New Era has created a brilliant campaign involving caricature fans of various teams, sparring with each other about their rivalry. In the Cubs/White Sox world, that means Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman from ‘Parks and Rec’) and Darryl Philbin (Craig Robinson from ‘The Office’) going at it (I don’t care whether they’re being themselves or their characters: that’s Ron Swanson, damn it). Here was the first video (a Cubs/Sox battle)here was the second (Ron sharing the many things he would do to see the Cubs win it all), and here was the third (Ron trying to sing the Seventh Inning Stretch, and Darryl showing him what’s up).

This time around, in the final video, the two battle it out … without ever saying a word:

  • Carew

    Best commercials ever

  • WiCubsFan

    Fantastic…but the first two were the best. Love it!

  • TOM

    Stupid !!

  • Tony

    These are great. Love this stuff. I’d love a World Series in Chi-town between the Sox and Cubs.

  • Grant

    There was something in the second video, where Craig asks Nick if he’d be the least funny character on his TV show to guarantee the Cubs would win the world series, so I think it’s them, not other characters.