It’s Thursday: Do You Know Where Your Ryan Dempster is? (UPDATE: Cubs and Dodgers at a Stalemate for Now)

Thankfully (or not, depending on your perspective), today’s been a relatively quiet Ryan Dempster day. Don’t get me wrong: I know we’re getting close to the Trade Deadline, and, yes, I definitely fall on the please-trade-him-and-get-quality-prospects side of things. But, man, I’m glad to have gotten a day largely off from the frustration, obsession, an acrimony that has followed this story.

It wasn’t a completely silent day, however, and I don’t expect it to be a completely silent night. Right now, things are pretty much underground (here’s last night’s set of updates, with the latest until now). We know that Dempster has not officially, formally rejected the Atlanta trade (which would have sent Randall Delgado to the Cubs), and we know that the Braves have not completely and irrevocably said that talks with the Cubs are dead. But we also know that Dempster isn’t crazy about going to the Braves, and we know that the Cubs are scrambling to try and work out a deal with the Dodgers that doesn’t require a subsequent hospital visit. For his part, Dempster says he’s thinking things over today, but we don’t know that there’s anything to think about right now.

Here are the latest tidbits on the Ryan Dempster Saga (with updates, if applicable, to follow below) …

  • Jayson Stark reports that the Dodgers remain optimistic that they can get Dempster from the Cubs. I could be perfectly satisfied (more than) with a Zach Lee deal, or an Allen Webster/Garrett Gould/Chris Withrow type return. But, right now, I don’t see any reason the Dodgers would give up that much, given how things have played out. Maybe if they can get an extension out of Dempster?
  • At least one executive tells Ken Rosenthal that there’s “no way” the Cubs will keep Dempster through the deadline, and then make him a qualifying offer after the season, for the reasons I’ve said before. For one thing, the return in that scenario is merely one pick, after the first round (a pick you have to then sign), and it requires Dempster actually turning down some $12.5 million for 2013 from the Cubs. That’s a risk that I doubt the Cubs want to take. Hence my doubt that the Cubs can extract quite as much value out of the Dodgers as they were about to get from Atlanta.
  • For what it’s worth, I’ve heard that the Cubs haven’t totally given up on the Atlanta deal, and instead hope to be able to convince Dempster to head there, if they can’t work things out with LA. There could be very little there, though.
  • Joel Sherman cites an exec who wonders whether the Cubs might “kick in $1M extra to convince Dempster to go to ATL.” Does he mean, give Dempster $1 million as, like, go-away money? If the Dodgers’ offer is Garrett Gould and Chris Withrow, and the Braves’ offer is Randall Delgado, of *course* that difference is worth $1 million. But, I mean, can you do that? Can you just give a dude $1 million, not as salary, just as a one-time bonus, to forgo blocking a trade?

UPDATE (at 3:43pm CT): Ken Rosenthal reports that the Cubs and Dodgers “might” be getting close on a deal. (Which necessarily means they might “not” be getting close, which is kind of like saying nothing at all.) If true, here’s hoping the Cubs have been able to persuade the Dodgers that the Braves’ deal is still on the table, and, if the Dodgers don’t match it, Demp will go there. Probably a really, really tough sell at this point (unless it’s true, that is).

UPDATE 2 (at 4:57pm CT): The Brewers’ GM just confirmed what we all already knew – the Brewers are going to be trading Zack Greinke by the deadline. The Braves are very interested, so your rooting interest on Greinke is that the White Sox somehow magically pull the pieces out of nowhere to land him.

UPDATE 3 (at 5:10pm CT): Dave Kaplan says the deal with the Dodgers is getting close. Various options are still being discussed between those teams, and they’ve even talked about the possibility of bringing in a third team (which always sounds like a great idea, but complicates things exponentially). I’m still suspect that the Cubs can get even close to a Delgado-like deal here, but we’ll see.

