How Did the Braves’ Trade for Ryan Dempster Go Down and Fall Through? (UPDATES: Dempster Hasn’t Closed Door)

Atlanta Braves’ GM Frank Wren has been talking to the media today about the now (almost certainly) failed trade involving Ryan Dempster and Randall Delgado. I referenced it in today’s earlier Ryan Dempster post, but thanks to the Sun-Times, we now have a more complete transcript of his comments. And it includes a bit of what we’ve been looking to hear for some time: what exactly happened over the last week?

From Wren, via the Sun-Times:

In his case, from my understanding – and I’m only getting it second hand from the Cubs – they had a meeting with him a couple weeks ago and laid it out, and the primary two suitors were us and the Dodgers. And he had positive things to say about both, and he had a slight preference to the Dodgers because of Ted Lilly. He and Ted Lilly are best of friends and he’d like to go play with his friend. And I think there were also some personal issues that suited better for him. And as it went down, from my understanding, the Cubs informed him in the last week that the Dodgers weren’t really as aggressive as we were and they thought the deal was going to go with us. I think he was given a heads up along the way. I think it may be the way it was presented as far as coming out in the media [Monday]. I think that was blindsiding, not that he necessarily didn’t know this was coming down.

Wren is politely trying to say that it was his understand that, prior to the Cubs engaging him in serious discussions about a Dempster trade, they had received an indication from Dempster that he would accept a trade to the Braves, assuming the Cubs couldn’t get a great offer from the Dodgers. But Dempster knew all along that the Cubs were seriously talking with the Braves, and that this moment could be coming down the pipeline.

Again, this doesn’t look great for Dempster. But, two strong cautions: (1) this is second-hand info, and we still don’t *really* know what was said between the Cubs’ front office and Dempster, and (2) there are still several days left before the Trade Deadline. While it’s fair to react and offer your thoughts, just keep in mind that a great deal can happen in the next few days.

Also, here’s a big thing to keep in mind: we still don’t know that things haven’t played out exactly as Dempster and the Cubs anticipated: get a deal lined up with the Braves, and then see if the Dodgers will top it. Maybe the plan was, if the Dodgers don’t top it, then Dempster accepts the deal to Atlanta. We’ll probably never know now, because of the timing of the media leak, and the story breaking on Monday. It forced Dempster to explain himself (and reveal an obvious strong preference for LA), and it forced the Braves to say publicly that they’re “moving on.”

For his part, after today’s game, Dempster told the media that he understand Wren can’t wait on him, even though Dempster is still weighing his options.

Let’s keep the comments civil. I’m not asking you to not speak your mind, I’m suggesting only that you be thoughtful before posting.

UPDATE (at 2:57pm CT): Interesting additional comments from Dempster after the game. From Patrick Mooney, quoting Dempster: “If that’s still an option down the road, then that’s something I might look at to make the best decision for me/my family.”

UPDATE 2 (at 3:01pm CT): Paul Sullivan has a nice write-up of Dempster’s comments after the game, which suggest that he plans to think things over today and tomorrow (his off-day, when he’ll probably see his family). So maybe we’ll find something more concrete out by the end of the day tomorrow. Or not. Because, you know, why would any of this go according to plan?

UPDATE 3 (at 3:11pm CT): Fair to speculate that Dempster doesn’t want to go to Atlanta, but doesn’t want to formally reject the trade, because he knows at that time, the Cubs really do lose all leverage with the Dodgers (which hurts him, because that’s where he wants to go – and the Cubs are just as likely to keep him at that point). So he says he’s still thinking about it to try and buy the Cubs (and himself) more time to try and work out a deal with the Dodgers. But if the Dodgers don’t step up by Friday, then what? Or if the Braves really do come forward and say, “the deal is totally and completely off the table no matter what,” then what?

UPDATE 4 (at 8:58pm CT): Dave Kaplan actually got a quote from Theo Epstein on all of this, but it’s a non-quote – he essentially said, we haven’t commented on Dempster, and we’re not going to comment now. As expected. And it’s the right thing to do, by the way. Virtually no good can come from saying anything right now.

