Atlanta Braves’ GM Frank Wren was on the radio this morning, and his message changed dramatically from last evening’s “we’re ready to wait on Ryan Dempster” line.

Now, he says, it’s time to move on.

“We’re not going to be painted into a corner,” the GM said on an Atlanta radio station this morning. “We have moved on.” Wren added that it is “highly unlikely” that the Braves will now acquire Dempster, and said that the parameters of the deal the two sides had in place “expired yesterday.”

Leverage grab? Maybe. But, either way, this is terrible news for the Cubs. Your hopes for Randall Delgado – which, just two days ago seemed like an expectation, not a hope – have probably been dashed. Wren doesn’t flip flop his statements so completely in the span of 15 hours unless he received new information.

It was unfair to expect the Braves to wait too much longer on Dempster, and even if the story hadn’t broken on Monday, this is how it might have played out. It seems Dempster does not want to go to Atlanta, for whatever reason.

This will probably become the home to many more updates as we approach Dempster’s scheduled start today (he’s in the lineup, as of right now).

UPDATE 1 (at 8:39am CT): This is just my own thought, not a substantive update. What I can’t understand, and what I hope we’ll soon find out: if Dempster didn’t want to go to Atlanta, and he was kept in the loop on everything, why in the world did the Cubs go to the trouble of not only negotiating, but finalizing a deal with the Braves? The narrative that has made the most sense to date is that Dempster was willing to go to Atlanta if the Cubs couldn’t work something out with the Dodgers, and he asked for a delay in accepting the Braves trade so that the Cubs could go back to the Dodger well one more time. The only way that narrative is now true (and it’s just about the only narrative that paints Dempster in a favorable light right now) is if a *good* trade with the Dodgers is immediately forthcoming. The overnight Hanley Ramirez/Nate Eovaldi trade suggests that’s possible, but Dempster is still in the starting lineup for the Cubs.

UPDATE 2 (at 9:06am CT): As you reflect on the above, think on these quotes from Dempster to the media before last night’s game: “It makes it harder when something that wasn’t supposed to be public knowledge becomes public knowledge, especially before I even knew it was public knowledge. That’s when it gets harder is when you get everybody’s opinions of what is going on and it really isn’t what was going on or what took place. You don’t really get to focus your full attention on what you’re trying to do you have to focus on everybody’s perception of what is going on.”

UPDATE 3 (at 9:25am CT): From Buster Olney: “The Dodgers are feelingly increasingly confident they can work out a deal for Dempster, because CHC don’t have many alternatives. We’ll see.” As far as we now know, the Cubs’ *only* alternative is to keep Dempster through the deadline, and then make him a qualifying offer ($12.5 million) after the season, hoping he rejects, and they can get a draft pick after the first round. Randall Delgado, that is not.

UPDATE 4 (at 9:30am CT): Here are the more complete quotes from Frank Wren, thanks to Doug Padilla: “I think it’s very highly unlikely. We put parameters on the deal that expired [Tuesday]. We were moving on from the time we heard that there was the potential of another club being really where he wanted to go. And he had a lot of personal reasons for that. We haven’t stopped pursuing other pitchers. We’ve had scouts in ballparks seeing everyone. It’s one of those bumps in the road but at the same time we put parameters on it that expired yesterday so we’ve moved on.” In other words, from Wren’s perspective, Dempster didn’t want to be in Atlanta for personal reasons, and the Braves didn’t want to keep waiting on a guy who didn’t really want to be there.

UPDATE 5 (at 9:45am CT): A lot of fan anger toward Dempster is based on the idea that Dempster has previously said that he would go wherever the Cubs could get the best offer. I’m not sure that’s exactly what he said, though he did allude to it. The statements came from an early June radio interview, which I wrote about here. Here’s the relevant quote: “I don’t know what direction they want to go, I don’t know any of those answers. Whatever it ends up being [i.e., if it’s a trade] I’ll have to take a look at it and see what’s the best for me, best for the Cubs and I respect that and I understand that. Hopefully I’m here, but if not it’s somewhere that can ultimately give them the best opportunity to improve the Cubs for the future. I believe I’m a part of that and trying to help us for the future and help us for the present as well.” So, did he really say that he would go wherever the Cubs could get the best offer? Not exactly. But close. I guess he did also add this in a separate interview with Paul Sullivan: “Any one of us is susceptible to being traded. For me, it’s a little different because I have the right to say ‘no.’ … Obviously I want to do what’s best for this organization. They’ve done nothing but right by me.” Hmm.

