Time Left to Join One-Day Fantasy Contest, Beat Me, and Win Cash

If you haven’t already, there’s still plenty of time to join the one-day, free fantasy baseball contest, which will be based on Friday’s games. The contest has cash prizes totaling $300, and signing up helps support Bleacher Nation – so, like, do it.

The full contest details are here. The gist is this: you go to Draftstreet, you sign up, you pick a roster of players from Friday’s games (they come in tiers – it’s super easy), and you watch your guys rack up points for you on Friday. The top scoring teams will win some cash (a share of $300). I can only assume mine will be one of the top teams, so you’re going to have to work hard to beat me. Just sayin’.

It’s truly a lot of fun, it’s free, and it’s easy. Sign up now.

I was back into the top third last time, so I’m pretty confident I will beat you all this time.

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

15 responses to “Time Left to Join One-Day Fantasy Contest, Beat Me, and Win Cash”

  1. MightyBear

    Brett I hope you are mentally prepared for the 30 hour blogathon. Kevin Towers GM of Arizona said the 48 hours leading up to the trade deadline is going to be a “lightening round”.

    1. Luke

      We should be hearing something a little more concrete on the Dempster trade soon. If he is going to be traded before his next start, then something should happen very, very soon.

      And that will probably kick start the Garza rumors.

  2. Cyranojoe

    I’m all signed up for the game! Tell you what, Brett, I’ll let you take first place this time. I’ll only come in second, that’s fine. ;-) Such beneficent generosity!

  3. cubs217

    I got my line-up set, and I dont think I am being overly confident when I say “its a sure-fire winner.” I can’t wait to have a little extra spending money, which I will likely blow on $7 beers at a game.

  4. MightyBear

    I wonder if the Cubs are waiting for the Competitive Balance lottery to end before they make a trade? Some of those teams are in it and part of a Dempster package could be extra draft choices next year. Thoughts?