Carlos Lee is a Hall of freaking Famer if he could just play every single game at Wrigley Field.

Travis Wood was victimized primarily by the long ball tonight (and those other six hits and two walks), and it was his worst start in a month. The Cubs teased late, but the game was too far out of reach to pull off a win.

  • jr5

    Aww, in fairness to Chad, he was solid for the Cubs until he fell off a loading dock, or whatever freak injury it was.

    And, even though the Cubs lost, at least Jim Belushi was there! (I can’t speak for the TV broadcast, but he was pretty insufferable on the radio side.)

    • Brett

      The story I heard – I’m not saying it’s true – is that he got drunk and fell into a dumpster, hurting his back.

      • Luke

        Does that qualify as a “Cubbie occurrence”?

      • Nick

        Happens to me ALL the time…

      • Rob

        Belushi or Gaudin? Neither would surprise me.

      • cubfanincardinalland

        A big league ball player can go to all kind of clubs, hot girls, be a star. And he was drinking out on a loading dock. Good grief.

  • fromthemitten

    hahhaahaa I said the same thing when I saw Gaudin’s awesome line

  • Zogie

    The Cubs had plenty of chances, but they just could not cash in enough. The Marlins had the long ball going for them knocking Travis Wood out early. Wood pitched well early, but came apart to allow 8 runs. The cubs had 10 men LOB and went 2-10 with RISP. The marlins were 4-11 with RISP. DeJesus 2-4 1 2B, BB, K. DeJesus played well but had one terrible AB when he popped up to the catcher with the bases loaded on the first pitch. Very costly. He did have a hustle double though which was good to see. Castro 2-5 K hit the ball hard tonight, so hopefully he can break out of his slump. Rizzo 2-5 DP but left 5 on base. I believe he tried to do too much in his last AB. He had a 3-1 count and chased a ball low resulting in a inning ending double play in the 8th. Soriano 0-5 K was under a lot of pitches tonight which created easy flyballs. LaHair 1-5 3K is still having problems laying off pitches out of the zone with two strikes. He even foul tipped a ball that hit in front of home plate. Come on LaHair. Barney 0-2 with a few lineouts. Baker 2-2 HR 2RBI had a great game off the bench. I believe he deserves a little love. He has hit well recently. Soto 1-4 2B, K, BB had a good game and hit the ball hard multiple times. He almost has his average at .200. Keep working. Valbuena 2-4 2B 2RBI. His ABs have not looked great, but he has had good timely hitting which the cubs have lacked most of the season. His only 2 hits came with runners on base. Clevenger 1-1, Mather 0-1. The bullpen pitched decent, but at least some guys got some work in and it gave a night off to those guys in key roles. Even on a good winning streak, you will have games like these. The good thing to take from this is the consistent hustle and drive to try and come back from down so much. My shout out goes to Jeff Baker off the bench.

  • PeteG

    Travis Wood please don’t be Jason Marquis! Stellar first half and a shitty second half!

  • Daniel

    Wood hadn’t pitched in 11 days. Very very rusty. Seems like the guy that NEEDS to follow a schedule. Pitch every 5.

  • stillmisskennyhubbs

    Why was Barney lifted? MLB GameDay said there was an injury delay. Was that for Barney?

    • Cyranojoe

      That would suck.

  • Mike S

    SS Timothy Saunders was moved up all the way to Daytona from the AZL Cubs. My prediction of “Gem of the 2012 draft” is looking good so far :)

    • kubphan82

      Heard he was batting .500… With a couple games in the 4-6 and 5-6 variety… In addition to SS I heard he played a little CF(?) as well… Wonder where he actually would project… I also would expect to see movement throughout the minors, perhaps this is one of the dominos to kickstart things down there.

      • Luke

        College position player tend to move up quickly as teams try to figure out where in the minors they need to be. Daytona is a heckuva jump, but I’m not arguing. He was basically taking batting practice during games. It was getting silly.

        Defensively he has been playing up the middle, but my (way too) early sense of things is that he is probably ticketed for CF or 2B. I don’t want to try to pin a ceiling on him yet, but I do like what I’m seeing.

