Although he’s still on the disabled list, and almost certainly will be through the All-Star break, Ryan Dempster remains a heavily sought-after commodity on the trade market. Ditto his rotation-mate, Matt Garza, who is getting better with every start.

Sources tell Jon Heyman that the Dodgers are the favorite to land Ryan Dempster when he comes off the disabled list. The Cubs and Dodgers apparently haven’t spoken since the week before Dempster went on the DL, but someone close to those talks says “the Dodgers have a very good chance to land the veteran right-hander.”

We’ve talked about the Dodgers and Dempster before. Their depth in pitching prospects make them a good fit from the Cubs’ perspective, and it might just be a matter of convincing Dempster to head all the way out to L.A. (he has no trade rights), and a matter of finding the right mix of prospects to make for a fair return on a two-plus month rental. Other teams remain interested, and I don’t suspect we’ll have a resolution on this until the second half of July.

As for Garza, Ken Rosenthal reports that the Blue Jays are keeping in contact with the Cubs about the right-hander. Once again, this is no surprise, after the Blue Jays lost several arms in the span of a week, and after we heard of the Blue Jays’ interest in Garza all Winter. And, once again, the Blue Jays are a great fit from the Cubs’ perspective, as they are overflowing with excellent young pitching prospects. The Cubs’ asking price on Garza, who remains under team control through 2013, is quite high, according to Jayson Stark. He hears that the Cubs are expecting a Ubaldo Jimenez type package for Garza, built around at least two young, controllable, high-upside prospects (preferably pitchers).

Given the asking price and the still-developing market, it’s hard to expect Garza being dealt any time in the immediate future. But, it looks increasingly likely that he’ll be deal by July 31.

  • Tyler

    It might be better for Dempster to go over to the Dodgers because they have Lilly and he could help him out with translation to the team.

    • chirogerg

      demp can fit in anywhere, that’s completely irrelevant

      • Tyler

        I know but I am just saying it might help a little bit

        • Richard Nose

          Id imagine Dempster has former teammates on almost every roster in the bigs. And he’s baller, he’ll fit in great anywhere.

  • Kevin

    Any rumors on Sori?

    • Carew

      Apparently the Rays could be interested

      • nkniacc13

        yeah if the cubs pay all but 2 mil of his contract

  • JoeyCollins

    Well the dodgers went crazy with acquiring puig hopefully they continue that thinking with dempster.

  • Vladimir

    I thought the general consensus was that the Jays just lost too many pitchers to be geniunely interested in giving up top prospects for Garza. I would love if that were untrue though.

    • KCubsfan

      The thing is Garza is under control for next year too. And most of the Pitch that went down Had TJ so, they will have issues to start the season. Garza makes great sense for the Jay, they need pitching help for this and next season. The Jays are also over .500 and not out of the race unless they make themselves.

  • scorecardpaul

    I don’t have any sources, but how about…
    Dodgers wanting Demp and Lahair, and Blue Jays wanting Wells and Garza????
    I think we are willing to eat a lot of money, and throw in more players to get a better return??

  • CityCub

    If they’re gonna deal garza to the jays. Hopefully we get more than just 2 top prospects in return. Hendry sent a haul to Tampa. And 2 of the 5 people sent are the rays #1 and #2 prospects in their system now.

    • scorecardpaul

      are you saying that we shouldn’t make the best deal possible now because of something we may have done in the past? If that is your reasoning, why are you willing to eat most of Soriano’s contract in order to trade him? This team is looking to the future. We aren’t woried about what happened before the new ownership arrived.

      • CityCub

        I didn’t say anything about soriano…..? I said I’d like to get more than just 2 prospects from the jays. Hendry sent 5 for garza. And 2 of those 5 are now their top 2 prospects. Never mentioned Sori.

        • Vladimir

          Well Brett’s article mentioned 2 top prospects and a couple more. Considering Garza now has 2 less years left of service time on his clock compared to when we got him. To get a #1 and #2 + 2 more out of an incredible farm system, I’d say that’s pretty damn good. About as good as you can hope for honestly. It would be funny if one of the guys we got back was Archer or someone we traded to GET Garza in the first place.

          • CityCub

            Hak Ju Lee and Chris Archer are #1&2 in the rays farm system now. Getting 2 top prospects from the jays would be great because they have probably the best farm system to pick players from. I’m not asking for 5 guys back in return for garza. I’d just like to see at least 3. With 2 being top guys with high upside and one being a good but not outstanding prospect.