UPDATE 6 (at 10:21am CT): Wren just backtracked on his backtrack ever so slightly, saying that the deal isn’t dead, and the Braves haven’t ruled out a Dempster deal. It’s just very unlikely. We do know that some “parameters expired” yesterday, which I’m still going to assume is Randall Delgado.

UPDATE 7 (at 10:32am CT): Buster Olney and Jim Bowden report that the Cubs now plan to keep Dempster through the deadline (and try to get a pick after the season) unless offers improve. To me, that sounds like a desperate intentional leak to get the best possible offer before Dempster’s start today.

UPDATE 8 (at 10:54am CT): Jon Morosi says a Dempster deal with the Dodgers isn’t dead, but a source tells him the Cubs are frustrated after losing leverage. Source? Yeah, that source would be everyone who’s been paying attention.

UPDATE 9 (at 11:02am CT): George Ofman, who’s been ahead of a lot of this stuff, says this: “Stuff is very fluid. Minute by minute. Braves deal not completely dead.”

UPDATE 10 (at 11:31am CT): Interesting. Buster Olney reports that the Cubs are still hoping Dempster changes his mind on the Atlanta deal. Is it still available, then? He adds that the Cubs hope that decision comes quickly, though, because the Braves are still looking elsewhere.

UPDATE 11 (at 11:34am CT): Len and Bob just did their pre-game thing without any mention of Dempster not making his start today. It’s almost like they were avoiding it intentionally (all Bob said was that Demp had some distractions to work with).

UPDATE 12 (at 11:43am CT): Here we go. Ryan Dempster is actually starting this game. I am incredulous.

UPDATE 13 (at 1:25pm CT): Through six innings, Dempster’s given up three runs, but one was on a cheapy solo homer down the line. He allowed just five hits, no walks, and struck out six. That’s actually a pretty great start. He was pretty pissed after that sixth inning, though, where he gave up the lead with two outs. He shoved a water cooler and chucked something against the wall.

UPDATE 14 (at 1:53pm CT): To be clear: the “meltdown” that you’re going to hear a ton about from the media was all kinds of nothing. He shoved a cooler, and threw a cup at the wall. That’s it. He wasn’t out of control, he didn’t endanger himself or others. It was the kind of thing that happens ALL THE TIME in dugouts. I’m a media defender, but other folks – especially those who weren’t actually watching – blow this up to more than it was, I’m going to be displeased.

  • Matt

    Theo needs to make it clear that while Dempster has power now, he won’t in a week. And ultimately he may not like how the remainder of the season plays out.

  • Aaron

    Indeed, it should be understood that the FO did not botch this.

  • quintz

    I may lack the personal outrage towards Dempster that most of you have, but with that comes the lack of compassion I have for him as well, so I have no problem sabotaging his value if that would some how benefit the Cubs. But I ask in all honesty, would sitting him or relegating him to the pen really help the Cubs? I don’t know?

    • Matt

      Theoretically yes. They’d lose more games and have a better draft pick.

      Since he won’t agree to a trade for a prospect we want, we’ll take our chances.

      That and his numbers will drop off, also costing him money on his next contract.

      Dempster could not have played this any worse…. yet.

      • quintz

        I figured his numbers were going to drop on their own, but I would have no problem with tactically lowering his value. I only wonder how other FAs (or agents) might view this and cause them a little pause when signing with the Cubs knowing that they are willing to sandbag a guy? They probably wouldn’t care, but it’s a small concern.

  • Don

    So as a die-hard, I like many of you am disappointed that the Cubs may not get Delgado now. I think the rationale of being closer to family is irrelevant. Vancouver is a hike regardless of where you play, unless it’s Seattle, so I hope that’s not the true hold up. I also don’t want to say be happy with what we can get, BUT I will say getting something in return is better than nothing in return. I mean, Demp can ultimately say “No, I’m staying” and the Cubs get squat. With that being said, who is making the decision to start him today, Dale or Jed/Theo? There can be no good that comes from this. It’s not like a last hoo-rah for the fans at Wrigley since they are in Pittsburgh. If he pitches good or bad, his value won’t change. I just hope something gets done ASAP because this is starting to make feel like the Dwight Howard drama and it’s making me sick.

