Well, the Cubs have certainly helped the Cardinals over the last five games.

Starlin Castro and Alfonso Soriano made up a healthy chunk of the offense again tonight, this time doing it with homers.

But you know the big story …

  • Andrewmoore4isu

    Paul just moved from 1 second tier to 2 second tier prospects

  • magiljl

    Maholm>>>>Wandy. Go ahead and trade (Pirates) for a lesser pitcher (in my unbiased opinion, of course).

  • Zogie

    The cubs dominated tonight’s game with pitching once again, but Alfonso Soriano helped give some run support. Maholm was dominate once again. 8 IP with 7 Ks. DeJesus 1-4 2B 2RBI 1K 1BB SB. DeJesus was finally able to come through in the clutch with a 2-run double. He was hitting .197 with RISP before that AB. Castro 1-5 HR 1K (5 LOB). The Homerun was nice to see, but the rest of his night was rather sad. I would rather see him hit singles to all fields than try to consistently hit for power. OBP is better than SLG% according to sabermatrics. Rizzo 1-4 SB. Soriano 2-4 HR 2RBI, 2K. Soriano broke the game open for the cubs and they never looked back. Sori looked pretty bad early against the curveball (as always), but he killed a hanging curveball for a 2-run bomb. LaHair 0-4 2K. The stat line looks terrible for Lahair, but he looks to be having better ABs. On a few of those strikeouts, he saw a ton of pitches. Soto 0-3 BB, K did just enough to get on base. The walk led to a couple other walks which allowed DeJesus to come through. Barney 1-4. Valbuena 0-3 IBB. Johnson 1-1 SB. Great job tonight and my shout out goes to Paul Maholm. 5 consecutive wins for Maholm.

  • EB

    Hey Brett I’m on my way to Pittsburgh for tmrrw’s game and am staying in Columbus tonight. Any donut/breakfast places you would recommend for the morning?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      The only suggestions I might have (and I’m not sure I have any donut places in mind, as I’m a Dunkin’ Donuts kind of guy, at least around here) wouldn’t be too close to Columbus, proper (we’re in a Northwest suburb). Hope it’s a good trip, though. Maybe you’ll get to see Dempster …

      • EB

        Thanks man. It will be very interesting to see if Demp takes the mound

        • fromthemitten

          Tim Hortons, if you haven’t tried them yet

  • Wester

    Anyone else curious why Todd hollandsworth uses his experiences in career at bats to breakdown swings after every game?

  • http://bleachernation.com someday…2015?

    So other then the Pirates who are now out on Maholm who would be interested in him?

  • Atfinch

    Just making sure, he has no 10&5 rights, correct? Don’t want to deal with this again.

    Kidding. Maybe.

    • Aaron

      No 10/5.

  • Chris Sanchez

    Aside The Trade Drama , Who Is The Closest Cubs Prospect That Can Be Ready For The Majors ?

    • Bric

      I’d say Brett Jackson, apart from the several bull pen candidates of Dolis, Bellivue, and a couple of other not that big a deal pitchers.

      • Chris Sanchez

        Do You Think He Can Be Successful In The Majors With All Those Strikeouts ?

        • ProfessorCub


          • Chris Sanchez

            Shelby Miller ?

            • calicubsfan007

              Shelby Miller?

        • http://casualcubsfan.blogger.com hansman1982

          at his current strikeout rate? No. It takes 40+ homers in order for that to happen.
          at his career strikeout rate? Yes.

          I wonder if the Thedstein school of swing management is not good for Jackson and Castro and they should get back to their previous swings.

  • cubz23

    Hey Brett

    I think for that last box score I would ink soriano in blue. Seems to me with the write in you did he falls into that category. My son loves soriano, I am starting to guy is been big all year.


    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      The enhancement doesn’t always cover everything of note in the game – or even the most important thing. I choose at my whim.

      • cubz23

        Lol… Understood sir

        • http://casualcubsfan.blogger.com hansman1982

          the good news is that he has learned, despite the advertisers claims, the “enhancement” really doesn’t work everywhere. Far too many blank box scores to count…

  • gutshot5820

    All this controversy must be great for BN’s website traffic!!!!

  • http://bleachernation.com #1lahairfan

    Dempster has said no to the trade.

    • MaxM1908

      Are you citing a source, or just speculating?

      • NCMoss

        Exactly what I wanted to ask.

  • http://bleachernation.com #1lahairfan

    I have multiple sources. Google Ryan dempster. This would only happen to the cubs. Watch Randall Delgado win a Cy young in a couple years.

    • MaxM1908

      You seriously are citing a Yahoo Sports Blog written by a guy who’s just recapping what’s been well known over the last 24 hours?

      • NCMoss

        Everyone knows that Yahoo Sports is the highest authority on all trade matters.

  • mudge

    Maholm for Delgado?

    • Aaron


  • The Show

    So Demp rejects the trade to ATL and will only accept a trade to the Dodgers, who will not give us a return as good as the Braves. Matt Garza most likely won’t make his next start and might be able to start the day right before the deadline, which might hurt his ability to get traded. The Tigers are no longer a destination for Garza and now the Pirates are no longer a destination for Maholm. This deadline was supposed to be a golden opportunity, now it seems like it is far from that.

  • calicubsfan007

    To put a smile on all ya’lls faces!

    • NCMoss

      That seizure never gets old, haha.

      • NCMoss

        Wow, that sounds morbid when it’s out of text.

        • calicubsfan007

          Eh it sounds bad out of context, but might draw more attention to my link though. Any publicity is good publicity! (= My last words before I go to hell!