            • nkniacc13

              but where were lee and archer ranked when they where traded in their system

            • Drew7

              Well, they were 1 & 2 before the season started. I doubt thats the case now, at least with Lee; putting up a .648 OPS in nearly a full season at AA doesnt do much for your value.

              • Vladimir

                I find that amazing. They supposedly have an amazing system, yet their #1 and #2 are our previous top 2 from a crappy Cubs system a few years back. That cannot be right. I mean if they have an amazing system either it’s not top loaded like ours or they got to have a top 2 better than any of Soler, Baez, Jackson, Almora. Archer and Lee in my eyes would fit more in the middle of that group.

        • Luke

          Cubs’ got back more than Garza.  No one remembers Zach Rosscup, but he had a nice season going in Daytona before his arm blew up.  If he comes back ok (he just started pitching recently), he could find his way to a major league rotation (or bullpen).  He doesn’t have the upside of Garza or Archer, but he wasn’t a no-value throw in by any stretch.

  • Jason “Thundermug”

    The Dodgers are reportedly talking to the Astros for Jed Lowrie. They are offering Zach Lee number 1 prospect and Garrett Gould 10 prospect to the Astros

    Very Interesting

    • nkniacc13

      there has to be others players in that deal

    • Richard Nose

      Is Jed Lowrie worth that? Seems like a lot. I’d like to get ahold of Zach Lee.

    • Ryan G

      Absolutely no way they give up that for Lowrie. Report is they’re talking to Houston about Lee anyway. I’d give them Dempster and LaHair for Lee and Gould with a fringe prospect in a heartbeat.

  • Jason “Thundermug”

    Yeah just saw Lee is mentioned and not Lowrie. This month is going to be interesting for sure

  • AD

    I look at this two ways. One, I would have loved if the Cubs could’ve picked up Zach Lee, which is then disappointing if he ends up in Houston and two seeing a contender give up big time prospects for slightly above league average players (at best) can only help the Cubs get more value out of players such as Dempster, LaHair, Soriano, and Garza.

  • nkniacc13

    I don’t worry that much with Houston going to the AL as far as when Lee gets to majors

    • Ryan G

      They aren’t getting Lee.

  • calicubsfan007

    I doubt houston would give up lowrie and I doubt that houston would get lee period. They really don’t have the players necessary to complete that and their gm has said multiple times that lowrie is part of their foundation.

  • Big Joe

    On a totally unrelated note…a couple come in to the bar I work weekend at, north central Indiana. They live in Wrigleyville. The guy’s family happens to own Elias Sports Bureau. The wife notices my Cubs t-shirt. After a bit of conversation, she tells me that they got a digital copy of the Mitchel Report. Guess who was on it…Derek Lee.

    • Scotti

      Anyone with an Internet connection can get the full Mitchell Report from Derek Lee is NOT in the Mitchell report (Theo is however). Derek Lee was on a phoney list of the 10% or so of players who failed the first (supposedly anomymous) PED test. This fake list is also available for anyone with an Internet connection. Every player who had made a recent All-Star game or put up even decent numbers was on that, again fake, list. The real list was in the courts for a couple of years because the gov’t wanted it (they never got it).

    • Luke

      And now you, too, have a digital copy of the Mitchell Report.  It’s not a bad read, actually, if you like that sort of thing.

  • Josh

    This should be an exciting month here on the north side. Hope to see our farm system crack some expert top 10’s after the deadline. We need some top end pitching prospects.

  • OkieCub

    Okay Luke, bottom line, do the Cubs have the bullpen arms in their system now to be contenders in 2-4 years?

    • Kyle

      Not Luke, but I don’t think anyone could answer any more definitively than “maybe.”

      There’s definitely some interesting bullpen arms down there, probably better than the starters. But bullpens are really unpredictable year-to-year, and what matters more than anything is that you develop one or two elite guys. You’d rather have a bullpen with three studs and the rest mop-up guys than a bunch of average pitchers.

      So there’s really nothing we can do on that front but hope that a guy like Zych can turn into a lights-out reliever.

  • Jason “Thundermug”

    The Dodgers prefer to take on salary rather than give up quality prospects under their new ownership, write Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports. Lee is owed just under $9MM for the remainder of the season.

    Um if the Dodgers don’t want to give up prospects then that could be a problem with the Cubs and Dodgers pulling off a trade for Dempster