The Bullets will come later this morning. For now, there’s a number of important transactions to discuss …

  • The Dodgers reportedly just acquired Hanley Ramirez and lefty reliever Randy Choate from the Marlins for Nate Eovaldi and minor league pitcher Scott McGough. The move doesn’t directly impact the Cubs insofar as they weren’t going to be sending a third baseman (or shortstop, however the Dodgers decide to use Ramirez) to the Dodgers any time soon (though they may have tried to send a lefty reliever), but there are implications here. For one thing, sending along Eovaldi could make the Dodgers even more pressed to pick up a starting pitcher, like Ryan Dempster or Matt Garza. It also means, obviously, that in any deal with the Dodgers, you’re not getting Eovaldi anymore.
  • The Dodgers won’t be getting Cole Hamels, by the way, nor will any other team. He’s about to sign a huge, six-year, $144 million extension with the Phillies. The move is good for the Cubs inasmuch as it takes the most attractive pitcher off the market this trade season, but is a bummer for those holding out hope that the Cubs would make a serious run at the lefty in the offseason.
  • Jon Morosi reports that there are ways that the Dodgers could get Dempster from the Cubs without giving up top prospect Zach Lee (given the current status of the leverage in the talks – namely, that Ryan Dempster has all but told the world he strongly prefers to go to LA – I can believe that), and that a source tells him the Cubs are interested in building a package around number two prospect, Allen Webster. For me, the difference between 20-year-old AA pitcher Zach Lee (who made it to AA in just his second professional year), and 22-year-old AA pitcher Allen Webster (who is pitching for the second time at AA) is stark. If a package is built around Webster, it would have to include a number of attractive other prospects for it to match Randall Delgado in my head. For what it’s worth, Webster was a fringe top 100 prospect in baseball before the season started, so it’s not like he’s a total clunker of a prospect. He’s a good one. But he’s no Zach Lee or Randall Delgado in the eyes of the experts.
  • In case you missed the latest on Dempster, you can start here. The gist is: he hasn’t officially rejected the Braves deal, but clearly wants the Cubs to try harder to work something out with the Dodgers. He plans to start today, but, man, that would be such an unnecessary risk.
  • Zack Greinke returned to the mound last night in a dominant start against the Phillies after a 10-day layoff to “recharge his batteries.” A number of teams had scouts in attendance, and among the interested teams is the Braves. Greinke would certainly cost more than Dempster, but the Braves – and other teams – certainly like Greinke more than Dempster.
  • The Pirates picked up Wandy Rodriguez last night, which takes them out of the Paul Maholm market. They were his most seriously-rumored suitor, but it’s hard to imagine their aren’t others, considering Maholm’s repeatedly dominant performances over the past month and a half, and his modest contract (which includes a $6.5 million option for 2013).
  • Fastball

    With regards to Garza it comes down to him making a start on Monday. If he does and his arm is good Tuesday morning he gets traded to the Rangers or Angels. If he isn’t stellar on Monday then he is ours until the deadline next year. In fact we might as well extend him. But if he pitches a great game then who has bigger balls and who wants to win more. I think Nolan Ryan pulls out all the stops and goes after him. The Maddux brothers can make sure Garza gets the job done for them. We get the prospects we want and all is forgotten. I’m less than 50/50 that is going to happen.

    My forecast for next years rotation:

    Maholm (sign him to an extension for 2 more years)
    Off Season Free Agent (Not Dempster)

    We would at least be competitive with this rotation next year.

  • Patrick G

    Wow can’t believe it only took Eovaldi to get Ramirez

    • rhino70

      That’s only because Miami is not paying any of Ramirez’s contract. The Dodgers are picking up all of the remaining money.

      • Patrick G

        Oh I didn’t read that part, thanks.

  • Rich

    Oh give me a break family ? The guy has millions
    He picks another mansion in whatever city and pays people to do everything
    He is not coming back to the Cubs so help the team that set you and your family for life. Give me a break Atlanta will not wait for an average pitcher with a good run this year.
    And also he may help get a team in the playoffs but will get hammered in them.
    He is a super nice person and a great teammate no doubt

  • DP

    Another big part of the Hanley trade was LA eating all of his salary.

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  • Oswego chris

    Fair or not…Dempster just went from being viewed like Mark Grace, Rick Sutcliffe or Andre to Sosaland.

  • MichiganGoat

    So the blog-a-thon might be quite exciting this year

    • Coolbeans

      I think this is a joke….looks like we’re keeping pretty much everyone. We like running the same team out every year

  • Tim

    Dempster better pitch a shutout today or he’s going to be suddenly worthless for a trade and in the hearts of Cubs fans who would have advocated resigning him next year after this ‘rental’ trade period.

  • Kevin

    The Cubs FO should never offer a contract with a no trade clause and never give out a contract for more than a 4 year period. This will allow the Cubs to be in complete control of all their players at all times. I can guaranty you that this incident will never happen again on Theo’s watch.

    • TWC

      Well, that’s absurd: “Sure, Mike Trout, we’d love to sign you for the league minimum. But only for four years though. After that, you’re on your own.”


  • BeyondFukudome

    Mike Trout is not a 10-year veteran, so there’d ne no reason not to sign him for as long as you wish.

    • TWC

      Yeah, no shit. But I was replying to the dude who said that we should never give anyone a contract that was longer than 4 years. That’s just a not well thought-out, reactionary response.

      • TWC

        … to the Dempster situation. You start instilling organization-wide, knee-jerk rules like that (as the commenter suggested), and you hamstring your organization due to hurt feelings from one 36-year-old pitcher. I think it’s kinda dumb.