At least Geovany Soto homered, right?

So, Matt Garza didn’t exactly end his first half on a high note. It hasn’t been a “bad” first half for Garza, but he certainly hasn’t been the ace-like pitcher he was last year for the Cubs. The biggest reason?

  • Mysterious4th

    Oh hot damn soto is batting a beastly .167….teams are going to be knocking down the door for him…expect 2 top 10 prospects and a top 20 for him!
    Oh wait……

    That was just a dream…

    Can we trade him for a bat boy and a bucket of balls….baseballs that it!

    Garza after the break should heat up

    But….a serious question

    If garza is still pitching like a #3-#5 starter, does it seem more likely we can extend him?

  • Hawkeye

    Any thoughts to the rumors on twitter from folks like BleedCubbieBlue that this was Garzas final game for the Cubs?

    • cubs4life

      Well if that was garza’s last start I hope the deal was already in place before tonights start, cause he didn’t do us any favors of improving his trade value.

    • Jeff

      Get Volstad off this team, I think his pitching rubbed off on Garza tonight.

      • Tommy

        We were saying that about Travis Wood and Marmol not too long ago and now they’re looking pretty good. I think it’s too early to give up on Volstad. Based on some of the comments Brett has posted here, it sounds like he may just need to start letting his catcher call the game and things may get better.

        In the end, Volstad is still awfully young.

        • Carew

          I believe Sveum and Bosio will get the job done. Like you said, it has worked perty darn good so far

        • Jeff

          He’s not young, he had four years in Florida, three of which he had 29, 30 & 29 starts.

          He’s just not a very good pitcher, the stats prove it. I hate giving up on anybody, but you have to preform to stick around.

          That’s why I have suggested he move from starting to relief pitcher, he doesn’t have it as a starter.

          • dob2812

            He’s younger than Andrew Cashner. You’re holding the fact that he got to the majors at a young age against him? Where have we seen that before? .

    • Brett

      Didn’t see that. It’s always possible, but I know of no reason to believe it’s more likely this is his last start with the Cubs than, say, he next one. Or the one after that.

  • Jp

    Wow I was prevIously on the let’s see what lahair’s got against LHP team but count me out now. I do think he is very valuable as a platoon player against any RHP but this dude looks utterly lost against lahefties.

    • Spencer

      They had five hits. Everyone looked lost.

      • Jp

        Um, 3 ABs and 3 Ks. There is lost and then there is that. Wait he did have a walk I guess

    • Diesel

      Dude is pressing to try and prove he can hit lefties.

  • Jeff

    Tyler Colvin went deep again tonight, nice mention of what was wrong with Quade for not playing him last year by MLB reporters. Wonderful!

    • Jesse

      Yeah we got screwed bad in that trade.

      • Turn Two

        A sporadic, strike out prone, all or nothing player with little to like about his defense was not a loss. It allowed us to give Soriano room to show what he can do, which ultimately could lead to a trade, allowed campana to make the team and at the very least at least show what he can and can not do and it gave us the space to move lahair. He was not a part of the future.

        • Jesse

          I know..It’s just fustrating to see him do so well while Stewart was pathetic.

          • Hawkeye

            No matter how much you may like Epstein and company can some of you stop pretending we didn’t lose on the Colvin/Stewart trade. At this point I get frustrated when people make the argument that we didn’t lose there when we so obviously did.

            • Vladimir

              Can you make the argument of what we actually lost?

            • IrishGold

              It would be great if everyone had some perspective on all the trades, not all will work our, no matter how good any GM is.

              A few thoughts:

              Even if right now the Stewart/Colvin trade looks bad, it may not in the long term (see Wood/Marshall trade at different times this year). Even if it does not work out better in the long term, that does not make it a bad trade to have made. It was a well thought out calculated risk that thus far has not really worked out.

              Trades do not occur in a vacuum. While Stewart’s production vs Colvin’s production just at the plate makes it looks like the trade was horrible, one needs to look at the total effects of the trade are…some of which TurnTwo highlighted above. However, other effects include helping establish that the Cubs organization values defense (Stewart plays better D for position and harder position to field) as much as or more than offense, getting a 3B that they thought could work so that they were not “forced” later to either call someone up too soon or overpay for a bad 3B on a losing team. Establishing a winning culture is just as important as the individual players involved.