UPDATE 5 (at 9:01pm CT): Tim Brown reports that the Cubs have told “Dempster suitors” that they’re willing to grant a window to negotiating an extension. I kind of expected this was already happening, but it’s nice to get confirmation. Here’s the thing: I’m not really sure Dempster is going to want to actually receive an extension from anyone but the Dodgers – but they might be willing to up their prospect offer ever-so-slightly if they know they’ve got him for a couple more years. But, let’s be clear: it’s already July 25. There aren’t a lot of days left to give a team a “window” to negotiate an extension. Also: I strongly doubt the Braves have an interest in extending Dempster, now that I think about it. They’ve got so much young pitching, and they’ve got a cheap ownership group. Yes, they have money coming off the books, but do they really want to commit tens of millions to a 36+ year-old Ryan Dempster?

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

513 responses to “How Did the Braves’ Trade for Ryan Dempster Go Down and Fall Through? (UPDATES: Dempster Hasn’t Closed Door)”

  1. Wilbur

    I’m not a Dempster Defender, liked the offer Atlanta made, but it’s hard for me to get too emotional about any of this.

    Were his comments a month ago misleading or misunderstood, everyone can make up their own mind. However, whatever the interpretation his even considering approval of any trade is a concession only he can grant and if we as fans dislike or like how he plays his cards we’ve got no skin in the game other than our emotions as the Cubs do not have the right to trade him for anyone at any time … without his OK.

    I understand the venting and people should feel free to curse his existence, banish him from our warm and fuzzy memories or put him on a pedestal. However, for what its worth the outpouring of contempt does seem like we are howling at the fates …

  2. ReiCow


    Thank you for tirelessly covering this. I’m sure it hasn’t been easy given the angst, flurry of news, and forum vitriol, but I want to know that I appreciate your dilligence.


    1. Cyranojoe

      Could not possibly agree more. Thanks, Brett! And thanks for putting that into words, Cow. Moo to you too!

    2. St Anger

      I just started following you this week, and it goes for me too. Thanks! (And remember it’s just baseball.)

  3. MightyBear

    Aside from all the Dempster BS, I am really surprised the Cubs haven’t traded Garza, Maholm, Camp or any of the other players that have some value (although not as much as these guys – Maholm and Camp have been lighting it up).

  4. IACub

    Has anyone else been hoping every time the Twitter up-dates something good will come across it???
    Maybe it’s just me.

  5. andrew

    I dont see why the Braves would take the deal off the table unless they make a deal in the meantime. I dont think baseball teams operate like infomercials where you only get the good deal if you call within 30 minutes.

    1. BeyondFukudome

      There is no way that Delgado will be put back on the table for Dempster, especially if he plans on dicking around for several more days over this. That train has left the station.

  6. someday...2015?

    Yeah im hopping on the boat of the “done with this till official announcement is made” people.

  7. cubs1967

    so we cubs fans are correct, basically, team theo said you are gonna be traded, here’s some teams, LA and Atlanta, are you OK? demp said sure. demp gets traded. NOW it’s sure if it’s LA……………2-faced.

    well, 104 yrs and NO championship, guess no reason to let a 2-faced liar makes things worse then they are already. i’ll just make sure for my family’s well-being, we don’t root for ryan prickster anymore.

  8. anotherjp

    UPDATE 3 (at 3:11pm CT): Fair to speculate that Dempster doesn’t want to go to Atlanta, but doesn’t want to formally reject the trade, because he knows at that time, the Cubs really do lose all leverage with the Dodgers (which hurts him, because that’s where he wants to go – and the Cubs are just as likely to keep him at that point). So he says he’s still thinking about it to try and buy the Cubs (and himself) more time to try and work out a deal with the Dodgers. But if the Dodgers don’t step up by Friday, then what? Or if the Braves really do come forward and say, “the deal is totally and completely off the table no matter what,” then what?

    I think the Dodgers are out regardless… it seems by the messages from the Cub FO that they’re totally unimpressed with what LA is offering in return. They two sides don’t seem to be able to communicate all that well. And if the Braves get Greinke (which I believe will be very expensive for them and, thus, unlikely) or say they no longer want Dempster, we’re screwed. Some white night offer (LAA) would have to be made at the last minute for a trade to happen then.

  9. matt

    We might as well just get over it. It’s not going to happen. When you eliminate 29 potential buyers out of 30…what value will you get? Garza will not be dealt because usually elbow “tightness” cramps are make teams about as receptive to a trade as a guy who hears a girl say, “sure, I’ll sleep with you, but I have this itch.”