    • DarthHater

      Yea, that close to family business is a crock of shit. Not only is Vancouver 1,300 miles from LA, but he’d only be in LA for two months anyway, and half of that time he’d be traveling to road games. “Family” is just the magic word that athletes use to stand in for: “I’m doing whatever hell I want and if fans don’t like it, they can go screw themselves.” They have every right to take that attitude, if they like, but then it’s totally understandable that fans turn on them, without regard to their empty crowing about “family.”

    • EQ76

      Isn’t this the same BS that ARam did to us last year? not wanting to be traded so we get nothing in return for him but a draft pic? I’m sick of these dudes screwing us (intentionally or not intentionally). We could have got a great return for both these guys the past 2 off seasons and now???

      Kinda makes you wonder what Soriano will do if we work a trade out for him?

      • Internet Random

        At least Aramis didn’t sucker everyone into relying on his accepting a trade.

  • JLFord78

    Man, I haven’t seen as much misguided vitriol from my fellow Cubs fans since 2003 and Bartman. Turn this around and think of this whole situation from this standpoint…

    Imagine you’ve done well at your current job, and your current boss has treated you well: good benefits, well paid, very understanding of anything that’s come up. Now, that boss tells you that it would be very beneficial to the company that you move to the other side of the company. You won’t be working for the same boss, so you can’t count on all the great things you’ve got going on with your current job. Likewise, you have a family, and being the good family man that you are, you’d certainly like to get your family’s opinion and probably also make sure they’ll be taken care of while you’re busy at your new job. And here’s the kicker…you can decline the transfer if you want. The company will suffer for it, but hey, you’re not losing any benefits or pay!

    I know there’s going to be some, but seriously, how many of you would TRULY, without any hesitation, tell your boss to book that flight and get a spot ready in the other office? Loyalty goes many ways and it’s not just team/player loyalty. Dempster is not the bad guy here. In fact, the only person that can even be perceived as a bad guy is whoever leaked the deal in the first place, but even then, how were THEY to know Dempster was going to need time to work it out?

    Just keep a little perspective, would ya?

    • Sandberg

      Except you’re moving for 9 weeks and 4 to 5 of those weeks you would have been travelling anyway. Not to mention at the company picnic you announced to everyone that you’d go to any part of the company they asked.

    • MaxM1908

      Is the transfer for two months and then I can go wherever I want? I was basically transferred to London for two months earlier this (one week at home for a 10 week period) and didn’t have nearly the sweet set up that Dempster has. It wasn’t great for my family life, but I did it because I need the job and it’s the right thing to do for a company who has treated me well. You analogy is lacking in many ways.

      • Edwin

        I don’t know if any analogy comparing a “regular” job to a professional baseball player’s job is relevant. Dempster is probably in the top 100 of what he does, and he creates millions of dollars in revenue through his actions for the Cubs. He was so good at his job that he was able to secure rights that allowed him to block any attempt by the Cubs to trade him.

        How many people on this blog are in the top 100 in the world at what they do (besides Brett)? And how many of us earn millions of dollars of revenue for our employers per year? How many of us are able to secure rights to refuse transfers?

        I just don’t see how it makes any sense, either way, to compare what Dempster is going through to some strawman arguement about what “you or I” go through.

      • JLFord78

        First off, you’re close. You don’t quite get to go wherever you want. See, at the end of those 2 months, you’ll be unemployed. But that’s okay, because there’s a bunch of companies that will want you. Of course, will the ones you want to go to offer you a job? And even if they do, will they pay you what you think you’re worth? Will they treat you at all as nice as the last job?

        Listen, it sounds like you really liked the company you worked for and they treated you well. That’s great. Business is business, though, and in the end, Dempster has to do what’s right for him and his family. Sucks for us, no doubt about it, but for anyone to fault a guy for looking out for his family instead of a team?

        Loyalty is about going out and making sure you earned and deserve every bit of your contract. Some will dispute Dempster’s done that, but I think any level-headed fan can see that Dempster’s done that. A player owes nothing more to a team than that. It’s not like he’s using some loophole, he’s using a right that he earned.

        • Internet Random

          Loyalty is about going out and making sure you earned and deserve every bit of your contract.

          No, that’s not loyalty. Using your best effort is called “not breaching your contract”.

