Lukewarm Stove: Matt Garza is the Most Valuable Pitcher on the Trade Market, He and Cubs Haven’t Talked Extension in Months

Closing out the week with some Cubs rumor goodness…

  • A survey of GMs concluded that Matt Garza – not Cole Hamels or Zack Greinke – is the most valuable pitcher theoretically on the trade market this year. Although most GMs acknowledged that Garza is the third best pitcher of the three, his extra year of control, and the possibility of netting draft pick compensation for him after next season should he leave in free agency, are the primary reasons he has more trade value. That’s obviously great news for the Cubs, and another reason to believe they’re not going to be able to resist cashing in on a trade this month. The Cubs are said to want three top pieces for Garza (which is what you ask for when you’d accept two top pieces and a couple medium pieces).
  • Jon Heyman adds in that piece that the Cubs and Garza haven’t talked about a contract extension “in months,” which, based on some things I’ve heard behind the scenes, I believe to be true. I sort of wish that wasn’t true – I like Garza, and I can see scenarios where keeping him are good for the Cubs long-term – but I can understand why it may have developed that way. Seeing those huge offseason and early season extensions, Garza undoubtedly started by asking for the moon (as he should have). But, given his trade value and the Cubs’ plans, that may have been enough to shut things down from the Cubs’ perspective.
  • Also, as BN’er Steve noted in the comments (and many folks noted on Twitter), there were as many as eight scouts at Garza’s start last night, specifically there to see him (bummer). At least he struck a lot of guys out, and he didn’t look awful when he wasn’t giving up homers (which has actually been the story of his season). Jon Morosi says that, among the teams scouting Garza last night were the Blue Jays, Indians, Reds, Red Sox, Diamondbacks, and Cardinals. Morosi adds that the Tigers are interested in Garza, which we’ve known for some time, and the Cubs have been spotted scouting the Tigers’ AA affiliate (home to, for example, third base prospect Nick Castellanos). The Rangers were not in attendance, and Danny Knobler says they aren’t interested in Garza.
  • Somewhat relatedly, the Blue Jays are still more likely to buy than sell this year, but only want pieces who can help them next year (like Garza). But, according to Ken Rosenthal, they’re not going to overpay on a “go for it” trade (maybe like Garza). The Blue Jays continue to be one of the most attractive trade partners from the Cubs’ perspective, though, given their deep and talented farm system – it’s one of the top three in baseball.
  • Rosenthal adds that the Cardinals probably aren’t going to try and acquire a top-line starter like Zack Greinke (or, presumably, a Garza), and instead will try to trade for a mid-rotation type (does that include someone like Ryan Dempster? he’s sure pitching more like a top-line guy this year).
  • MLBTR’s Ben Nicholson-Smith chatted this week, and … (1) Right now, he gives Cole Hamels just a 25% chance of being traded; (2) Ryan Dempster is the most likely Cub to be dealt (yeah); (3) Paul Maholm could draw interest on the trade market as a possible back-of-the-rotation type; (4) Alfonso Soriano is a possible fit for the Dodgers; (5) a top 100 prospect for Shawn Camp is out of the question, but a “B” prospect is possible (that would be awesome); (6) there are no indications that the Dodgers are close to trade for someone like Bryan LaHair; and (7) Geovany Soto has no trade value right now, given how poorly he’s hitting and the fact that he’s a non-tender candidate at the end of the year.
  • ESPNChicago’s Doug Padilla also chatted: (1) Paul Maholm has trade value, and the Cubs wouldn’t mind trading him; (2) Travis Wood probably has a lot of trade value, but the Cubs are content to keep him (they should); (3) Chris Volstad will probably head back to Iowa soon, and will return if/when Garza/Dempster are traded; (4) the Cubs will move LaHair if someone pays a “steep” price (he adds that the Dodgers make sense, but they’d have to pay “dearly”); (5) Dempster is likely to be the Cubs’ first trade this month; (6) Padilla doesn’t think Alfonso Soriano will be traded; and (7) David DeJesus has trade value, and the Cubs will listen.
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127 responses to “Lukewarm Stove: Matt Garza is the Most Valuable Pitcher on the Trade Market, He and Cubs Haven’t Talked Extension in Months”

  1. MightyBear


    Of the teams that scouted Garza (Tigers, Blue Jays, Indians, Reds, Red Sox, Diamondbacks, and Cardinals) who do you think would have the best pitching prospects the Cubs could get?

