Lukewarm Stove: Seriously, Why Doesn’t Anyone Want Alfonso Soriano? (Also Garza, Dempster, Barney, Greinke, More)

We’re entering the second half of July, which means there will probably be Lukewarm Stove action just about every day (in addition to more specific rumors/news). I love this time of year…

  • Jon Heyman describes various trade pieces as stocks, and lists Ryan Dempster and Alfonso Soriano as the two hottest stocks on the market right now. The reasons for Dempster (there are 33 of them) are obvious. For Soriano, Heyman is ardent: “There is no good reason teams, especially some American League teams, shouldn’t be lining up for Soriano, who may be the most productive power hitter traded this month. (Of course, he could be traded next month, too, since he’d surely clear waivers, with close to $45 million to go on his deal through 2014.) Soriano’s 17 home runs have all come since May 15, meaning he’s been one of the more productive hitters in baseball over the past couple months. He’s been even hotter since the All-Star break, and he is batting .500 with a couple home runs over his last three games. The Cubs understand they’d have to offset a significant portion of that $45 million remaining, so they are being realistic. It’s the other teams that need to adjust. While he isn’t a particularly mobile defender in left field anymore on days his knees hurt, he’d represent a major offensive upgrade for a lot of teams. The Rays, who’ve gotten little from their DH slot, and the Indians, are just two of several he could help.” The only possible answer I can come up with for this conundrum is that the Cubs haven’t yet actually offered to eat a ton of Soriano’s salary. He’s owed about $8 million more this year, and then $18 million each of the next two years. If the Cubs ate all but $5 million of that salary, why in the world wouldn’t they be able to find a taker? Think about it: Soriano is *easily* worth $5 million the rest of this season, alone. And, then, if you don’t want him anymore, you can cut him, with the Cubs footing the rest of the bill. Thus, I can conclude only one thing: the Cubs are offering to eat a whole lot less than that so far.
  • Let me add on Soriano: of the guys you can reasonably call sometime DHs in the AL (and this is not a narrow list, as it includes guys like Joe Mauer and Alex Rodriguez), Soriano’s .829 OPS this year would place him in seventh, behind only David Ortiz, Edwin Encarnacion, Paul Konerko, Adam Dunn, Joe Mauer, and Billy Butler. And how many of those guys are actually really DHs? In other words, almost every single team in the AL would be better if they had Alfonso Soriano. And that’s to say nothing of the fact that he’s still playing passable defense in left field this year. I’m sure several NL teams could really use him, too.
  • Ken Davidoff poops on the idea of the Yankees being interested in either Ryan Dempster or Matt Garza, despite multiple reports from multiple sources to the contrary. Dempster, Davidoff says, is not a clear upgrade from anyone else in the Yankees’ rotation, and Garza “is not having a very good season.” Setting aside the plainly, demonstrably falseness of both assertions, it’s hard to square the two explanations: either this season matters more than the past, in which case Ryan Dempster is the best pitcher in baseball, or this season doesn’t matter more than the past, in which case Matt Garza is a great fit in the AL East. I’m not saying the Yankees ultimately go after either one – GM Brian Cashman has indeed said he prefers to stick with what he’s got this year – but, come on: of course they wouldn’t mind having either one of those guys.
  • Jon Morosi hears that the Tigers and Dodgers are the heaviest players for Dempster, which we’ve heard before, and that the Blue Jays are the most interested in Garza (eeeh! great farm system! eeeh!). The Jays apparently sent two scouts to watch Garza’s last start. Bruce Levine says the Yankees, Rangers, Tigers, Dodgers, and Pirates were also scouting Garza (though I think it’s fair to wonder how many might have been there to see Justin Upton).
  • The Tigers, for their part, remain interested in trying to pick up Darwin Barney from the Cubs, packaged together with either Dempster or Garza. Candidly, a Tigers package that doesn’t include both Nick Castellanos and Jacob Turner – both thought to be largely untouchable – doesn’t interest me in the least for Garza and Barney, together.
  • The Brewers today announced that Zack Greinke, who’s struggled a bit this month, will not start on Wednesday as planned. They say it’s not injury-related, but instead that they just want to give him a break to get him back on routine (whatever that means). Obviously with Greinke folks automatically make assumptions about his previous problems with an anxiety disorder, but we really don’t know much. The only thing I do know is that, assuming the move isn’t directly related to a pending trade (I’m almost certain it isn’t), then the move can’t hurt the Cubs’ trade market for Dempster and Garza. If teams are a little nervous about Greinke, he becomes a whole lot less attractive than the Cubs’ pitchers, about whom teams may not have the same concerns.
  • Doug Padilla chatted over the weekend, and offered some thoughts: (1) The Cubs aren’t trying to trade Bryan LaHair, they’re just listening (I’m not so sure about that); (2) the Cubs can’t move Geovany Soto without playing him, so he stays in the lineup (he’s gone .310/.355/.483 over his last eight games, by the way); (3) the question with a Dempster trade is whether he’ll hold out for the best possible team to go to, or if he’ll go to a lesser team if they really blow the Cubs away with the best package (I think he’s going to want the Cubs to be honest with him, rather than just trying to placate where he wants to go – he cares about the organization); (4) Padilla is still betting Soriano isn’t traded, and he’s heard of no interest; (5) Padilla doesn’t think the Cubs could get Zach Lee from the Dodgers for just Dempster (I agree) or just Garza (say wha?); and (6) Carlos Marmol isn’t netting anything exciting in a trade (if the Cubs can save a couple million, that might just be worth taking at this point).