  • Kevin

    Brett, With now less than a full week until the trade deadline, what trades do you think the Cubs will be able to pull off? Also, can you answer why all trades hinge on trading Depmster first? Teams are making trades and the Cubs are focusing on only trading Dempster first. Time is running out and teams are active and I’m afraid the Cubs are missing out . I only want the best for the Cubs.

  • blublud

    People are acting surprised about Maholm. He had same, if not better numbers last year. In fact, last year his WAR was 2.1, this year just .5. 1.29 WHIP in each. I think Maholm is transferring in a 2-3 instead of a 4-5. I say hold on to him, let him finish strong. If he starts next season strong, his value could sky rocket.

    • Mysterious4th

      I am diggin’ mahlom but next year he would be a pure rental. If he’s traded this year a team would give us possibly 2 B prospects just because they’d have him all next year and they could possibly get a pick if he walks the following year which means they could possibly recoup 1/2 of what they paid for him unless they trade him at next years deadline and that would probably only ne them a B prospect.

      Well that’s how I see it. Correct me if I am wrong in any fashion.

      • SalukiCub

        I don’t think Maholm is netting anyone a pick as he is not going to be offered a $12million plus salary

  • Kevin

    Brett, by the way, great reporting during this very difficult time.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Thanks, Kevin.

  • Patrick

    I really hope if we keep Maholm he goes ahead and breaks that lefty winning games allowing 1 or 0 earned runs. I always liked the guy as a Pirate really wouldn’t mind keeping him and Shark as our two “vetern” presences. All of you forget were not just going to throw 5 rookies into a starting rotation next year. lol

  • Fastball

    I dont think Garza or Maholm will get traded. I wonder what angle dempsters agent is playing in all of this. Larry Bowa was saying the Angels could move on Dempster. Maybe Theo a klandestine above top secret trade to the other LA is in the works! I would LMAO if that jappened and nobody knew a damned thing about it.

  • calicubsfan007

    I didn’t know McGehee was on the Pirates… If it is the one I think it is (was on the Brewers for a while), then I would have to ask why the Pirates have a crappy player starting?

  • calicubsfan007

    I am guessing that if he starts tomorrow, that a lot of the fans might be in the key of “b”, as in boos. Just checking out other Cubs places has given me that guess. A ton of people are pissed.

  • BeyondFukudome

    Just read Dempster’s remarks in the SunTimes. He’s a pompous asshole.

    • calicubsfan007

      Where exactly? From the stuff I saw on Sun Times, I didn’t see him saying anything that would give a person that impression. Can you post a link? I want to see what he says.

    • MoneyBoy

      How in the world do you morph Dempster’s comments to the media to a statement like “he’s a pompous asshole?” Do you KNOW him personally? Is it possible he’s not doing what any player in his position might do … leveraging being the “hammer” and not the nail? Assuming you have a job, if you had that sort of leverage, wouldn’t you do just what he’s doing?

      I admit .. I don’t him either. But I happen to know someone who does … very well. This person tells me that he is one of the highest quality human beings this person has ever known. I have been told, he lives, literally, down the street from Theo and his family. Does that matter? Of course not

      But for you, or anyone, to make a comment like that is just ludicrous.

      • Njriv


        • Whiteflag


        • calicubsfan007

          Awesome Njriv! I thought of Robot Chicken with “Ludicrous”. I love it when they show him doing the play called “Don’t be Ridiculous”. Hilarious. Love RC.

      • DarthHater

        Whoa, sounds like somebody opened up a whole can of pompous asshole.

  • Mike S

    Jorge Soler hits another home run. Waiting to see the video…???

  • Mike S

    Also, Dan Vogelbach was moved up to Boise

  • cubchymyst

    Cubs are trying to get Webster from Dodgers for Dempster is the latest update on MLBtraderumors. Read a little but if someone out there has a better feeling wonder how Webster compares to Delgado.

    • MIkeL

      Delgado is clearly the better prospect. Webster is not horrible (top 100) but he isn’t going to a top end starter….I would like to one or two other good prospects otherwise it won’t be worth it.

      • cubchymyst


        Kept looking and found a site saying his ceiling is a number 2 starter. I agree it be good to get one or two other prospects with him (especially since it sounds like a second prospect is likely involved in the Delgado deal). The more prospects we have the better chance we have one that works outs.

    • dudeski

      just keep him and get the draft pick. no need to reward demp for hissy fit

  • thejackal

    heyyyy im kool to lol i love all u guys and gurls on here BN peeps gtta ride together hell we all we got lol if we can get over 2003 then this stuff shouldnt get us rattled bleed cubbie blue I HAVE A DREAMM THAT ONE YEAR…………

  • thejackal

    one day whe we win it all we gnna look back at this moment and have a good laugh or hell maybe even a good cry ………

    • calicubsfan007

      I have already cried! It is so stressful here! Argh!!! (=

  • http://bleachernation.com lou brock lives

    Hey Dempster – yes you have every legal right to take the deal that is best for you & your family – you do not owe the Cubs anything. Just like when Jim Hendry gave you a contract coming off Tommy John surgery and no other club was willing to offer you a spot on their 40 man roster for a whole year of rehab. Yeah forget about it now that you hold the Cubs hostage with your decision.
    Go do your Harry Caray impression at the Comedy Club in LA & get your laughs with Will Farrell. By the way – will you be bringing the kids nanny with you out to Hollywood ? Just wondering if the wife can veto that decision like you are vetoing the Cubs/Braves deal.

  • thejackal

    i think dodgers still need a starter they might go for it all wit demp or garza even tho evaldi off table now