    1. Luke

      Pitching prospects that the Cubs could get?  Without doing any digging, my reaction would be to rank them like this.

      Blue Jays, Tigers, Red Sox, Diamondbacks, Indians, Cardinals, Reds.

      And that order is heavily influenced by the availability of the pitchers.  Shelby Miller and Trevor Bauer are as good as any prospects in any of those systems, but neither one is going anywhere (for example).

      1. MightyBear

        Theo, Hoyer and the boys are probably pretty familiar with the Red Sox system and could probably get some bargains there. Blue Jays system seems to be loaded (as noted by Brett). I think Turner (and others) would be a good return if the Tigers are willing to part with him with the poor year he’s having. The Indians have several young pitchers in their system but I’m not sure they’re willing to part with them.

      2. Wrigley11

        I would love to have Barnes, Skaggs, or Martinez. Not sure whether they could be had or not.

    2. Cub Style

      Blue Jays

  2. Luke

    I’m ready for the deals to start happening.  This is shaping up to be one of the most interesting and active trading periods for the Cubs in a long time.

    1. MightyBear

      Let the games begin. Go Theo and the boys!!

    2. Cerambam

      brett said that last year too

      1. MichiganGoat

        Yeah but that was assuming that was stil able to make deals and not a lame duck GM and already knew he was in his way out.

      2. Grant

        In all fairness, none of us knew Hendry had already gotten his walking papers and was staying pat so as not to hamstring his replacement.

      3. Cyranojoe

        Why do I get the bad feeling we’re only going to see a Dempster +1 trade, and maybe another mid-level deal involving LaHair or Baker or some such?

  3. Ron Swanson

    It’s not hard to imagine that the next 30 days could have a tremendous impact on the major league product within the next 2-3 years. Could go either way depending on how good they are at poaching other teams’ systems in these trades.

    1. Spencer

      Its really hard for me to think, “man, in 2-3 years the Cubs *MIGHT* be really good!!” I would be an awful GM.

      1. Featherstone

        Yeah, everyone on here would be an awful GM. There’s a very good reason Theo/Jed make millions doing it.

  4. Featherstone

    I’m pretty amped for this year’s deadline. We will probably have a lot of guys moved this year and we may be fielding a half Triple-A team come August.

    1. Vladimir

      Which is good because we need to edge closer to the #1 pick and not mediocrity.

  5. Spencer

    So, what pitchers are the Cubs going to build around? Samardzija. And? Does anyone expect Wood to continue having sustained success? Shark started his season simillarly awesome and then his ERA went above 5. Maybe the front office will aggressively pursue proven free agent pitching next year as opposed to the approach this offseason. Or maybe they’ll continue courting young players that are a ways off. I don’t know which it’ll be , honestly. But I do think Garza would be an excellent long term piece for the Cubs. And it’s a bummer, because whichever team gets him will probably extend him. I just hope the players we get in return aren’t busts. For everyone’s sake.

    1. Ron Swanson

      I absolutely expect Wood to have sustained success. At his age and with what success he’s already exhibited, both with the Reds and Cubs, there is little reason to not think that.

    2. kirby

      I do think the Cubs need to get guys back who will be ready at a high level in ~5 yrs. That is when guys like Rizzo, Castro, Samar., etc. others…? will be reaching a peak. I guess I think you are expressing that concern in your post…the timing has to be right, b/c if it is sooner than later for this club, Garza would be a good piece to have over a AA pitcher w/ a very good arm and a lot of promise who may or may not be ready by the time everyone else peaks.

  6. Richard Nose

    I wish the Pirates or Braves were on that Garza-scout list.

    1. nkniacc13

      well the start was in ATL so Id guess they were watching pretty closely

  7. Steve

    I must say, even though many ( BRETT) say that his diaper filled outing last night didn’t hurt his trade value, we could really stand for him to come back in his next start and dominate.
    Yay or nay?

    1. Featherstone

      certainly couldn’t hurt,

    2. djriz

      well, the brain says the scouts (and other teams) know what they are getting, so a one time performance doesn’t matter.

      the heart says a pitcher can only suck so many times before others say forgetaboutit.

  8. MightyBear

    If the Cubs trade Dempster, Garza and Maholm, would the rotation be Samardjia, Wood, Wells, Coleman and Volstad? Wow.

    1. Luke

      I think Rusin would be in there instead of either Wood or Coleman.  Frankie De La Cruz could come up as well.

