Enhanced Box Score: Diamondbacks 1, Cubs 4 – July 14, 2012

Sorry. I warned you the EBS might be a late …

I lucked into a great game to be at (with a great group of friends), as the Cubs won yet another one. That’s 11 of their last 15, which, like, whoa.

The big story of the day was obviously Ryan Dempster’s (modern-ish) record-tying performance, in what may have been his last start as a Cub (you’ll never get sick of hearing that, right?).

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25 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Diamondbacks 1, Cubs 4 – July 14, 2012”

  1. Doug

    They should have let him face one batter in the 7th. Pretty classes of them to not give him the chance to break the record if this was in fact his last start as a Cub.

    1. Austin

      I really don’t think they give a shit about that record.

      1. Dylan

        Austin couldn’t have said any better than that.

        And I don’t think 33 is the record. I don’t remember who, but a Cubs pitcher back in the 30′s threw 40-50 something innings.

        Maybe I’m wrong.

        1. calicubsfan007

          Dylan: They said something about that on WGN. Some guy from the early 1900′s, really early.

    2. Kurt

      I believe he needed to pitch the complete 7th inning to get credit, not to just face one batter.

      1. Toby

        Scoreless inning means 3 outs without giving up a run and not just facing one batter.

        1. Diesel

          Actually each batter the pitcher gets out counts. Each one being 1/3rd of an inning so if Demp had gotten the first out in the 7th and then left his streak would be 33 1/3 innings.

  2. CapnCub

    Another series win, and I am hopeful for the sweep. Garza is due for a great outting, it has been a wonder past few weeks being a Cubs fan, I sure hope it lasts longer. Go Cubs, the late EBS is no big deal.

  3. Doug

    sorry. Classless I meant.

  4. someday...2015?


  5. mjhurdle

    Consecutive Scoreless innings streak by a Cub is 44.0 by Ed Reulbach back in 1909.
    But i think the Cubs did this as a favor to Demp. he will get one more start at least before the deadline, and now instead of trying to break 33 in his 7th inning when he is worn out, he can do it the beginning of next game. And if he goes 6+ scoreless next game, I would not be surprised to see management delay a trade to let him start one more time to try to break a century old record.

    1. Scotti

      The odds of the Cubs not trading Dempster so he can have a chance to break a record have to be similar to them bringing up Vogelbach to play SS? Left-handed and blind-folded. They will, and should, make the deal when they feel they get the best return.

  6. Shawn H

    That was a very well played game by the Cubs. The defense has improved as the season has gone on. The 3-6-3 and 3-6-1 DP is almost routine at this point. The pitching has been great, but it helps when you aren’t shooting yourself in the foot in the field. Reed Johnson had a great game.

  7. Kubphan82

    33… and 1 amazing Reed in the ivy

  8. ichabod

    now why wasnt demp an allstar?

    1. Melrosepad

      Wasn’t he on the DL when the teams were decided?

      1. dabynsky


  9. Mysterious4th

    Next kerry wood is going to find reed johnson in the ivy!

  10. cubfanincardinalland

    They will wait until right before the deadline to get max value. Teams are starting to get desperate for starters(see Dodgers), Hamels and Greinke are negotiating possible extensions. Make em sweat.

  11. baldtaxguy

    I enjoy good use of the term “plucky.”

  12. willis

    Demp has been amazing and I’m pretty much bummed to see him traded (whenever it happens) but I understand the bigger picture. When watching the game though, it seemed he didn’t have his best stuff at times, but wiggled out of jams. He’s been great at that this year. How awesome to see him bounce back from a sub par 2011 with this brilliant season.

    11 out of 15 is a good feeling.