UPDATE 4 (at 5:26pm CT): Here’s a more complete take from Kaplan, which goes into a bit of the backstory on the Braves’ deal. The gist is, the Cubs thought they had an understanding with Dempster that they could negotiating with either the Braves or Dodgers, and then they got a better offer from the Braves. When Dempster through up a roadblock (albeit possibly temporary), asking the Cubs to try once more with the Dodgers, the Braves pulled their offer so they could explore other options. Theo was apparently furious. And that’s where we stand, as the Cubs try to get an acceptable deal from the Dodgers. The Cubs, Kap says, are trying to net a “handful” of pitching prospects, which suggests they will generally be of a lesser tier than Delgado.

UPDATE 5 (at 7:12pm CT): A really, really crappy update. Jon Heyman reports that the Cubs resorted to offering Dempster to the Dodgers for Allen Webster straight up. And the Dodgers said, “no.” Two weeks ago, that would have been an understandable offer and rejection. Webster, a fringe top 100 guy, is in the range of what the Cubs could have hoped for, we thought, but it wouldn’t be unreasonable to have that offer rejected. But after the way things have played out? Knowing that Dempster’s value in this market is considerably higher? I can almost taste the balls that were just kicked up into my stomach. To date, Heyman says, the Dodgers have stuck to offering lesser prospects who might project as relievers (Gould and Withrow, perhaps?). Part of the reason the Dodgers are lowballing the Cubs – in addition to their extreme leverage, of course – is the fact that they still prefer Matt Garza. But don’t think the Cubs can just deal Garza to the Dodgers and then force Dempster to go to the Braves – Heyman reports Dempster TOLD some Braves players that he was going to come there, and then changed his mind. Now, the Braves are upset, and view Dempster as a guy who doesn’t want to be there – and the Braves culture doesn’t really look kindly on guys who don’t want to be there. What a crapshow.

UPDATE 6 (at 7:20pm CT): Big surprise, Buster Olney says Dempster is holding firm on his desire to go to LA. Increasingly, I’m growing irked not only that Dempster rejected the trade to Atlanta after apparently telling everyone that he would go, but also that he apparently – literally – will go nowhere but LA. It’s a complete 180 from everything he’s said this year about what would happen when the Cubs looked to deal him. I’m not saying there might not be a good reason – a personal, family reason, for example – but, as a fan, it’s deeply frustrating. And saddening.

UPDATE 7 (at 7:26pm CT): Something else from that Heyman article that bears particular mention – maybe it isn’t just that LA is making crappy offers because they have all the leverage. Maybe, as Heyman suggests, they don’t actually want Dempster all that much.

UPDATE 8 (at 7:32pm CT): Still stewing about this latest report. At this point, a few things are apparent, and I’m ready to adopt them into my official narrative. The Cubs negotiated with the Braves AND the Dodgers for a while. Dempster was aware. The Dodgers offered crap, consistently, because they don’t love Dempster. The Braves got desperate, and offered Delgado. The Cubs leapt to take the offer, and informed Dempster, who spoke to some Braves players and suggested that he’d be taking the deal. Then he changed his mind. We don’t know the reasons (blaming the media leak is so totally bogus at this point). Now, the only reason he hasn’t formally rejected the deal is because he knows that, if he does, the Cubs can’t even *pretend* they have an offer on the table from the Braves when they negotiate with the Dodgers, which makes his chances of going there even less.

UPDATE 9 (at 8:39pm CT): And now Kaplan goes back on his earlier report, and essentially adopts the Heyman line: “Just spoke with a great source who told me that the Dodgers are balking at including what the Cubs need to make a Dempster deal.” Kap adds that Theo and Jed aren’t looking to appease Dempster here – they’ll only make the deal if it makes sense for the Cubs.

UPDATE 10 (at 8:52pm CT): Kap tweets out a few more things that are identical to the Heyman story (I’m not saying Kap lifted them, I’m saying Kap is obviously hearing the same thing as Heyman, which makes it more likely to be true). In sum, the Dodgers don’t want to include Webster in the deal, and the Cubs won’t do it without Webster (well, or, presumably, Zach Lee). Kap calls the Dodgers’ offer “very suspect,” and says the Cubs aren’t going to cave. He adds, though, that it would be very uncomfortable for Dempster to still be on the roster come August 1 (you think?), and neither side is going to want that. But, like I asked Kap, at this point, what choice do the Cubs have?

