You’ve asked for weeks, and now you’ve finally got your answer.

Tomorrow, Cuban prospect Jorge Soler will finally make his Stateside professional debut, playing for the Cubs’ rookie ball team in the Arizona League. Theo Epstein made the announcement in a rap session with reporters before tonight’s game. Soler will DH, and will probably get a few at bats. And we’ll all put WAY too much stock in however he does.

While it’s going to be fun to finally see* Soler in action, let me remind you that he’s just 20-years-old, is adjusting to life in a new country, and will be adjusting to an entirely different style/caliber of baseball. Regard his results with appropriate caution.

Soler is likely to spend a week or two in Mesa before heading up to short season A-ball team Boise, or possibly up to full season A-ball team Peoria. He is, on paper, one of the top three prospects in the Cubs’ system (in a cluster with Javier Baez and Albert Almora, who is, himself, not quite yet ready to debut), so it will be exciting to watch his progress.

*OK, so, unless you’re in Mesa, you’re not actually going to “see” anything. But we’ll start getting some stats. And that’s fun.

  • Katie

    Brett, could you please explain how to pronounce Soler so we can squelch the Soler Power comments?

    • hcs

      Soul air.

      • hcs

        Which was, coincidentally, the sequel to 2004’s smash hit, Soul Plane.

    • cubmig

      Soler = “Sol – erh” is as close a Spanish pronunciation as I can offer. Explanation: “Sol” as in “do re mi fa sol” scale. Then roll the “r” a bit, with the “h” added as a cue to a breathing-in “eh” sound at the end.

  • ShootTheGoat

    This is good news. I was starting to wonder if he was going to play at all this year.

  • Wester

    Oh, we’ll see it. His first at bat will be hit so hard it’ll clear waveland.

  • Nick

    How about Almora? Predicted debut soon?

    • Jeremy

      Probably next week. I bet it’s about a week after Soler debuts.

    • Brett

      A week or so is a fair guess.

  • lou brock lives

    Luke – What happened to SS Alcantara in Daytona – have not seen him in box score for at least a week ? Did he get promoted or is he injured ?

    • JNasty

      7-day DL.

    • Dick McCheesedoodle

      His link shows him on the seven day disabled list.

    • Luke

      So far as I know, it’s just a minor injury. I expect he’ll be back in the lineup next week.

  • Vladimir

    Why anyone who likes the Cubs, has the day off, and is not in that stadium to see Soler, I don’t ever want to hear from again, mmkay? How I would kill to live anywhere near there right now, and every spring training.

  • Richard Nose

    What if he’s more ready than we think, like AA-ish ,like the Cespedes talk about him needing significant time in the minors. Oh golly I’m excited to see him no matter what! I guess age-wise Cespedes is where he should be whether he’s 26 or 36 and Soler probably shouldn’t be AA at age 20/21.

  • djriz

    Brett or Luke, I have seen Jorge’s B-day listed as Nov 1992, which would make him 19. Can’t remember where I saw that, but what is it, really? (or is this something we’re going to be talking about for the next 20 years (hopefully))?

    • Luke

      Jorge Soler’s birthday is February 25,1992. That is really his birthday.

      There is no age controversy. The Cubs are not going to wake up one morning and discover that he qualifies for Social Security or anything of that nature. Cuba has an extensive and reliable system of personal and player records, and Soler has a history as a Cuban player from his time playing on the international circuit. There is no age controversy.

    • Brett

      I believe there was some confusion early on, but I’m pretty sure he’s a February 1992 guy.

  • Jack Weiland

    I’M READY!

  • Oswego chris

    Boy did that run down suck

  • Norm

    “Get ready to put way too much stock into rookie ball numbers!”

    haha, too late (see; Vogelbach, Dan)

  • Nick Nesler

    What kind of stock do we put into the Dominican Summer League numbers, since we just had a couple pitchers test positive for PED’s. (winstrol/stanzanol)

  • Soler Powered

    I will accept nothing less that a 3/4 game with 5 RBI’s, 2 R, 1 SB, and a walk off HR

    • djriz

      That’s it?

    • Leroy K.

      Don’t forget HBP.

      • JB88

        Where he caught the ball between his teeth …

        • rhino70

          And crushed it into dust with his right hand.

  • Jackalope

    Two thoughts:

    1) Stoked about Soler.

    2) Would be equally stoked to see a Theo Epstein rap session. I bet the man can spit some serious flows.

  • Steve

    For some odd reason, I get the feeling that Mr Soler will either be a fantastic flop, or a mega star. I just don’t see him being a DeJesus type (mediocre)

    • dabynsky

      DeJesus would be an odd comparison. I guess I see what you are getting at in general as a guy that isn’t a difference maker but an average major league starter. A guy like Marcus Thames I think is more likely than DeJesus though given his power and I doubt he has the eye DeJesus has.

  • Jeremy

    Ill just leave this here

    “@JonHeymanCBS: scout on jorge soler: “hes going to be a monster.” (thats a good thing, btw) #cubs”