Matt Garza was just pulled, out of nowhere, from his start against the Cardinals. There wasn’t an obvious injury, but he was pulling on his forearm a bit. He didn’t look too happy to be pulled, and he was pitching quite well.

Your immediate assumptions are (1) injury, or (2) trade. Hopefully if it’s number 1, this is just a precautionary type of thing.

Obviously this is a developing story, so we’ll have more as soon as it comes out.

UPDATE: All the beat writers say it “appears” that the removal was injury related. I’m trying not to panic, because it certainly didn’t look serious.

UPDATE 2: If it is an injury (heaven forbid, and let’s hope it’s just cramps), there’s no real reason to be mad at the Cubs. Unlike the Dempster situation, there was no reasonable excuse for holding Garza back tonight. We’ve no reason to believe a trade was close, and Garza actually could theoretically improve his value slightly. This, if it proves to be an injury, was just really, really, really bad luck.

UPDATE 3: I’m allowing myself a little bit of panic. Even if the removal was merely precautionary, and even if it’s just cramps, if you’re a team considering giving up two or three of your very best prospects for Garza, aren’t you having second thoughts right about now?

UPDATE 4: It’s not a trade, according to sources. Now we just have to hope it’s not a serious injury. Like, we have to hope it’s cramps so light that Garza thinks it’s insane that he was pulled.

UPDATE 5: By the way, the only reason it takes this long to announce the injury is because the front office wants to make sure they describe the circumstances PERFECTLY.

UPDATE 6: He was pulled due to “cramping in the right triceps.” The Cubs took x-rays as a precaution (x-rays?), they were negative, and he’s listed as day-to-day. He’ll soon be re-evaluated. Obviously this will be a HUGE story over the next few days.

  • Rev. Bud Green

    He better b traded and not hurt

  • Jason

    Dodgers have interest…maybe a trade?

  • Ball

    Unlimited warm up pitches. Injury

  • RW

    Sounds like an injury.. or they would have been more prepared.

  • gratefulled

    And so the Justin Germano era begins.

  • Brandon

    Hes hurt. Hopefully not too serious. Only the cubs.

    • someday…2015?


  • AD

    Looks like we will have to wait until the offseason to trade Garza even if its only a minor injury.

  • Jga6718

    Hopefully he just had a cramp, time to see what Germano has to offer

  • Kevin

    I have my fingers crossed it’s nothing serious.

  • d.

    Oh man.

  • Gabriel

    Not only am I not not trying to panic, but I am in full-fledged panic & completely convinced that this injury (whatever the severity) will torpedo his trade value.


  • Doug


  • RY34

    here comes a six spot put up by the cardinals

  • MikeCubs23

    I’m convinced the Cubs are cursed.

    • Gabriel

      It took till Matt Garza getting hurt to realize this? Of course we’re cursed!

      (softly crying in the corner)

  • Spencer

    Did this happen while he was on the mound mid inning or did he just not go out for the following inning?

  • Jason “Thundermug”

    Well extremely bad luck.. Cubs w/ Dempster trying to get the most with him and noone wanted to give anything good besides Mediocre prospects.

  • necusfan

    I just let out a series of Nancy Kerriganesque “Why?s”

  • AD

    This isn’t the end of the world. We have Garza for another year, so he’s not in a must trade situation anyways. While it may not be as sexy as a trade, an extension would be a terrific outcome as well. While an injury no matter how minor or severe is never good this is not a total disaster.

    • Kurt


      How did a grown-up sneak into this discussion?

  • JNasty

    If its nothing serious he will get another start to prove his health. I am not worried unless we find out its more than a minor injury.

  • dudeski

    it’s times like these where i asked myself why i’m a cubs fan.

    please be cramps

  • Big Joe

    Not that the team would be cautios with one of the best pitcher on it’s staff…but, perhaps they removed him as a precaution, duque to the fact that they are close to dealing him?

  • Brian

    This is merely the beginning of the Justin Germano era!! Meet the cubs next SUPERstar.

  • ferrets_bueller

    I don’t believe in curses, but….jesusfreakingchrist.

    • RY34

      my sentiments exactly

    • Dustin S

      Is it bad that I’ve been a Cub fan long enough to expect it?

