On a day that the Cubs lost 7-0 to the Cardinals – the day after the Cubs lost 12-0 to the Cardinals – they had planned to dress up like superheroes for their trip to Pittsburgh. Apparently it was Matt Garza’s idea, and they weren’t about to cancel it just because of the crummy showings.

And I’m glad they didn’t, because the pictures are awesome.

In general, you’ll want to check out Doug Padilla, Patrick Mooney, Gordon Wittenmyer and Carrie Muskat‘s Twitter feeds. All of the pictures below come from them, and we thank them. Paul Sullivan also has some pictures on his Facebook page.

A sampling of the pictures …

Naturally, Captain America is the Canadian guy.

It’s a Super Mario Brothers trio.

Then again, Darwin Barney doesn’t look thrilled to have been stuck with Toad.

Dale Sveum put his dome to good work at Hellboy.

Carlos Marmol is bringing Z back.

David DeJesus has … the … POWER!!!

The blurs you see around Tony Campana as the Flash should be obvious.

Wait. Joe Mather wasn’t Superman?

But, everyone agrees that the best superhero costume came from the duo of Reed Johnson and Jeff Baker as the Cubs’ duo at the top:

Freaking brilliant.

  • LWeb23

    Words can’t describe the awesomeness of this

  • Spencer

    A couple of the images are broken, but that may just be my computer not loading them properly. This is a cool idea, especially since they probably won’t be together anymore after a few more days.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Hmm. All show up for me (Mac Chrome).

      • ReiCow

        I’m also not seeing them all, and I have no connection issues. Win7 firefox here.


    • Andy

      Picture fail

    • art

      same problem.

  • Vladimir

    They should have unleashed their super powers BEFORE the cardinals series. (ba dum bump, tshh)

  • TakingWrigleyToSaoPaulo

    If this was Garza’s ploy to stay in Chicago he definatly gained a few fans with this audacious stunt.

  • Mysterious4th

    Gotta have fun to make it thru the looooong season!

    Baker and Johnson take home first place with their super hero costumes! Campana’s was perfect. Who was rizzo and castro dressed as?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      I believe Rizzo was Buzz Lightyear and Castro was Robin.

      • Mysterious4th

        If castro would have been woody that would have made it freaking amazing. Too bad the TMNT weren’t tied in, they’re my childhood favs!

  • J Wilson

    Reed and Baker, definitely the best.

  • Fakko

    Barney is Wario, not Toad. Other than that awesome.

    • João Lucas

      Wario is Steve Clevenger!

  • MikeW


  • Fakko

    Err sorry. Link for Darwin was broken. Thought it was a caption for the super Mario trio

  • Dylan

    Half of the images are still broken for me.

  • Mysterious4th

    Half are broken for me (windows7 and on my droid) I think ill go look at twitter to see if I can find em

  • CapnCub

    I cannot see Carlos Marmols, Dale Svuems, and Darwin Barneys pictures. Images are broke, darn I really wanted to see toad. I am using Chrome Windows 7. I have tried all the others even my Android Browser.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Weird. Not sure why it shows for me but not you guys – in any event, they should be fixed now.

      • CapnCub

        Thanks, I see them now. :)

  • CapnCub

    I checked the facebook page and saw them though. Yay!

  • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

    I had to refresh and then all came in. Does anybody get the idea that every time you DeJesus he just seems like a cool dude you want to have a beer with?

    • PRcajun

      if he brings his wife….yes.

  • art

    now i see them. lol great.

  • Brady

    Man I love this team. They need to do more fun stuff like this. It makes the rough stretches more bearable and makes the high times more fun. Sometimes after a weekend of bad baseball the best thing to do is take your mind off it.

  • Julie

    These are just priceless! Kudos to Garza for coming up with this idea. Another reason to love the Cubs!

  • Tom

    Let’s start a chant — Keep Garza keep, keep Garza keep, keep Garza keep !!!

  • Fastball

    Instead of talking about trades for Garza and Dempster. What about LaHair and DeJesus or Baker and Johnson even Soto. I really don’t think Soriano will be traded at this year. Theo can’t replace his production and they have nobody to protect Rizzo in the lineup if Sori is gone. I doubt seriously that Dempster gets moved until the 11th hour on the last day. I don’t think anyone is going touch Garza with a ten foot pole right now. The Giants could use LaHair as well as the Pirates. The Nats and Rays could use Soto. Baker and Johnson could end up almost anywhere. I could see Baker going to Detroit as a utility infielder as he can play 2b and 3b and OF. Johnson who knows.

  • Ken

    At this point, the Cubs best trade may be to get Owens and Locke from the Pirates. A couple of lefties who are putting up good numbers at the AAA level. Send them Maholm and someone else if need be.

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  • mudge

    If Rizzo isn’t going to be a savior, maybe they could package Garza, Soto, Vitters and Reed Johnson for Jesus of Nazareth.

    • Jeff

      I thought DeJesus was going to be our savior..by the power of Grayskull!

    • Shawn H

      There is some question, as to whether or not, Jesus can hit a curveball.

      • Toby

        I thought only Jobu can hit a curveball.

        • PRcajun

          nice…but only if you bring him a live chicken before the game. Gotta love, Pedro. I crack up every time I see an All State commercial, I think back to Pedro running around the bases with his bat.

      • VanSlaw

        Jesus has no stick; he’s a relief pitcher. Or haven’t you heard that Jesus saves?

  • Mitch

    according to keith law soler just hit a huge hr

    • http://bleachernation.com someday…2015?

      1st of many as a Cub!!

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    Omg my cousins is at the arizona cubs game and he said Soler just total bomb the left center and crushed it!

  • calicubsfan007

    So, someone answered my question about Cleve being Wario, but who is the guy dressed up as Waluigi (the guy in purple)? LaHair is Mario, that I knew.

    • hogie


      • calicubsfan007

        @hogie: Thank you! That was bugging the crap out of me!

  • Dougy D

    That may be the best thing that I’ve seen this season. That makes me proud to be a Cub fan!

  • scorecardpaul

    I think we need to send Soriano to Houston. Pay all of his salary, and get a bag of balls back. Soriano would love hitting in that park, and they are going to need a DH next year. It would at least let us pick in front of them next year. I hate seeing them get our number one pick!!!!

    • Ryan G

      He’s a hell of a lot more valuable than that. You don’t pay his entire contact unless you’re getting a solid piece back. You either get some salary relief or a nice prospect, you don’t give him away.

      • Scotti

        I assume that the piece we’d get back in that trade is assurance that Houston starts winning more games and we start losing more. Personally, even though there are more reasons to gun for worst record this year than typical, I still don’t see the payoff.

    • Boogens

      Also, the Astros just got rid of a big contract in Carlos Lee. I don’t think they’re looking to bring in another fading high priced star. Even if the Cubs pick up most of his salary.

  • calicubsfan007

    I can’t stand watching Baker play, but I think he is the coolest dude ever for the custome choice!

    • calicubsfan007

      Whoops, meant costume

  • cubchymyst

    Awesome, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because I love dressing up.

  • Zach

    What about Soto and Valbuena? Who were they?

    • Zach

      And Soriano?

      • Jimmy james

        Sori was batman to castros robin

        Soto was a ghostbusters

        Not sure acout valbuena, saw he might have been wolverine but couldn’t tell for sure in pic I saw if it was Jim….you know mask and all 😉

        • Scotti

          Almost looks like Soriano is doing “the shocker.” Castro needs to worry.