In news that you might want to grouse about, but you can’t, because it’s about the birth of a wonderful little baby: Matt Garza has headed home to be with his wife as the couple awaits the birth of their fourth child. He was expected to be available to pitch as early as Saturday, but now, he’ll be re-evaluated on Friday, and almost certainly won’t pitch this weekend.

On the one hand, this is good news for the Cubs. If Garza doesn’t pitch this weekend, they’ve got a perfectly understandable reason: dude’s having a baby. He gets a few extra days to recover, and maybe he comes back even strong in his final start before the Trade Deadline.

On the other hand, this could be a bummer for the Cubs (again, setting aside the wonderfulness of the baby’s arrival – always a good thing). If Garza doesn’t pitch this weekend, he’ll have exactly ONE available game to start before the Trade Deadline, that being Monday night’s game against the Pirates. The Trade Deadline is 3pm CT on Tuesday, July 31, and the Cubs don’t play until later that night.

So, in other words, if Garza is going to get another start in before the deadline – which would seem a prerequisite to being able to trade him – it’s probably Monday or bust.

And, as the father of a Little Girl who waited until two weeks after her due date to arrive, it’s fair to wonder whether baby Garza might have a mind of his/her own, and Garza doesn’t make that start at all.

  • Doug

    Being a father of two I hope all goes well with the arrival of their new little one. I have a hunch he ends up not pitching at all and will not be traded. I wouldn’t be surprised to find him added to the disabled list at 3:01pm on the 31st either.

  • Jeff1969

    I would like to keep Garza, but when you look at the Cubs minor league pitching, it’s just terrifying. We have a handful (like 4 or 5) guys who might project as 4th or 5th starters, maybe. When Epstein said we need waves of pitching, he wasn’t kidding. If we got back say, two good guys in with the ceiling of a 2 or a 3, they would be our highest rated pitchers, so I get trading him. For the Cubs, geting any decent pitcher in a trade is like a birthday present. Germano, barely a major leaguer, if he pitches decently is like a godsend. I do think the Cubs have some good relievers coming up, and lets pray a few pitchers from the draft class of 2012 pan out.

  • Brian Peters

    If the Cubs aren’t cursed, I don’t know who is. I need to take up drinking.

    • TWC


      • Cubbie Blues

        I sure picked the wrong day to quit methamphetamines.

    • Grant

      I need to take up something stronger than drinking, at least when the deadline approaches. Anyone got a good horse connection?

  • Patrick G

    Honestly this could be somewhat good. Pray we somehow get Delgado and we wind up keeping Garza, along with Shark, Wood and a nice free agent pitcher, could be very respectable Rotation.

  • #1lahairfan

    Congrats Matt. Hope all goes well.