          Some will dispute Dempster’s done that, but I think any level-headed fan can see that Dempster’s done that. A player owes nothing more to a team than that.

          Really? By this rule, you don’t owe it to your team not to urinate in your teammates’ lockers and hit on their wives.

    • EQ76

      also, and most importantly, this is major league baseball, much different than any other job. these guys know they’re most likely gonna get moved a lot through their careers. it’s part of the job and they all know it. Yes Demp had the right to veto a trade.. but he has lost some brownie points with Cubs fans by vetoing this trade.. plain and simple. not just because we lost Delgado, but because now our return will most likely suck.

    • Sosa23

      That was one of the most ridiculous analogical references i have ever had the pleasure of reading. These situations are completely differant, baseball and working a day job to 5 are 2 differant things. Starting off with the payroll. Then everything else.

    • Jeff1969

      @ JLFord, you’re talking about a multi millionaire, not your average working person. Transfers happen all the time in work, but in baseball they happen every day, they are an absolute part of the game and Dempster knew he was going to be out there as a trading chip. He knew the deluge of discussion, of how baseball usually works. Apologize for him all you want & make your false comparisons, but he’s playing around with his employer & the fans. He’s a jerk & a baby. The worst part is that he would accept the qualifying and be back here waving his hand and probably getting shelled. He’s a fake good guy, wake up Cub fans.

      • JLFord78

        I also see a lot of comments in this vein…that Dempster vetoing this trade means the Cubs won’t be competitive for a lot longer. Do you really believe this? So you’re either saying Dempster is THAT bad or you’re saying Delgado is THAT good. I would think if either were the case, then A) Nobody would want Dempster or B) No chance the Braves give up Delgado. With neither being the case, I think it’s safe to assume that this doesn’t hurt our chances (much) at being competitive soon.

    • AK

      What? Yeah, ok, from Dempster’s POV. But this isn’t Dempster’s POV, this is the fan’s point of view who want a team to be contending within the next few years. With that, we want the best pieces we can get. He said LA was the place he wanted to be, but clearly that wasn’t going to happen based on what they had to offer. He also said Atlanta was another place he wanted to be, after LA, and the deal was great.

    • The Pubic LaHairs

      There’s no way you can compare a job as a baseball player to a job in the corporate world because the financials are completely different. If my boss was paying me $14 mil for this year and offering me a transfer to have a chance at one of the most important projects in the country (ie Playoffs, World Series), while also knowing that I would be getting a raise from another firm next year, I’d tell my family to sit tight and I’m sure they would understand.

    • Internet Random

      I have zero problem with Dempster acting in his and his family’s best interest.

      What I have a problem with is making false representations to people who then, trusting that you’re a man of your word, make arrangements in reliance on those false representations… only to find out later that you’re going to crawfish.

      NB: I’m not saying (yet) that Dempster has done this, because all the facts aren’t in… but if this is what has happened, I’m never going to have another positive thought about Dempster.

  • John78154

    Brett, any chance we can put a package together for the Dodgers to flip Hanley and a couple prospects to us? Maybe Demp, Garza and a couple others?

    • EQ76

      no way on earth unless we offer up Castro.

  • JR

    Wow – the vitriol! I certainly understand (and share) the emotional response of wondering why he can’t just suck it up for two months in Atlanta. But since I’ll never know exactly what happened (with the leak, with what Dempster was told and when, what license he gave the Cubs to negotiate a trade to Atlanta, etc.) it’s hard for me to hate a guy who has played so hard, done so well, and with such a great attitude and class. I expect the Cubs only to do what’s best for the Cubs and Ryan Dempster to do what’s best for him – and he does not owe me an explanation of the cost/benefits of Atlanta v. LA or anything else.

    As to Dempster’s earlier comments, I’m not sure what people are exorcised about. He was not making a blood oath. The Cubs constantly tell half truths in terms meant to appease the fans (Rizzo was staying in the minors to get the requisite experience, not because of the extra year of control; the Ricketts are pumping all their revenue back into the business and not into their pockets? Really? Will you please release the financials, including tax returns, so there’s some transparency to that claim?). While it would be much more entertaining if everyone ran around like Ozzie or Zambrano spouting off whatever thought passed through their mind, sophisticated professionals don’t tend to do that and they are constantly mindful of how their comments play with the fans. I appreciate that respectful veneer, even if it’s partly PR, but am not naive enough to think it trumps the bottom line either for an organization or a player. Sure beats people like Dusty Baker telling us that they couldn’t care less what we think and would prefer to play in empty ballparks!