    1. EQ76

      the new “cubs way”

  10. LAURIE

    IF (and that is a big IF) the Cubs want to bring Dempster back next year after his free agency, then are they letting him know that the move to LA or Atlanta will be just for the remainder of the season? IF Dempster wants to come back after his free agency as a Cub again, then why not put it in writing that he has first dibs to come back as a Cubbie? We all know how much he loves it here, if he knew the Cubs would welcome him back next year..similar to what they did for Kerry Wood on a yearly contract…maybe Dempster would be more open to going to Atlanta for the remainder of the season? Just a thought….

    1. EQ76

      I threw this theory out there earlier as a big IF and got shot down by a few others who seem to be in the front office themselves..

      1. Jack Weiland

        What’s the frequency Kenneth?

        1. DocPeterWimsey

          I don’t understand.

    2. Gcheezpuff

      I was hopeful of a wink wink deal of this nature, but at this point I would guess the Cubs are not planning to bring him back or that alone could have solved this. That could help explain why Demp is being so stubborn, he might be trying to land somewhere he wants to stay. The FO may already told him that don’t plan to bring him back. I doubt they would put anything in writing, probably would be frowned upon if not flat out tampering.

  11. EQ76

    re: UPDATE 3 “Then what?” – then we all start making bad comments about Dempster… oh, wait.. never mind.

  12. Jack Weiland

    Is it just me or do these quotes from Wren kind of sound like the deal is still very possible, but that he’ll want the Cubs to “kiss the ring” so to speak, grovel a little, and possibly throw in extra cash or something to make it go through?

    Or is that just wishful thinking? Anyone else reading this the same?

    1. EQ76

      I think most of what all these guys say is thought out and calculated as if they’re all playing a chess game with the media. I’m not sure anyone knows the real truth yet. I also do have a strange feeling this deal could still get done.

      1. Jack Weiland

        Agree fully. And even when we “know” the truth, we really don’t. But the game for us is to try and guess what all this verbal chess means. Hence my question.

    2. matt

      No, I read that as..We’ve outbid the field by a LONG shot, and now we’ve lost a start that we could have had (potentially two, depending on how much time he takes to weigh his “options”)…so we’ll discuss our “options” the next time you re-engage trade talks with us.

      Why would they offer a MLB ready pitcher when the only other team that is even able to deal with the cubs isn’t offering anything close?

      1. Jack Weiland

        Fair interpretation. Although I’m not fully sold that they’d agree they outbid the field by a long shot (too many assumptions in that for my taste).

        1. JB88

          Not to mention that the Cubs don’t HAVE to trade Dempster. So if ATL wants him, they’ll still have to give good return. IOW, the Cubs could say if Delgado is off the table that they just aren’t going to move Demp.

          While Demp might cost a Delgado, Demp is really the only very good option available to a team like ATL. If ATL trades for Grienke, it will cost a ton more than Delgado to land him. And, frankly, given Grienke’s head issues, I’m not convinced that most teams in the pennant race really would trust him over a guy like Dempster.

      2. T Wags

        My thinking on this is that they’d still give up Delgado because all of this is their fault in the first place. I’m not saying they’d do it because of the goodness of their hearts and they’re sorry, instead they might do it so they don’t get into some deep shit with the MLB and Emperor Selig. There has got to be something the Cubs can do to say “Look what these ass-wipes cost us?” if we don’t end up getting a decent return for Demp.

        Also, I know this all looks very bad on Dempster, and I agree he hasn’t handled it very well from our viewpoint, but please stop with all of the bashing and hatred for the guy. He has earned the right to say he doesn’t want to be traded AT ALL, let alone somewhere he doesn’t want to go. I know his comments from awhile ago indicated that he’d go anywhere to get the best outcome for the cubs but that could’ve all been bologna just to give the cubs leverage for a trade offer he would ONLY accept from LA. If he only wants to go to LA and nowhere else, well, that’s his decision that he’s earned, not ours.

    3. anotherjp

      Sounds feasible to me. The Braves clearly want a rental since they have Lee et. al. available in their farm system. Dempster is perfect for them.

  13. matt

    I REALLY don’t understand his “options”. 1) He can stay with the Cubs, 2) He can go to the Braves. Option 3) Go to the Dodgers…ISN’T AN OPTION!!!!! The Dodgers don’t want to give anything up to get him….Why doesn’t he see that?!!!!