      1. MightyBear

        That’s Travis Wood Luke and he’s not going anywhere the way he’s been pitching.

        1. Luke

          That should have read Wells, not Wood.  My mistake.

          1. MightyBear

            No problem buddy. I figured that’s what you meant. Anyway the Cubs get Norris from the Blue Jays?

      2. Ralph

        You mean instead of Volstad or Coleman, right?

      3. Ryno G

        Think Raley will get himself a chance as well.

    2. Featherstone

      Just reading that rotation evoked images of the Cubs being down 6 runs in the 4th inning 3 games out of 5 *shudders*

      1. Steve

        You paint a very dim picture feather. Realistic? Probably worse than your example…

        1. Featherstone

          What’s even scarier than that and also just as realistic is the Cubs being down 9 runs in the 7th inning because the Bullpen gave up another 3 runs after Theo/Jed trade away Camp and Russell.

          1. Steve

            I’m picking up what you’re laying down Feather….

            #1 pick my friends, #1 pick.

    3. Vladimir

      It IS possible with all the trades, one of the guys coming back would be an MLB ready pitcher that is a #5 right now with room to improve. So we could get BACK a young SP that would immediately slot into our rotation.

      1. nkniacc13

        i would guess that either a Dempster trade or a Garza trade they will gets atleast 1 pitcher who is young cost controlled and can step in right now in the MLB rotation

  9. Featherstone

    Also, I don’t think Theo/Jed have gotten nearly enough credit for the Shawn Camp pickup. They picked him up off the scrap-heap for absolutely nothing. If we could flip him for a B prospect that would be modern-day alchemy.

    1. Spencer

      Yeah for reals. Then let the other team deal with the TJS he’s gonna need in September lol

      1. Featherstone

        Hes on a 1 year contract for essentially the league minimum. At his age though TJS may mean he hangs it up.

        1. Richard Nose

          I wonder what the odds of getting a solid return like the one they’re getting out of Camp are? They clearly winged it on quite a few guys this offseason, other teams do the same Im sure, some signings, some waiver claims, they even needed to fill the Iowa roster too. But look at all the chances that came through – Trevor Miller, Bianchi, Valbuena, Cardenas, Rowland-Smith, Robertson, Corpas, McDougal, Tolbert, Amezaga?, DeLaCruz…I know this isn’t a first, probably a lot more volume due to roster flux. Camp might be the highest return I can remember on a veteran flyer. 5-10%ish?

          1. calicubsfan007

            Richard: Miller: Fail, Bianchi: “Lost” him to the Brewers, Valbuena: Jury is still out, Cardenas: Jury still out, Rowland-Smith: Toiling in the minor league system, so the Cubs broke even there, Robertson: Fail, Corpas: Not bad is starting to look like the Manny of old (just my opinion on that one though), McDougal: I think he is still in the minors, Tolbert: Still in the minors, Amezaga: In minors doing okay, De La Cruz: I think he is in the minors (that one I am not sure of). All in all, yeah Camp has been the best of these gambles, but this isnt a bad bunch in terms of results overall.

            1. nkniacc13

              But some of these were signed specifically for depth in the minors so that the Cubs didn’t have to rush players up to AAA and that they had injury replacements if needed in the minors that wouldn’t start the clock on some of the more talented players especially players not on the 40 man at the time

  10. EvenBetterNewsV2.0

    I would love as much as anyone to get top guy from the D-Backs, but I don’t see that happening. No way they part with one for Garza. I still end us ending up with the Turner and Castellanos trade that has been talked about for months. I would prefer a power arm in return.

  11. calicubsfan007

    So, in the eyes of Theo and Jed, young starting pitchers are the most important players to get in return this season?

    1. djriz

      Yeah Cali, I’d guess Pitchers would be top priority, but I hope the FO gets the best players available. I’d rather have a position player rated top 30 than a pitcher ranked at 85-90.

      Get the talent anywhere you can, because you can always turn for other talent later.

      1. calicubsfan007

        djriz: I totally agree with you, it just seems like every hot stove thing I have read so far talks about pitching being the most important, followed by a young 3rd bman. Obviously, Middlebrooks is out of that equation, so it has to be someone like Cast. I imagine the Cubs will accept no less than Turner/Smyly, Cast, and a player to be named later from the Tigers, while the Cubs would give Garza and a player to be named later.

