As a fan, I can’t decide if I’m angry that Chris Volstad can’t stop doing the Chris Volstad one-bad-inning thing, or if I feel bad for Chris Volstad that he can’t stop doing the one-bad-inning thing. In any event, it happened again tonight, and the Cubs never looked back. Rafael Dolis didn’t help things with a brutal outing.

  • koyiehillsucks

    So chris volstad still sucks…

    • josh

      i don’t think volstad sucks. I think he is being used in the wrong role. He has good stuff and can get outs, but only for 3-4 innings at a time. He would be effective coming out of the pen imo.

  • Carew

    Send dolis and Volstad down, have volstad work in the bullpen (no more starting) then call him to be a bullpen guy after the deadline

  • JoeyCollins

    Feel bad for the guy. I’m well beyond getting angry this year so all you can do is feel bad for a guy who cant seem to put one full outing together.

  • calicubsfan007

    I really think that it has something to do with his mental approach.

  • Cubs Dude

    This may sound weird, but I miss the overly aggressive swing at everything Castro. I think he is trying to be more patient and it’s ultimately making him less of a hitter. He just doesn’t look right.

    • Drew7

      Thats why *coaching patience* doesnt work, despite what Hendry thought: Castro, while being on a HOF path due to his phenomenal abilities, doesnt have good pitch-recognition. Merely taking more pitches isnt going to do him any good in the long run.

      • gutshot5820

        And you are basing this on what? It’s way too early to make any kind of definitive statements such as yours?

        • FromFenwayPahk

          Hey, Drew7 got me to think about a baseball theory (which I still accept) in a way I never had. Thanks. Not sure I agree with 2/3 of what you said Drew7, but I’m glad you said it all.

        • Drew7

          Find me an example of a player that show a significantly improved BB-Rate that was sustained for more than a season or two (besides Sosa).

          This is frequently discussed here, and I have yet to see an example supporting the idea that you can coach patience.

  • KyleNovak

    Old knees and a guaranteed bunch of missed games on yearly basis aside, Chipper Jones can still play, and clearly can still hit at age 40. I know he says he is done after this year, but a 5 for 5 night and his slash line this season (.313/.389/.485, .381 wOBA) has to make him think about the possibility of playing next year *just* a little bit, doesn’t it?

    But yeah. . . the pitching for the Cubs was just brutal.

    • fester30

      This year, playing against the Cubs would make Betty White think about playing next year.

    • Caleb

      That also means that professional baseball careers are not out of the picture for us.

      • Ian Afterbirth

        I got my fastball up to 65 and I’m a lefty!!!!

        But I’m 46….

  • Zogie

    Everything was going well until the 5th Inning when Volstad had his one terrible inning. The bullpen did not help much either. Corpas gave up a hit and a walk to add to Volstad’s earned runs. Dolis could not find the plate and Asencio could not save Dolis from his wildness. Pitching just did not show up after the 4th inning. DeJesus 2-4 continues to be a stable force in the lead-off spot. Castro 1-5 2K has been slumping. He just has not looked great at the plate for weeks. Rizzo 1-4 1 2B left 3 on base. Soriano 1-4 SB left 3 on base. Lahair 2-4 RBI 1K. Clevenger 1-4 RBI. Barney 1-4 3 left on base. Valbuena 0-4 had a rough night as well. I was disappointed in his ABs tonight. Mather and Baker were both 0-1. Campana 1-1. The cubs had a rough time pitching, but another big problem was extra base hits. 10 Hits but only 1 2B. 15 left on base tonight. 0 walks. Singles can only do so much damage. My shout out goes to DeJesus. Thanks for being consistent all year so far.

  • Jesse

    And this is why you dont bring up a guy who went 0-6 and has a 7.46 ERA…

  • rcleven

    Just one Uggly game from beginning to end. With out the Uggla error would have been a lot worse.
    Is there any way Cub fans can get Barney into the All Star game. Barney runs circles around Uggla.

  • mudge

    Weirdly consistent persistent pattern with Volstad, like a mental tic. He’s had bad big innings early as well, bullpen is not the answer.

  • CityCub

    Send volstad back to Iowa for the next 2months or so. Give some of the triple a pitchers a look. Couldn’t be worse than volstad starting. Looked decent then imploded in his usual 1 bad inning per start. If they pull the plug on volstad again. Who’s a potential replacement for him? Could they give rusin or jay jackson a look?

    • Drew7

      I hope if they give Jackson a look, its out of the ‘pen

  • hudog

    okay it’s confirmed…volstad is terrible. If he was decent trade would have been great. He’s awful and trade is still good, but stop thinking this guy will ever have anything to offer…same goes for stewart. Where’s lopez or whomever?

  • blublud

    I remember people calling me crazy for not wanting Volstad on this roster. I don’t know whether its mental or not, but I know he sucked, has sucked and will always suck. Give Rusin a shot. I over the Wells Vs Volstad thing. I don’t wanna see either one pitch in a cubs uniform again. And if they do, definitely not as starters.

    Jay Anderson Jr

  • Spencer

    You definitely didn’t feel bad for James Russell last year when he was starting lol.

  • rcleven

    Patrick Mooney ‏@CSNMooney

    Sveum’s vote of confidence for Volstad: “We’ll run him out there again. As of now, we don’t really have any other options.” #Cubs

    “Not much has changed, obviously,” manager Dale Sveum said. “Another bad inning. There was still some hard contact going on before that with the stuff and the location so it wasn’t all that good anyway. The ball wasn’t down and it didn’t seem like anything was sinking very good.”

