My fingers are bleeding. Not really. But, you know.

Today, on the heels of the news that the Cubs have (probably) traded Ryan Dempster to the Braves for young pitcher Randall Delgado, Jim Bowden reports that the Cubs and Dodgers are discussing a Matt Garza deal, which would include top pitching prospect Zach Lee coming to the Cubs as part of a package.

This doesn’t mean a deal is particularly close. After all, Garza just left his last start with a triceps cramp, and has yet to demonstrate that he’s fully healthy. He’s scheduled to start on Friday, so it’s possible that the Dodgers will want to wait to see how he looks then before pulling the trigger. And the Cubs, too, might want to wait to see whether the market improves for Garza in the wake of the Dempster deal.

I’ve always maintained that I don’t love the Dodgers as a fit for the Cubs in Garza talks. While I do think Lee, 20, is a quality pitching prospect, of the kind you’d want to get in a Garza deal, I’m not crazy about the other potential pieces in the deal – that is to say, I’m not crazy about the rest of the Dodgers’ system. And, as we just saw in the Dempster deal, the market is obviously VERY strong for sellers. Hell, Dempster just netted a prospect of Lee’s caliber, so how much more should the Cubs be getting for Garza (assuming health)? A lot more.

Ah, the week before the Trade Deadline. Fun stuff.

  • Cub Style

    Brett has blisters on his fingers.

    • calicubsfan007

      @Cub Style: “I got blisters on me fingers!”

      • beerhelps

        Hopefully this all works out as more of a “Revolution” than just “Helter Skelter”

        • stillmisskennyhubbs

          “Here comes the sun ..”.!

      • Richard Nose

        I’m covered in blisters.

    • Patrick G
  • matt

    Let the obsessive Garza watch begin!!!

  • North Side Irish

    So what would Brett write about during his 30 hour deadline marathon if Garza gets traded this early? Are people going to pay for an Obsessive Reed Johnson watch?

    • Wester

      If that happens, I say brett can use the last 3 hours as sweat equity towards that 30 hour marathon.

      • Freshness21

        I 2nd that. Or we should just make him post pictures of Stacy Keibler for 30 hrs

        • Alec

          This gets my vote.

        • Frank

          Yes! A Series She-View Marathon!!!

    • Cyranojoe

      Hm, a Reed watch? I might. :)

  • bt

    Goldstien is poo-pooing the idea that Delgado is the same level as Lee. He has him as a #3 starter, tops.

    • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

      He is the same level, not the same upside. Whether or not a player hits his upside is not very often. He isn’t viewed as a safe #1. If so the Dodgers wouldn’t think of trading him.

  • gocatsgo2003

    Could be yet another case of Jedstein using the Dodgers to establish a player’s market before finding the best offer. If a final package of players is “finalized” with the Dodgers including Lee, Jedstein can turn around to the other interested parties and say “look… they’re offering their top pitching propspect and other pieces. Pony up your best pitching prospect and better pieces if you really want Garza.”

  • Jim

    There are also some that may say that Zach Lee did not earn a promotion to AA, and now is showing why. But he is only 20, so who knows? Hopefully the evaluators that rank players have a better clue than me.

  • AD

    Completely agree Brett. Great Piece! Would still love to see the Royals, Tigers, or Blue Jays involved. I think all the other teams mentioned in the Garza talks can provided a package of much greater value that Lee plus others from the Dodgers.

    • Richard Nose

      Nooooooo doubt.

  • TonyP

    At this rate you are going to be able to cancel the 30 hour blog-o-thon, there won’t be anyone left to trade.

  • Spencer

    Why is everyone so gung ho to unload dempster for a prospect of Lee’s caliber? Garza is actually established, and would be great to build around. Sure, Lee is a consensus top 100 prospect (probably top 50-75), but those are still never sure things, especially with pitchers. I would much rather keep Garza and get arms through free agency and the draft.

    • Jack Weiland

      No one is gung ho about trading Dempster for Lee, because that’s not what’s happening.

      • Spencer

        my bad, typo. I meant trading Garza for Lee.

        • willis

          Lee has an 8 billion ERA right now in AA. So color me unimpressed. I think it’s absolutely stupid to trade Garza. Young, controlled, can extend, and can be a vital part of the rebuild. Instead, may trade him for a dude that isn’t all that?

          Stupid. Just stupid. Established vet for a dude getting knocked around in mid level minor league ball. Great deal.

          • Richard Nose

            He’s 20. That AA ERA is based on 5 starts. aaaaaaand it’s an ERA.