UPDATE 11 (at 9:52pm CT): Kap expands on that tweet with another article, basically explaining that the Cubs and Dodgers are, presently, at a stalemate (look, you can rip on Kap all you want for quick changes in his stories, but at least he’s covering this – and, here’s the thing, sometimes the story DOES change rapidly, as we saw on Monday).

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

621 responses to “It’s Thursday: Do You Know Where Your Ryan Dempster is? (UPDATE: Cubs and Dodgers at a Stalemate for Now)”

  1. someday...2015?

    This is really sad. I really am surprised Demp has chosen to be a spoiled diva. I respect the 10-5 rights but he has let the no trade clause go to his head to the point he has only one team he will go to. To Demp: If you go to LA, have fun tanning and boogie boarding with your good buddy Theodore for the rest of your life. If you stay here, I won’t take place in the booing but I expect a loud shower of boos to follow you. Sad you threw over 8 years of your life away because your to stressed out to make a smart decision. I personally have lost the respect I had for you and I would not welcome you back to Chicago. Ryan, enjoy joining Sammy in the long forgotten, disgraceful Cubs club…

    I gotta admit getting that out felt good. :)

  2. HateDemp

    I’d also refuse to trade Garza to the Dodgers unless you can absolutely screw em on the trade.

    1. Frank

      Agreed–I wouldn’t trade Garza to them either. My guess if Dempster remains on the team? A mysterious injury causing a stint on the 60 day DL . . .

      1. Scotti

        Not legal.

        1. Frank

          Maybe not–but the DL is often used to make other roster changes. Of course, he’d have to go along with it . . .

          1. Frank

            which of course, isn’t likely.

          2. calicubsfan007

            Frank, there is another way to keep Demp from playing. The Cubs could use the same system that they did with Zambrano last year.

  3. HateDemp

    I hope he cries when he is booed.

    1. Bubby

      I never liked Dempster. Always gave up the long ball. Never impressed me. He was always about his fat paycheck. Wow have things come full circle.

      1. Brady

        Wow love the random hate all of a sudden for Demp. Dude has been solid on the field and in the community. It is his right to turn down any trade he doesn’t want. He gets that right for playing for us so long. If you don’t like it push to get that rule revoked, though I doubt it will ever be removed.

        1. J R

          No doubt he earned the no trade clause. But dude didn’t have to say MULTIPLE times he would be willing to consider ANY contendor to help the Cubs. That’s most peoples beef.

          1. DocPeterWimsey

            If that is what Dempster said, then Cubs fans have no complaint. “Considering” means only that you will not accept/reject/in-some-other-way-choose an offer out-of-hand. You can consider an offer and then decide to reject it; if so, then you fulfilled any promise to consider that offer.

            (That being written, it would have been nice if he had accepted….)

            1. calicubsfan007

              DocPeterWimsey: The voice of reason (=

            2. J R

              Yeah I get that. But semantics aside. He absolutely gave the impression the last 2 months that he would have more than one team he would allow a trade too.

              1. Scotti

                And in giving a PUBLIC perception like that he helped the Cubs by giving them more leverage. If he said that he only wanted LA up front then Theo would have had no leverage.

                1. J R

                  Absolutely, but Thed traded him to the Braves knowing that he only wanted to go the Dodgers? I don’t see that..

        2. Tommy

          Waiting until the last week until the trade deadline to pull a powerplay when all the news points to the distinct possibility that Dempster was aware of and agreed to the possibility of a trade to Atlanta.

          Have you not been reading the updates? I think we are justified in our dissatisfaction with Dempster right now and I wouldn’t call it random hate. It is neither random, nor hate, but frustration and anger over what appears to be double talk.

        3. Daniel

          I know you think you are acting honorable and all. But I don’t think that you have been following this story. I really don’t think that people would be that pissed if he just used his 10/5 rights. Aramis did, lee did, it was aggravating, but they didn’t get much venom at all.

          Dempster is getting it because he didn’t follow on his word. He lied, and he misled a lot(!) of people. Pretty much everyone involved was mislead by Dempster. It sucks, but people are going to do that when you do what Dempster has done, and now seems to have given the cubs the middle finger.

