It’s a sweep!

Matt Garza had some good stuff today, but he also nibbled around the outside of the zone a bit, which drove up his pitch count early, despite giving up no runs. All in all, it was a great outing – don’t get me wrong – he just had the stuff today to throw a shutout. Would’ve liked to have seen it.

The Cubs didn’t get a hit after Trevor Cahill left the game, but they’d gotten all they needed, thanks in large part to a Darwin Barney homer. Shawn Camp saw his scoreless inning streak come to an end on an Aaron Hill homer, but that was all the Cubs’ pitchers gave up (even though Carlos Marmol did the Carlos Marmol thing in the 9th).

Here’s something amazing about Carlos Marmol’s 10 saves this year, which have come in bunches of late…

  • Spencer

    16th? So one team has two players with more than 10? That’s fun.

    • João Lucas

      I don’t think so. There are 16 teams in the NL, you see.

  • rcleven

    3 runs 4 hits. WOW.

    • Brady

      Thats working with what you got If I have ever seen it!

  • Luke D

    Those two walks turned out to be the difference.

    Cat’s. Pajamas.

  • Shawn H

    There is a whole lotta ground being covered by the middle of the infield.

  • http://BeacherNation TobaccopouchinIvy

    Does Castro seem to have left leg movement exaggeration when hitting compared to previous yrs? Seems more “off-balance” when hitting.

  • smotpoker

    Castro is slumping big time :/
    Its obvious the fans like Rizzo more so I’d be cool with trading him, seeing that we have a lot of future stars in the minors *knock on wood*

    • gabriel

      This is RIDICULOUS! I thought the “trade Castro his defense is terrible!” conversation had no merit, but to say “trade Castro his offense is terrible!” is just beyond the pale. Come on dude…he’s a 2-time allstar, youngest guy ever to lead the NL in hits, and has a pretty decent shot at ANOTHER 200-hit season. And his power gets better each year.

      just. STOP.

      • Whiteflag

        Second that…we have a lot of good prospects at SS in the minors, but they are far from a guarantee. I’m not for trading a cheap career .300 hitter just because he is going through a slump. Crazy comment by smotpoker, name probably explains it all.

        • gabriel

          I would suggest that most (if not all) of our promising “shortstop” prospects (Baez, Lake, Alcantara) will have to move off to 3B or 2B if they ever reach MLB.

          Thanks for backing me up on this tho WhiteFlag – the Castro hate-orade is just confusing to me. He’s 22! 7 months younger than our “savior” Rizzo.

          • Drew7

            I don’t see Lake sticking at SS, but I havent seen or read anything that makes me think Baez can’t stick there.

            • Luke

              He’s been expected to move to third since the day he was drafted. The thinking goes that his range will drop enough as he packs on the muscle that he won’t be able to cover short. He could be a plus defender at third, though. Or second, for that matter.

              • Whiteflag

                Baez or Lake?

                • Jed

                  Baez. Lake wasn’t drafted, although I believe people project Lake to move to 3rd base also.

              • Drew7

                I should have clarified – I have seen nothing but praise for his range and glovework since he started his Pro-ball career.

          • Whiteflag

            I agree. They all have a potential to be moved to third. That’s why it would be absolute asinine to trade Castro. There are so many reason not to trade him, and so few reason why you should, if any. He is a 22 year old, 2 time allstar, .300 hitter, cheap, and the list goes on and on…

        • smotpoker

          all u old assholes should stfu and notice that i never said “trade castro!!!” i said i’d be ok with him getting traded, which would obviously yield top prospects. fuckyou whiteflag

          • Whiteflag


          • Carew

            Hey potsmoker, relax a lil bit.

            • Adventurecizin’ Justin

              Pot doesn’t cause that type of behavior…at least, I’ve heard.

              • TWC


          • MaxM1908

            Obviously, you are new to this community. Please engage people respectfully, or else find another site to comment on. That kind of language and discourse do not fly here.

