I have a couple Cubs/Marlins bleacher tickets to next Thursday’s game (July 19 at 1:20 CT), but, unfortunately, I won’t be able to use them. Rather than sell them, I’d like to give them to one of you. So, here, catch.

Naw. Wouldn’t that be crazy?

Instead, here’s how I’m going to do it. See that there picture of Matt Garza? It’s begging for a caption.

So, to win the tickets, this is all you have to do: head over to the BN Facebook page, “like” it, and drop a comment on this picture on the wall offering your caption. The comment with the most thumbs ups by Sunday, July 15 at 4pm CT wins the tickets. It’s kind of like a democratic way of settling which caption is the best. (Or, which commenter has the most friends they can cajole into a thumbs up).

I’ll leave the tickets for you at will call, but make sure you respond to my Facebook message promptly if you’re the winner.

Because of the mechanics of this contest, you’ve got to be on Facebook to enter and win (my apologies). You can still offer your caption in the comments for fun and posterity, but you won’t be entered to win.

  • http://bleachernation loyal100more

    your trading me for ryan sweeny!?

  • Luke D



  • Mike Taylor

    Matt, you’ve been traded to the Rays for Chris Archer, Hak Ju Lee, Robinson Chirinos and Brandon Guyer.

  • calicubsfan007

    Awww… COME ON!!! That throw wasn’t THAT bad!! LaHair should have caught that!! It was only a little bit to his left!!!

  • NCMoss

    Cats actually have pajamas?!?!?

  • Barry Price

    Don’t tell me I will be in the World Series this year with San Diego.

  • bleedcubbieblue

    “I’ve been traded to Japan!”

  • redfacecubfan

    Matt….we’ve traded you, Castro and Rizzo for AJ Pierczinski

  • ETS

    Hey Matt, your mom says you are out of pizza rolls.

  • CRed

    “You lost another one to Ditech?”

  • Landon Wolf

    Marmol’s coming in for the Save?

  • ETS

    I just saw Dale Sveum naked.

  • Smackafilieyo

    Elvis called and said he wanted his chops back!!

  • Dr Karl Kuenzel

    What????? I have been traded for Carlos Zambrano?????????

  • atfinch

    “Just when I thought I got off this awful team, you pulled me back in”

  • Chris

    What do you mean my wife is having Twins!!!!

  • Cubbie Blues

    You want us to start doing towel drills?

  • Curt

    What! There’s no santa Claus .

  • EQ76

    “The BCS is going to a 4-team playoff?”

  • PRcajun

    Bosio: “Congratulations, Matt. You’ll be our representative in this year’s World Custard Pie Championship”

    Garza: “Get the F’ out!…after all these years?”

    Bosio: “Yeah, the folks out there really like your work…especially that one to the camera during the Rizzo interview”

    Garza: “I knew this day would come”


  • Jack Weiland


  • I like stuff

    Jek Porkins?! No Way! that’s my favorite Starwars character too!

  • Smorz

    There’s a vagina on my chin?

  • Patrick

    You’re putting me on a pitch count till traded!?! I just threw 50 in the first!

  • AZCubsFan

    You traded me to the Royals?!

  • Daniel

    You did what to Dale Sevum’s mom?

  • Adam

    Remember that girl last night? Turns out she was a man

  • Adam

    They canceled Bozo!! When did that happen?

  • Alec