    Sveum waving the white flag?

  • Josh

    Yeah Theo’s boom or bust trades didn’t work out very well last offseason. I mean he did what he could to get rid of Zambrano, but Volstad has been terrible. We got robbed on that Colvin for Stewart trade as Colvin has been having a very nice season and Stewart was well pathetic… Good thing Travis Wood stepped it up in June

    • Jesse

      Yeah Z had to go but I knew Volstad would suck. I didnt see the point of Stewart coming here.. He sucked in 2011 and he sucks now.

    • Vladimir

      I’ll give you Stewart. However I think it’s a little harsh to say his boom or bust trades haven’t worked out. How many were really boom or bust? I think only the Stewart one was. The Marlins were pretty much the ONLY team we could trade Zambrano to. Doesn’t give you much option to find the best player now does it? However I also think Colvin is just a 4th outfielder, so it’s not like we lost anyone that’s a core peice of the Cubs rebuild. We just traded a 4th outfielder for a 3rd baseman with good D and maybe a chance to rebound. I also think much of it is the wrist and not a lack of talent. And I also think addin him had more to do with changing the defense of the Cubs for the better. Sort of to make a statement immediately that the Cubs would play better D, run the bases better, and just play smarter better ball. So I don’t even knock them for the Stewart trade either.

  • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

    Well, after Dempster and Garza are gone just think of what the rotation looks like then. Just saying. Looks like we won’t have to worry about that whole we didn’t take Hamilton in the rule 5 argument anymore. Because we get to probably take his clone (minus the drug habit) in next years draft.

  • Derrick

    Nothing Like Volstad to kill a Buzz…So Dale no better options then this Guy. I’d take Nick Struck, Chris Rusin or even Luke or Brett Volstad is awful!!!!!!!!

    • calicubsfan007

      Derrick: Brett would pitch an interesting game. (=.

  • Mysterious4th

    Volstad is still pretty young, I think we send him to AAA until june of next year and bring him up. He was rushed thru the marlins system. I do think he has potential to be a 4 or 5 starter. He still has some developing to do. Unlike coleman and wells being as developed as much as they could be.

    I think stewart next year will be an almost perfect bounce back player that theo looks for. I fractured my wrist when I was 20 and at 25 I had 2 surgeries to finally resolve my consistant pain issue, so I feel for the guy. For 5 years I had a hell of a time opening gatorade bottles (among other things) so his grip and swing was affected heavily. So, I hope we bring him back for the same as he made this year. Does stewart have any options left brett (or luke)? We could have him start at AAA to get him back into a baseball grove and see what he has going for him next year…..

    Can we dump soto? Clevenger (I think clevage every time I hear his name) is a way better option and hella cheaper. Barney is proving to be our 2nd baseman

    • Carew

      I agree with everything that you said. For Volstad’s case, I blame the Marlins for most of it. He was in the minors for what, a couple months? not long enough for a pitcher

      • Scotti

        Volstad made 81 starts in parts of 4 yrs before the Marlins brought him up (and when they did he was 6-4 and 2.88 in 14 starts). He wasn’t rushed.

        • Mysterious4th

          To a certain extent he was rushed. When you have a very limited early sucess and unable to adjust it means somethings missing whether it is pitch selection, command, ect sometimes it cannot be worked out and sometimes it can be with time. He is very young, again comparing him to wells and coleman. Volstad has proven he can be a good starter. He is 25, 26 at the end of the season so why not give him time to work it out in the minors. Let’s give him a full year at AAA -including the remainder of this year- and I think he will come around. Maybe a little later then most would like when he hits 26-27 y/o but a late bloomer isn’t bad just means he will be pretty cheap to keep around similar to lahair. So don’t call him a bust yet. Yeah its been painful but this year is full of pain to watch.

          • Scotti

            I don’t consider him a bust but I also don’t blame his last two years on being rushed. He was very successful in the minors and then was successful in the majors. He was successful past his first half season as well. He was basically a 3-4 starter (27 W and 26 losses) through his first 73 MLB starts. Since then he’s gone 5 and 19 in 37 straight games. Something has fallen off the wagon for him. Might be his stuff. Might be his command. Might be stamina. Might be in his head. Might come back and might not. Might get it back in the minors and he might pitch a no-hitter in his next start. Good luck to him. He’s got something to work out. Volstad didn’t “miss” the class in the minors about not giving up one big inning, he’s just got to get his crap together.

            It’s a guy like Cam Greathouse that gets to me, though. One year he’s an up and coming prospect and the next he has the yips. The very next year–this year–he’s working the night shift and Tweeting things like, “Waiting for someone to see me in the streets and say ‘damn homie, in high school you was the man homie, TF happen to you?’ ”

  • willis

    Volstad sucks. We knew it. Now we really know it. Same shit as it ever was. Why expect different?

  • Zach

    I have a great idea! Send him down to Tennessee and see if it will help his confidence with his pitching against some younger and not as good hitters.

    I’m a genius!!!

  • FromFenwayPahk

    Perhaps Volstad should sip hard liquor in the dugout after the fourth inning. (And the Cubs should hand out hard liquor to the fans when ever Dolis comes in to close.)

    • Mysterious4th

      Oh not not drinking….we have theo now, so they just might link up to chicken too. Just have them slip xanax into their gatorade.
      I keep saying at work they need to have a xanax dispenser at work and people would be happy as hell (I work for walmart) but they haven’t taken my advice yet….I wonder why? *shrugs*

  • art

    it’s not the “one inning” thing, he’s just not a ML starter/pitcher.