Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 5, Braves 1 – July 4, 2012

Go, Cubs, and go, America! It was an all-around solid game for the Cubs, who got a nice performance out of Paul Maholm, and a great inning out of Carlos Marmol. The Cubs’ current and former first basemen went deep, and nobody even noticed what a crummy game Geovany Soto had.

And, hey, this is something that’s supposed to happen…

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81 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 5, Braves 1 – July 4, 2012”

  1. BFiddy

    The Rizzler strikes again…

    1. gratefulled

      Just bought me a game-worn Rizzo cap from a charity auction. WOO-HOO!!! Happy 4th everyone!

      1. Brady

        Jesus did was it still wet from his sweat? Or was it not a major league cubs worn cap?

        1. gratefulled

          It is the cap he wore as an I-Cub. Came with a C.O.A. Says “Riz” on the inside. Prett f’n neat.

  2. Toby

    Marmol has looked good as of late. Dave Campbell best put it that Marmol was too relient on his slider and forgot how to throw fastball for strikes.

    1. Joe

      Anyone else really like Dave Campbell doing the
      game tonight? He doesn’t have a voice for tv, but I enjoyed what he had to say.

      1. Toby

        There is nothing wrong about Dave Campbell’s voice, but I love the knowledge he brings to the broadcast. He’s like Steve Stone without the ego.

      2. art

        to his credit, Dale has been saying that about Marmol. out of town guys like Dave get their info (home work) from the manager and or Len before the games.

  3. Ben

    OUCH for Cashner poor dude

    1. Cubs fan 4748475

      what happened to cashner? I picked him up on my fantasy team last week

    2. Toby

      Who did the Cubs get for him?

      1. dabynsky

        Seriously? (RizzOMG)

        1. Toby

          sarcasm my friend

          1. dabynsky

            I figured, but didn’t want too much of a jerk if you weren’t.

            1. Toby

              I understand Rizzo’s only played a handful of games for Cubs, but it’s clear why Theo and Jed love this kid. During the broadcast, I think Dave Campbell brought up the name Ryan Klesko. I can see a player like Klesko being Rizzo’s talent floor, but the kid is going to be alright.

              1. Drew7

                Klesko hit. 280/.370/.500 for his career(albeit during the steroid era). I think Rizzo’s ceiling would be producing those numbers in his prime, with a couple of peak seasons that are better. Sorry, but his floor is a bit lower than that.

  4. dabynsky

    Lat injury was last I heard.

  5. lou brock lives

    Russell starting to remind me of Sean Marshall. His confidence is sky high. He is not untouchable but someone is going to have to pay big to pry him away from this team in a July trade. I’m thinking 1 top 5 & a top 15 at the very least.

  6. Mrp

    I just want to say that I love having Rizzo and LaHair in the lineup together. I know it isn’t a popular idea right now, but I would rather just keep LaHair at this point. I think he means more to the Cubs than the return we would get from trading him. He is showing he can play the outfield sufficiently.

    1. Tommy

      I’m with you Mrp. I think LaHair is turning out to be the real deal! I love him!

    2. dabynsky

      I think you hit the main reason not to trade LaHair, and that is because other teams aren’t going to part with anything meaningful for him. At least not until he puts up numbers for a year or two. Might as well enjoy the cheap production unless someone wows us with an offer.

      1. Mrp


    3. hogie

      I get a little uncomfortable with the idea of a defensive outfield of Soriano and LaHair on the corners. DeJesus is a solid defensive center fielder, but that is a lot of ground to cover and it will turn into a lot of extra bases that never should have happened.

      Still, that production does sound good.

    4. Brady

      I like having him too. The production for his cost will be more than worth it. As for the defensive issues. Soriano has been pretty solid defensively and I haven’t see Lahair be all that bad either. I also am starting to think a team might take Soriano off our hands at the deadline.

  7. Travis

    Biggest moment of the game was Big Pauly getting out the first bases loaded n one out.

    Cubs are Red, White, and Blue just like America. Gotta love freedom

    1. Diesel

      Soriano gunning down Jones at the plate was a pretty big play as well.

