Today the Chicago Cubs made a move to shore up the over-worked (and ineffective, yesterday) bullpen, calling up lefty Jeff Beliveau, and sending Rafael Dolis back to Iowa.

Beliveau, 25, was an offseason darling, having been the Cubs’ minor league pitcher of the year in 2011. His stuff really came together, and he posted a crazy 4.68 K/BB ratio over a couple minor league stops. The excitement for this year was justified, at least as far as bullpen arm excitement goes. But, alas, he had an exceptionally rough Spring Training, and wasn’t seriously entertained as an option out of camp.

So far at AAA, he’s still striking out a ton of guys, but he’s back to walking a few more than he’d like to, and thus his WHIP is an unattractive 1.475. He’ll probably serve as the Cubs’ first LOOGY (faces lefties only) on the year, and he could be a good one.

Dolis didn’t pitch too much in his second go around with the big team this year, and, when he did, he wasn’t exceptionally effective. Dolis has a future in the Cubs’ pen, but he’s going to have to work on his control, and he’s going to have to add a quality pitch besides his sinker.

The move is mostly tied to a taxed bullpen, rather than the impending (theoretical) avalanche of roster moves as the Cubs make trades over the next week. In other words, don’t really read into this move as anything other than standard roster shuffling.

  • Luke

    Beliveau’s splits against left and right handed hitters are fairly close. He has a chance to become a pretty good, general purpose late inning guy in a season or two.

  • calicubsfan007

    I was wondering what happened to this guy… After spring training, it was like he just disappeared.

  • someday…2015?

    In non-baseball related news ANOTHER DETROIT LION WAS ARRESTED TODAY. Jesus, didn’t they give the coach a new contract?? Shows how backwards the Lions franchise is.

  • Andrewmoore4isu

    How angry woul everyone be if dempster, garza, soriano, baker,Johnson, deejays and the entire crew are still on the roster after the deadline?

    • Brett

      Extremely. But that won’t happen.

    • someday…2015?

      Very angry. Good thing there is probably a .1% chance of that happening.

    • Turn Two

      Playing cynic- I think of that group only Dempster may be gone by the 31st. Probably should have traded Garza in the offseason when everyone wanted him, now he may be injured and we apparently weren’t getting the “desperate” offers we thought we would at the deadline. Soriano is not wanted because of all the years where his reputation has been soured, even though this year they did a nice job playing up his personality to see if it would work. Johnson and Baker I’d bet are still here after the deadline but maybe not by the end of the season. FO seems to be afraid to make a mistake and it may be leading to some mistakes.

      • Jeff

        I think we for sure need to move these guys: Dempster, Maholm, Marmol and Soto. The second tier would be Johnson, Baker and Camp.

        We can always re-sign Dempster next year, but we need to get some prospects back to re-build the farm system. If teams won’t give us premium talent for Garza, I say keep him because our pitching is woeful at best and nothing is coming soon on the horizon.

        Garza and Shark would at least give us a 1,2 and hopefully whatever came back from Dempster/ Maholm would be ready for next year. Wood and Volstad, I’m not sold on long term.

  • someday…2015?

    Buster_ESPN Buster Olney
    Braves continue to be one of the teams in on Ryan Dempster, and it’ll be interesting if the Jurrjens outing today will spur more talk.

    I may be crazy but that tweet got me thinking… Maybe Dempster and ? for Delgado and Jurrjens?

    • Tony S

      Jurrjens has been pretty ordinary. He threw pies against the Cubs last time out if I remember correctly and doesnt seem to have great stuff. Dempster for Minor might be the best we’d do.

  • steve

    I think in the end Dempster goes to atlanta for Minor & Jair. Garza to boston for lavarnway, bard, & barnes. Maholm will be dealt too not sure where. Soto will go too, as will Baney, Baker, &Lahair. Some will be packaged with the first 2 trades. I also think someone bites for Soriano.. I’m hoping that detroit or texas get desperate enough for garza to give up castellanos or olt, this waitngs killing me

  • #1lahairfan

    Beliveau was here last year too. Or am I mistaken.

    • Njriv

      Today was his major league debut, maybe you are thinking of John Gaub?

  • steve

    I’m glad too see beliveau up. Just another kid getting his chance. We better get used to it cause after the deadline, this teams gonna be younger, but hopefully. The guys we trade away are replaced by talented & hungry kids ready to play hard & learn.