After tonight’s game, Matt Garza spoke to the media about the “triceps cramp” that forced him from the game. Among his quotes (from tweets by Paul Sullivan, Gordon Wittenmyer, and Patrick Mooney):

  • The tests the Cubs performed after taking him out showed no structural damage. “They said no worries on the ligaments in there …. It’s just a weird-ass injury.”
  • “My preparation has always been good. I pride myself on being ready to throw my day and stuff like this just pisses me off.”
  • “I just don’t know how it happened. Anything to do with your elbow area as a pitcher, you get nervous. I’m still young. I wanted to take precaution.”
  • That all sounds good … until this one, when asked about his next start. “I’m more of an optimist. I hope so. I hate missing starts.” Ugh.

It’s immediately after the fact, so you have to take everything he says with a grain of salt. Garza is a high energy guy, and he’s bound to be a little extra angry right now, especially after getting pulled in the middle of a good game. At the same time, these just don’t sound like the kind of quotes you get from a guy who merely has “cramps.”

The Cubs – and Garza – will have much more on this tomorrow, and in the coming days. He’s supposed to start again on Friday, after an off-day. It gives him an extra day to get back, but it also means he would have just that one start left before the Trade Deadline.

It remains possible that, after the dust settles, it was just a cramp, he’ll throw a side session, feel fine, and start on Friday as scheduled. But will interested teams have a little bit of worry in the back of their heads no matter how this shakes out?

  • Spencer

    I’m going to count it as a major loss if the Cubs end up having to trade Garza to get the prospects that they couldn’t get by trading Dempster. Seems like they would just be settling if that was the case.

    • Luke

      Dempster and Garza were never going to bring the same level of return anyway. If the Cubs wanted the best out of the other team’s farm system, they were going to have to deal Garza to get it. Dempster, by himself, just isn’t in that category. He’s still a rather valuable trade piece who should bring a good return, but the return (from just Dempster) will be clearly outclassed by the return Garza brings.

  • #1lahairfan

    We should have a bleacher nation prayer message board post.

  • Coolbeans

    All I can say is this can only happen to one team. Who else other than the cubs.

    • Illini Iceman

      Yeah no other team ever has any injuries to pitchers. Only the Cubs.

      • frosty


  • PJD

    There is always something. Garza looked like he felt something in his arm on the play at first but there was honestly nothing there ( contact etc) that would suggested it happened at that moment… Weird ass injury is right..

  • Charlie Grimm. Last WS Mgr.

    sign him. time to compete. 67 yrs since I last managed this team in the WS. 3M fans per year don’t deseve anymore tanked seasons.

  • Brian Peters

    Have I mentioned that I HATE the friggin’ Cubs!?!?!?! Garza and Demp could be lame in Detroit and LA, respectively. I hate having no hope…..even though the Cubs have repeatedly taken it away each summer. I’m done. F Garza. F Dempster.

    • Carew

      Good. Leave. Way too much negativity

      • Frodaddy81

        Yeah no kidding. Its just a game. I love the Cubs and know they suck. But no matter how much they suck there is no better place to have a beer or 2 or 3 or 4 etc… and a brat than watching the Cubs at Wrigley.

      • Ogyu

        Ahh, yes. Enjoy the lovable losers in the sunshine as they muddle through another century of mediocrity. Just keep buying those tickets. That’s the spirit…

        • Jimmy James

          what is it about a saturday night that brings out the trollies?

        • Carew

          Ha jokes on you. I dont buy the tickets. I live too far away :) :/ :(

  • Dave

    I’m choosing to read that as “weird ass-injury” because it makes me giggle and this situation needs some humor injected.

  • Brian Peters

    The Cubs haven’t won the World Series in 104+ years. How’s THAT for negativity?!?!?

    • Vladimir

      hmm, what was that thing I’m supposed to say to that? Oh, oh yeah. So you were alive all those years?