      1. Brady

        Yea I’d say both. Getting out of the first made it possible to win and Soriano’s huge throw made winning it pretty much in the bag. Not to mention how many other DP’s we pulled tonight. When we actually have runs supporting our defense we are starting to see the real potential of this team managed by Sveum (who I think is one of the sole reasons I see for most of these DP’s due to shifts)

  8. Diesel

    I just noticed that we had fewer hits with RISP but still scored more runs.  Soriano made an awesome play to help with that.

  9. Kevin

    RizzOMG is the real deal!

  10. Sweetjamesjones

    I was at the game. My oh my what a great game. Getting to see LaHair and Rizzo go yard was awesome to see.

  11. Bobo Justis

    You’re a dumbass if you ever made fun of Quade or Hawk Harrelson and you have a pet homoerotic name for Rizzo.

    You’re still a dumbass even if you never made fun of Quade or Harrelson.

    1. Ian Afterbirth

      Nice try,

  12. Zogie

    The cubs brought their bats tonight. Last night they had 1 extra base hit. Tonight they have 5. Those doubles and homers put more dents in the scoreboard then singles. DeJesus 1-4 K played some great defense and got on base again. Always consistent. Castro 1-3 BB K looked better today but still is far from being hot. The 3 pitch K was pretty rough. Rizzo 2-4 HR hit the ball hard everywhere. He has not been patient, but he doesn’t have to be if he is getting pitches to hit. Sori 1-4 2B did not look great with a few week popouts in good counts. LaHair 2-3 HR, BB, K has looked great since being named an all-star. Hopefully he gets another chance against a lefty. Let him start everyday if he is hot. Soto 0-4 2K just could not catch a break. Tough luck. Barney 1-4 2B continues to play great defense, but he needs to hit a bit more. The double was good to see. Valbuena 0-4 had a rough night at the plate, but he did get the job done by advancing a runner on a groundout against a tough lefty. Baker 1-1 HR and Johnson 0-1 K. Baker has been hitting lefties well the past few weeks. I’m not a big fan, but he has earned some love. Maholm pitched just well enough to survive. He got out of some tough jams. Russell and Marmol both had great outings tonight. My shout out goes to LaHair. I hope he continues to stay hot and he also made a great diving catch in the outfield tonight.

    1. Drew7

      Thanks Zogie,

      The only thing I would say is that, while he hasnt walked or seen a ton of pitches, Rizzo is bringing a great example of a “selectively – aggressive” approach to the plate.

      The point of being *patient* shouldnt be to take a bunch of pitches, it should be to not swing at pitches you cannot drive. If you do see a pitch you can drive, whether its the 1st or 7th pitch of the AB, jump all over it. If you never see one, you’ve probably drawn a walk. Do this, and even outs (like nearly every out Rizzo has made) are hit hard.

  13. Cubs fan 4748475

    Ticket prices are insane these days. For the Astros vs. Cubs game series tickets were $25 bucks for the cheapest seats. Too of the worst teams in Baseball!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wat hell r u charging Ricketts!!?! Its only going to get worse at the trade deadline to watch this team. I love them but seriously!? The cubs r trash right now and they are still having some of the most expensive tickets in baseball. Can you imagine how expensive the games are going to be in a couple years when were contending again? They’ll be charging $40 dollars for the cheapest seats!!!

    1. Patrick G

      Im not sure where you are looking but I saw Cubs/ Astros in October for $1.50 on stub hub, and in August for $5

      1. Cubs fan 4748475

        I’m looking at Cubs.com. $25 + $8 for the ridiculous online printing charge.

        1. Patrick G

          Try stubhub much cheaper

        2. hansman1982

          Its outrageous that they charge $33 to see professional entertainment for 3hours. Man if only there was something you could do to protest this travesty.

  14. willis

    Take Soto out, put Clevenger in the 6 hole…that’s a pretty pop filled 2-6.

    That’s 7 out of 9 folks. Got to love it.

  15. RY34

    love the way this team is playing right now. now if we could just put soto(absolutely pathetic), mather, dolis, and volstad on a one way bus to nowhere we might be on to something good! stick a fork in soto, fatboy is done for! another very solid performance by maholm and rizzo just continues to impress! great win cubbies!