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117 responses to “Lukewarm Stove: Seriously, Why Doesn’t Anyone Want Alfonso Soriano? (Also Garza, Dempster, Barney, Greinke, More)”

  1. Ben

    With Soriano, it has to be because the Cubs aren’t offering to eat enough of the money. Nothing else makes sense. If that is the reason he doesn’t get moved, I say it’s ok. For a guy who has been productive as Soriano over the past 2 months, I don’t see why we need to eat over 40 million to move him. Either that, or we should get a legit (B level) prospect for him if we pay more than that. He’s not currently blocking another prospect, so I don’t see why the Cubs should be overly motivated to move him unless it’s clearly in our favor to do so.

    1. The Man. The Legend. The RBI King: Hack Wilson

      if the team is not gonna try to contend in 2013 for 1 of 5 playoff spots in the worst division in baseball; then trade Soriano so Lahair or Bjax or even Campy can play; let’s see what they are before Soler or Almora are ready in 2-3 yrs. IF they want to contend, then keep him, he’s got the most power on the team sans Rizzo maybe and has made efforts even at his age and seniority to be a decent OF and can always be replaced by Reed in the 9th.
      But do not, keep him becuz you don’t want to eat his salary and put a bad team on the field therefore blocking the some suspects from playing……..that is the prior regime’s logic and has to end.

      1. Ben

        I guess I disagree. I don’t think we should trade anyone “just to trade them.” If we are getting a young guy that’s high risk/high reward, or saving some really good money, then I’m all for making a move. But to just dump Soriano for no reason seems odd to me. Most of our stud OF are years away, and Bjax can take over in CF whenever he is ready. Lahair has done nothing the past 6 weeks, and will probably find himself on the bench. I like Campana, but he’s sporting a .613 OPS. That’s nothing more than pinch runner territory.

        1. Norm

          This is the thinking:
          Who will be more beneficial to the Cubs in 2014 and beyond?
          If the answer is Soriano, they keep him.
          If the answer is the return they get for Soriano, they trade him.

          1. Ben

            I think we are saying the same things. If we can get a useful player, then I’m all for it. For Randy Wells 2.0, no thanks.

            1. Jeff

              I wonder if we could trade Randy Wells for someone who just had Tommy Johns’ surgery, I think I’d rather have a recovering TJ patient than a healthy Randy Wells, that’s mean isn’t it?

            2. Jack Weiland

              What’s Randy Wells 2.0? Are we just going to pretend 2009 and 2010 didn’t happen and Randy Wells wasn’t a very useful player in those seasons? Awesome.

              I’d take Randy Wells 2.0 for Soriano right now in a heartbeat.

              1. Jeff

                The current Randy Wells 2.0 has a 88mph fastball, not a 93mph fastball or sharp slider he had in 2009 and 2010.

                1. Jack Weiland

                  So that means 2009-10 didn’t happen?

                  1. BD

                    No, that means it hasn’t come back in 1 1/2 seasons.

