The Cubs closed out June with a win, their second in as many days against the Astros. Matt Garza labored in his 5.1 innings of work, but somehow managed to give up just two earned runs (with some help from the gents behind him). It wasn’t the kind of impressive start that the Cubs were probably hoping he’d have against the Astros.

Anthony Rizzo went deep for his first homer as a Cub (RizzOMG), a shot into the new patio section at Wrigley – a shot from which the fans in that particular section scattered, rather than, you know, like, trying to catch the ball. Carlos Marmol got the one-run save, and there was this…

  • Miller

    Is it just me or is Castro walking a bit more lately? Hitting coach change…

    • Featherstone

      one was intentional, but yeah he definitely is being more patient at the plate.

    • spearman

      He did have one AB where he could have takin a walk about 3 times, but hit into a double play.

      • rcleven

        I have no problem with that AB. Made Happ throw a lot of pitches an was just protecting with two strikes. (Belive me. Castro’s AB’s frustrate me too. Has been taking a lot of first pitches though lately just not consistently.)

        • hansman1982

          Well you also can’t always take the first pitch…pitchers will pick up on that

      • Brady

        I have no problem with that AB as well. Lots of pitches thrown and a couple of those foul offs looked like they might drop into the top of the strike zone. Might as well foul it off and wait on another pitch. Grounding into a DP is unfortunate but you take some and lose some. More often than not those long AB will get you on base and that is what matters.

  • Nomar’s Left Glove

    I’m somewhat surprised that you didn’t mention Rizzo’s dinger

    • Nomar’s Left Glove

      sorry, just saw it.

  • Mysterious4th

    I really think rizzo will be around for a long time! I also think soto needs to be packing his bags! Castillo and clevenger should be our guys behind the plate.

    • Brady

      I like clevenger, my verdict is still out on Castillo, of course if Soto cant get that BA average up than it doesnt really matter.

  • Cub Gone Wild

    I dont think he is going to be as good as he was hyped to be. He has some value in a trade so

    • MikeL

      None of the baseball experts thought he was going to be as good as the fans hyped him up to be. He is a guy that can .OPS around .850-.900 and give you very solid defense. I will take 8 of those guys in the lineup please…..but Joey Votto or Albert Pujols, he is not.

  • AP

    What do you expect from “patio” fans? I was watching a game from the batter’s eye once as part of a business conference; tie ball game, bottom of the ninth, matt murton standing on second as the winning run and all the corporate stiffs wanted to do was get drunk and socialize. I had to stare down a few people who tried to talk with me.

  • florida Al

    yeah keep it up geo…….so we can dump yo ass

  • Cub Gone Wild

    Trade jackson and get a good pitching prospect or a good bp pitcher.

    • gabriel

      Hey everybody Cub Gone Wild wants to trade all of our prospects!!! Yeahh!!!! Let’s do it!!!!

      I know you want more prospects, but the way to build the system up is to acquire assets in addition to the ones we already have using our MLB assets that don’t figure in to our future plans

  • RY34

    i think trade rumors are wearing on garza, not sharp at all. great job by the bullpen.

  • rcleven

    Happ pretty much handled the left handed line up. Only one big mistake to Rizzo the other hit by Valbuena otherwise nothing.
    Garza didn’t have it today and sill kept us in game.
    Soto’s hitting kept us in the game.
    A tip of the hat to the pen. 3 2/3 scorless innings.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Soto having some success will be key to the Cubs doing better against LHP.  Barney is another one who has really done poorly against LHP, which is surprising: it probably is just bad luck.

      • rcleven

        Cubs have had little success from 6-7-8 holes all year to date. Has been one of my biggest frustrations.Any help we can get from them the better. Barney has done so-so.Has saved a few runs with the leather so I can’t be too hard on him.
        Everybody calling for Soto’s head but I like the left right mix with Clevenger.

        • Brady

          One of those spots has been taken by a catcher and when we had to resort back to Koyie Hill, I think we knew that was going to be filled with more deaths than an animal shelter on hard times.

  • Patrick G

    I read the Angels would be willing to deal Bourjois(spell check) for a very good reliever. Now, I am in no way saying Marmol is good, let alone very good, but if he keeps up these strong outings, could that be a possibility?

    • Richard Nose

      Might be a fair trade, but I wouldn’t be excited about Bourjos. Hell, it might even be a steal for the Cubs. Bourjos still doesn’t do much for me.