  16. Cubs fan 4748475

    I enjoy the cubs winning but lets be honest this team still sucks and will take 2 steps back when we deal dempster and Garza at the trade deadline. And if we can get someone to take Soriano and if we get a good offer for Lahair then we take another step back. I’m not going to lie I see this win stretch as a negative

  17. Cubs fan 4748475

    Would you rather win a couple extra meaningless games in July or would you rather have the #1 overall pick in next years draft and the largest signing pool of money for the draft and international free agency? If you say say the wins in July you really don’t see the big picture. This winning stretch could be huge in the fact of us losing the #1 overall pick and maybe more importantly the largest sign pool. Winning now is completely pointless!! It only hurts the ability of the front office to improve the farm system!!!!!!!!!

    1. Wawa Skittleslits

      No team wants to be in a big losing streak. It makes players miserable and it can sometimes hurt in their development, specially the young ones.

    2. hogie

      I still can’t get myself to root against my team or not get excited when they win. Baseball is a game of numbers, but it comes from, and speaks to, the heart. I know better, but I can’t help but smile at a W and whistle “Go, Cubs Go, Go, Cubs Go!” I love this game.

    3. willis

      Win. Screw the #1 pick and the logic that it’s ever ok to lose and lose a shit load. You play to win. And when this team wins, it’s a good thing. I’ll never root against the Cubs. Furthermore, I’ll never count on a draft pick for shit. Winning at this level is much more important than putting stock in some 18 year old who is 5-6 years from contributing. Draft picks are wild cards. So why throw all eggs in that basket?

      Play to win. I’ll never root against my favorite team.

      1. mudge

        right on. i hate that mentality. theres no such thing as a “meaningless game.” this team’s a couple players away from respectability.

      2. JoeyCollins

        Right with you… id rather win games and show off guys like lahair and soriano then loose and get the #1 draft pick. Making guys valuable and tradeable while winning games will get more than a 1st round pick even with the new cba.

  18. grace17

    I agree with keeping lahair. He’s an old rookie, I’d really like to c him bein part of the cubs future. He’s guna play like he’s in his 20′s for the next 5-10 years. HAPPY 4TH EVERYONE!!!! Ps out with soto play clevenger

  19. Twiz

    @Cubsfan4748475 what are they supposed to do, lose on purpose?

    1. Cubs fan 4748475

      Of course not but do you think its easier to build a farm system if you get the highest draft picks and the most money to spend on trying sign young talent? Theo would never admit it publicly but I’m sure he would rather this team lose and guarantee him the #1 pick then win a couple of meaningless games in July and have lower picks and less money. I am just saying its easier to rebuild which is what this team seriously needs

      1. whiteflag

        Winning a couple of games in July isn’t really effecting their position in the draft that much.They are going to be picking with in the top 3, more than likely. Next years draft doesn’t seem to have a Harper type prospect. I don’t really think the number one is going to be much different than a number 3.Plus after the trade deadline, they will probably really tank. I’m not sure we should be to worried about this winning streak. I’m going to choose to enjoy it while it last.

  20. Joepoe123


  21. grace17

    F off, “let’s lose on purpose”?,as much as I’d like to have the first pick. I’d rather be beatin some cocky asshole teams now. We’re doin just fine on the building process, let’s make some of this contenders look like crap. I LOVE. Cyin the Cubbies spank the braves!

    1. Josh

      Yeah I would rather us see which of our prospects we currently have can be successful at the major league level. Regardless we will have a high draft pick anyways. I mean I read some reports that we would have grabbed Almora at 1, had we had the 1st pick this past June so no need to worry. I hope we get to try out Jackson and Vitters this season still. If Vitters can continue his strong play in AAA through August, he will probably be starting at 3rd in September.

  22. Carew

    You can tell Soto is crazy frustrated. WGN miles caught him sayin naughty words, extremely frustrated

  23. grace17

    I’d like to kick cubsfan4748475 right in the NUTS! Stop thinking so much and start being a fan

    1. whiteflag

      It could be a woman.

