Ryan Dempster took the loss in what may have been his final start with the Cubs (for reals this time, but emphasis on “might”). He was actually pretty great, despite giving up three earned in his six innings. He struck out six, gave up just five hits (a couple solo homers, one of which was a cheapy), and walked no one. Advanced stats would say that’s a brilliant start.

But, yeah, the Cubs lost. The offense was almost exclusively limited to one guy …

  • EQ76

    a fitting end… maybe

  • cubsin

    I hope that was Dempster’s last start with the Cubs.

  • leroy k.

    Good job Dempster would have been better to get the sweep. Rizzooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Timmy

    May he never set foot in Chicago again after this start.

  • Steve

    You guys are starting to talk me into disliking Demp…and I don’t want to do that. The only real way you can make me is to confirm he had told Theo and Jed that he would accept the move to the Braves.
    This whole thing just stinks…and I have a hard time thinking Demp just did a 180 after Jed and Theo had basically fleeced the Braves.

    • MaxM1908

      Not exactly a confirmation, but ask yourself, why would the FO invest all the time in negotiating with Atlanta and even reaching terms for a trade unless they were under the impression that he would except a trade there? At this point in the season, time is money and there is an opportunity cost for time spent pursuing one trade. You wouldn’t waste your time hammering out the details unless you were reasonably convinced that it would go through. I fully buy that they would want there to be rumors and speculation that they were negotiating with Atlanta even if they had no intention of finalizing the deal because it would possibly drive up his cost. But, to actually reach terms on a deal? The leak leads me to believe that the ATL front office was under the impression it was a done deal, and the only way I can see that happening is if Theo and Jed gave them that indication. And the only way I can see that happening is if they were relatively certain that Dempster would accept it, and the only way that could happen? Dempster told him he would accept it. He’s well within his right to change his mind, but he has to deal with the fallout.

      • Pat

        What are you talking about? This happens every year, usually multiple times. Front offices DO put deals in place before discussing them with the player. You can argue if it is a good idea or not, but it happens all the time.

    • rcleven

      Nothing to hate Dempster for Steve. The man has earned his 10/5 rights. If he does not want to go to Atlanta there is no deal. Big deal. Just slows down the Teams plans. Not worth hating him. He is just doing what is best for him and his family. I wish him well.

      • Steve

        Thank you….I really am kidding, but damn people are really railing him. I just got all siked over the return we got and was thinking, Man…Demp really did us a solid…
        Then…in the click of my mouse…it was over.

  • cubs217

    Even Rizzo’s K was a solid AB, saw a lot of pitches, fought some off. Overall he had a VERY good day at the plate

  • rbreeze

    I have a hard time thinking that Theo and Jed would have done a 180 on Dempster! We may never know the whole story. All I know is unless this thing gets resolved, the anticipated Cub rebuilding plan will now be delayed until the winter meetings and/or early next season.

  • Can’t think of a cool name

    Can someone wake up Castro? What’s going on with him? He just does not look like the same hitter. I’m at work and can’t look up stats but he seems to be swinging at every slider outside the zone and either striking out or grounding out. What happened to driving the pitch to right field.

    • Mysterious4th

      Don’t look up the stats! He does not look comfortable at all and it doesn’t seem like he is seeing the ball very well. He struck out on 4 pitches and was chasing like sori does. He needs to sit out a few games, or a 15 day dl trip so maybe goin to AAA he can work on it on a “rehab assignment” he looks flat out terrible! But rizzo today looked pretty good even when he would pick up a K. And both lahair and dejesus both squared up and hit balls to the warning track in left center that would have been gone any place else but PNC and marlins park. Also Dejesus ground rule double was totally a HR joe west blew the call. He needs to retire like ummm I dunno yesterday!

      • Ogyu

        .278 / .304 / sigh…

        • Mysterious4th

          It really is sad, I hope he snaps out of it or move him down in the order to take the pressure off of him. But I still think a 15 day DL trip with rehab assignments would be ideal IMO

  • MightyBear

    Any rumors on the Cubs moving Camp? I would think somebody would want him the way he’s pitching.

  • NCMoss

    Sad that it isn’t going to stop other “fans”.

    • NCMoss

      Oops, that was a reply to rcleven.

  • Luke D

    Can we just put a scarecrow out there instead of Valbuena?

    • djriz

      Time to get someone from AAA. Defense is nice, sure, but we don’t need another hitter at the Mendoza line.

  • The Dude Abides

    anyone have any batting average stats on Castro, LaHair, etc before and after Rudy J leaving the team? I suspect those guys have fallen off a bit, is there ayone who was with the team during Rudy’s time that has seen a spike up since hs departure?

    • Mysterious4th

      I was actualy thinking that Rudy J had a lot to do with castro, or the possibility. LaHair I think pitchers learned how to pitch him as well as he’s a semi-regular player. He needs to face the lefties in order to improve.

      Oh Len and Bob were talking about the possibility of soriano winning a gold glove in left. They said it just used to be the top 3 outfielders, now its actually broken down to left, center, right. They both agreed that he’s gotten to balls in left that most other LF players wouldn’t have been able to get and that LF is generally where you put the weakest defensive player so his compition wouldn’t been too stiff unlike 1B, SS, CF. I sadly agree with them. He has been pretty flippin great in LF this year. I think Braun would be his only real compitition.

  • Josh

    The enbtire CUbs offense is pretty awful outside of Rizzo. Castro is in a huge slump. You can’t have 4 regulars hitting below .266 and expect to do well. Especially when that includes you leadoff hitter, 3B, and 2B

  • EB

    I was at the game today sitting 4 rows behind the Cubs dugout and here is what I took away:

    1. Dempster looked like a man who was tired, stressed, and had a lot on his mind. He didn’t look like his happy, jovial self. Maybe thats how he always looks on days that he pitches but thats just what I saw

    2. Rizzo is a freakin hoss

    3. Darwin Barney should win the gold glove

    4. PNC park is absolutely beautiful

  • Mick6x

    Anybody else going to the game on Thursday?

    • Mick6x

      Oops Friday!

  • http://bleachernation.com #1lahairfan

    Can Adrien Cardenas play short?

  • die hard

    Why has Castro been slumping since batting coach fired? is it because like with Josh Hamilton, also a head case, the pitchers have realized that to get him out, just off speed and off the plate over and over?….this kid is over hyped soon to be the way of Corey Patterson unless someone moves him to the OF so he can relax abit…with Corey, it should have been to move him down to 7th in order..maybe same with Castro……speaking of Yankees, maybe Cubs can get top prospects for Castro to play 3rd, which at least is away from SS…Theo, time to think outside the box and pull the trigger on Castro

    • PRcajun

      wow…slow down for a minute, bud. Starting to sound like the Marlins there…this is not fantasy baseball

    • Patrick G

      Is this serious? Yankees couldn’t give us their whole farm system for Castro.

  • Cubs5050

    Pull the trigger on castro? PLEASE, it is a slump, plus he is only 22 yrs old, most his age are in high A

  • Vince

    time to bring vitters up and forget the valbuena experiment. we need more punch at third.what have they got to loose?

  • MikeL

    They could end up damaging his development…..Vitters is not ready yet. He probably needs another year at AAA…..his defense isn’t very good either. Keep in mind that Valbuena was actually more productive than Vitters has been at AAA this year….