    I very much regret this went public — there’s probably a lot that happens behind the scenes that would infuriate us as fans — and hope never to see the day that Dempster is booed at Wrigley, in any uniform.


    • SouthernCub

      wait a few minutes

  • MikeL

    For those of you breathing a sigh of relief and defending Dempster….just remember, as I said….It means that it going to be a looooooong time befor the Cubs are competitive again. The cubs will NOT be active players in free agency this year or the year after…..there is just no one there. So I hope you are happy having Mr. “Nice guy” on the rest….and enjoy the 70 win teams the next two or three years.

    • Sosa23

      Couldnt agree more

    • bbmoney

      Ok, while I’m frustrated. If you really think the return on Dempster was going to be the only difference between us being competitive the next few years or not…I think you’re crazy.

      Now if we don’t manage to make a decent deal for anyone to get some arms in the pipeline it’ll be tough. But even Delgado for Dempster wasn’t going to mean we’d have been more competitive in 2013 or even 2014 then we will be now.

      I do agree we won’t be active on the FA this year. Maybe next year, but most likely not until after 2014.

  • Nomar’s Left Glove

    On a slightly unrelated side note:
    I’ve been thinking for a while that the Cubs should try and work an angle to acquire some of those competitive balance picks straight up for slightly less attractive trade pieces. For example:
    I would be willing to part with Soto for a supplemental first round pick and no other prospects. I would tend to think that a smaller market team might think that a known quantity may be worth somewhat more than an unknown quantity. I think this serves a number of purposes. The first being, getting Soto out of the way of Clevenger/Castillo. The second being to get the FO more draft picks or a larger pool of available cash for the draft. These guys are pretty smart and have already shown that they can scout/evaluate and draft. If they got more high picks/bigger fund pool, I think that they can do great things.

  • Brian

    Reading all these contradictory reports makes me only want to find out what REALLY happened behind the scenes. If I had to guess, I would think it would be something as simple as Dempster just didn’t want to up and move to Atlanta for family reasons, no matter how much BS that reeks of.

    I want to blame Dempster so bad for this (and I believe that is why so many people have turned on him so quickly) but the fact of the matter is is that it was his right to decline a trade and essentially force his way to go to wherever he wanted.

    Personally, I’m a huge fan of the business side of sports, so I think him declining the trade for his own purposes is unfair to the business of the Cubs, but there isn’t much they can do now. Just have to move forward and hope for the best.

  • #1lahairfan

    When are they going to to trade Garza, maholm, camp, and Johnson+baker?

    Dempster is wasting our time.

    • Patrick G

      “In other #Cubs RHP news: team continues to discuss Matt Garza with multiple suitors. @MLBONFOX”

      Jon Morosi just tweeted this

    • atfinch

      Still 6 days, which when it comes to trade talk can be an eternity. More worried about the fact that Garza may not even pitch until the 30th or 31st, that could really stop teams from wanting to trade for him.

      One thing is for sure – Brett has to be enjoying all of this traffic on his beloved site! Keep up the great work Brett!

    • Wilbur

      When someone makes an offer on anyone of them that the FO likes.

      I don’t work in this business, but I rather doubt that having one deal in serious negotiation precludes simultaneously having one to five others in the works ..


    another trade deadline with alot of promise of firesale, and we’d be lucky to trade one player. It almost takes skill to do this

  • MikeL

    Word is Garza is not going to be traded either.

    • Patrick G

      In other #Cubs RHP news: team continues to discuss Matt Garza with multiple suitors. @MLBONFOX

      was just tweeted by Jon Morosi, whatever that is worth

  • FromFenwayPahk

    I assume the leak that upset Dempster was from Atlanta (Theo runs a very tight (lipped) ship). I just don’t see WHY they would leak. Were they just loose-lipped? Initially I thought they were leaking on purpose, but to what end?