                  2. Ben

                    Carlos Marmol was good in 2009 and 2010 as well. I don’t think the current version really belongs on a major league roster. A lot can happen in 2 years.

              2. baldtaxguy

                2009-2010 happened but its not useful or productive in 2012 thus far.

      2. Dave

        I would agree with you if the Cubs had a young player that Soriano was blocking but BJax is not ready and do we really need to see more of Campana. Lehair has pretty much fallen off the map and he is already getting playing time in RF.

    2. JoeyCollins

      Im fine keeping him too. As long as hes not blocking anyone else and we’re paying him we might as well keep him around for the veteran experience and locker room presence.

    3. Brady

      I actually dont think the problem is just one side or the other or both. I think both parties are haggling it away (whoever might be interested that is). I am sure Theo wants a prospect for him and the caliber of prospect can deem how much salary he is willing to eat. It just so happen nobody is currently agreeing on anything at the moment and the only real winners is the cubs (its a win/win for us). If he is traded we get something decent back. If he stays we get a decent bat in the offense, currently serviceable defense and a veteren pressence.

  2. BD

    Even if the possibility is less than 1%, I still can’t help but get excited that the Cubs MIGHT be trading Demp, Garza (excited for prospects), Soriano, Marmol, and Soto (any $ saved and chance for younger guys to play). If they were somehow able to pull that off in the next month, this team would completely torn down and from here on out it would be building time!

    (*Yes, I know this likely won’t all happen, but I’m a Cubs fan – always optimistic)

  3. someday...2015?

    REALISTICALLY, what could we get back for Soriano? If it’s possible to get a low level high upside prospect then I say pull the trigger immediately. For all the contract the Cubs would have to eat, they need to get at least one ok/good prospect in return.

  4. dsdonut

    So what is the best case return for Dempster?

    Say the news comes out tomorrow that Ryan Dempster has been traded to team X for player Y. Is there a plausible scenario that would make you pee your pants in excitement? If so, who is that player Y?

    1. someday...2015?

      Crosby and Rondon as player Y’s… Potential #3 and a closer… I also think that might be realistic.

    2. Don

      Dylan Bundy!!!! That would make me pee in my pants.

  5. MightyBear

    Somebody already put it up, Dempster to Jays for Darnaud and the two young pitchers.

    1. gocatsgo2003

      As something you would be excited about or an agreed-upon trade?

  6. Cerambam

    Not that it is that important but cubs are on upton’s no trade list as well as boston, and the NYYs

    1. Cerambam
    2. hardtop

      why would a player exclude the top 3 markets in baseball? he must really hate money and fame…. that or he knows he can’t handle the whole weight.

      1. Cerambam

        “FOX reporters note, players often include high-revenue teams like the Yankees on no-trade lists to maximize their leverage.”
        i dont understand that really though

        1. andrew

          My guess is that they could accept a trade to the big markets only if that team signs him to a player friendly extension otherwise. I’m not sure how deals like that actually would work but there is some possible leverage if thats possible.

      2. Scotti

        Leverage. He knows that those three teams, if they wanted him, could afford to extend his contract.

      3. Jeff

        If he can’t handle the luxury of Arizona, the heat that is the media in Chicago would wilt this guy. It’s a shame for all the talent, kids these days sure don’t compare to the Andre Dawson’s of the world. Here’s to you Hawk!! Good to see you poke your head out of that Ivy.

        1. jr5

          That obviously has nothing to do with it. If Upton was a free agent tomorrow, he would absolutely be open to signing with the Yankees or the Red Sox. (Maybe Cubs.)

          As others have mentioned, it’s all to do with financial leverage.

  7. MightyBear

    Sorry Garza to the Jays.

  8. JP

    If we can’t snag either a decent high upside (someone like a Reggie Golden at least) minor leaguer or a team to eat a fair amount of his salary I don’t care if Soriano plays out the rest of contract. If he’s going to hit 30 HRs and hit .275 the next couple years I am over trying to move him… Who is he blocking? Brett Jax? He can’t be an upgrade at this point, Matt Szczur? Not really close yet. I’m all on board to tell everyone to shove it wanting us to pay practically his whole salary just to get him out of the clubhouse for nothing in return.

    1. Jeff

      I agree, even if we could find a trade partner, they should pay at least 8M a year for Soriano, he’s definitely worth that on the free agent market. That leaves us eating only 20M of that contract.

