Thanks to yet another Ryan Dempster bombshell this morning (the Braves have “moved on”), and thanks to the early game (11:35am CT, in which Dempster is scheduled to start), the Bullets are massively abbreviated today.

  • Randy Wells, who went on the DL for Iowa a week or so ago, had arthroscopic surgery on his elbow yesterday, and will now likely miss the rest of the year. Like Ian Stewart, the Cubs will have a potentially difficult tender decision in the Winter with Wells. He made $2.71 million this year, in his first year of arbitration. He didn’t do anything to increase his value – even considering service time – so, if the Cubs tendered him a contract, he’s not likely to get more than about $2.75 million in 2013. Is that worth the risk? I doubt it. I think it’s more likely the Cubs will non-tender Wells, and see if he’s willing to come back on a lesser deal. That’s assuming he comes back well from this surgery.
  • Matt Garza is likely to pitch on Monday, ONLY if he can throw effectively in a side session on Friday. He’s currently with his family back in Chicago while he and his wife await the arrival of their fourth child.
  • Dale Sveum on Paul Maholm’s recent dominance: “Paulie is just one of those guys who has been around a long time. He’s somewhat coming into his own. We forget he had a 3.66 earned-run average last year. The wins weren’t there, but if you have a 3.66 earned-run average, you had a pretty good year. Take his first start away and one other one, and he has been pretty good for most of this year.”
  • How about those Marlins? After years of terrible attendance, which the ownership claimed was in large part thanks to a crummy stadium, the Marlins finally got their new stadium, borne on the backs of those fans they didn’t have. Then they went spend crazy this Winter to put asses in the seats, and now, thanks to a weak first half, they’re dismantling. I can only imagine the disaster zone that the seats will look like next year.
  • The MLBullets at BCB mostly focus on the trade zaniness of the last few days.
  • Leroy K.

    “And I never want to hear the name Ryan Dempster again!”

    • Leroy K.

      Oh wait, that was Peter Pan….

  • MikeL

    I would not be surprised if the Marlins franchise relocated in the next few years. Portland Oregon wanted a team a few years ago when they made a play for the Expos franchise. It would be pretty sweet to have a major league baseball team here.

    • Andy

      It’d be sweet to have a team here in PDX, but I doubt the people here would support it like they do the Timbers; plus do we really want Loria here? I don’t.

  • 100 Years of Tears

    Please stop calling Maholm, “Paulie”…

    • willis

      Ha, when I read that quote I shivered with the sick fear of Qaude’s nicknames.

      • JulioZuleta

        Come on….Paulie isn’t bad. Quade would have came up with something really stupid, like Holm-ie.

        • stillmisskennyhubbs

          “Paulie” isn’t bad in itself, but ECCCH it reminds me of Hawk H. referring to Konerko. And I cannot abide Hawk….

  • Fastball

    Well if the Marlins want to improve they need to make some drastic changes. First their manager didn’t do them any favors with his mouth. He pissed of the Cuban community that everyone down there hoped would come to the games. I don’t know that the owner or the GM is really in touch with things in general. You can’t throw a team together and just expect it to be a world beater right away. Hanley was not happy don’t care how the media spun it. The Heat dominated the sports scene in Miami until June. So people didn’t drop everything to start following the Marlins when the Heat are they bigger game in town. A complete lack of patience by the ownership and management regime needs to be looked at. Maybe a new owner and a new plan.

  • wayner21

    It doesn’t hurt my feelings at all that Ozzie is managing another underperforming ballclub. How many years in a row can this guy manage clubs to well below expectations and still keep a major league managing job? The Sox are sure doing a lot better now that he is gone.

  • Fishin Phil

    Randy Wells could have performed brain surgery on Pat Quinn this morning, and still nobody would pay attention.

  • Jason “Thundermug”

    Guys we need to keep our emotions in check. Yes I would have liked Dempster to accept the trade to Atlanta but calling him names, threatening him with batteries or something else, is not a good way to show what Cub Fans are made of.

    Dempster has earned 10/5 rights and he has a family to think of plus there is always stuff that happens behind the scenes that we don’t know about. We just get snips here and there but not the full story

    Go Cubs and Good Luck Dempster

    • calicubsfan007


  • cubzforlife1956

    A long time ago fans threw batteries at players. The stadiums responded by outlawing radios and other battery eqipped devices.

    • stillmisskennyhubbs

      A friend of ours heard that, back in the Metrodome days, Twins fans were throwing batteries at a Yankee outfielder.
      She gave us a very puzzled look and said, “I understand we don’t like the Yankees. But…how do they even get the batteries into the stadium?…..They’re so heavy, for one thing….”
      Turned out she was envisioning CAR batteries.

      We have had laffs for years about brawny Twins fans hurling car batteries onto the field.

  • cubzforlife1956

    equipped. Bad keyboard at the JOB.

  • steve

    The bottom line is Dempster put all the hate on himself. He talked about going in a deal that he wanted the cubs to get something good to build upon. This was clearly the best deal we coulda got for him, & what’s he do, he screws us outta a real good prospect now we have to go & deal with the dodgers from a point of weakness likely giving us a far lesser return. He is being phoney about his care for the cubs, he screwed us plain & simple

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