      • Patrick G

        Yea but I was expecting a bag of crap for Marmol at the beginning of the year. Bourjos is still young too so possibility of improving a lot

  • stu

    Good win. Keep sending in LaHair. Soriano improved this year, why can’t La Hair? Maybe a bat change?

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Sori had problems with 1 particular pitch, and it took him 3 years to adjust to it.  LaHair simply does not pick up lefties well.

      • Jimmy james

        I thought he had some pretty good at bats today

  • die hard

    Looks like new hitting coach taking some of the aggressiveness away from Castro….but thats what made him a tough out….if he is going to walk more, hes got to learn how to set up pitchers so can still maintain aggressiveness when he gets his pitch…will come with time hopefully……as to Rizzo, thats 3 more LOB…how many since hes joined team….a dozen?…not good for 3 hitter….needs to move him down in lineup for now until he learns league and overcomes league taking advantage of his weaknesses which will come soon enough

    • gabriel

      this is absurd! Already hating on Rizzo huh? Not like he hit a jack today right?

      Give him tiiiiime…same with Castro these guys are young, developing, but they are already so good that they deserve our patience.

    • MichiganGoat

      Always Mr. Positive

    • Toby

      I’m sorry. I could have sworn that Rizzo hit the go-ahead HR in today’s game. I could have sworn also that the critics of Castro was Castro’s overagressiveness and lack of plate discipline.

      • Josh

        We have a winner. Somebody who knows what he’s talking about in Toby. The biggest knock on Castro was he was too agressive and had a lower than ideal OBP. SInce a new hitting coach has been hired, Castro has been doing a much better job working counts and getting on base as a result. Rizzo played in his 4th game calm down. People like you give us Cubs fans a bad name

    • Carew

      You realize he is a week into his first real mlb season right? and that he is only 22 with plenty of room to grow?

      • art

        so last year wasn’t a real MLB season? look i’m rooting for him, but i don’t think he’ll be that good. hope i’m wrong big time.

        • Jimmy james

          Twas barely a cup of coffee

  • jim

    Thot id say it now. Wud rather have cashner.

    • Drew7

      Thangks fer yur inpoot

  • Eric

    O’s picked up Thome today. There goes our probable #1 option for Sori. Oh well, with the way he’s hitting, I don’t mind keeping him around a bit longer. Jackson probably won’t be up until Sept anyway and he probably won’t stick.

    • Cyranojoe

      Yeah, that sucks. Plus, Thome’ll probably pass Slammin’ Sammy on the all-time HR list.

  • die hard

    Rizzo is no Calico Joe….yet

  • Josh

    Jim Thome was traded to the Orioles. Does that mean Soriano to Baltimore is a no go?

    • MichiganGoat

      Ya that sounds about right

  • theNOOGE

    If the AL has a DH the NL should have a designated runner that would mix things up a bit.

    • EB

      Well, Tony Campana’s value would go way up, if nothing else

    • Cyranojoe

      That would be AWESOME, as long as we have Tony on board. :)

  • EB

    Just read on MLBTR that the Braves are not as adamant about not trading their top prospects (they list Teheran, Minor, and Delgado) if they view someone like Matt Garza as a “difference maker”

  • mudge

    There should be designated hitters for second basemen as well. I hate watching second basemen hit.

    • Jesse

      You do realize a Second Basemen just hit for the cycle?

      • Brady

        Twice, in the same season. Unreal! Hill is a beast though.

    • art

      if you start doing that, you may as well do as football. have an all designated defense and offense.

  • calicubsfan007

    Huzzah! Rizzos first homer! Plus a win, priceless.

  • @cubsfantroy

    I am hating all this overtime I am doing. I still haven’t been able to watch the last few games I have DVR’d. Mainly, I want to see Rizzo’s first game and now this game cause he hit a homer.

  • Rob

    Now, being on hand for Rizzo’s first Cubs homer was special, but seeing Castro take two walks in the same game was pretty great. I am excited for this offense if some of these guys develop. Also, drinking at Wrigley and in Wrigleyville is fun.

  • someday…2015?

    The two trades that the Cubs should make for Garza if presented to them. Garza to the Rangers for Mike Olt, Cody Buckel and a low level high upside prospect. Or Garza to the Tigers for Jacob Turner and Nick Castellenos… Wouldn’t take anything less.

    • TakingWrigleyToSaoPaulo

      Don’t think you’re going to get that much from either party for just garza.