      1. Steve

        Jeff, put down the crack pipe. If someone pays a TOTAL of 8 mill for Alf, then I think anyone in a conscious state would do a jig.
        I know I would.

        1. Jeff

          Well, that’s why I agree with JP, if teams aren’t willing to pay some portion of his salary for the next two years, we might as well keep him. Would a team realistically give up a top ten prospect for his services? If we are only looking at a marginal prospect in a trade, is that prospect worth us paying 40M for him? The answer should be no.

          1. BD

            But we are paying that much money anyway. Would you rather pay $44M for Soriano the next 2 1/2 years, or ~$40-44M for a lottery ticket prospect that could be a part of your organization for the next 6-10 years, depending on development??

          2. Chris

            Soriano’s money is a sunk cost. Whatever the team he’s traded to pays is a bonus. I agree they shouldn’t “give” him away, but he can’t continue to play left field on one leg. And everyone knows how streaky he is. Better to sell high than wait until August, when his average drops below .260. Maybe another OF prospect or catching prospect, along with $4-5 mil makes this deal.

      2. Edward

        What are the benefits of trading Soriano if all we can get is a middle of the road prospect? Serious question.

        1. Jack Weiland

          To me it comes down to maximizing his value to the Cubs. Since Chicago is so far away from competing, he has almost no value whatsoever towards their end goal, except that they may be able to turn him into a useful future asset by trading him at the peak of his value.

          That time is probably right now, and “just a middle of the road prospect” is better than nothing. It’s a lotto ticket; sometimes they pan out. At any rate, it’s better than watching Soriano play out the string and contribute nothing to the Cubs ultimate window, 2-3 years from now.

          1. BD


          2. Edward

            I see your point, but I think the Cubs have an outside shot at competing in 2014. I think the likelihood of Soriano helping a potential playoff contender in 2014 outweights the likelihood of a middling prospect ultimately panning out. Both prettly unlikely though…

            I think the vast majority of fans want him traded because his contract is so big. But where else would that money go? There will still be plenty of money available with Zambrano and Dempster off the books for the Cubs to sign any of the free agents available in what is shaping up to be a down year. With or without Soriano, I think Jed and Theo will be able to pursue whatever free agents they want to.

            1. Chris

              Soriano MUST be a DH by 2014. There’s no way he can play 2 more seasons in th NL. His leg it just that bad. I don’t see any scenario where he can be a contributor to 2014 Cubs team in contention for a playoff spot, unless they move to the AL and he’s the DH.

        2. Jack Weiland

          Darwin Barney was a middle of the road prospect. Jeff Samardzija was a middle of the road prospect for the most part. Sometimes those guys exceed expecations and become good ML players. And you never know … maybe they can get more if they eat most of his salary. The point is, he’s not worth much to the Cubs collecting a paycheck, and he MIGHT be of some value if the player they acquire turns in to something.

          1. JoeyCollins

            Wasn’t Shark given a 10mil ML contract right out of college just to keep him from playing football? These middle of the road guys can get expensive.

            1. MoneyBoy

              10mil over 5 yrs … for an ’06 5th rd pick in MLB who was a virtual certainty to be a 1st round pick in the NFL. Yeah, it took him a few years to get it figured out but it was still a gutsy move by Henry!! IMO.

              Jack, just a point about Barney. He played for back-to-back NCAA champions at Oregon State. He was an ’07 4th rd pick by the Cubs. Pretty decent lineage!! Check out Wikipedia for more.

              Vitters was the Cubs 1st round pick (3rd overall) the same year. 4 yrs difference in age and experience.

      3. rcleven

        I can see the Cubs looking at eating all but 12mm on the next two years and three this year. Most teams staying away staying away because of the time commitment of two and half years.

    2. Quintz

      Telling trading partners to “shove it” may not be the best business tactic in the long run. I think a polite, “no thanks” would suffice.

    3. Twinkletoez

      I would keep him also if he hit .275 with 30hr. The problem is he has not done that since 2007.
      That being said I hope he doesn’t get traded before Wednesday’s game, I want to sit in the left field bleachers and cheer him on 1 more time!

  9. Mysterious4th

    A bit of good news: we are 1 of 4 teams on justin uptons no trade list! That’s oneyoung douche monkey we can look forward to not having in chicago, unless he’s in the visiting dugout.