        4. Mrp

          Yep, you’re right he earned the 10/5 rights. Last time I checked though, people don’t like being lied to. I didn’t have a problem with what Aramis did last year, he at least set the expectations that he wasn’t going to accept a trade. Dempster stated that he had multiple teams that he would go to, but in the end we find out that he only had one. He is a liar any way you slice it.

    2. Pat

      Continuing the Cub fan tradition of turning on the players who are actually good at baseball.

  4. JP

    As long as Dodgers can’t find a trade partner for an SP……and as long as the Cubs have some good trade options for Garza (other than the Dodgers)……the closer we get to Monday, the more leverage the Cubs get over the Dodgers. Right?

    Lot of ifs, but hoping.

  5. Bubby


  6. Itzscott

    Somehow I have a feeling the lovely and talented Mrs. Dempster had a huge role in all this in spite of her husband’s initial intentions.


  7. thejackal

    this just in a leaf from thed or jed were not sellers n e more we just got rid of solers almora and baez were buyers were goin for it all

    1. stillmisskennyhubbs

      Please resume your meds

  8. hansman1982

    Kaplan is a 2-bit hack – the same day that the Dempster/Delgado story broke he was running up and down Twitter professing that the Cubs and Braves were still just talking about it. Now he says something big is brewing only to back around and parrot a line from another reporter.

    I think I would believe more in what my 2-year old tells me at this point.

  9. Tommy

    Kaplan aka Captain Obvious. I could have written his comments hours ago.

  10. Nick

    The most frustrating aspect of this whole thing is not that Dempster is specific with his demands; it’s that he changed his mind after the Cubs accommodated to his original request! Obviously, Dempster is a likable guy and has been a very very good player for the Cubs for several years now, but this is unacceptable. He set the rules, the Cubs played within them, then he screwed the Cubs. It’s hard to believe that it’s almost July 27 and the Cubs haven’t been able to trade a soul. Let’s hope that something works out soon.

  11. cubfanincardinalland

    Well, I watched the great Chris Capuano revert to old form and basically throw batting practice to the Cardinals today. So it looks like the Dodgers might play hard ball, and they can go down the stretch with the rotation as is. Love to hear the fan base howl and the Magic Johnson excuses when they bust out of the playoffs after having the best record in the league at one point this season.

  12. gutshot5820

    People are going to have to accept Dempster is not getting traded. He only wants to go to the Dodgers and the Dodgers are not willing to give the FO what they want. Theo is not calling the Dodgers every hour and making the same request for Lee over and over again. I’m sure they are all talked out and know their positions. This is not a game of chicken. Theo will not blink and Dempster will not get traded.

  13. aCubsFan

    This is getting ugly. According to Kaplan, the Dodgers are low balling the Cubs because they believe the Cubs will cave, but a source says Theo/Jed will not cave. Good luck for Dempster coming out of this thing in one piece.

    1. Bubby

      This whole thing reminds me of Sosa debacle. In other words, Dempster is done.

  14. Tommy

    I still can’t believe he wouldn’t accept a trade to Atlanta for 2-3 stinkin’ months. Like that is a life changer for a guy that is on the road 50% of the time during the season anyway. That is what is so baffling about the whole thing. Seriously? You couldn’t handle staying in Atlanta through October?

    1. Bubby

      I think he couldn’t decide on which house to stay at. Cost of gas was also weighing on his mind I heard.

  15. dabynsky

    Maybe I am reading too much into what has been said, but I think perhaps that the Dodgers are playing hardball thinking the Cubs will just accept whatever for Dempster. I wonder if the Dodgers can’t get Garza, Greinke or another pitcher by the deadline if they might change their mind. It is pretty clear that they need another arm.

    1. gutshot5820

      I wish the Dodgers would trade for another pitcher already and put an end to this. That would put Dempster in a corner. The fact they are not looking for another pitcher is because they believe they are going to get Dempster for cheap. Not going to happen though. If the FO goes weak on this trade, they will lose a lot of face, respect and leverage on future trades.

      1. Luke

        The Dodgers are one of the teams believed to be aggressively pursuing Shields from Tampa. They are also going after Garza.