            • ichabod

              they needed a 3rd baser with a potential bat. just didnt work.
              also i like valbuena alot. reminds of jacques jones at the dish though

  • Cee-Dee-Vee

    Sooo i think were keeping Garza…last 2 or 3 starts havent been good

    I knew the genius mind of Sveum was gonna put Baker since he hit a homer yesterday…yea the Cubs probaly wouldn’t have won, but 2 runs were given up because of this move. You put him in for LaHair…He doesn’t make the error LaHair made…AND Barney would of caught that liner hit to Baker.

  • #1lahairfan

    At least lahair drew a walk..

  • Big Joe

    Yeah. Colvin’s move was helpful to get Campana playing time. A guy that can’t use his best attribute, because he can’t get on base. Glad that happened. I have never been sold on Garza. And that selling price has been declining with each start. Trade now, or get even less for him later.

  • someday…2015?

    Any chance this trade would be possible? Matt Garza and James Russel to the Rangers for Martin Perez, Mike Olt, and Cody Buckel.

  • http://It'searly Mike F

    I think there is way too much negativity thrown at Sveum. Sveum has not been a bad manager with the hand the management of the Cubs Ricketts/Theo and the demands even of fans to rebuild. I believe the bi-polar nature of fans and fickle nature of media dictate they need to make the deals and shorten the process to the extent they can, likely 2014 for the good of all concerned, but Sveum has done as much with the limited talent and monetary commitment both fans and the management wanted to make. I see a lot of LaRussa and yes, I think most of the moves have been good. Colvin has hit 10 home runs and played part time hitting 300. That’s great, not every trade will work, think Cincy would reverse that deal with us?

    We can’t have it both ways, and talk about rebuilding for even 2 years, we’re already a year and half in, just Bush and Hendry wouldn’t admit last season. And it’s completely ludicrous to criticize Sveum so often when they have done so little at the ML level to help him. No one should crucify a guy when we know even next year they aren’t likely to be competitive. Especially when the guy is doing his job and his guys play hard.That’s going to change. I think at least 4-8 players will be moved including Garza, and we should give credit to Sveum for the latest glimpse of the light or glimmer at least, albeit even if it’s going to be short. His teams have played hard and they have shown the ability to fix mistakes. And with a very limited roster he’s shown some strong strategic moves, even if fans don’t always like them. One thing about Cub fans, we could criticize Earll Weaver and then claim somehow were optimistic.

  • calicubsfan007

    I didn’t watch this game. I was really busy today. Seems like I didn’t miss much though.

  • Danny B

    Lot of negativity on the board tonight…must have been a rough one.

    I’m not ready to give up on Garza, but it’s easy to have high expectations of him. Fact is, sometimes he’s not an A pitcher. Still think we should get a great return from him in a trade hopefully with TOR) but if his value is actually slipping then now would be the best time to offer him an extension.

    I agree with Mike F. on Sveum. It’s still to early to tell and he hasn’t have much to work with. Plus I like the Sveum/Bosio combination so far. The Cubs pitching has improved and been more consistent. Hopefully Bosio can be a familiar face to some of the younger pitchers as they progress year to year.

  • ichabod

    garzas value isnt in his last 2-3 starts. hes a proven, successful pitcher that at one point was dominating the AL east, probably the best hitting division in bball. relax, he has major value.

  • Steve

    I was 12 rows directly back of home plate. I am not embellishing this statement. There were 8 scouts (that were obvious) for Garza.
    When he got the hook, those 8 and a few more ” inconspicuous” guys hit the bricks.
    Ichabod makes a great point. I might come into work hung over a few times a month, but I’ve been very successful over the last 10 years.
    I’m not about to get fired for a few lackluster performances.

    • Brett

      Thanks, Steve. At least he struck out a bunch of guys…

  • Chef Brian

    I really believe all the trade talk is finally getting to Garza. He seems to be pressing and the results have been lackluster. I believe the Cubs will still get decent value in a trade for him. Too many teams are desperate at the deadline.

  • willis

    Something is wrong with him. He hasn’t been himself most of the season. Just doesn’t look right out there and has obviously been getting A-bombed with homers. I think it’s as mental as anything else. Very tough to see as he had so much promise coming off the last few years.