting or relieving. Reading between the lines I got the feeling from the comment that he was even kind of saying he was tired. His stamina has always been a concern. I thought about it less after some of his games earlier this year where he went deep into them, but he’s not really used to starting full-time and it looks like it’s starting to catch up.

  • CubsFan4Life

    Hey Brett, I agree completely with your EBS today. When Dolis gave up that 17th run in the 8th inning, I gave up completely and decided to get some work done.

    The Mets outscored the Cubs 21 – 12 in this 3 game series, but the Cubs still won the series. Since winning each series is really all that matters, maybe the Cubs found their new formula for sustained success (win the first 2 games and then get your ass kicked).

    • chirogerg

      I’d be down

    • Brady

      You would also know not to tune in to the last game of the series for the said ass kicking.

  • http://bleachernation.com someday…2015?

    I have a question im guessing a lot of Cub fans have been asking. Is there any news on Almora signing because It seems like the deadline is creeping up quickly and he might be serious about going to Miami? I don’t know if a lot of Cubs fans are really worried about losing him but i sure am. I actually think Almora will be the best prospect if he signs to come out of the new FO.

    • chirogerg

      I don’t think Theo and Co. should care all too much about signing him. If he refuses the money, the Cubs should be content with pick No. 7 in next year’s draft in addition to No. 1 overall, as next year’s draft class is stronger. Plus, Boras could cost the Cubs a ton of money over Almora’s career.

      • Josh

        Yeah that is very true. I still hope we sign him as he is projected to be among our top prospects, and future CF

      • http://bleachernation.com someday…2015?

        That’s very true. Boras is a leech trying to suck every penny out of his clients. I just think Almora’s work ethic and past achievements show a lot about him. I really hope the Cubs sign him but if Boras is gonna play hard ball I guess as every athlete says these day “its a business.”

        • MaxM1908

          I really think that if Almora wants to get his professional career going (which I believe he does) he will tell Bor-ass to shut the hell up and let him sign for what the Cubs are offering. There’s a lot of posturing going on, but I think both sides are motivated to make a deal happen.

  • Kyle

    Vitters went 2-for-4 with a 2b, 3b and BB for Iowa tonight, raising his OPS to .844. *squee*

  • Leroy K.

    yeah Brett, if it weren’t for Dolis giving up that run we woulda had a chance 😉

  • mudge

    I wonder if Shark was affected mentally by hitting Konerko in the face. Hasn’t had the same demeanor since.

  • Ron

    That is a good point I would like to see a pitch track overlay to see if he is throwing inside as often.

  • Joepoe123

    Cubs cut Jair bogaerts the thrown In player in Byrd trade….

    • JulioZuleta

      Minor, minor correction. Bogaerts was the throw in in the Theo compensation. Hunter Cervanka was the throw in in the Byrd trade, and is doing very well at Peoria actually.

  • Joepoe123

    White sox release fukudome and the dodgers are scouting Brian lahair possible lahair AND dempster trade to dodgers?!?!?!

    • Josh

      What kind of return is everyone expecting on Dempster and LaHair? Top 100 prospects? Boom/bust kind of guys or just marginal players? I would think they could each net a top 100 prospects, but I’m not a GM. If we traded with the Dodgers I would hope to land a couple of their top pitching prospects like Zach Lee or Allan Webster and Angel Sanchez. But I have very limited knowledge on the LAD farm system other than a few pages I read before making this post haha.

      • http://bleachernation.com someday…2015?

        I don’t read into rumors too much but over on the board posts when I hear very big trade and Yankees I don’t think the Yankees where involved at all. I believe when CC went down Dan Duquette of the Orioles got a sudden flash that his team could win the A.L East if he goes all in. Very big trade… Anything involving Machado or Bundy would be very, very big!

        • LWeb23

          In the same breath, the Yankees have lost C.C. AND Pettitte. They could be looking to pick up a pitcher. The Red Sox are hot, winning 9/10. They may need to flex their muscles and fend them off soon.

        • ETS

          Bundy? No way. I’d love it, but I’m standing by no way.