        1. dabynsky

          Shields would take a haul to get from Tampa just like Garza, if not more than Garza. There is no guarantee that Tampa Bay will deal him either, but the odds Demp is taking the mound in Chicago after the deadline has gone way up.

        2. gutshot5820

          Luke, do you get a feeling that a lot of personal stuff is going on here? If the Dodgers cave, their GM would look bad, if Theo caves the Cubs front office will look weak, if Dempster changes his mind, he will look even worse. I think everyone has their heels dug in and will not change their minds. The only possible way I see a deal happening is if the Dodgers keep losing until the deadline and the threat of being out of the playoffs trumps personal egos.

        3. Drew7

          So…maybe they flip Garza to the Dodgers, get the deal they want, and put Dempster up sh**-creek? Dempster has to know he most likely wouldn’t get a qualifying offer if he stays, and I dont see his beloved Dodgers giving him multiple years in the off-season.

          1. J R

            I am good with that if it’s decent package. Would Garza even pass a physical at this point though? And do you have to pass one to be traded?

            1. Drew7

              He would have to pass one, but if it really was a cramp that shouldn’t be an issue, right?

              Also, was he gonna make his next start anyway with his kid being born?

              1. calicubsfan007

                Drew7: Depends on the cramp injury. But, more than likely, he should be fine. He did say it felt better the day after it happened.

              2. J R

                I don’t know about trading Garza. His whole situation seems really sketchy right now. I don’t think I could handle the Cubs getting a great package for him, and it getting voided because he fails a physical..

  16. Dustin S

    The strangest thing out of all of this is that Dempster’s reason for wanting to go to LA so bad over Atlanta (or anywhere else ftm) is because it’s closer to his family in Vancouver…whobiddywuddy? I could see maybe insisting on Seattle if they were contending I suppose, maybe San Fran or the A’s as a stretch…but LA? It’s 1250 bleeping miles from Vancouver. Atlanta is 2000. It’s basically a 3 hour flight vs. a 4 hour flight…for 2-3 months. Like the rest of what he’s said, it doesn’t add up.

    I don’t live in Chicago but I’ll be making my way there in a couple weeks for another game, and will unleash a fury of boos on Dempster until I either lose my voice or I feel better about this debacle.

  17. Mr. Cubster

    First of all, I really appreciate ALL of Brett & Luke’s time and hard work! My sincerest thanks to you both!!! :-)

    I have been a Cubs fan since 1966, and I have never seen anything like this at the trade deadline!

    I’ll never understand the mindset of these “professional” (relatively speaking) athletes at all! They’re blessed by being born with such immense talent, yet they never seem to think about that. They could have easily been born like the majority of us, and never had a career in professional sports, making a lot of money, while doing something that they love!

    I certainly understand that Ryan Dempster has the right to veto any trade, but as others have said, it would only be for 2-3 months! And then he can sign with whatever team that he would prefer next season. I just don’t get it at all?

    So many of these athletes live in “la la land” and don’t truly understand or appreciate the talent that they’ve been given. This why so many of them do and say such stupid things!

    I, like many of you, had a lot of respect for Ryan Dempster before all of this. Unfortunately, I don’t have any respect for him any longer. A person’s word should mean EVERYTHING, and he’s just another spoiled athlete who says one thing, while doing another!

    Ryan Dempster wants to go from Cubbie blue to Dodgers blue, while many of us Cubs fans are left seeing nothing but RED…

    1. aCubsFan

      Very well said.

      1. Mr. Cubster

        Thank you! :-)

        1. calicubsfan007

          Mr. Cubster, you sound like a nice guy and not angry right now. Since you have been a fan for a while, let me ask this, how does this whole debacle compare to other bad Cubs’ moments? I am just curious.

          1. Bubby

            How you doing brother? Yes, it’s the little bird. Hope all is well.

            1. calicubsfan007

              Hey Bubby, I’m doing well, hope all is well with you too. (= Why the new name?

              1. Bubby

                Somebody dosen’t like finches, I guess. Everything good here brother. Leaving for Myrtle Beach tomorrow.