  • Nomar’s Left Glove

    Has anyone considered the idea that the Dodgers had actually leaked the information about the Dempster/Braves trade?
    I’m not sure that anyone didn’t know that Dempster preferred the Dodgers to the Braves from the start. That information had been everywhere from here to MLBTradeRumors to any sports page in any newspaper that was talking about this.
    If the Dodgers had caught wind of an impending trade and the caliber of prospects that were to change hands, they could blow the deal open and let Dempster harpoon it himself(which he’s all but done). This would force the Cubs to come back to table with their hats in their hand.
    I also believe that if this had backfired, there would have been no impact to the Dodgers. By this I mean that if Dempster had not shown his ass when he found out about the trade, the Dodgers would have either continued to play their respective hand without a clear advantage and Dempster might have gone to the Braves. Whereas by Dempster doing what he did, the Dodgers have all the leverage (save the preposterous “we’ll hold him and offer him a QO and get a draft pick” argument. I mean really, the Cubs have been trying to trade Dempster all season because Theo knows Dempster will TAKE a QO this off season).

    • BeyondFukudome

      Dumpster won’t take the QO after the fans in Chicago get through with him.

      • Nomar’s Left Glove

        I think that you severely underestimate the buying power of $12.5 million. If he takes it, he’d make almost $2.1 million for every month he’d have to live in a city that disliked him next year. I’d let fans throw hand grenades at me for $2.1 million/month.

      • FromFenwayPahk

        Trying to fulfill your mob’s own prophecy here, BF?

  • JulioZuleta

    If he doesn’t accept a trade worth making, put him in the bullpen the rest of the year.

  • BeyondFukudome

    My only criticism of the FO in all of this is that they should have told Dump from the start that it was Atlanta or nothing. They went the extra mile in making a good-faith effort to negotiate an acceptable deal with LA so that Dump could go to his preferred destination. LA would not make an acceptable offer and then walked away from the negotiations. Only then, did the Cubs turn to Atlanta. So when Dumpster said: “No, try again with LA,” Theo should have told him: “Sorry, pal, but I’m the President of this operation. We already did what we could with LA and now we need to spend our time working on other deals. You have to either accept the Atlanta deal in 24 hours or we will deem your silence to be a refusal and move on with a QO and a comp pick.” I kind of have a problem with the fact that it has taken the FO so long to reach same position and so much time has been wasted. But having said that, I place 99.9% of the blame on Dump.

  • paul

    dempster you suck just like aram god its hard to be a cub fan at times

  • Jason “Thundermug”

    Well if Dempster listed the Braves as one of the teams that he would go to when asked by Jed and Theo and the Cubs did their work with the Braves in getting a trade done for a decent prospect and then backs out once a trade is agreed upon is the big reason why alot of people are down on Dempster right now.

    shoot the Dodgers know they have the Cubs where they want them where they don’t have to give up any good prospect

    Bottomline : Biggest Winner = Dodgers Biggest Loser = Cubs If this was wrestling Ryan Dempster has went from being a face to a heel quicker than CM Punk (fellow Cub fan turned Heel) Monday NIght when he beat up the Rock

  • czechxican

    just heard “Dempster is Dwight Howard”. hard to argue

  • Ryan

    Whichever team the cubs don’t trade Dempster to can get Garza. If i’m the cubs, get the best deal possible from the Dodgers, go to the Braves, and try to get a big haul from the braves since they seemed to be willing to pony up to get Dempster.

  • rhino70

    There will be trades after 7/31. The morning of 8/1 most, if not all, of the Cubs will be put on revocable waivers.

    I expect to see Johnson, Baker, LaHair, Camp, etc., dealt to contenders in August.

    Garza possibly, if whomever claims him has prospects that interest the Cubs.

    As far as Dempster goes, he *might* make it to LA, but chances are he’d be claimed well before that and pulled back by the Cubs.

    • Mdel78

      I realistically think the only assets we can anticipate being traded after 8/1 this year are players with bad contracts (i.e. Soriano or Marmol), and the likelihood there is still very low.

    • bbmoney

      A lot of those guys won’t clear waivers…meaning we couldn’t trade them. Marmol and Soriano likely would. Garza certainly wouldn’t. Neither would Dempster.

  • RoughRiider

    Excuse me. I’m so sorry. I thought I was on a Cubs blog not a Phillies Blog.

  • When the Music’s Over

    This is a circus.

