July is just a few days away, and that’s when rumors tend to turn into action. But, as always, remember: for every one completed trade, there are 20 legitimately-discussed other ideas floating out there. Teams talk about many, many ideas – often with other teams – before a deal comes together.

  • The Dodgers have been scouting Bryan LaHair says Buster Olney. And, although they don’t like his defensive limitations, they need to add a bat somehow (and this was before Andre Ethier’s oblique strain). Might the Dodgers be considering a Ryan Dempster/Bryan LaHair package? Trading LaHair remains such a tricky thing for the Cubs. He’s cheap, but he’s older. He’s got huge numbers, but not lately. He can play first base or a corner outfield spot, but not particularly well. How much do you demand in trade?
  • Jon Morosi adds, plainly, that the Cubs will move LaHair for the right offer. But, you know, same question.
  • The Padres will listen to offers on Chase Headley, who’s raking, plays great defense, and is under control through 2014. Obviously it would take quite a bit to get him. The Cubs wouldn’t be interested, right? Eh. Hard to say for sure, but his age – 28 – would seem to push him outside the range of the kinds of players the Cubs are looking to pick up. To be clear, I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility that the Cubs will be willing to trade prospects for Major League players in the next couple years, but I think they’d prefer guys closer to 25 than 30 (who wouldn’t?). The Headley topic generated a healthy discussion on the Message Board.
  • Bruce Levine chatted this week, and … (1) If the Cubs can’t get a good prospect for Alfonso Soriano, while eating almost all of his salary, they might just keep him, on the thinking that he’s no longer really blocking anyone’s playing time (Tony Campana is probably the only player you could argue right now); (2) Bruce says the Cubs won’t consider signing Cole Hamels after the season; (3) the Cubs will probably trade Matt Garza, in the best interests of both the organization and Garza, and they should get three good prospects for him; (4) a number of teams would love to acquire an everyday catcher, but Geovany Soto hasn’t been healthy enough or productive enough to show that he’s that guy; (5) Bruce says it’s hard for Bryan LaHair to have trade value with just 28 RBI (and I shook my head sadly); (6) Ryan Dempster’s trade value is going to be largely unaffected by his time on the DL, as some teams might view him as “fresher”; (7) Rick Porcello is not a good fit for the Cubs, given the raises he’ll be getting in arbitration; and (8) Carlos Marmol still has to keep pitching well to have any trade value.
  • The Brewers are preparing to move Zack Greinke by the trade deadline if they can’t sign him to a long-term extension, according to Ken Rosenthal. Obviously Greinke’s availability on the market could significantly impact (negatively) the trade market for Dempster and Garza, so your rooting interests are as follows: (1) the Brewers go on a big-time winning streak; or, if we have to, (2) the Brewers sign Greinke to an extension (hopefully an oppressive one).
  • TakingWrigleyToSaoPaulo

    In my mind it’s a question of when you spend the money. We want to get top players in their prime when the other parts of the team are ready to win. Say you sign Hammels now to a 7 year deal (he’s probably not going to sign for less), then when the young guys are ready 28-29 years old, you have a 35 year old pitcher past his prime making 20 MM+ per year with a 4.5 era. We’ve shown enough patience the last 103 years that I think we can afford a bit more as opposed to an albatross contract that helps us get to .500 that we can’t get out out from (Soriano anyone).

  • cubs1967

    0 SB 2 HR16 rbi.
    -5.6 UZR
    0.3 WAR

    those are the stats of dejesus; he’s owed 6.4M for 2012 remainder, 2013,and buyout.

    • MichiganGoat

      107 OPS+, .360 OBP, 66 hits, LOUD NOISES these stats say he is average+ outfielder, not great but not as horrible as you keep SCREAMING about. His contract is modest and in line with his performance. LOUD NOISES.

      • Njriv

        I agree Goat, it was never meant to be a huge signing. He was never supposed to be an all-star, just a decent OF.

    • Drew7

      You ever notice you are the only person that ever talks about UZR? Its better than errors, but all defensive metrics have their flaws.

      RBI’s…really? You’re better than that…

      If you look at stats that actually make a difference, (wOBA, OPS+) you will discover DD produces right at average for his positions. On top of those statistics, hes a guy that works counts and has an OBP of .381 out of the leadoff spot. Hes not an overpaid 4th OF.

    • King Jeff

      You’re stats are wrong anyway. He’s got 21 rbi’s (he’s also got a .361 OBP) and is only owed the prorated portion of his contract, so they only owe him a little over 3 million for the rest of this year.

      • cubs1967

        umm….i said 6.4M for rest of this year, next year, and his buyout (he signed a 2 yr deal plus option) so NO I am right. and yea, he has 21 ribbies; that projects to what 48 for a whole year. great 1 stat he’s good at OBP, should we make him an all-star? nope.