                1. calicubsfan007

                  Shoot Bubby, I was kinda hoping that you would be going to Demp’s next start in Chicago. I need someone to boo for me, since I can’t be there. (= But Myrtle Beach is nice this time of year.

                  1. Bubby

                    You sound pissed about the Dempster thing. I never liked him so for me this really does not matter. I have to admit (even though I never liked him) I don’t know what side of the fence I am on in this issue.

                    1. calicubsfan007

                      See Bubby, I never liked him before this year, then I liked him for all the things he said this year prior to this debacle, then I got pissed because of his anti-Cubs behavior. I understand, and normally I would also, being the middle ground on issues like this, but something about a guy like Demp lying to all our faces and never, ever apologizing for what has happened.

                    2. calicubsfan007

                      (sorry Bubby, I thought my message was getting too long) Just pissed me off to no end.

  18. CubsWon08

    One of the saddest points to this fiasco is that Demp was recognized as the leader in the clubhouse. A selfish idiot is not who we want as a mentor for our young pitchers.

    1. Bubby

      Now, now. Have to disagree! Demp is not an idiot. He is laughing all the way to the bank. Selfish? I don’t know. Way over priced? Certainly, he was always an “average” pitcher.

      1. dudeski

        screwing your team over so you can pitch with your buddy is pretty selfish

        1. Bubby

          We don’t know that yet. All the facts are not in.

  19. Fastball

    Maybe Jerry Reinsdorf will step in and do a deal for Dempster! Now wouldn’t that be something. Send the dirt bag to the Sox. If I’m Theo I make that call. And then I call the Tribe and then Detroit. By now I would have created a trade market even if one didn’t exist. I would tell Dempster to pack his bags. We can send his ass to Iowa for 2 months. I know we can’t. But we could put him on the DL and tell him he has to go to Iowa to rehab the rest of the season. He’s a piece of dog squeezins and he needs to be dealt with by management. I would take his number away and make him wear 0 or 100 hell I don’t know. If I’m Theo I spend the night with a bottle of Tequila and a couple packs of smokes and mastermind the biggest Mind F*ck Ever for this guy. Atlanta would be paradise for him.

  20. JP

    This 10-5 situation does make me wonder if any GMs will just trade guys once they are close (like 10-4) to the team of their choice so they don’t have to deal with this 10-5 crap from players anymore.

    1. J R

      I thought the same thing. If I was a GM and thought there was any chance I may want to trade a player that was becoming 10/5 soon. I would sure try to move them. Man that rule is a pain in the ass…

      1. JP

        Or for your 10-5 guys, have them put in writing the teams they WILL go to (contractually). Then a douchenozzle like Demp can’t back out of deals.

  21. Fastball

    Theo is a smart lawyer. If I was him I would be covering Dumpster contract with a fine tooth comb looking for a way to screw him as hard as humanly possible before I slept another wink.

    1. Luke

      And turn this into a fight with the labor union? Theo is too smart to make that mistake.

    2. gutshot5820

      Dempster has the FO office over a barrel. The Cubs will not do or absolutely say nothing to hurt Dempster and risk their good reputation, otherwise you can kiss goodbye any free agents coming to play in Chicago in the future.

      1. Cheryl

        All the cubs need to do is remain silent about Dempster. Any free agent coming would be aware of what Dempster pulled so there’s no worry there. And, if he remains with the cubs the union will be satisfied if he’s paid IMO. But they need to get him away from the team. This isn’t doing it any good the longer this drags on.

        1. Cheryl

          But by getting him away from the team I do not mean for them to cave into LA

      2. David

        I think as the deadline gets closer, theojed have more leverage. If all the dodgers offer is crap, they can take the stance that they’ll keep him. As was said in one of the updates, that would leave demp in a very tough situation having to explain his actions.

        If I’m the cubs, I stay in contact with Atlanta and say to heck with L.A. Let dempster stew for awhile and maybe he will realize that staying isn’t such a great idea.

    3. Bubby

      Craig Landis is Dempsters agent. He is very capable of going head to head with Theo on anything with the contract that might involve litigation. Not disagreeing with how you feel about this debacle though.