    1. jr5


      Come on. Do you not realize why Upton has the Cubs on his list? Along with the Red Sox and the Yankees? It’s so that if any of those teams did want him, he would have the ability to negotiate an extension before he gave his okay to the deal. If anything, being on his list is a sign that he’d actually be open to being there long-term.

      And, even on the off chance that’s not true, even if the only reason he doesn’t want to play for the Cubs is that he doesn’t like the Cubs, is that worth hating a player over? Surely you’re above that sort of name-calling. (I haven’t even touched on the fact that calling a black player a monkey, no matter the context or original intent, is probably also not a smart thing to do.)

      1. Mysterious4th

        Get a grip, I am not racist! By far from that, given I am a poster child for almost everything minority. Jewish, female, raised by 2 dads, my kid has 2 moms and is mixed… just to name a few. It seems when people automatically go to 1 word in a sentence and assume its racist, they must think along the racist line a little more than a normal person! So just take a breath and chill out.
        I can’t stand him because he acts like a diva. Not because I am racist

        1. stillmisskennyhubbs

          Then please use better terminology. What you wrote was overly disparaging and at least borderline racist. Just because he has us on his no-trade list has nothing to do with whether he’d want to play here. It doesn’t merit that response.
          Better yet, let’s avoid name-calling and we won’t have a problem.
          Love this site; let’s keep it civil.

        2. jr5

          As I said, context and intent are not important when you use some words, terms, and/or imagery to describe people.

          stillmisskennyhubbs is completely correct, and I really have nothing to add beyond that.

  10. Jack Weiland

    I never understood why it became so fashionable to talk about Soriano as being worthless, or one of the worst contracts in baseball. Fact is right now this season he is actually earning his hefty salary, and his reputation got swamped on account of two lost seasons. You certainly can’t pretend those two seasons didn’t happen, but before that he was very good, and there’s no reason he couldn’t return to form.

    The bigger problem is probably his health and the chance that he maintains this production over the future years of the contract. Too significant of a chance that he has more of those throwaway years to end this contract for teams to take him on. But if the Cubs are willing to pay his salary? He’s CRAZY valuable.

    1. Jeff

      A trade to the AL would help with health and production issues, thanks Jack

      1. JoeyCollins

        I was thinking the same. I wouldn’t mind keeping him around and not eating the contrcact but im sure he’s dying to get out of the NL. Every game in LF on those knees has to be painful and will continue to shorten his career. The fact that hes working as hard as he is now and still competing should probably be rewarded with a nice spot on an AL contending team. And on a side note doesn’t he get 10&5 rights after this year? now is the time to trade him i just hate eating that money with no real need.

    2. Edward

      If the Cubs do trade Soriano, I hope they eat the entire contract. Surely they can get a good prospect out of that situation? Still plenty of payroll flexibility left with Dempster, Zambrano, and Garza off the books for the FO to do whatever they want FA-wise. It’s not like we (the fans) have to pay the guy, so why do we care how much he makes? Should also be willing to eat the contract of Garza and Dempster if it means getting back more in return.

  11. Quintz

    I love your take on the Davidoff article in the Post. I wonder if he realized the contradiction sandwich he painted himself into when writing it.

  12. someday...2015?

    I just looked at the full standings, AL, and NL. With the 2nd wild card in play this year there are 23 teams realistically still in the playoff hunt. There can’t be a better time to start the fire sale.

  13. Richard Nose

    I will love him til the day I die. Great dude. He wouldn’t have a grotesque contract if someone hadn’t offered it to him. Was he not supposed to sign it? Random bonehead premature trots once in awhile don’t bother me. history of poor plate discipline, yadayada. Dude clearly wants to be there.

    1. Jeff

      He clearly has a Nose for swinging at balls in the dirt…lol

      1. Richard Nose

        I see what ya did there! I agree though. I have no idea why any pitcher has ever thrown him a fastball in the last 7 years. But it has happened and he hits roughly .270 and looks like he’ll flirt with 30 HR and 100 RBI. First pitch fastball ends up on Waveland the other day???…id release that pitcher, as he clearly watch zero film and looked at none of the charts he was likely provided. Anything that reaches the plate on a 2 strike pitch to him is idiotic too.

