While any fears that you had about the Chicago Cubs’ deal with Cuban outfield prospect Jorge Soler (squeal) were both irrational and understandable, you can put them away.

Today, the Cubs will be finalizing their nine-year, $30 million deal with Soler. The formal announcement is expected later today when GM Jed Hoyer meets with the media. You can expect some quotes forthcoming.

Should you care to re-live the last eight months or so of build-up, here’s your chronology.

UPDATE: One small bit from Hoyer’s comments, Soler will head to Mesa, Arizona to work out in his version of “Spring Training.” Remember, Soler hasn’t played competitively in quite some time, and he’s adjusting to life in a new country, so this was expected. He might not be assigned to a team for several weeks, and that’s just fine.

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    And how did Puig get more then Soler?

    • notcubbiewubbie

      how did soriano get 136,000,000? stupid money.

      • AJB

        so much hate for soriano. the deal was probably for too many years for a 30 year old, but he was coming off a 40-40 season and you can’t argue he’s been a useful player and has been really limited by leg injuries

        • art

          I thought the Trib ordered Henry to pay big bucks and years to Soriano. they wanted the value of the team to go up at that point in time.

      • Kurt

        Because at the time darn near every Cub fan was in full throttle that the Cubs HAD to outbid every other suitor if they wanted to PROVE to their fan base that they were serious about competing. Soriano was considered a 40-40 man with the lean body type that wasn’t supposed to break down.

        MOST wanted him signed although a few recognized that the back end of the contract was probably going to be an albatross, yet most of those few agreed with the signing also.

        Amazing how EVERYBODY is dissing a contract that ALMOST EVERBODY wanted.

        In fact almost EVERYBODY gave Hendry props for fighting the big boys and snatching Sori from them.

        Awesome how 20-20 hindsight works.

        Now EVERYBODY thinks it was a horrible signing…wasn’t the case when it happened.

        You just gotta get him Jim, NO MATTER the cost!

        Fans…ought to be able to see the age of the posters. It would explain a lot. Because the pre-frontal lobe is not fully developed until the age of 26/27 (interesting how that’s the typical break point on whether a MLB ballplayer will be successful or not) those below that age tend to make rash and imprudent decisions.

        At 22 we just gotta have Sori!!!!! at 27 becomes what the H double hockey sticks was I (but most on here say the Cubs) thinking?

        • markbnlv

          Yea funny thing here is half the people trashing soriano are the ones who were saying back then we better lay out the money for that guy. People forget he was a very productive guy back then not to mention the 40-40 thing. Look how productive he is so far this year. I say what happen to the cub brass before not thinking about having soriano drop a bit in his bat weight. I personnaly think maybe he would of put up better numbers the last couple years …. SO PLZ STOP HATING

          • http://www.michigangoat.blogspot.com MichiganGoat

            These are great points, I look at the cries to sign Pujols or Fielder this year and always thought those contracts will be the same nightmare we are currently dealing with Sori.

        • RoughRiider

          Completely agree.

        • Cub Style

          It’s incredibly irrational to disregard production and base your praise of a player on how you felt when he was signed.

  • Toby

    I may be going out on a limb, but there might be some fans that just let out an epic sigh of relief.

  • JulioZuleta

    Anyone else notice that Soler is billed as a left handed hitter, but is hitting righty in the picture? Some places list him as a switch hitter, but I’m thinking he has dropped switch hitting since the pic was taken (2010 U18 Canada tournament).

    • 100 Years of Tears

      Len and Bob introduced him today as a right handed hitter and thrower. Interesting.

  • North Side Irish

    Definitely curious to see where he goes after Mesa since he really hasn’t played much in the past year. I’d guess Boise just to help ease him into things and maybe Peoria by the end of the season. I think the team will be cautious with him to start with and let him force his way up.

    Plus he’s got to get used to living in a new country. I’ve never been to Boise, but I’m going to guess it’s quite different from Cuba or the DR. I know Peoria is…

    • Carew

      could they put him in Peoria with Concepcion (ain’t other cuban players there as well)?

      • djriz

        both peoria and daytona have a nice cuban contingent.

        the key is what kind of practice he’s had over the last year. I can see fulltime gig in peoria, play winter ball, then next year being placed appropriately. (hopefully AA or A+).

      • Tommy

        Yasiel Balaguert is in Peoria, and he played centerfield right next to Soler in Cuba. I wouldn’t bet on him spending any time in Boise, but that’s just an uneducated guess.

  • Jesse

    I REALLY hope he ends up in Peoria this year. It would be a short drive for me to see him.

    • djriz

      The first weekend in september, Peoria plays in Kane County. (short drive for me).
      Would love it if I could see Almora, Amaya, Baez, Candelario, Pierce Johnson AND Soler.

      • Cedlandrum

        Almora won’t be there, Amaya unlikely, solar will probably be in az. Hasn’t played in forever. Candalerio will prob stay in Boise, Johnson maybe if he pitches much more, but he prob won’t. So yeah like you’ll see Baez

        On second thought maybe Amaya and candalerio

  • Brian

    Was listening to ESPN 1000 with Nick Friedell and Jonathan Hood and someone said that rivals personnel of the Cubs said he has the power and swing close to Sammy Sosa and Mickey Mantle.

    • magilljl

      So other teams’ front office personnel think this? I really hope they’re correct, that’d be nice.

  • Kevin

    Here’s a question regarding the options for those drafted right out of High School who elect not to sign with the team who drafted them in this year’s draft. I read that Almora would have to wait 3 years to re-enter the draft but Underwood could go to a JC and re-enter next year’s draft. Is this correct?

    • nkniacc13

      yes underwood could go to JC and re entrer

  • Mr.Boring

    Will you Sori haters please just stop. We all know he’s over paid, but how bad would this team be without him? In 2003 the Cubs organization “bought in”. It didn’t work, but they tried. Stop busting on a great hitter and teammate because he was over paid years ago. When Hendry signed Sori, they were not signing him for 2012. They just had to sign him for that long to have a shot in 2007-09.

  • Kevin

    Justin Amlung selected in the 12th round looks like a solid prospect. He doesn’t appear to be signed yet, hopefully the Cubs sign him.

  • Drew7

    Moreland just said he expects to see Soler in AA by August…geesh

  • florida Al

    bring him to daytona bitches….

  • Phaedrus

    What will the Cubs do with respects to the International Draft? I believe it is on Monday.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      No international draft. The next international free agent signing period opens Monday night.

  • Crockett

    Ok, apparently a lot of Cub fans don’t realize how exactly the Soriano contract went down.

    Hendry was negotiating with Soriano’s agent and had basic parameters of 110m/7 years. He jumped on a plane to go…I don’t remember where. By the time the plane had landed, McDonough/Zell had increased the offer to 136m/8 if Soriano would agree that day.

    He did. Hendry got screwed (and the blame),

  • Njriv

    Can’t wait to see him batting behind Rizzo in the clean-up spot.