  22. Michael D

    One reason to think the Cubs may hold onto Dempster is because this is not a one-time game but a repeated one. They can show that they won’t cave in the future. Not that this is a good result for the Cubs.

  23. gutshot5820

    David Kaplan ‏@thekapman
    Just told that LAD believe Cubs will cave and they can get Demp for less than Atl offered. 2 scouts I spoke w/said Theo/Jed will NEVER cave.

  24. Mdel78

    I’m don’t know if he’s going to like being ‘the hammer’ if he still is with the Cubs come 8/1. Even if it’s just 1/3 of the people upset and booing, I don’t think the other 2/3 will have anything to cheer him on for. It’s disappointing that it’s come to this.

    1. Bubby

      More than disappointing. It’s a shame. Dempster use to looked upon as a role model. He is now toast. I sure as hell don’t hold any value in what comes out of his mouth.

  25. Jared

    What choice do they (the Cubs) have??? Easy!!! Send him down to AAA ball, and let Germano start in his place…oh, and don’t let him start AAA, long relief at most, and only in big wins, which Iowa isn’t getting this year…no, wait, that hurts his FA value??? Sorry, we thought Iowa was on the list…

    1. Scotti

      You do understand that the Cubs cannot do that, yes?

      1. Jared

        Apparently I don’t…sounded good to this guy, enlighten me???

        And seriously, why not?

        1. dudeski

          after a certain amount of service time players can’t be sent down to minors without the player’s consent (i think)

          1. Jared

            Well then…so much for that idea…back to the drawing board…think…think…think…

  26. calicubsfan007

    I can’t be in Chicago for Demp’s next start. If someone is going to the game, can they boo extra loudly for me? It would be therapeutic. Thanks. (=

  27. lukers63

    1st off, Brent this a great site and I have been a daily follower since the Theo deal was going on. 2nd, I’ve tried to hold judgement on Demp until the 31st, but damn. Is he running for political office this year because he would fit in with the rest of the liars….

  28. Mike S

    What are the odds of Dempster getting booed if he makes his next start at Wrigley? I’ll say 3-1

    1. calicubsfan007

      Mike, I would say 2-1 odds. Just because I have checked out other Cubs sites, and it is pretty bad in terms of anger.

      1. Mike S

        I want to buy tickets for Tuesday’s game just so I could boo him in person. I don’t think Theo and Co. will budge on their asking price because it shows weakness in their first year with the Cubs, and no one else wants Dempster now. Highly, highly doubt he’s not a Cub come Aug 1st :(

        1. calicubsfan007

          Hey Mike, if you do go to the game, can you boo extra loudly for me? I can’t go to Chicago this week. Please?

          1. Mike S

            I say we all buy a section right next to the Cubs bullpen and let Dempster know how we feel. Brett is that bad sport?

        2. Mike S

          The only team that I could see coming in at the last second and getting Dempster for some kind of value would be the Nationals…who could realize that they desperately need a SP…Dempster accepts just because he realizes he’s a butthead and might actually get a ring in the process.

          1. calicubsfan007

            Sounds like a happy ending Mike, but I doubt that Demp would have an epiphany. Would be nice though, but this is the Cubs, happy endings rarely come to us.

  29. Trigger

    Anybody got pictures of Dempster eating at Chick-Fil-A? Then the Chicago City Council can ban Dempster from working or owning property in Chicago because he has the wrong thoughts and opinions. He’ll have to leave. It is Chicago, after all, might as well use some Chicago Way muscle on this situation. Cubs aren’t getting any tax breaks because an owner doesn’t like Obama, and you can’t build a chicken restaurant if you think the “wrong” way, so why not just throw Dempster out of town because he isn’t liked very much anymore?

    1. dudeski

      what the hell does this have to do with anything?

      1. Trigger

        Rahm and his Council are above the law, so why not have them use their muscle to get rid of Dempster since they can do whatever they want to people they don’t like.

  30. HR Trucker

    With what the Dodgers are offering I hope Jed and Theo say they can go f— themselves on trades for the rest of this year. Hell see if there is a NL West team that might want a good deal just to mess with them this off season.