    As a pitcher, any pitch could be your last…why use all of your bullets on a terrible team? I don’t understand his thought process. Although I do believe that he has the right given his 10-5 rights to do what he wants…I just don’t understand his thought process

    1. MaxM1908

      And, all indications are that he knew the Dodgers where a decreasing option as long as a week ago. Really confused about what he is “weighing”.

      1. Kurt

        Don’t think he’s “weighing” anything other than to find a way to cover his posterior because he changed his mind.

  14. anotherjp

    I know it’s hard to be optimistic given the events of the past several days, but the Braves and Cubs really don’t have many other options available other than Dempster for Delgado. Reports suggest Josh Johnson is going to demand a ton of prospects and is being heavily pursued by Texas while the White Sox are hot to trot for Greinke. The only other real competition for Demp’s services would be our own Garza and Maholm IMO, so in the end this is the best deal going. Heck, RD or the Braves aren’t even demanding a contract extension (or so Dempster says), so that shouldn’t hold up a deal either.

  15. JulioZuleta

    I tend to think Dempster is delaying in the hopes that Atlanta deals for another starter, and he can use that as his excuse for not going there. “I was about to for the good of the team but…they swooped in and traded for Greinke. I really was going to accept since my whole goal in life is to help the Cubs…”

  16. Andrew

    Dempster is a whiny little renigging bitch. Plain and simple. What a prick

    1. Martin

      That can be a dangerous misspelling: it’s “reneging.”

    2. Carew

      Tell us how you really feel. Take your time

    3. Wilbur

      A bitch with a prick, not a good visual …

  17. Brad
  18. morgan

    Dumpster is just a big baby, who thinks hes better than he really is. The 10-5 rights should be throw out the window forever, You got took out b/c you werent pitching good, you let a couple bums get hits off you, just trade this trash for a lil leaguer, Says he was blindsided by a trade b/c it got out in the media so fast, when in reality he prob knew it was going to happen for a week, he just didnt know when

  19. Andrew

    My bad no ill intentions meant. My apologies. He’s a reneging bitch ;)

  20. morgan

    Dumpster was serious trash before this season for the Cubs, couple ok years, but never really a fan favorite

  21. Brad

    In Good News!

    According to FOX Sports’ Jon Paul Morosi, at least one team has expressed interest in Alfonso Soriano.
    Soriano has a .918 OPS and 19 home runs in 70 games since May 1 and there aren’t many power-hitting outfielders being made available this summer. So it’s feasible that the Cubs will be able to find a trade partner. But they’ll probably have to eat most of the nearly $42 million remaining on the 36-year-old outfielder’s current contract.

    1. EQ76

      wouldn’t it be ironic for us to trade Soriano and keep everyone else.. that would be the exact opposite of what we all expected.

      better yet, let’s package Sori with either Dempster or Garza to the Dodgers.

      1. JB88

        “better yet, let’s package Sori with either Dempster or Garza to the Dodgers.”

        For what? Out of all the teams with which the Cubs are negotiating, the Dodgers have a farm system that doesn’t merit that sort of large-scale trade IMO.

        1. EQ76

          well I was being a bit tongue and cheek but if you want to take it completely serious then how about both the pitchers we’ve been after Lee & Webster as for a start. I’m not sure why this is a stretch for you since i did say EITHER Dempster OR Garza, (not both of them) packaged with Soriano.

          1. JB88

            That darn lack of a tongue-in-cheek emoticon kills me everytime …

            IMO, Webster and Lee aren’t enough for Garza, though. And, personally, I’ve never been a big fan of package deals because I think it minimizes your return on the individual pieces.

            1. EQ76

              I agree, but they could be a centerpiece of a deal with more prospects included.. honestly, I don’t know much about the Dodgers farm system.. only the names being thrown around with the trade rumors so far.

              I still think that Garza’s best destination is Texas since they’re a bit more desperate now and have some prospects.. I’m still thinking that we need somebody to pitch for us next year. We have nothing in the minors as far as pitching that can help us in the near future.. I have a gut feeling that one of Garza or Maholm will still be a Cub next year.

      2. dudeski

        soriano’s presence kills garza and (what little is left of) demp’s trade value

    2. JB88

      Sorry to break it to you, but Morosi is a bit of a boob. He is the guy who said Turner’s stock was plummeting after a bad start and, in Turner’s very next start, said Turner’s stock was on the rise.