        1. djriz

          Pitching is the weakest part of the organization, so pitching has to be the priority, so I do agree with all the hot stove (lukewarm stove for Brett fans). My point is, how much better would the organization be if we settled for 4th and 5th starters?

          IMO, if Garza and Demp both go, we nned to get 3 top 100 guys and maybe a few system to 15′s.

          1. calicubsfan007

            djriz: Although our homegrown starting pitching hasnt really wowed me, I am wondering why we really havent given the younger guys a chance to show us what they can do, instead of Volstad.

            1. DocPeterWimsey

              They are showing us what they can (not) do quite well in the minors.  Success in the minors does not always translate into success in the majors: but failure in the minors pretty much does always translate into failure in the majors.

              1. djriz

                It sure does take someone special to see much good in our pitching in the minors. Which kind of scares me when we trade Garza, Demp and then someone goes down, Shark gets shut down.

                We may need a 15 man pitching staff to finish the year. YIKES!

                1. nkniacc13

                  They have a brighter light in the low minors that being said outside of Cabera a a posiable closer im not seeing much that will help in 13′ outside whatever is recieved in trade this season. I also expect to see a couple of 1 year deals being signed this offseason kinda like what the Nats did with Jackson that the Cubs could trade at the deadline and get some more pieces back

    2. BD

      I would agree with that, although I believe they may be interested in a catcher as well.

      1. calicubsfan007

        BD: You mean D’Arnaud? He’s injured right now. I am not sure who else at catcher the Cubs would pursue…

        1. EB

          Gary Sanchez

        2. andrew

          Gary Sanchez of the Yankees who were interested, but I don’t believe hes nearly as close to the majors as Darnaud

        3. BD

          Anybody whose name isn’t Geovany Soto. I think they will look to acquire somebody, even if he needs a couple more years, to play catcher. After the last 2 drafts, I would say that is the weakest position spot in the Cubs system (apart from pitching)

  12. MightyBear

    I would like the Cubs to give Rusin or De La Cruz a shot. See what they have at the next level.

  13. JK

    Free agency within the next two years has got to be in play for a top tier starter. The Cubs are starting to add the long term offensive players (Rizzo, Castro, Barney (possibly), Baez, Almora, Jackson, Sczur, Lake, Vitters, etc., etc.,) once enough of these pieces are in place a strategically add of a Rick Sutcliffe will do the job.

    1. Featherstone

      That’s the problem. Look at the top FA Starting Pitchers over the next 2 years.

      Cole Hamels (Age 28)
      Zack Greinke (Age 28)
      James Shields (Age 30)

      Tim Lincecum (Age 29)
      Matt Garza (Age 30)
      Josh Johnson (Age 30)

      Cole Hamels will get a monster contract, probably in the CC Sabathia range.
      Zack Greinke has anxiety issues and will likely not perform well in a big city with lots of media attention.
      James Shields is on the wrong side of 30 and is not getting any younger
      Tim Lincecum scares the hell out of me. His recent performance is very unsettling and I just don’t know whats going on with him ever since his 2 dominating back-to-back Cy Youngs
      Matt Garza will likely be extended be whomever we trade him to
      Josh Johnson has an extensive injury history and is a large gamble.

      These are really the only ace-quality pitchers to be available in the next 2 years via FA. The 2014-2015 class is too far away to really make any real educated guesses. I just don’t know where we are to get a Top-of-Rotation starter unless we dig deep and sign
      Hamels or trade the farm away for one.

      1. andrew

        Wouldn’t mind them digging deep for Hamels, but it seems like the Dodgers are already penciling him in their rotation for next year so i doubt we’ll win the bid there. I like Shields since I think his pricetag will be lower than the others. Also Anibal Sanchez I think would be a good option for the Cubs, but I think we need a stud pitcher that hasnt reached his peak yet also.

        1. Featherstone

          Kershaw + Hamels, that would be quite a 1-2 punch. Best Lefty-Lefty Combo in Baseball by a mile.

      2. John

        Is Timmy still a stoner?? or now are they testing for pot? He may have just lost his zin??

      3. BD

        “Trade the farm away for one”

        This is what I am expecting, since we are starting to see several prospects at the same position (i.e OFers, and SS).

        That is barring a surprise this offseason, though. I am holding out hope that they go after Hamels.

        1. djriz

          If your going to build your pitching staff with free agents, don’t you have to go after Hamels? Hope Seattle has hitting problems and trades you King Felix, wait For Tampa to have afire sale (Price anyone?).