        OF Bijan Rademacher was also promoted (I think). He’s another college draftee who has made the game look easy in the very low minors.

        • kubphan82

          As long as the kids are being challenged and have the opportunity to prove themselves, then I’m a happy guy… I’d like to see Vogelbach make his jump now too… If you say Saunders was taking BP, I’d have to think Vogs is too… Move up Alcantara if possible too…

          • Mike S

            Keep in mind that Saunders was a Division 3 athlete. I believe there have only been 5 major leaguers to come from a Division 3 school with the recent one being SP Jordan Zimmerman who went to University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

            Jed Hoyer was also a Division 3 pitcher for Wesleyan University.

            • Uww alum

              Bob wickman played at uw-whitewater.

              • Mike S

                I still have my Bob Wickman bobblehead from an Indians game when I was younger!

  • NCMoss

    Has Asencio had a good outing since we got him?

  • Cub Gone Wild

    I hope Barney wasnt pulled because of an impending trade! I would be pissed at Theoyer if he gets traded. Hope he isn’t hurt. But if he tweaked something and it prevents a trade selfishly I would smile on that. If he goes to the tigers i will hate them for a very long time along with being pissed at Theoyer.

  • Matty Ice

    Daniel “The Flying V” Vogelbach continues to mash, hitting his 7th homer run and adding a triple.

  • someday…2015?

    Would Dempster for Lavarnway and Cecchini be fair?

    • Carew

      Is Cecchini a pitcher?

    • Carew

      Id rather take a pitcher over a 3B right now if thats what he is. Cubs need, need pitching. But thats just one kid’s opinion

      • someday…2015?

        Completely agree with you. Pitching is need #1. I believe the Cubs will eventually get their ace through FA. I think Wood and Samardzija have the 4 and 5 spots locked down. I may be wrong about that but I like what iv seen out of Wood and Shark so far. So if you look at it that way the 2, and 3 spots are up for grabs. Garza could be one of those guys… If Garza and Dempster do get traded I would like to see 3 to 4 potential starters, all with upside, come back in deals. All that being said I wouldn’t mind seeing the Cubs also find a future catcher or third baseman in a deal(Lavarnway or Cecchini.) Maybe the Cubs and Sox switch top catching prospects in a package deal(Castillo, and Lavarnway) Who knows what’s going to happen at this point. Its all speculation and until the first domino finally falls the the anticipation will grow, and grow, and grow… Its killing me=)

  • cubsin

    I believe Cecchini is a 3B.

  • calicubsfan007

    We just need a lot of pitching, young pitching. Trades will only get us so far, the rest is really up to the utilization of the draft.

  • calicubsfan007

    Is it conceivable that the Cubs can get Lavarnway (I think that’s how you spell the name…) from the Red Sox for Garza or Demp? That would definetly cure the need for another backstop…

    • stillmisskennyhubbs

      Nix. Lavaraway is regarded as good stick, bad glove. Can’t see this FO going for a catcher like that.

      • stillmisskennyhubbs

        Sorry, Lavarnaway

  • lou brock lives

    Cubs should be targeting RHP Cody Martin if dealing Dempster to Braves. This kid is in High A ball Lynchburg & has 30K’s in his last 3 starts. Pitched college ball at Gonzaga & looks like he may be ready by next year for ML starting rotation.

  • Theo

    Trade with texas


    • someday…2015?

      That’s my dream trade. I think you would have to replace Baker with LaHair for them to even listen. I still think the Rangers would decline.

  • someday…2015?

    There has been a few experts saying the Red Sox will make a deal for one of Dempster or Garza, more likely Demp… This is interesting and total speculation but how about Dempster for Jon Lester straight up. This tweet made me think of that trade… SBerthiaumeESPN Steve Berthiaume RT @ScottLauber: Jon Lester: “It’s been a frustrating year, frustrating night. It just keeps adding on. I’m getting tired of it.” #RedSox Thoughts on that deal?…

    • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

      No thanks?

  • Myles

    As long as we’re talking about trades that won’t happen, I’d do Garza + Barney for Wil Middlebrooks + B-level dude