    2. Quintz

      Part of being grotesquely overpaid (which is not his fault) is the ability to take the criticism when (or if) you don’t live up to it and Soriano has taken the criticism as well as anyone I have seen in the last twenty years. He is what he is, and I for one commend him for his attitude even when I’m not very pleased with his on the field play.

      1. Richard Nose

        Indeed. He even said the fans were his favorite part about being a Cub. Makes me remember how Milton Bradley handled adversity.

        1. Quintz

          It makes me think Soriano is incredibly genuine, a fantastically dedicated liar, or honestly doesn’t care what fans and media think of him. All of which I’m willing to live with.

          1. Richard Nose

            haha true.

  14. calicubsfan007

    When will the trades start?? The anticipation is killing me!! I entered another post, but this site deleted it for some reason.

  15. Leo

    I think these are some of the names we might get in a trade. 1)NYY- Brett: Marshall Gary Sanchez 2) ATL -J R Graham 3)Tigers- Bruce Rondon Nick Castellanos 4)Red Sox Ryan Lavarnway Ryan Sweeny (tear tear) 5) L.A.- Josh Lindblom 6)Jays-Anthony Goose 7)Royals Wil Meyers. No particular order or preference just my opinion.

    1. Quintz

      Wow. I hope you’re right concerning that list of names. I’m tempering my expectations a little more than that. If the Royals call and offer Wil Myers, Theo will need to first change pants, then avoid thinking this is a dream and muster up the energy to say yes.

    2. cubs217

      Been reading Bleacherreport huh?

      I dont like to put that much stock into those articles because I often feel like the writers are more concerned with getting page hits than reportting accurately (Just my opinion). That’s why I love BN so much, great information, and often way more in depth since a limited and dedicated readership.

      1. cubs217

        Sorry, that came out sounding way harsher than I intended. My intended point is why some of those guys seem very reasonable (Sweeny we have heard about) others (i.e. Myers) are sort of out of the blue and I was wondering out loud whether it was an accurate prediction, or whether the bigger name prospects were added to peak the interest of fans. Either way, I did not mean to attack your argument in any way and if there was a damn edit button I would have changed the language.

      2. Patrick G

        I know a writer for Bleacher Report and definitely an opinionated website. Thats why I hate that bleacher nation and bleacher report always gets me mixed up, because they are way too different of websites based on quality information.

        1. leroy k.

          i got turned off by bleacher report when they wouldn’t let me write for the Northwestern page. I consider myself a good writer, and have written many articles to date. It’s a shame that bleacher report has really gone down the hill.

    3. North Side Irish

      Um, aren’t those the exact names listed in the Bleacher Report’s “article” from this morning?

      1. Richard Nose

        That site blows my mind more than the last time I visited it every time I look at it. Wil Myers might be the most untouchable player in MiLB, unless Moore’s obsession with Francoeur is worse than the Midwest already thinks. Having Sweeney #1 on that list might mean it’s in order of likelihood … no idea how Myers would be #2 in that order. Since Sweeney’s #1 it’s clearly not in order of players Chicago wants to get after. Garbage site.

  16. someday...2015?

    Just read a tweet by Jason stark on ESPN saying Braves are still looking for a top of the rotation arm. It makes sense they’re not sold on Sheets yet.

    1. Whiteflag

      What do think is a possible deal for dempster? Minor and Delgado?

      1. Chris

        Keep Minor. Delgado is a good place to start.

        1. someday...2015?

          I think if they threw in a high upside kid in low A then that deal might get done.

  17. Josh Z

    Justin Upton has the Cubs as a team he would not accept a trade to. Indians, Yankees, and Red Sox are the other

  18. someday...2015?

    Is this a fair trade for both teams? Garza to the Jays for Syndegaard, and Gose. I wouldn’t accept it from the Cubs side because of the fact they need more pitching back. It would be impressive to have Gose, Almora, and Soler in your outfield for many years to come…

  19. Cubs Dude

    I would be shocked if the Cubs weren’t willing to eat all of Sori’s contract to get some decent prospects. Everything they have done to this point has shown that money will not be a holding point in a deal for the trades. I know Sori’s contract is a lot bigger than the other deals, but I really think if the return was decent they would pay every dime. I just think people across baseball think Soriano sucks regardless of his numbers.

