Your 2012 All-Star Game Open Thread

The All-Star Game, like the Home Run Derby, is still a lot of fun for me, even if Emperor Selig has done his best to ridiculousize the event. The memories are plenty, including recent ones like the Marlon Byrd play that saved the NL’s first win in a long time (we can still think fondly on Marlon Byrd memories, right?).

The game starts at 6:30 CT, which is to say about 45 minutes of pageantry starts at 6:30 CT. The game is being broadcast on FOX, which means Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. No comment needed. Erin Andrews will also be debuting tonight for FOX. No comment needed.

The Cubs’ two representatives this year are Starlin Castro and Bryan LaHair. Each should see some time in the game, with Castro probably getting an inning or two at short, and LaHair getting an at bat (he might see an inning at first base, too). I like the game for the game, but I’m a total homer: I mostly want to see Castro and LaHair. I hope they do something special.

And, of course, I hope the National League wins, right? I mean, otherwise, the Cubs will have to cede home-field advantage in the World Series to the Rangers or Yankees or whoever.

This is your open thread for the game, should you care to partake. We can all talk about how acceptable/lamentable/cool/lame it is when Robinson Cano is mercilessly booed again.

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183 responses to “Your 2012 All-Star Game Open Thread”

  1. BubblesHargrave

    Erin Andrews is insanely gorgeous!

    1. CityCub

      Agreed lol.

  2. Can't think of a cool name

    Need 2 base runners for LaHair to get an at bat. LaRussa is a big time a hole.

    1. cubzfan23

      LaLaRussa… I agree what an azzhole atleast give everyone an AB… Even in little league you get that…

  3. Spencer

    I’m really glad the NL is winning, but i really hate everything else about this game. I can’t stand the announcers, and I detest La Russa for screwing the Cubs over. Awful.

  4. someday...2015?

    The outcome of this game when it got to 8-0 went out the door. Once it got to 8-0 all reserves should of started to come in. Tony LaRussa should be ashamed of himself for coaching this game the way he has. I hope Castro takes his anger out on the Cardinals the rest of his career for this BS!

  5. HR Trucker

    Whenever a Cubs manager gets to run an ASG I hope he benches ALL Cardinal players because of this.

    1. Cyranojoe

      You mean Sveum in 2014, right? :)

  6. Mrp

    So is Ken Rosenthal officially a hobbit?

  7. Can't think of a cool name

    No AL All Star with more than 2 ABs; National League, 5 with 3 ABs. Even worse when you have an 8 run lead.

    1. Josh

      True, but to be fair the NL players would have more AB even if they played the same amount of innings.

      1. Can't think of a cool name

        Josh are you a closet LaRussa fan (I kid),

  8. someday...2015?

    2016 ASG… No Cardinals allowed!!!

    1. Josh

      Is that when Sveum gets his chance?

      1. someday...2015?

        Yeah Svuem or whoever is managing the Cubs at the time. I think Svuem sticks but who knows.

  9. João Lucas

    At least Ron Washington is screwing the White Sox even more. Didn’t give Konerko an AB and didn’t even put Peavy or Dunn in the game!

    1. Drew7

      Konerko was hit by a pitch in the 5th I believe

      1. João Lucas

        That’s right, my mistake.

        1. Todd

          And dunn shouldnt be there

    2. someday...2015?

      Yeah your right. Chicago got screwed tonight… Konerko got 1 AB.

      1. Josh

        Technically he did not. HBP

  10. DocPeterWimsey

    Of course, 40 years, most of the starters would play most of the game. This whole “let’s get everybody into the game” thing is relatively new.

  11. Whiteflag

    Maybe the vote Peavy campaign annoyed him as much as it did me.

  12. Josh

    Good to see LaHair will get an AB despite LaRussa’s best efforts

  13. Can't think of a cool name

    Were any of the White Sox out spoken about Pierzinski not making the team? Maybe payback?

    1. Josh

      Or he feels like saving Dunn the embarrassment of striking out. He will probably pinch hit this inning

    2. DocPeterWimsey

      AJ certainly was…..

  14. Josh

    Washington is probably being smart and saving Darvish’s arm since it’s his first season at 162 games+. Does anyone know how long seasons in Japan are?

  15. Brendan

    Not sure if anyone noticed this on Chicago Tribune Live earlier, but I love the fact Paul Sullivan proved his bone-headedness by complaining about how the players don’t actually wear their team’s jersey, rather what is the actually batting practice jersey for the game. Why is this guy a sports writer in this great city?

    1. Jeff

      Because we are use to mediocrity!

  16. DocPeterWimsey

    Thom Brenaman is showing that he does not understand OBP. He just was extolling Elvis Andrus’ improved “patience” because of Elvis’ elevated OBP. Of course, Thom fails to note that Andrus’ 0.023 OBP increase largely reflects a 0.019 BA increase……

  17. HR Trucker

    The only benefit I see right now is we get to see Erin Andrews looking hot as always.

    1. Jeff

      Isn’t there a video of Andrew’s out there???

  18. someday...2015?

    Hahahaha you see that hug LaRussa gave Furcal. Wow, can you be any more obvious?!?

  19. Josh

    Is there any chance Rangers prospect Julio Profar is available in a trade. I know he is their best prospect but I mean their infield is pretty stacked. Kinsler, Beltre, and Andrus aren’t going away that soon and Profar is going to be ready very shortly.

    1. Josh

      Jurickson** my bad

    2. Serious Cubs Fan

      Rangers has no interest in Garza or Dempster. They would probably be interested in Garza only if they could get him on the cheap for no top prospects and a bunch of just marginal high upside guys. No chance we get Profar.

      1. Jeff

        You and Jon Daniels close friends???

        1. Serious Cubs Fan

          oh ya you know it man. Of course they would love to have garza and demp but they have more interest in Greinke and Hamels. Specifically Greinke. I’m just relaying what the insiders like kieth law and Kevin Goldstein have been saying. They don’t want to meet Cubs prices. And even if they did I’m not sure they would need to give up profar to get garza. If I was the Rangers I wouldn’t deal profar for garza.

          1. Josh

            Jose Bautista was complaining that the Blue Jays lack pitching depth and they need to address that at the deadline. Specifically those who would help them going into next season. Sounds like Garza would fit that need perfectly.

      2. oswego chris

        If the Rangers have “no interest” in either of those guys, then they are extremely stupid…every contending team would have “interest”…just might not be a match…but no contending team would say…”nah, Garza or Dempster couldn’t help us”

  20. Jeff

    Hey Verlander, stop choking!!! lol

  21. Dylan

    Are you going to do an EBS for the All-Star Game :-D

    On a side note: I was basically yelling at TLR from the start of the fifth inning until the 7th, 8th inning. The past two weeks has made me hate TLR even more, based on what he has done to the NL Central.

    1. Cyranojoe

      I vote yes, EBS that baby up!

  22. Serious Cubs Fan

    I don’t think I’m going to out on a limb by saying I think Matt Garza is a better pitcher the Jake Peavy. I think Garza is just having a bad year. Peavy is a good pitcher but he is not the same guy from 5 years ago with the padres.