            • Whiteflag

              Yeah. I don’t know who he/she is calling old. Just rude. lol

              • Carew

                I think he/she is a teenager. I act the same way haha

            • smotpoker

              not my fault whiteflag is a classic dillweed. and way to back up your buckbuddy there max. impressive

              • Whiteflag

                You don’t have to like my comments about trading Castro, but the name calling and foul language is unnecessary. People will respect you more if you left it out of the conversation. I think we are cubs fans here…let’s play nice. I’m sorry if you took my comments as a personal attack. It was not my attention, but I stand-by trading Castro being an off the wall/crazy idea.

              • Njriv

                Seriously man, that shit belongs on ESPN, not here.

              • MaxM1908

                Who says dillweed anymore? And what’s a buck buddy? We old men don’t speak the lingo of you young whippersnappers.

                • Brick Thompson

                  [Edit – What the heck? That’s not even a little appropriate.]

                  • Chase S.

                    And with that another clean and decent conversation board becomes diluted with the sadly-stereotypical idiocy and foulness of sports site commenting that it only leaves me feeling offended, confused, and.. well.. a little hungry to be honest. I digress…

                    My point is that it saddens me that my favorite sports sites are now being taken over by meaningless unintelligible conversation (if you can call it conversation) as opposed to just good clean debate and, for a lack of a better term, fun. This is the one site that I frequent on a daily basis that I can have a decently intelligent conversation about sports without it being muddled by people who think it’s necessary to threaten and insult one another because they think it proves a point (and if you are to do that, at least sound halfway intelligent doing so). Please don’t turn this into an ESPN comments section.

                    • calicubsfan007

                      @Chase S: I am so sorry hombre. I am disappointed too with how some of these convos turn into WW3. I do think we have a ways to go before we reach ESPN comments level. They are just plain cruel!

          • Frank

            Calm down.

          • Richard Nose

            psycho. take another rip.

      • Brady

        Another thing on the “never trade Castro” train for me is that he has had like what, 1 day off all season! If we get the same workhorse we did for the first half of the season then he will have played all but a couple games and to have a .300 SS playing pretty much every game in the season and probably getting above 200 hits. This is something you keep. Also his defense is much improved in part to Sveum’s shifts. SO MANY DP balls!

    • Bazfan1234

      Huh? Castro is obviously working on his plate approach to be more patient since Rizzo came up. His BA has/will go down until he gets the feel of a more patient approach. Trade and Castro should never be used in the same sentence, he is one of the core players for the future.

    • Jeremy

      So what your saying is the FO should base all of their trades on who the fans like more after 15 games?

    • João Lucas

      You must be really poking a lot of smot lately.

    • Chase S.

      Looks like diehard created offspring

  • Kubphan82

    How far up the standings do the Cubs dare go!

    • Whiteflag

      I’m going to predict, they end up last in the division.

      • Carew

        Nah they wont. The astros are starting to be who we thought theyd be

        • Whiteflag

          Still think last is a real possibility, granted it might end up being anywhere in the bottom five. Garza and Dempster will be traded along with a few others, which isn’t going to do anything but move them down in the standings.

          • Leroy K.

            it will ALL depend whiteflag, on who gets traded. Rizzo has added some much needed depth in the lineup and his glovework isn’t shabby either. Batting 356 after 15 games is much better than when he was with San Diego. I think we finish in 4th in the Central probably 10th or 11th in the NL.

    • D.G.Lang

      Interesting enough if the Cubs continue winning at the pace for their last 16 games and every other team in the league continues at their current season long average the Cubs will wind up with the third highest win percentage for the season and first in the wild card standings.

      Want proof? Then consider the following.
      as of July 15, 2012 Cubs record.

      Last 16 games
      12 games won
      / 16 games played
      .75 win percentage.

      current season record

      36 games won
      + 52 games lost
      88 games played

      162 games in season
      – 88 games Played
      = 74 games remaining
      * .75 winning percentage last 16 games
      = 55.5 more games won
      + 36 games already won
      = 91.5 total games won

      for the season
      91 games won
      / 162 games in season
      = .561 winning percentage
      currently 3rd highest win percentage.

