Sorry about the delay – we drove overnight from the beach, arriving a few hours ago. I weighed the relative merits of taking a nap before starting to write, and I decided you guys could wait a little bit. I hope you understand.

If only the Cubs could face Johan Santana in every game, eh? Reed Johnson and Anthony Rizzo were all-universe yesterday, and Jeff Baker and Geovany Soto were solid as well. (Baker’s and Johnson’s numbers are suddenly looking pretty good.) Travis Wood pitched well enough to win, and the bullpen held on late.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all good.

  • Ron Swanson

    Welcome home boss.

  • Alec

    Is it me or is Russell not as sharp as last year?

    • Brett

      He hasn’t been quite as dominant as he was last year (in the pen), but still excellent.

  • Andrew

    Our bullpen is so bad after Russell and Camp.

  • Mysterious4th

    RIZZOOOOOOOOOOOmg! The kid is real! And he’s ours for. Years to come. (All I think of is finding nemo *mine mine mine mine mine*)

    Marmol well he showed his his old stuff and not the old stuff where he sat records for most K’s per inning.

    I’m ver happy to see us rocking some pretty good teams (minus the ASStros).

    Damn I just can’t stop smiling over rizzo. I have a sorta man crush on him (even though I am a woman….but I don’t like boys….so is that a man crush?)

    • ferrets_bueller

      In this unique situation, I believe that ‘man-crush’ would be the correct term.

    • Scotti

      Mysterious, you’re becoming less mysterious by outing youself like that…

      • Mysterious4th

        There’s no outing me, stevie wonder could see it by looking at me, lol.

        My name came from a joke while I was stationed at Ft. Bliss from a few of my soldiers.

        • Carew

          Oh cool, youre in the military?

          Thank you…

          • Mysterious4th

            Thank you! But it is nothing short of an honor for me to serve (since I was 6 or so all I wanted to do was be an MP in the Army, and 10 yrs ago in march I joined….and I regret changing MOS’s to air defense-not nearly as fun and fulfilling-)

    • Ian Afterbirth

      “I have a sorta man crush on him (even though I am a woman….but I don’t like boys….so is that a man crush?)”

      Haha – awesome!

      Yes, it’s still a man crush.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Man crush, non-sexual infatuation, “gosh, he’s just cool”: whatever floats your boat, it’s all good….

  • Ron

    Is Jay Jackson on the 40 man roster? I am surprised he hasn’t been given a Shit yet in the pen.

    • Dave

      More guys in the pen need to give a shit, methinks. Excellent typo, 9/10, would read again.

  • @cubsfantroy

    I am so sick of Marmol. I don’t care if his last few outings before this one were good. He shouldn’t be the closer. If needed, they should put him in as a middle reliever. Yeah, it kills his trade value as a closer, but this isn’t helping either. lol

  • MXB

    Jackson’s sheet indicates that he could be a shut down reliever, so shoot, he should get a shot. Hopefully he wont shat all over the opportunity when the time comes.

  • rycott

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Marmol really, REALLY likes being on the Cubbs. As proof to this, he seems to be making himself untradable so he can stay on the team and at the same time, trying to make sure the Cubs secure the #1 pick. So see, he really is a team player! Unfortunatly for him though, he forgot to hit a batter in addition to the 3 walks and 2 hits so the Cubbies pulled it out last night. Maybe next time, Carlos…

  • farmerjon

    I don’t know if I’ve got a man crush, per se, but I do get a little giddy when The Kid does something good…which is about everyday 😉 Good call on the driving through the night Brett, as a single father of 3 n 2 yr olds, there isn’t a better option. Also, in addition to farming and livestock, I’ve got a custom matting and framing shop here in Iowa, if the need arises for BN to have anything framed let me know, compared to big city prices, you can take about 75-80 % off of that. Again, love the site and the way it is run, get some rest 😉

    • hansman1982

      Where’s the farm at? My family has some farm ground up by Carroll.

      • farmerjon

        We farm in eastern Iowa, about a half hour north of Davenport

      • MaxM1908

        Hansman, then I take it you are a connoisseur of “the good stuff”–true Templeton Rye?

        • farmerjon

          Limited production every year…rocks glass, 1 large ice cube

  • Steve

    I hate to do this, because if my ” guy” isn’t as in the know as he claims I’ll look foolish, but I hear LA wants to see 75 pitches from Demp, then a clean physical, and a deal is done.
    He also says its Demp and ” another piece”. He doesn’t know what’s coming back in return :(
    There, I’ve put myself out there. If I’m right, Brett might have a solid source. If I’m wrong, then, well, I was mis informed??

    • Mysterious4th

      Steve- I think you’re on to something. I can def see LA wanting to see and get all of that for the deal. I hope we get young pitching with high upside. Maybe a top 10 and to top 20 for dempster, lahair, and soto and marmol (wishful thinking-just want to dump them for a case of beer if possible)

    • ColoCubFan

      What happens if LaHair gets traded the day before the All-Star game???

    • Brett

      I doubt it’s quite that certain, but an agreement in principle pending Dempster’s performance tomorrow isn’t crazy. All I’ve heard on Dempster is similar to what others have reported (so we could be hearing it from the same sources, or it could be legit) – he’s going to be traded, the injury isn’t a concern, and a team on one of the coasts is most likely. I guess I haven’t said that part yet before, have I? Well, there you go.

  • rocky8263

    In todays SunTimes Sweum said Dempster’s going to make 75 pitches. No crystal ball or source needed for this one.

  • Steve

    Well then, there’s part one to my insider info. That actually sounds funny, coming from me! Rocky , my guy is out in LA and is linked to the Dodgers. He told me this last night so the Sun article was not in play. At least publicly
    Again, this could all be bunk, but he’s a legit guy with a very low ” flake” grade.
    I could see Demp out in LA. Any team would do well acquiring him.