      Crossing fingers the just say they were being extra careful with him. Either way he’ll need to make his last start before the deadline if a trade has a chance. At least there is a little time for that. But he can’t miss that last pre-deadline start (next Friday if the rotation isn’t shuffled) or go on the DL. If that happens he’s a Cub til the offseason.

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    Rewatching that play i don’t think its cramps, not to be downer, but I hope to god its just cramps

  • Andrew

    Unconfirmed reports saying garza has been traded Cubs bullpen Cather Andrew lane overheard saying in bullpen

    • Serious Cubs Fan

      Did u find that on the pro sports daily message board? Seriously? come on, dont bring it up if its not from a legit source plz

      • Andrew

        Why the f do you think I said unconfirmed? I’ll say whatever the hell iwant to say

        • Bric

          Chill, bro.

        • Serious Cubs Fan

          Idc, dont put that trash up. you got that news from an unreliable random message board. I looked it up and I could even find Andrew Lane on twitter

      • Bric

        If anything, he was just speculating, too. Even if it’s true, the players are only human too, and gossip a bit also.

        • Andrew

          It came through on twitter. And I said unconfirmed. Shut the fuck up. Serious I can say whatever the hell I want. Your boy Obama hasn’t taken away free speech YET

          • dudeski

            this is gonna be good..

          • Brett

            Keep politics out of it. Also, keep the personal attacks (like “shut the f*** up”) out of it. You can convey your point without that crap.

            • Serious Cubs Fan

              My bad Brett. Didnt mean to start an arguement

              • Brett

                It happens. We’re all on edge. Just be above it next time.

          • Serious Cubs Fan

            Andrew go to hell. Sorry the language guys, but this kids a punk. Not getting politics involved but not an Obama fan either. But seriously man chill out. I’m just saying dont post shit as your unconfirmed source being a sketch message board from some random dude saying it. Ya you have the right to talk, but dont be a dumbass and post that shit. Use ur brain.

            • Serious Cubs Fan

              I’m all for everyone trying to share news and updates but please try to find a credible source and not some random dude on pro daily sports message board. Other then that just take the stick out of your ass. I just ask you do that for me and everyone here. Sorry to ruffle your feathers, i dont really want to fight you on it.

            • Brett

              Why would you do that? If you think those things about him, why would you then go and do the very same thing in response to him? Be bigger than that.

          • Carew

            Both of yous, calm your nips. Just speculation and thought

            • Bric

              Carew, you’re the voice of reason- thank you, sir. But on a side note- does this mean I can’t call Brett a commie nazi? “These commie nazis will not keep me from getting these pennies to all the puny children…”

              • Carew

                No, thank you sir. But Shawon O’Meter is the voice of reason here

  • Fastball

    I dont want to trade him so my hearts not broken. I hope he is okay. I hope the trade offers suck so we keep him. Hoyer is telling the trib writers Dempster doesnt have to be tradef. We can sign him to home town disvount. Our pitching rotation is pretty good now. One less thing to fix.

  • TRS

    Garza for Zach Lee?? ESPN has article stating Dodgers shift to obtaining Garza.

    • Andrew

      Yea I read the same thing. Not saying this means anything but Zach lee was pulled in his start also.

      • packle

        Zach Lee was pulled because he gave up 6 runs in 3 2/3 innings

      • TRS

        Very interesting if Zach Lee was indeed pulled from his start as well.

    • Doug

      Even after the apparent injury I wouldn’t trade for Lee unless Garza’s arm was almost completely severed.

      • Serious Cubs Fan

        Agreed Doug. Dodgers would have have to give a ton more then Lee for Garza. Lets not overate Zach Lee here

    • Serious Cubs Fan

      TRS: Zach Lee got pulled because he was getting killed by the Tennessee Smokies that game

  • MikeCubs23

    No one is dealing for Garza until he pitches again.

  • Doug

    Lee was pulled because he gave up six runs in 3-2/3 innings.

  • cubs4life

    And cramping it was.. cramping in his tricep. ex rays negative.

    • josh2

      crisis averted

      • Bric

        Mr. Sulu…. take us home.