      Not to mention, I read that report and it actually says nothing about any team being interested, outside of naming the usual suspects who are seeking power hitting outfield help.

  22. BeyondFukudome

    So, Dumpster’s plan is to drag this BS out for a couple more days? Are you f-ing kidding me?? Every time this guy opens his mouth, he becomes more and more of an overbloated douchebag, to the point where I’m pretty sure it’s causing a worldwide shortage of douche.

  23. JP

    Dennis Eckersley just said on espn radio he finds it hard to side with Demp on this one because he’s been wishy washy on this whole thing. I remember we all were pissed at aram for this same stunt. Aram told us from the start it would have to be the right fit and we never found it I guess but Demp has come off like a politician in this, telling us everything we wanted to hear and then when the trade came up he backed out and told is there is a list of teams that consist of 1… Was he booed today? I didn’t get to see the game while at work.

    1. EB

      I was at the game.. Not a single boo from the crowd

  24. notcubbiewubbie

    this situation really shows you how screwed up professional sports are. you give a guy 60 million dollars and you have to kiss his ass to trade him. boy talk about living in an unreal world? ridiculous. sorry for the 2 month inconvenience you and all your future generations are taken care of courtesy of your employer who resurrected your career off of the scrap heap.. you poor little baby.

    1. JP

      I got tell while I think he’s earned the 10/5 rights, coming off my 9 hour work day making about $130 I have to agree with you a bit. If your so torn by can your family handle it then just quit… Youve made $60 million so nobody feels bad for you Demp. Come visit us in reality when you need a break from Never Neverland.

  25. jimi lives on

    fuck dempsters selfish ass. I hope everyone at wrigley boos the shit out of him his next start, just like Cano at the derby. Im gona burn my dempster shirt….

  26. Oswego chris

    In listening to Dempsters post game comments…I still say it happens

    1. MichiganGoat

      I’ve been thinking the same thing, the problem with all this is that the story got leaked way to early.

    2. BeyondFukudome

      I have no doubt that Dumpster will approve a deal to Atlanta before the deadline, simply because he wants be able to say that he wasn’t the bad guy. I also have no doubt that by the time he stops f-ing around the Braves will be entirely unwilling to trade Delgado for him.

    3. MikeL

      Disagree…..I think he is drawing this out until the Braves pull the offer and he won’t have to say no. He might think he is being sneaky about it…but it is starting to look fairly obvious.

      1. BeyondFukudome

        Dude, Atlanta has already pulled the offer. That’s what “We have moved on” means. There is currently no proposal for Dump to say yes or no to. If his highness eventually decides that he’s willing to consider an Atlanta deal, then at that point the Cubs would have to go back and ASK the Braves FO if they’re willing to talk again. I’m sure they’d be willing to talk (unless they obtain another pitcher in the interim), but they won’t be willing to include Delgado any more.

        1. anotherjp

          I think “we have moved on” means they’re looking at other options. Given the price of those options it appears that giving up Delgado is the cheapest bargaining chip they can offer at this point.

        2. MikeL

          That’s basically what I was saying……in other words, Atlanta has left the door open for a trade and still want him…..Dempster doesn’t want to go….I didn’t say anything about Delgado, I was simply talking about the fact that Dempster is going to wait until ATL totally closes the door on any trade possibilities…..which sucks because I believe ATL is pretty on the pitching side of things.

    4. Matt

      I don’t believe anything he says now.

      The only chance he has to save face is to take the atlanta deal… if they can still get it.

      Even then cub fans have soured on him. He’s not coming back next year, he burned that bridge imo.

  27. thejackal

    i was just looking at all the other pitchers as well as position players that are now out there and it looks bleak for us the marlins have stolen the show ahhhh well theres always next year…….

  28. John

    Brett- this used to be a pretty classy place to get info- but lately it is nothing but a local bar with a bunch of truck drivers and sailors swearing etc- Have a little class- granted we do not know all that has transpired behind closed doors or what was promised or said- we will never know all- all the hate and vile you spew is doing nothing but bringing down the integrity of this site. Find another avenue to spew your hate and vulgerness. Should we be frustrated over the whishy washy stuff- yes- are we frustrated that we have had a pretty crappy FO in the past that has mad poor choices in personell? yes- Am I frustrated over the years the Astros can dump large ticket players and we get stuck year after year- yes— Have some patience and some class and let it play out…

    1. BeyondFukudome

      Where’s Ty Cobb when you need him?