          If we wait to develop our own pitching, we won’t be competitive until 2017/18.

        2. D.G.Lang

          I don’t think that they would trade away a high caliber minor league player unless they have multiple high value players at the same position and at least one of those players would appear to be blocked for several years or the Cubs receive multiple high quality players in return at a position where they are in immediate need.

          The Cubs are trying to stockpile high quality players not trade them away.

      4. Ben

        I believe Shields has 2 options left on his deal. Even for the Rays, I doubt he goes anywhere.

        1. Featherstone

          You are completely right. Shields has a 9million dollar option this year with a 1.5mil buyout and a 12mil next year with a 1mil buyout, both are team options. Shields numbers this year are a bit ugly though. 4.11 ERA, 1.406 WHIP although his peripherals suggest hes a bit unlucky with a 3.69 FIP and 3.43 xFIP .333 BABIP 68.6% strand rate.

  14. Serious Cubs Fan

    Would the Tigers be willing to part will Nick Castellanos and Jacob Turner for Garza? I know Turner is over hyped but he still could be a good #2 guy I think. He’d could be a really good #3 guy

    1. RicoSanto

      Those are the Tigers top # 2 prospects , Maybe one of them.

      1. Serious Cubs Fan

        What if we gave the tigers Vitters, Garza, and Chris Rusin / Shawn Camp for Jacob turner and Nick Castellanos?

    2. Cerambam

      ^ ahh if only that was the first time we wondered that.

      1. nkniacc13

        There has been talk that the Tigers would trade Turner in the right deal but have also saiid they won’t trade Castellanos.

  15. RicoSanto

    Smyly, Castellanos, and say a little lower prsopect Alex Burgos. Castellanos has been playing great. We couild add something if need be. He must be traded.Detroit needs a shot of Adrenlaine make it happen. Boston has a good prospect for 3B, Garvin Cecchini.He is blocked now by MiddleBrooks. We could develop an all dominican and italian team

    1. DocPeterWimsey

      Detroit will not trade Castellanos.  He’ll be playing 3rd for them in 2014; sooner if they peddle VMart.

      1. Grant

        I’m not really sold on trading for a 3B. Yeah, it’s a weak-point in our infield now. Next year we can probably get by on some combination of Vitters, Valbuena, and Stewart (and it’s not like we’re gonna be contending next year either, though I hope to God that it’s not as dismal a year as this one’s been). By 2014, though, I expect we’ll see Baez manning 3rd for the foreseeable future.

        1. nkniacc13

          I doubt we see baez in Chicago until 2015. Maybe Sept of 2014

          1. Grant

            Understand that Baez isn’t a certainty by any stretch, but I just don’t see 3B as such a liability that we need to go out of our way to trade for a 3B when we have other more pressing needs. If things work out so that we get one, great, but if we’re gonna try for anything in particular, I think it needs to be SP.

        2. Shawn

          Anything can happen to Baez on his way to Chicago. While my preference is to acquire pitching, I want to acquire talent. Even at a position where there is some depth in the minors. More options at a position give you a better chance one of them turns into a player you can use at the major league level. It also allows you to trade that talent to improve the team in other areas.

          1. Josh

            If we see Josh Vitters come up and be a great 3B he will be traded. But, I don’t see that happening. I mean I hope it does but Vitters hasn’t had the success in the minors that would lend me to believe that will be the case. Same can be said of the OF since we can’t have Soler, Almora, Jackson, and Szcur all on the team. I wouldn’t move them though because odds are at least one of them will flame out.

  16. lou brock lives

    What is with all the lust for Castellanos in Detroit’s system ? Yeah he is good but do we really need a 3rd baseman that badly in the future from outside our own system ? But with Vitters, Lake , & Baez in our system I’m fairly confident we’ll have one of those guys work out.
    By the way about a trade with the Reds for a future lead-off basestealing 2nd baseman Billy Hamilton & a terrific LH starter from the Chicago area Tony Cingrani. I would trade Garza for those two guys in a heartbeat.
    Trade Dempster to the Red Sox for Travis Shaw a LH slugger for LF or 3B.

  17. Rizzofanclub

    I’m calling it Garza and Lahair to Toronto for Syndergaard,Nicolino, and Moises Sierra. I would be very happy

    1. nkniacc13

      I think ts more likely LaHair goes with Dempster to LA than would go to toronto

    2. someday...2015?