      1. Mysterious4th

        Hey I resemble that statement! I am a woman and a diehard cubbie fan but I am never that horrible of a fan. Yup we suck this year but hell when where in the middle of a hot stretch be happy since it probably won’t happen again this year! Well maybe some mini hot streaks. But I am totally diggin the way their playin.

        I agree dump soto like a sluty girlfriend! We have wellington castillio and clevenger. We don’t need twinkie boy!

        1. whiteflag

          There are a lot of female cubs fans. I also fit that bill.

          Side Note: To be fair grace17, I really don’t take offense to your statement. I was just being a smartass.

        2. Andrewmoore4isu

          He said that may be a women because the other dude said he wanted to kick him I’m the nuts and women don’t have nuts. But then you said you “resemble” so now I’m just confused.

          1. whiteflag

            She said that may be a woman :)

    2. Carew

      F**k the draft. I wanna win at least 80 straight

      1. art

        well, 7 of last 9, that pace would put us at 94 wins. ok, ok i’m kidding.

  24. calicubsfan007

    Rizzo is freaking awesome! Baker has suprised me over the past two games, but still not crazy about his abilities. But the play of the game has to be that throw from Sori to home plate! Oh. my. God! I didn’t know he still had it in him!

  25. Robert

    HEY! for all you Alfonso Soriano haters! did you know soriano has 0 errors this season?? he is only One of Two MLB players that has no errors in the MLB. any chance he gets a gold glove?????

  26. art

    you can have him.

  27. calicubsfan007

    I personally think that Valbuena had the most productive 0 for 4 game today. He just had some bad luck, just personal opinion. I don’t expect the Cubs to win 90+ games this year, no one here really has implied that they expected the team to win 90 games this year. I just don’t like being 20+ games under .500. I am still hoping for the Cleveland Indians “Major League” comeback (I love that movie), that would just make my year.

  28. Josh

    6-2 since RizzOMG! Now if we could fill the black holes we have in our lineup at catcher and 3B we may actually be able to field a respectable team, especially if our rotation is healthy. Valbuena has had some big games and clutch hits but as a hole this season we have had woeful production for our 3rd baseman and you can’t tell me Wellington Castillo or the Peoria Chiefs catcher couldn’t hit better than Soto right now. He has really been awful since winning ROY. If we can upgrade those 2 positions internally, or via trade and free agency we can be a respectable team next season and possibly finish at or above .500

    1. calicubsfan007

      Josh: I suggest letting Cleve start full time for the Cubs.

      1. Josh

        I would love that. Before he got hurt he was hitting out of his mind, but since not so much. I mean I don’t expect him to hit .400 but I would like to see more production out of him. He will only improve with playing time so I am all for giving him the starting job. Only problem is there is no way to get rid of Soto.

        1. calicubsfan007

          Josh: That’s true…. Um… Uh…. Include Soto in the Demp or Garza deal, so that the other teams would be forced to take him? Guess spitballing here.

          1. Toby

            So, you would kill a potential deal by forcing Soto down a team’s throat?

    2. hansman1982

      Soto has not been terrible since RoY, in fact, according to OPS+ his offensive game has improved each year since then.

      1. Norm

        Don’t let facts get in the way of a bad narrative.

  29. KWD22

    If Maholm keeps throwing decent he might be gone too. Should be able to get a decent young arm and maybe a real low level prospect in return. He’s got a very affordable contract and has been a reliable arm for quite some time. I could see the Yankees or Blue Jays going after him just for rotation depth.

  30. someday...2015?

    I don’t know if anyone else thinks this trade would change the organization for the better but since Thed said they want a Ubaldo haul for Garza I think I have a perfect trade for the Cubs. The Cubs trade Matt Garza and James Russel to the Rangers for Martin Perez, Mike Olt, and Cody Buckel. 2 potential future starters and a future third baseman. I think that trade would put the Rangers over the top to win it all. I also believe the Cubs will take advantage of the Dodgers misfortune with Carlos Lee and will package Ryan Dempster with Bryan LaHair to acquire Zach Lee and other high level upside prospects. I haven’t looked at the dodgers system so don’t kill me on that trade… Any thoughts on these deals?