      1. alaric

        Id give away all of em for Ty Cobb.

    2. EQ76

      It also didn’t used to be so “crowded”. every day there’s new names on here posting.

      1. alaric

        whats the matter with new folks? this aint your privare rant room.

    3. BeyondFukudome

      Brett – Thank you for not turning this place into a gated community for sissified fops who are too delicate to fraternize with truck drivers and sailors.

      1. Ted

        Oh, Margaret, baseball was formerly a sport of aristocrats, discussed with poetry and prose of highest renown. Today ruffians run the sport, and I wish to disassociate myself from it. Polo shall be my refuge.

      2. NCMoss

        Wow, someone shows concern for the site and that’s how you reply? While I do agree that it shouldn’t be a gated community or anything, it is getting a little out of hand.

        1. BeyondFukudome

          If he had just said that some of the comments are out of hand, I wouldn’t even reply. But he had to throw in smart aleck remarks about the place being classier when it didn’t include people who swear like truck drivers and sailors. That goes beyond showing concern for the site. So the answer to your question is, yes, that’s exactly how I reply.

      3. alaric

        right on.

    4. notcubbiewubbie

      boy im a retired truck driver i guess i should jump off a building. glad im not an educated yuppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. alaric

      wish I was more classy. I’ll trade in my whites for an accountants outfit. Be happy for Brett that more people are here instead of whining cuz its harder to spot your buddies posts.

  29. Josh

    If we end up keeping dumpster we should just send him to Low A ball for the rest of the year.

    1. NCMoss

      Yeah, great idea! And if Rizzo doesn’t hit 30 more homeruns by the end of the year, send him as well. Because punishing players for not doing what we want is the way to go.

      1. BeyondFukudome

        Okay, the Low A ball suggestion is silly and against the rules, but this analogy is just stupid.

        1. NCMoss

          Ooh, I think I made someone angry.

          1. BeyondFukudome

            Well, that was mature.

            1. notcubbiewubbie

              i think we should give dempster same contract as hamels.

    2. Toby

      I’m sure the MLBPA would allow that.

      1. NCMoss

        He’s out of options and would have to clear waivers. No chance of that.

      2. Puma0821

        Probably not but you could shut him down or relegate him to long relief under the guise of giving the kids experience for the future.

        Interesting question though, I wonder if the Cubs DFA’d Dempster then he could be claimed on waivers. If claimed could he invoke his 10/5 rights and veto it or not? If he passed through waivers then I assume he would be able to be sent to the minors or FA but loose the rest of his salary…

        1. NCMoss

          I’m gonna guess no considering it’s a claim and not a trade? Interesting idea though.

        2. BeyondFukudome

          Not positive, but I believe that a player with as much seniority as Dempster has the right to refuse any assignment to the minors, without regard to clearing waivers. That is, I think you have to just release him and let him find another team that wants him on the major league club.

        3. Pat

          He cannot invoke 10/5 rights on a waiver claim, but then he Cubs get nothing but salary relief. If they pull him back to work out a trade with the claiming team, he would then still have 10/5 rights.

  30. Aaron

    Anyone notice how quiet the Cubs FO has been through all this? Not a peep.

    1. EQ76

      no kidding.. can’t even hear crickets chirping it’s so quiet.

    2. anotherjp

      Which is why we have the best FO in baseball. They realize that taking the high road in this circumstance is the best way to still get some value for 35 y.o. rental player. Let RD commit one way or another and then make a statement.

    3. HawkClone

      Too bad the same couldn’t be said about Atlanta’s FO…they trusted the wrong person with sensative information

      1. NCMoss

        Exactly. If whoever that was hadn’t leaked a ‘done deal’, then all this hate for Dempster in the comments wouldn’t be happening. Geez, you’d think Randall Delgado was the best pitcher to ever step on a mound with how people are reacting.

    4. Kurt

      Good on them. No need to let classless pieces of work like Gordon or Sully be given the opportunity to spin whatever the Front Office has to disseminate. Let the worthless Chicago “sports writers” suffer a similar fate as Mariotti. Let them do what they do best anyway, make up a story out of whole cloth.