  20. Jackalope

    Beyond the Boxscore post in which the trade value of Dempster and Garza is assed:

    1. Jackalope

      Sorry, that should be assessed (whoops):


  21. The other JP

    Dose of reality.

    Many of these trade deadline deals don’t end up well for the team trading away the major-league player. Another example:

    John Mozeliak traded Brett Wallace, Clayton Mortensen and Shane Peterson for Matt Holliday in 2009.


    1. Edward

      Yeah but 99% of the time the team trading the proven player is out of contention and has no plans to re-sign him. There was no way the A’s could afford his 7 year $120M deal he signed that offseason.

  22. Cheryl

    Used to think the trade of Dempster wouldn’t go beyond this weekend. Since he’s scheduled to pitch Friday if he’s still with the cubs, which most doubt, it would seem like Wednesday would be the latest for a decision. What are the thoughts on that?

    1. Cubs Dude

      Who knows. I thought he was gone after his first start after the all star break, but was wrong. I feel like they are fighting with fire though, and they should trade him asap..

      1. Cubs Dude

        Edit- his first start after DL stint. Where the heck did the edit button go Brett?

  23. North Side Irish

    If this is true, I’m not sure the Tigers will be serious players for Garza. Will take a lot of their pitching prospects to put together a package.

    Bob Nightengale ‏@BNightengale
    The #Tigers are telling teams_at least right now_that prized 3B prospect Nick Castellanos is unavailable.

  24. Patrick G

    Does anybody have the MLB trade rumors app? Debating if I should get it if its just the same as the website or what. I just get sick of looking for updates every 5 mins when the app would update me when something big happens. Although I’d probably still check every 5 mins either way

    1. BleedBlueinWNeb

      bottom line is it’s pretty cheap for a one time purchase and if you’re a hound for rumors on the go and the quickness of picking up your smart phone then hell yeah it’s worth it. the same headlines as on the website…one click away on your phone. if you’re away from ur computer and need the info it’s right there.

      yes, there are some issues…it feels like it doesn’t work right if you really try to customize it to fit your liking, but i didn’t even worry about it after like the first day.

      i’d get it.

  25. North Side Irish

    I’d still rather have the Cubs deal with a different team…

    Buster Olney ‏@Buster_ESPN
    Source: The Red Sox are aggressive in the pursuit of Ryan Dempster. Cubs going through their process on the right-hander.

    Buster Olney ‏@Buster_ESPN
    One of the big hurdles in the Cubs/Red Sox talks, of course, is that Theo Epstein knows their farm system very well.

    1. Cubs Dude

      I agree. I say we stay away from the Red Sox for awhile in trades, even Though Theo knows their system. They seem like cheap bitter bastards over there. I think we could do better somewhere else.

      1. bt

        There is no planet in which the Red Sox getting involved is a bad thing.

  26. Carew

    I just read on mlbtraderumors that the Angels were willing to trade Bourjos for a reliever. Could a Shawn Camp and low-level prospect swap work?

  27. ichabod

    on vacation from indy to tenn. last week saw lee pitch against mcnutt. wasn’t impressed with either. junior lake looked lost at the dish with first 2 abs dribblers to lee. did like bour and watkins though.

  28. RicoSanto

    Theo not only knows the Boston Farm system, but all of baseball better than any of us.
    he knows what he wants to get in these trade talks.If you want a 3B prospect get Castellanos dont settle for your 2nd choice ceccchanni( from Boton ) . You wanted Headley for 3rd, and then went with your second choice Stewart(MISTAKE)

  29. Cub Gone Wild

    Dempster makes one more start for Cubs. Garza signs 3 year extension with Cubs and is not traded. Dempster eventually traded to Redsox for Franklin Morales and prospect. Lahair to the Reds. Theo and Walt like doing business. Marmol and McNutt to Angels for Bour. Soriano stays with the Cubs. No deals with Tigers this year. Baker, Johnson and Mather get traded in August on Waivers. No change at catcher Soto and Clevenger stay. A trade will be made in the off season.

  30. Cyranojoe

    If Big Papi’s injury turns out to be serious, what about Alfonso to the Sox? Could that idea get legs? (pun & serious question both intended…)

    1. cjdubbya

      It was running (OK, jogging…but it’s early, eff this 6am start to work in the face) through my mind when I read that Ortiz likely needs surgery, so maybe there’s something to it.