      I like that trade. I’d prefer this trade but im guessing the Rangers would just hang up on me. Matt Garza and James Russel for Mike Olt, Martin Perez, and Cody Buckel.

      1. Steve

        I just hung up on you, and you didn’t even call….

  18. nkniacc13

    I still wonder if the Cubs would trade any of their minor leaguers in a deal to improve the package comming back

  19. someday...2015?

    Yeah nk I see that too. I see a Demp and LaHair to the Dodgers for Zach Lee and another high level, high upside pitcher.

    1. Wrigley11

      I would be ecstatic with this deal, and I’ve been hoping it happens for weeks

      1. Cyranojoe

        Demp and LaHair to L.A. sure seems like a good, likely deal for the Dodgers. Here’s hoping they give up some good stuff. Being in L.A. myself, I don’t mind the swap, it’d mean I’d get to see the guys more often! At least this season, anyway. I wonder if Bryan would catch on indefinitely here…?

  20. Rizzofanclub

    Once you said Olt to the Rangers you would hear the phone slam.

    1. Wrigley11

      Ben Badler thinks Olt is trade bait, FWIW

      1. nkniacc13

        I think he could but it sounds like Texas isn’t interested in garza

  21. nkniacc13

    Kinda got a kick out of reading a yanks blog on what they thought it would take to get Garza. No thanks

    1. Patrick G

      I read that too. Read that Betances and another low level minor leaguer would be enough. Ya right get outta here

    2. Ben

      Read that one as well. I’ve found Yankee’s blogs to be very unrealistic in general. They think people will just give them players for nothing.

      1. Patrick G

        Try living in New York, people here think we should get every all star in MLB. Remember in the offseason they wanted Pujols, saying he could DH. Obnoxious man

      2. DocPeterWimsey

        Not quite.  Yankees fans think that other teams exist to give them players for nothing.  MLB is their farm system, after all.

  22. EvenBetterNewsV2.0

    Aren’t we doing the same just in the opposite end of the spectrum? Hell, most on here act as if we don’t get 3 top 50 players the trade won’t happen.

    1. Patrick G

      That is true

    2. nkniacc13

      partly because of what has been said that the Cubs are looking for which is atleast close if not more than the Jimenez to Cle deal

  23. Serious Cubs Fan

    The trade deadline couldn’t come soon enough. Really hoping we get to have a blogathon. I would be on BN all day if that was the case

    1. nkniacc13

      Id be shocked if the Cubs haven’t made atleast 1 trade before the 30th

  24. Dustin S

    Rumors today that Tigers recently asked about Barney. As great as his defense has been I’d hate to lose him, but a package of Garza and Barney to Detroit starts to get real interesting on what we could get back.

  25. nkniacc13

    id make sure castellanos and Turner were in any deal that included those 2 among others

  26. MightyBear

    We’re not getting castellanos. I wonder what we could realistically get from the Tigers for Garza and Barney?

  27. nkniacc13

    I don’t think you get him either with just Garza but if you include Barney I think that maybe the starting point

  28. someday...2015?

    Todd Hollandsworth told Anthony Rizzo he is carrying the weight of the world on his back(the cubs.) No the Cubs team carries the “weight of the world” on THEIR back! Its gonna be done as a team, not with one AWESOME PLAYER.

    1. DocPeterWimsey

      Look, Rizzo batted under 0.200 in a career-proving 150 or so PAs last year.  We know that he’s not going to amount to anything.  I’m not sure why anybody even bother’s watching him: I’m sure that it was just another 0-4 tonight….


  29. PeterG

    I think Nick Castellanos is overrated. Plus we already have enough third base prospects…

    1. Jeff

      I don’t think Mike Olt is overrated

      1. Scott

        I go back and forth on Olt. Vitters is a year younger and a level higher, but Olt is absolutely crushing the ball. Guess you have to go with the scouts on that one and they like Olt quite a bit.

    2. Assman22

      Castellanos raked in A+ and has been doing well in his promotion to AA and the Cubs do not have many 3B prospects.

      1. gocatsgo2003

        The cupboard isn’t completely bare at 3B when you consider that some think Baez or Lake may end up there.

        1. Assman22

          “may end up there” is the key part of your statement….Castellanos will be there.  Also, toss in Vitters to your statement.

  30. Assman22

    Almora headed to Chicago on Wednesday, expect a signing Thursday