It was nice to see the NL blast the AL, winning the Midsummer Classic for the third year in a row (after a long, long stretch of losing). Justin Verlander tried to crank it up too early in the first, and he was rewarded with a five-run inning, built in large part on ripped shots off of pitches left up in the zone.

Go NL, and all that.

But, if you were watching, or if you were following me on Twitter last night, you know what I think is the real story of the game, at least from the Cubs’ perspective. Bryan LaHair didn’t get into the game until the 7th inning, and Starlin Castro didn’t get in until the 8th. That’s despite the fact that each was the only real back-up at his position, and the fact that the game was well out of hand by the middle innings. Instead of doing the right thing, Tony La Russa elected to do this …

  • Ron Swanson

    What an a-hole

  • Curt

    Tony larussa=dousche, just one last chance to be a homer and stick it to the cubs what an assclown and yet the st.louis media treats this douschebag like the messiah. how does furcal get tht many at bats and then freese plays out of position and no one calls him out but Brett, did I mention what dousche larussa is.

    • Mick

      I bet we all hate Lombardi too but if he rose from the dead and offered to coach the Bears we’d all say hooray!

  • gratefulled

    Let’s just get back to baseball and Rizzo, please.

    • hansman1982


  • HawkClone

    Between Joe Buck, Tim McCarver, and Tony LaRussa, I could barely stand to watch the game last night. If Steve Stone had made a cameo appearance, my TV would have been taken to a field and beat down Office Space style.

  • gritsngravy

    @hawk. I agree with everything that you said in that statement. I can not stand asleep at the wheel Larussa. He is a douche.

  • Richard Nose

    Can’t wait to watch LaRussa burn in hell with his turd friends Carpenter, Yadier and his sweet music-note tattoos, and all of the Bucks. Unfortunately, that means I’ve already claimed a space down there.

  • Diesel

    It will be great when we are in the series year after year and can have our manager stick it to whomever represents the cardinals in the all star game. Plus David freese didn’t deserve to be there. He was not voted in as a starter and his peers didn’t vote him in, he got in as that bullshit extra all star vote. I still maintain that fans should not be voting on all stars. It should be a recognition of the good season you are having on the field not how many fans vote for you because the media, (espn, toolbag announcers named Joe buck, etc) shove certain names down your throat.

  • Segal27

    LaRussa can go burn in hell, Castro is going to have many more All Star Games, but LaHair, How DARE he go and take away something that was as special to him as it was. Being as young as I am I didn’t really understand why we hate the Cardinals so much but now I get it.

    • Doctor_Blair

      This would only be the latest example… The rivalry goes waaay back to when they were the “Brown Stalkings” or whatever in the early 1900s. Then you have recent stuff like this and Matt Holliday’s busch league spikes up slide into second last year, etc.

      Plus, 90% of the Cards fans I know are uhh… unpleasant people. If my team had won 11 WS and were rivals with a team that hasn’t won a WS in over 100 years I think would be absolutely indifferent to that team. It seems like it’s just the opposite, however.

    • Doctor_Blair

      Also, totally agree on your point regarding taking that opportunity away from LaHair. LaHair probably won’t be a perennial all-star and LaRussa knows that.

      • Stinky Pete

        Until he gets traded to San Diego who flips him to St. Louis. Add a little voodoo and presto! LaHair is an allstar who kills the Cubs year after year after year.

  • Hebner the Gravedigger

    I agree with the anti-LaRussa sentiment, but he did provide a fine daughter to admire.

  • King Jeff

    Does anyone else think Robinson Cano is kind of a dick face after last night?

    • bbmoney

      I thought the Royals fans were the dick faces. Booing him is bad enough, but he’s a pro and he should be able to handle it. However, apparently yelling at and harassing his family is completely uncalled for.

      Maybe I missed something else, but I had no problem with the Melky HR trot, why should he high-five an oppenent that just hit a bomb, especially when it might actually matter for the Yankees…and Giants.

    • Carew

      I’ve always thought he was. He may have a winning smile, but there is something about him that is dickish

  • jim

    Tony Larussa DID stick it to the 2 CUBS last night!
    Starlin Castro “deserved” to get more playing time.
    That being said, at least the NL won the game &
    will get the “home field advantage” in the World Series!
    GO CUBS!

    • SouthernCub

      The fact that this game ACTUALLY counts toward the word series is the biggest travesty…….Bud Selig is a cowardice moron

  • bbmoney

    I really didn’t understand why Furcal played so much and Castro just got in the last couple innings. That was a little frustrating. But I guess that’s the former manager giving a little love to his former players. Sure it sucks, but eh, whatever.

    But why is everyone so pissed about LaHair? I think he played 3 innings, and yes he only got one AB (the final AB for the NL), but what did you expect and want? The NL didn’t manage any hits the last couple of innings and I can’t imagine he thought he’d get more than one AB, I do wish he’d taken a pitch before weakly grounding out though.

    • baldtaxguy

      LaRussa added Freese as the first 1b replacement, for Votto, rather than LaHair. as earlier noted, freese plays 3b and was a fan vote-in All-star. One would expect that deference to LaHair as Votto’s replacement should have happened, but TLR made it quite obvious that his guys get precedence.

      I think offering TLR the invite to manage the ASG was a mistake. He needs to go away now, finally.

      • Pat

        Yeah, but they each got one at bat. What difference does it make who got their at bat first?

  • Frank

    LaRussa is a dick and will always be one. The nice thing is, you won’t have worry about having his dumbass around any more.

  • MightyBear

    I’m glad larussa is finally gone. Somebody please drive a stake through his heart so he doesn’t come back.

  • Dave H

    Now if this ASG was tighter game, I can understand using the guys as PH or defensive replacements etc… This game was over when Verlander stepped off the field. TLR should be ashamed. Ron Washington did a better job hands down. We need to follow in SFG fandom and vote feverishly to get these guys in the starting line-up. Next year…….RIZZO!

  • @cubsfantroy

    I know I am late on this, but FU LaRussa. You f’n f.