After a couple solo homers (Jose Reyes, Starlin Castro) accounted for the only two runs of the game through six and a half, Geovany Soto bounced one just high enough over third base to score Alfonso Soriano, who’d hustled his way to the plate (and I mean hustled all around – he hustled to first on a ball up the middle, he hustled to second on a wild pitch, he hustled to third on a grounder to first, and then he hustled home … ok, those latter two are a stretch, but it was still a lot of hustle). From there, the Cubs poured it on. And then the rain poured it on, and the game was called in the 8th.

Jeff Samardzija had dominating stuff tonight, but ultimately a mixed game.

  • leroy k.

    As many K’s as BB/Hits…well not the best, but at least our bats are going…

  • fromthemitten

    yup threw WAY too many pitches. I thought I was watching Matt Clement pitch circa 2003

  • Steve

    Wow….Matt Clement.

    When we were on our roll in 03, I grew a Matt Clement and the girl I was dating told me ” You look like a challenged person.”

    …..I thought it was rather handsome……

    • McKaley

      Since we are currently on a run (kind of), will you be growing a shark?

      • Steve

        No…that would look silly…. 😉

    • fromthemitten

      I was 17 in 2003 so I just taped felt to my chin

  • Jwilson3985

    LaHair looks like a completely different guy in the box. Sad to see.

  • Steve

    To achieve the 3 walks and 9 k’s, one would have to throw, at minimum, 39 pitches.

    Ha! And they say us southerners ain’t smart…

  • Cheryl

    You’re right. He seems lost.

    • Cheryl

      The juggling seems to have taken its toll.

  • baldtaxguy

    I believe two of those walks were to Lee, so those simply saved runs. Also, homeplate umpire has a very narrow view of the zone, which contributed to at least one walk I saw. I thought Smarj had a great start and looks back together.

    • Richard Nose

      Yeah, plate ump was tight. some low corners were waaaaay inconsistent all game. Interestingly, same zone and low corner inconsistency was handled fairly brilliantly by Josh Johnson, until really late, and their bullpen sharted too. He had thrown something like 48 pitches threw 4 innings, Shark had him almost doubled up.

      • Garrett

        I don’t disagree with your statement that Johnson handled the zone well, but I will say I think the Cubs were hitting lasers all over the field, they were just getting unlucky as every ball was right at a Marlins player.

        • AK

          Agreed. So many line outs that, when you saw it first come off the bat, you really thought would be a hit. Pretty unlucky. And yes, the strick zone was very, very tight. But again, Shark has had problems keeping his pitch count down more than once this season.

  • kubphan82

    Considering that the Marlins had previously outscored the Cubs 28-11 in 4 games this year, Carlos Lee ruined the Cubs last night and a couple walks were to him, I don’t see last night as a negative for Shark. It was par for the course, nothing spectacular but nothing to feel bad about.

  • ichabod

    like valbuena