        • http://www.michigangoat.blogspot.com MichiganGoat

          It’s not about right or wrong, this isn’t a competition. But you choose to ignore anything that doesn’t support your need to say DeJesus is a worthless outfielder, but that’s just not true- he does have value and others have shown you stats that support that. Your insistence on using WAR, RBI, and HR as a benchmark is a BAD benchmark. When you look at OBP, OPS+ and other GOOD measurement of success your bashing of DeJesus does not add up. Relax my friend no need to get all emotional because some people disagree with you and support their claims with rational, valid support. LOUD NOISES get us nowhere.

        • Cubbie Blues

          Nobody said they thought he was an All-Star. They only stated he was a little better than average for his position (which he is). He is what he is. All his numbers are right about at his career averages.

        • Drew7

          No, but as a fairly cheap leadoff hitter, thats a pretty good stat to be good at.

          Why do we give a rats ass how many RBI’s he, or anyone else has? I’m not sure a more pointless stat exists.

          • Cubbie Blues

            Pitchers W-L record? Look at Garza last year and Dempster this year.

            • Drew7


        • Pat

          Actually, assuming this year to be half over it would be 7.875 remaining. 2.125 this year, 4.25 next, and 1.5 buyout

  • cubs1967

    HEADLEY WAS cheaper last year as far as prospects padres would want; should of been done then instead of ian “my wrist still hurts” stewart. complete waste of 2.5M

    • Diesel

      Stewart was just a diversion. Pretend we are trying to do something at third while we were just trying to get the number 1 draft pick.

    • Njriv

      The Padres have always been asking a lot in return for Stewart.

    • MichiganGoat

      Do you know what the Padres wanted in return? You should avoid making statements that cannot be supported.

      • Drew7

        I’ll tell you what NOT gonna happen: him doing THAT


  • Josh

    It would be nice to get David Wright this offseason but I know that won’t happen. We must upgrade our starting pitching, C and 3B though so we can at least be a competitive team. Right now we a black hole at 7-9 in our lineup. We are getting no production from those positions and we will have to upgrade our rotation with or without a Garza trade.

  • nkniacc13

    Cashner has a no hitter thru 6.1

    • NCMoss

      He lost it. Tuned in and saw him losing his control. Left a fastball over the plate to Carlos Lee. I don’t think he has the stamina to stay in control of his pitches long enough to throw a no-hitter yet. It’s hard to keep placing a 96-99 fastball where you want it when you’ve already thrown 90 pitches. I’m glad he’s doing well. If Rizzo develops like we think he’s going to then the trade will be a win-win.

  • Tim

    Tyer Colvin 4-6 5 RBI’s tonight. Man im sure glad we made that trade for stewart

    • Njriv

      He probably needed a change of scenery, it’s not going to end well if we keep playing the “what if?” game.

      • Tim

        maybe if quade would have given him a chance. a pinch hit here and there or a start here and there isnt going to get him going. Sounds like Bryan Lahair this year doesnt it? I mean thats what everyone else on here has been complaining about

        • DocPeterWimsey

          The Rockies have been using Colvin the same way that the Cubs are using LaHair: largely against RHP.  (Colvin has been successful against LHP this year, but in 43 PAs, every hit makes a huge different in your BA & OBA.)  Colvin actually has had a bit less playing time than LaHair.  It is possible that Tracy has a good idea of when to start him.  However, Colvin is still K’ng a ton (25%) without walking much (4%): so, this good time is not going to last.  Also, his home/road splits are hellacious: 1.14 OPS at home vs. 0.67 OPS on the road!

    • Toby

      Are you talking about the same Tyler Colvin who batted .150 with 6 HRs and 20 RBIs in 80 games last year, had the highest trade value of the OFs that were on the roster, became expendable after signing DeJesus, and was traded for a need? That Tyler Colvin?

    • Cyranojoe

      What??? Tyler’s playing third base now???

      I kid, I kid. Njriv’s probably right. Anyway, Colvin wasn’t going to see much playing time this year — maybe he takes all of Tony Campana’s starts? No DeJesus, he gets to be the starter? Like NJ said, too many what if’s and who-the-hell-knows.

  • Pat

    Unless we are playing our home games at Coors Field, it’s no great loss. .670 road OPS. As bad as we are we have better options than that.

  • Leroy K.

    One of the biggest things that Theo did over the offseason, was pick up a bunch of players who had injuries before (Stewart), or who were supposed to be good who hadn’t quite yet proven themselves (Dejesus). If they come back good than Theo is seen as an instant genius. If they don’t, it doesn’t matter because everyone already knew this was a lost season anyway. It’s a win win for Theo. These were decent signings. Whether or not they pan out doesn’t really matter.

    • Toby

      What are you talking about that DeJesus, “hadn’t quite yet proven themselves,”? DeJesus has played 10 yrs, with a .283 avg 73 Hrs and 400+ RBIs along with over 1000 hits. DeJesus was one of the better hitters in the AL with the exception of his one year with Oakland, but Oakland’s ballpark isn’t exactly the best place to hit. I’ll give you that Theo took a chance with Stewart who was coming off an injury, but DeJesus is a proven MLB ballplayer.

      • Leroy K.

        Alright I rescind on Dejesus, I must have been thinking of someone else.

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