  • Jimbo

    Trades aside, really hope for garzas’ sake that it is nothing. Not to be a total downer jinx, but it could be trigger point in tricep is firing and that could mean the real problem is in the neck, would explain the x-ray?? Hope he is loaded up on anti- inflammatories and hydrates.

  • Bret Epic

    I’m really hoping he’s okay. I’m quite torn on whether or not I’d like to deal or extend him. Obviously we have to build for a future, but without him AND Dempster, I’m not really sure who’s going to be the “team leader”. Maybe DeJesus, but you need more than that to boost morale in the club house. I would say personally that I’ve been a fan of both Dempster and Garza since they’ve been on the team and I understand the logic of trading them, but I’ll still be sad to see them go. I hope the team can keep some optimism during the development years without two of the truly greatest guys in baseball, in terms of personality and character make-up. Sad to see Justin get a loss for his first game with the Cubs, but it’s nice to see that he was pretty solid during his outing. In my opinion, the future does look bright and I think they have a good possibility to contend as soon as next year, but more realistically 2014-15. If there are any players I wouldn’t mind seeing gone, I’d say Soto and LaHair and possibly Soriano as well. I only say possibly Soriano because I respect the effort he’s given this year and if we are stuck with him, at least he’s better in the OF than LaHair(that and I don’t think anyone wants to take more than 5 million of his salary and a guy with his numbers is worth more than 5 million). If there’s one player that I have a surprising amount of optimism for it’s Valbuena. He doesn’t strike me as someone who will ever be an All-Star caliber player, but he was a great pick up in my opinion to replace Stewart…who was a losing lottery ticket. It’s been quite an interesting year so far and I’m sure it will be much more interesting and possibly depressing after we gut the team for what we can and prepare for the years to come. I’ll continue trying to keep my head up and letting any big of optimism sink in. Hopefully all of you will as well.

  • Cubs505050

    We dont need negative people on here

    • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

      Ha, ok. We are Cubs fans. Is there anything positive in being tortured year after year? Good lord, it is a ballgame, but people will be upset after the last two days. We have had the buildup of 6 months since people realized we weren’t getting Fielder or Pujols and in the last two days, we have been disappointed like only a Cub fan can be. That said, it isn’t the end of the world, but a little leeway for being somewhat negative wouldn’t be a bad thing.

    • Ogyu

      People can be as negative as they want to be. If you don’t like it, then don’t read it.

  • Leo L

    “anything to do with the elbow area” this statement worries me because he talked about the joint vs the muscle

  • Luke

    Bruce Levine has an article up timed 12:18 AM and clearly written after the Cubs game was over and Garza’s injury was known saying that the Dodgers are now targeting Garza over Dempster.

    I’m not sure how much of this is tea leaf reading and how much is solid info, but on the surface it looks like the Dodgers are not scared off by Garzas cramps and are still willing to deal. No doubt there is an unspoken “pending physicals” in there somewhere.

    • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

      I think anyone would agree everything would be determined by how healthy he is.

    • dudeski
    • Brett

      He wrote that before the Garza exit – I saw it go up, and then get altered, and re-put-up. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but he definitely originally wrote that before the injury.

  • Rev. Bud Green

    Tuff night the good Rev is going to put on Eleven Hunderd Springs Thunderbird will do just fine turn it up and fire it up

  • art


  • IAcubbyfan

    Some of u hatin poop dicks need to calm down. I know being a cub fan isn’t easy, but you don’t need to be such assholes. On a another note garzas prolly on a plane to LA right now : )

  • Abe Froman

    [Turning the fire hose on message board posters and breaking out the bullhorn] “Everyone calm down, comply, please comply.”

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  • Fastball

    Dont want to trade Dempster or Garza. Get new deals done with them signed to extensions then keep drafting pitching and sign some free agent bull pen guys this winter.
    I dont think trading these two or Maholm is necessary. Build the farm thru the draft and keep a solid rotation for a coupl

    e years until our drafted pitchers develoep.