  • MC2

    This is all the Braves Front Office fault for dropping the ball and ruining the market value. To bad Hoyerstein can’t seek compensation from the Braves for screwing this up… …

    • Mdel78

      This certainly isn’t ideal for the Cubs, but why is it the Braves responsibility to protect the value of the Cubs assets? For all we know, the Braves thought they had a deal, were led to believe Dempster was going to accept a deal there, and then were put in a holding pattern. I’m not saying that, if they did leak it, that it was the ‘right’ thing to do. However, it probably was in the best interest of the Braves, which IS their responsibility, to get the deal done or be able to move on.

  • Jared

    Some people are saying that due to Demp vetoing this trade, the Cubs are in turn going to be horrible for another 3 years…just because of this ONE trade not going down? What if Dempster had been throwing up $hit the first half of the year, and wasnt being mentioned as trade bate? Would you all still be saying how horrible we are going to be for the next 3 years? Would this ONE trade have turned the team into an instant contender? I HIGHLY DOUBT IT!!!

    • rhino70

      This trade is/was one huge step forward in the rebuilding process. If it doesn’t happen, that sets the rebuilding process back.

    • MikeL

      The problem is that Dempster blocking this trade might effect one or several more trades that cubs had been planning on…..

    • When the Music’s Over

      People are undoubtedly crying bloody murder here when they shouldn’t be, but I don’t agree with your point. Part of the plan to more quickly return to contention was turning short term assets into long term assets, most notably through building up the depth of the farm system, especially the upper levels of the farm system.

      If guys like Dempster, Garza, Maholm etc are not traded, it does mean that the Cubs will have to more heavily rely on the lower levels of the farm system as part of their rebuilding effort, which of course takes more time. That and a more free agent signings, which as we all know, are a total crapshoot and have the unfortunately ability, as we see on the Cubs now, to sink a team for long periods of time

      • MikeL

        …..not sure If you are responding to my comment, but if you are you are in total agreement with me. My point was the Cubs are planning on building up the farm system, they will need to make to trades to stock pile the system to compliment the draft choices. Building the farm system with draft picks alone is not nearly enough because of the high percentage of busts.

    • MikeL

      And you make the argument of “what if Dempster sucked for the first half of the year” the bottom line is he didn’t and could have been a very valuable piece that would’ve helped make the rebuilding process go much faster.

  • NCBrad

    Why would the Cubs allow Dempster to pitch today? What would the benefit be for letting him pitch. Let’s just say that the Cubs are working a deal with the Dodgers, if Dempster ptiches today that means the Dodgers have to wait another 5-6 days to pitch him again. If the Cubs save him,theoretically he could pitch for LA tomorrow or Friday. Pitching him today only means Dempster can make one less start for his new team, and thus making him less valuable.

  • JulioZuleta

    The Cubs should make Dempster’s next home start D bettery give away night.

  • The Dude Abides

    The deadline is next Tuesday midnight; there is no reward for being the first to trade. We shall see what brilliance Team Theo has up their sleeve and then of course we start the August 31 deadline. Remember these are the guys who built the BoSox and Padres they know what they are doing…

    • NCBrad

      In this case it IS beneficial for the Cubs to trade Dempster ASAP. The longer it goes on the more they are competing with themselves because they still are trying to deal Garza before the deadline. Also, Dempster is a pure rental, maybe 10-12 more starts this season. So the more he pitches for the Cubs and not the new team, the less valuable he becomes. Considering his value has already dropped significantly because he is only willing to go to LA, the Cubs return is dramatically reducing, especially if he pitches one more time.

    • bbmoney

      Deadline is the afternoon of July 31, sometime before the Cubs play that day.

  • Ted

    Anyone postulate the following?

    FO negotiated with ATL sans Dempster’s consent but manufactured his interest in being a Brave to the press. FO leaked the trade info so that the Dodgers — under the impression Dempster was okay with ATL — would up the ante and give us more than what they had on the table. Best case scenario: the Dodgers say “we want Dempster we’ll give you Lee.” Worst case scenario: Dodgers call our bluff and we lose all leverage once Dempster makes it clear he only wants LAD. In true Cubs fashion, the latter occurred.

    • rhino70

      Once again, the initial leak came out of Atlanta. Their beat writer on was the first to post it from his sources. I *seriously* doubt that his sources work for the Chicago Cubs.

      • Ted

        A fair point, but if he’s got a report of a Braves trade from a verifiable source asking for confidentiality (read: the Cubs FO), I don’t see how he’s going to ignore it. And if you’re the Cubs FO, having Atlanta report it first makes it seem less like you’re puppeteering.