We’ll get back to the rumor mill later today, though it’ll be tough to have a good read on a fair chunk of it until we know more about …

  • Matt Garza’s triceps. After a little sleep, and some more context for his quotes last night, I’m not *quite* as panicked as I was about 10 hours ago. Here are some more full quotes from Garza: “It started getting a little tight in warmups for the third inning. I figured it would loosen up. I went through that [third] inning and felt all right. The first fastball to [Rafael] Furcal didn’t feel normal, but I just kept going and got out of the inning. I came down and went straight to the cage and tried to make a couple throws, and it just started cramping. I went straight to [pitching coach Chris Bosio] and said, ‘Have you ever had this before? Have you ever dealt with this?’ He made the call and said it was not worth the risk …. Anything to do with your elbow area as a pitcher, you get nervous. I’m still young, and I wanted to take the precautions, so I said something. Usually, I wouldn’t say anything, and I’d try to go out there and muscle up.”
  • You can watch the media’s session with Garza here. Based on his demeanor, it does seem like he really is convinced it was just a flukey cramp situation. His upsettedness seems more about having to leave the game (and the outcome) than about him being worried long-term. He was also well enough to hop onto Twitter later in the evening and suggest that he’ll be fine, and is getting ready for his next start.
  • Garza perceptively added: “If [the injury] does hurt the team [and] what they had in mind, it’s not like I tried [to get injured]. I’d rather go out there and throw eight or nine than come in here and say I can’t throw the ball.”
  • Here’s your Dale Sveum quote on the injury: “X-rays and everything came back and nothing was wrong. It was just a cramp in his triceps. It’s one of those things you don’t want to mess around with and it was a precaution, but everything seems to be fine.”
  • Garza is scheduled to pitch again on Friday (with an extra day off), though he’ll be re-evaluated today to make sure everything looks OK. Assuming he’s able to make that start, it could be his last time to show potential buyers that he’s still got it. Whether they’re already too scared to pony up, or whether Garza’s pregnant wife will deliver right around that time (altering the schedule), we’ll just have to see. A lot could change in a short window here. To be clear: my panic wasn’t about the Cubs not trading Garza. My panic was about the Cubs suddenly not even having the option of trading Garza (0r, if they had decided they wanted to, not having the ability to get a full and fair return for him).
  • GM Jed Hoyer on big-time international signing Juan Carlos Paniagua: “We’re excited about him. He has a power arm with a plus slider and a guy our international scouts were high on …. [His age, 22, and ability to move quickly through system] was the big part of our thinking. He’s not your typical Dominican signing where he’s going to take a while. We think he can get going pretty quickly once he’s in the States and move fairly quickly through the system.” That doesn’t mean you’ll be seeing him this year or anything, and I wouldn’t even expect him to reach the upper levels of the minors this year. I expect the rest of this year to be about him getting acclimated to the States and the professional game over here. And then next year, the gloves come off, assuming things go well.
  • The Cubs’ bullpen had been very good for a long time before last night’s implosion. James Russell’s ERA went from 2.45 to 3.63. That’s not easy to do in one night in late July.
  • Ron Santo will be inducted into the Hall of Fame today, and you can read some great thoughts on him here, and here. It really drives home how bittersweet today is. You can watch the induction ceremonies starting at 11:30 am CT on MLBN and on MLB.com.
  • Ian Stewart sounds pretty down about the possibility of the Cubs bringing him back next year. He recently remarked on Twitter in response to questions that he will “probably not” be coming back next year, and that he will “probably” be non-tendered. I think Ian’s right that he’ll be non-tendered, but that’s just a money thing. It doesn’t mean the Cubs don’t want him back on a less-expensive, one-year deal. Given the low risk and the upside, I’m hoping that’s what the Cubs do.
  • I’ll be on The Score with Ben Finfer at 6pm CT today, which is awesome, and I’ll do my best to talk about things other than Matt Garza’s triceps.
  • Watch out, David DeJesus. This is not photoshopped:

  • (And, I kid, David. Oh, also, I kid, Wife.)
  • Spencer

    “I’m still young, and I wanted to take the precautions, so I said something. Usually, I wouldn’t say anything, and I’d try to go out there and muscle up.”

    Those two sentences contradict each other pretty heavily. He wanted to take precautions because he’s young, but usually he wouldn’t say anything? Feels like there’s something else going on.

    • Scotti

      Not at all… He’s young. Usually he would have just muscled up. *He’s maturing.* So he said something.

  • MichiganGoat

    Santo not being here to speak today makes his induction to the HOF diffucult for me to celebrate, but if Kim responded to me on twitter I’d be celebrating for weeks.

  • CubFanBob

    Finfer is good quality…listen to the score often and at all times. Grats on that Brett.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Thanks, Bob. Looking forward to it.

  • oswego chris

    Love the pic Brett, I could probably name 500 movies I would watch before I would ever watch “Waiting to Exhale”

    • Diesel


    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Yeah, can’t say I’ve ever seen it (or ever would).

  • TonyP

    Ronnie not getting in before he passed, makes me angry. But I’m happy for his family.

    • RoughRiider

      Me too.

  • RoughRiider

    It wouldn’t bother me one bit if Garza wasn’t traded. This (whatever is going on) could make Dempster & or Maholm more attractive for a trade if teams think Garza won’t be available or is questionable.

    • Gcheezpuff

      I couldn’t agree more, with Greinke and Hamels likely off the market, and now the uncertainty around Garza (at least until his next start) Dempster would have to be the best available pitcher on the market….. Silver lining?

  • Cuyler-Stephenson-Wilson

    congrats Ronnie! Today is the day. Cubs fans can rejoice and cry. Shame on the BBWA and Vets committee for not doing the OBVIOUS 10 yrs ago.! Somewhere up there today is a heel click and Harry-Jack-Ronnie toasting a cold one.

    These words will be forever more: #10 Hall of Famer 3rd baseman of the Chicago Cubs: Ron Santo.

    Hey Hey Holy Mackerol, the Cubs are on their way, no doubt about it, the Cubs are going to win today & Ronnie is a Hall of Famer!

  • Johnny

    Jeff Beliveau is being called up apparently, no word on a corresponding move. About damn time

  • Matty

    The Garza injury may be the most significant event of the year, in terms of the rebuild. If he has to skip his next start, it would appear to be very unlikely he will be traded as I doubt the FO could get near the return they desire. It could also mean the focus turns to trying to sign him to an extension.

    • Tom

      I say “Yeah !!!!!!” to that

  • Carew

    David DeJesus must stay…just so his wife can stay.

    Finally Santo is in the hall. Why on earth did it take this long.