      Of course, it is not likely that the Cubs will continue winning at
      their current pace under any condition and even les likely after
      all the trades are made.

      BUT it is fun to see what their current potential is if everything
      continues according to the last 16 games.

      • D.G.Lang

        the above WAS nicely formatted but posting it changed the format.

      • Brady

        Actually I work with a Cards fan (I give him crap constantly) and him and I were discussing something similar. STL came from like 14 back last season to eventually winning it all. Its not entirely impossible for the Cubs to do it seeing as the rest of our division is blowing pretty hard as well. That being said I know the situations are different. We are going to be shipping people off where STL was on the “lets win it” train. As long as we do not end up as the “worst team in baseball” I am fine this season. I always like to look down my nose at someone else with no hope of being good (Astros).

        • Kubphan82

          Last place has a reward though, through the CBA the worst team gets the best opportunities come draft time… That’s why I wonder how high dare the Cubs excel for the sale of mediocrity versus an embarrassing year with plenty of upside and draft potential

          • Serious Cubs Fan

            Kubphan82: I would sell everybody besides, Castro, Shark, Rizzo, Maybe Dejesus for veteran presence, maybe Russel. Everyone else can go if we get a good deal of prospects for them. That includes Travis Wood if someone wants to overpay. That way our team really sucks and we get the number 1 overall pick, the most signing bonus pool in the draft and in international free agency. This is a lost season anyways, there is no point in winning games now. And keep valuable young prospects down till next year this time to bring them up, to gain an additional year of control over all of them and allow them to refine there game. This is a lost season no matter what so reep the benefits of it.

          • D.G.Lang

            I expect that under the cover of ‘rebuilding’, once the Cubs trade away as much as they can there won’t be much likelyhood of avoiding being ‘the worst team’ in baseball aka ‘the smartest management’ for all the high quality players thay are going to get in the various drafts next year.

            Management is determined to rebuild the farm system with the highest quantity of the highest quality possible to ensure several years of sustained great major league success.

            By having the worst record at the end of THIS seson they should have their third consecutive year of outstanding drafts. That could conceiveably be followed by one more year of fairly poor major league performance which could provide another year of high quality drafts.

            By the time this years trades are finished and next years drafts occur, we might have enough major league ready high quality players on hand that we would be capable of beginning a long streak of playoff appearances.

            I would hope that management doesn’t lose sight of their long term goal of sustained success while rebuilding the farm and not try to rush our current minor league players before they are ready.

            I believe they should keep Rizzo in mind and how he faltered under the Padres because they pushed him to the majors before he was read which lead to failure for him. By giving him a full year at AAA and only promoting him when he was ready they guaranteed his success. Since Hoyer was the GM for the padres back then, he does understand the bad result of promoting to the majors before the player was completely ready.

            Hopefully the Cubs won’t rush any of our high quality prospects for short term results especally since we can see how well the farm is shaping up.

            I personally am willing to see another year of bad results if it helps to continue building up our entire farm system and protects our MILB players from being rushed before they are ready.

  • calicubsfan007

    Nice game Garza. Threw the game that we were all waiting for at least a month or so.

  • alsongs

    Have to agree with Bazfan. All Castro needs to do is tighten up his strike zone a little.

  • Matt R.

    I was at this game, it was perfect, Garza pitched amazing. The weather was awesome, the ladies were beautiful. Awesome day!

    • Brady

      I see all the pretty ladies in the stands and it makes me sad because I am stuck in Hawaii where the women are fat and lazy to put it nicely (yea that was nice). Also 3rd baseline ball girl always a nice sight.

  • http://bleachernation loyal100more

    nice outing for garza… im gonna chime in with a “dont trade castro” of my own… and as for demp, well cant say enough good things. love the winning, and will hate to see us go back to the misery of loosing. but i think this current winning is the direction were headed in… only sustained winning and multiple playoff appearences until an eventual world championship. love the cubs and winning, theo ive still got yer back… now bring us in some nice youngsters to make the dream happen. go cubs!