  • Mr. Gonzo

    With Zach Lee’s underwhelming July, could we squeeze a ‘Chris Reed’ out of them as well?

  • TC

    At this pace there wont be anything left for you to discuss in your 24-hour live blog!

  • Patrick G

    To be honest, not a big fan of Lee. If it were a package of there top pitching prospects with Lee involved, but still think there is a better package out there. Hope this is a leverage tactic to get other teams picking up phones.

  • BluBlud

    If we pick up Delgado and Lee, plus a couple B prospects on the same day, I can call that a great Day. Now, as much as I like Soriano, if we can eat some salary a get a top prospect, or eat less, but get a mid level prospect and save money, we might be sitting pretty come the off season and next year. I’m a Very happy Cubs fans right now. After this past Cards series, that’s saying a whole lot.

  • Fastball

    The Dodgers are Theo’s puppet in all this. He let’s them start the bidding but they can only participate until the Big Boys decide to get involved. The buyer never makes the first bid at the auction. Ned Colletti is Theoyer’s toy to play with until the real players figure out what they want to pay for Garza. Once the real game starts the Dodgers won’t even get a return phone call from Theo.

  • daveyrosello

    Lee has nearly a 6.00 ERA this year, why the heck should the Cubs accept an underwhelming kid like that for Matt Garza? No way, Jedstein sure as hell BETTER find a more suitable trade partner than the Dodgers.

    • willis


    • Jack Weiland

      I would hope for more in return for Garza as well, but Lee’s minor league ERA is totally meaningless. You’re right for the wrong reasons.

    • Frank

      It’s possible that Lee’s being rushed through the Dodger’s system–and if the Cubs do get him, they should put him back a level. He is only 20, after all.

  • Fastball

    Well some big time sports writers are in a lot of trouble if this deal didn’t happen. If Dempster is saying there is no deal then somebody has gotten the cart way out in front of the horse.

  • Patrick G

    Oswalt scratched from his start, Colby Lewis not starting tonight injury related. Rangers need a top of the rotation guy and think they feel the need to get back to the WS after the past 2 seasons.

  • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

    I still prefer a Kansas City trade. Maybe even Oakland now that they are winning. I just don’t like what the Dodgers could offer.

    • Jack Weiland

      Toronto would be the biggest catch, I think. But I’m guessing they aren’t willing to pay the price.

  • Brad

    Royals for Myers…. My pants would become pleats

    • stillmisskennyhubbs

      I knew we couldn’t go three days without a Wil Myers wet dream.
      If the Royals let him go, I will shop at Hats R Us for dinner.

  • MightyBear

    I think Zach Lee and Allen Webster would be a good haul for Garza.

    • Brett

      Pass. I think the Cubs can do much better (now).

  • MightyBear

    Wild and wolly Monday.


    How about Brett Lawrie and a top notch pitching spect for the Jays for Garza and Vitters? Lawrie would fill 3rd base for the Cubs for years.

  • nkniacc13

    If the Delgado/Dempster deal goes through especially with no ext. I think you see any Garza deal include all prospects no one that will play for the Cubs this year or that would be expected to start next year for the Cubs

  • Benny

    I’d rather get Allen Webster and nATE Eovaldi for Garza then Lee.

  • Abe Froman

    I’m trying to hide my Dempster trade anxiety from myself for a minute.

    A week or so ago I was doing some half-assed digging on Zach Lee and ran across a Dodgers blogger who rated Lee #5 or 6 in their system because he felt he had a poor attitude and work ethic amongst other issues. No doubt that is way off from the general consensus to put it mildly, but unless he was personally or professionally snubbed by Lee that does not inspire confidence especially given the lack of talent in their farm.

    Brett, and other thoughtful dudes have opined that Garza to the Dodgers is not likely due to their lack of high end trade pieces, so I wonder if this is a posturing stick to jar loose some other offers by the FO

  • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

    Rangers may need pitching. Colby Lewis is out for the year. Needs surgery. Time to get this ball rolling.

  • steve

    Send garza to texas for olt, & perez. We have our 3b of the future to combine with rizzo, & castro. In perez we add another highly rated pitcher that’s ready for the majors as well as delgado, wood, & shark. Kinda curious what they can get out of maholm.

  • Larry Bittner

    Maybe we can have an update here, that there’s no update to report.

    • Brett

      On Garza and the Dodgers? There’s no update to report.

  • Larry Bittner

    Thx. COWA- your a can of whoop ass