Companies are getting very good about spreading their commercials throughout the online sports universe, where applicable. If you make a funny sports-related commercial, and it’s good enough, you’ll get a whole lot of free advertising space. Like this video of Kerry Wood in the newest State Farm Discount Double Check spot.

What’s Kerry find in the ivy?

Clever stuff, and that includes the entire campaign. When Aaron Rodgers applies the belt, half of you now think about the State Farm Discount Double Check. And that’s all free. Just brilliant work by whoever developed that campaign.

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    hahaha this is awesome

  • Ron Swanson

    That’s awesome. I can’t help but love those commercials even when it’s the hated Packers. Agree it’s genius marketing.

  • Cedlandrum

    thats funny. Good stuff.

    • Wilbur

      Agreed …

  • BD

    LOL- that is awesome!

    I can see it now- Vince Vaughn and John Cusack will make a movie about how the Cubs win the World Series because of a player who comes from a different universe, and the way he gets to Earth is through the ivy. Or something like that.

    • Mat B

      Not Vince Vaughn Pleeeeese!

  • hardtop

    half the time i think of state farm insurance, and the other half of the time i wonder why aaron rodgers needs to use a strap on? isnt he a dude?

  • Joker

    Best part for me is that I used to co-run a blog called “The Outfield is Eating Andre Dawson” named after the old John Campenara Harry Carry routine. This is priceless stuff here.

  • ISU Birds

    So does this mean Andre can still play center for us?!?!

  • Dave H

    He even had the long hair! sweet!

  • Josh

    This was amazing. Even as a diehard Packers fan, I have to say this commercial was the best of the bunch so far.

    • Mysterious4th

      A cub/packer fan?! I thought I was the only one.

      I LOVE that dawson was pulled out, and wearing a cubs hate. C-Town TAKE A LESSON!

      • Melrosepad

        Make that three then. Grew up watching the Cubs and loving them on WGN while my grandparents got me hooked on the Packers with every Birthday and Christmas present.

        • Mysterious4th

          In my house growing up my mom was a bears fan, I was a packer fan, and my twin a vikings fan. My twin WAS a white sox fan but sense was knocked into him when he comes from a family of loyal and diehard cubbie fans. I seemed to take to teams very young that had a ton of history!

  • Jackalope

    Brett, is Packer-fandom grounds for getting axed from the comments section? jk, we can all get along.

    • Brett


  • jim cahill

    Some of my mothers ashes are in the vines. I consider going to the Cubs game as a visit to her grave. OH and other buried treasures

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