(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Ian Stewart last night offered perhaps the greatest tweet I’ve ever seen:


Just being nice? Maybe. Either way, suddenly, I want the Cubs to sign Stewart to a 10-year extension. With 10 options years thereafter. And a personal services contract for another 30 years after that. And I want them to give him a rice crispy treat. A big one. The kind with chocolate chips. Big ones.

Unfortunately, Stewart’s future with the Cubs is uncertain, after the third baseman announced he’ll be undergoing surgery on his troublesome wrist next week (Tuesday), and could miss the rest of the season. As I noted before, although Stewart is eligible for arbitration again after this season, the Cubs may elect to non-tender him, and try to work out a (less expensive) one-year deal thereafter.

And, now that we know Ian reads BN, we’ll just have to hope he sticks to the articles, and avoids the comments.

(A big thanks to BN’er Rylan for posing the question.)

  • Kevin

    If Boras represented all the players in MLB it would bankrupt baseball. There’s the element of “Supply and Demand” and at some point people will say enough is enough. We are in a deep recession, people need jobs and hope. How can higher salaries be justified every year when the country is ready to implode? If MLB goes 100% pay per view they will lose their fan base. Yes, Boras is good and does a fine job representing his clients, but eventually clubs will refuse to deal with him.

  • Rick Vaughn

    I follow Stewart on twitter. That dude will flood your account for hours with responses to all his fans. Pretty cool guy. Bummer how this season ended up for him.

  • Big Joe

    Baseball makes it’s own rules. Boras abides by them. If MLB is ever bankrupt, point your fingers in the right direction: the owners. And, teams who refuse to deal with Boras, will just miss out on elite talent. MLB can’t create the rules, and govern itself…and then cry foul, why it comes to paying hotshot players. The groundwork for today’s market was laid a long time ago.

  • Hertz

    I was a big fan of the Stewart trade…he’s had a rough season thus far with his injuries but the guy can play a mean 3B. He’s still relatively young and will someday tap into his full potential. I think he’s played his last days with the cubs but I’m sure he’ll be a solid contributor to another mlb team in the near future.