It’s Thursday: Do You Know Where Your Ryan Dempster is? (UPDATE: Cubs and Dodgers at a Stalemate for Now)

Thankfully (or not, depending on your perspective), today’s been a relatively quiet Ryan Dempster day. Don’t get me wrong: I know we’re getting close to the Trade Deadline, and, yes, I definitely fall on the please-trade-him-and-get-quality-prospects side of things. But, man, I’m glad to have gotten a day largely off from the frustration, obsession, an acrimony that has followed this story.

It wasn’t a completely silent day, however, and I don’t expect it to be a completely silent night. Right now, things are pretty much underground (here’s last night’s set of updates, with the latest until now). We know that Dempster has not officially, formally rejected the Atlanta trade (which would have sent Randall Delgado to the Cubs), and we know that the Braves have not completely and irrevocably said that talks with the Cubs are dead. But we also know that Dempster isn’t crazy about going to the Braves, and we know that the Cubs are scrambling to try and work out a deal with the Dodgers that doesn’t require a subsequent hospital visit. For his part, Dempster says he’s thinking things over today, but we don’t know that there’s anything to think about right now.

Here are the latest tidbits on the Ryan Dempster Saga (with updates, if applicable, to follow below) …

  • Jayson Stark reports that the Dodgers remain optimistic that they can get Dempster from the Cubs. I could be perfectly satisfied (more than) with a Zach Lee deal, or an Allen Webster/Garrett Gould/Chris Withrow type return. But, right now, I don’t see any reason the Dodgers would give up that much, given how things have played out. Maybe if they can get an extension out of Dempster?
  • At least one executive tells Ken Rosenthal that there’s “no way” the Cubs will keep Dempster through the deadline, and then make him a qualifying offer after the season, for the reasons I’ve said before. For one thing, the return in that scenario is merely one pick, after the first round (a pick you have to then sign), and it requires Dempster actually turning down some $12.5 million for 2013 from the Cubs. That’s a risk that I doubt the Cubs want to take. Hence my doubt that the Cubs can extract quite as much value out of the Dodgers as they were about to get from Atlanta.
  • For what it’s worth, I’ve heard that the Cubs haven’t totally given up on the Atlanta deal, and instead hope to be able to convince Dempster to head there, if they can’t work things out with LA. There could be very little there, though.
  • Joel Sherman cites an exec who wonders whether the Cubs might “kick in $1M extra to convince Dempster to go to ATL.” Does he mean, give Dempster $1 million as, like, go-away money? If the Dodgers’ offer is Garrett Gould and Chris Withrow, and the Braves’ offer is Randall Delgado, of *course* that difference is worth $1 million. But, I mean, can you do that? Can you just give a dude $1 million, not as salary, just as a one-time bonus, to forgo blocking a trade?

UPDATE (at 3:43pm CT): Ken Rosenthal reports that the Cubs and Dodgers “might” be getting close on a deal. (Which necessarily means they might “not” be getting close, which is kind of like saying nothing at all.) If true, here’s hoping the Cubs have been able to persuade the Dodgers that the Braves’ deal is still on the table, and, if the Dodgers don’t match it, Demp will go there. Probably a really, really tough sell at this point (unless it’s true, that is).

UPDATE 2 (at 4:57pm CT): The Brewers’ GM just confirmed what we all already knew – the Brewers are going to be trading Zack Greinke by the deadline. The Braves are very interested, so your rooting interest on Greinke is that the White Sox somehow magically pull the pieces out of nowhere to land him.

UPDATE 3 (at 5:10pm CT): Dave Kaplan says the deal with the Dodgers is getting close. Various options are still being discussed between those teams, and they’ve even talked about the possibility of bringing in a third team (which always sounds like a great idea, but complicates things exponentially). I’m still suspect that the Cubs can get even close to a Delgado-like deal here, but we’ll see.

UPDATE 4 (at 5:26pm CT): Here’s a more complete take from Kaplan, which goes into a bit of the backstory on the Braves’ deal. The gist is, the Cubs thought they had an understanding with Dempster that they could negotiating with either the Braves or Dodgers, and then they got a better offer from the Braves. When Dempster through up a roadblock (albeit possibly temporary), asking the Cubs to try once more with the Dodgers, the Braves pulled their offer so they could explore other options. Theo was apparently furious. And that’s where we stand, as the Cubs try to get an acceptable deal from the Dodgers. The Cubs, Kap says, are trying to net a “handful” of pitching prospects, which suggests they will generally be of a lesser tier than Delgado.

UPDATE 5 (at 7:12pm CT): A really, really crappy update. Jon Heyman reports that the Cubs resorted to offering Dempster to the Dodgers for Allen Webster straight up. And the Dodgers said, “no.” Two weeks ago, that would have been an understandable offer and rejection. Webster, a fringe top 100 guy, is in the range of what the Cubs could have hoped for, we thought, but it wouldn’t be unreasonable to have that offer rejected. But after the way things have played out? Knowing that Dempster’s value in this market is considerably higher? I can almost taste the balls that were just kicked up into my stomach. To date, Heyman says, the Dodgers have stuck to offering lesser prospects who might project as relievers (Gould and Withrow, perhaps?). Part of the reason the Dodgers are lowballing the Cubs – in addition to their extreme leverage, of course – is the fact that they still prefer Matt Garza. But don’t think the Cubs can just deal Garza to the Dodgers and then force Dempster to go to the Braves – Heyman reports Dempster TOLD some Braves players that he was going to come there, and then changed his mind. Now, the Braves are upset, and view Dempster as a guy who doesn’t want to be there – and the Braves culture doesn’t really look kindly on guys who don’t want to be there. What a crapshow.

UPDATE 6 (at 7:20pm CT): Big surprise, Buster Olney says Dempster is holding firm on his desire to go to LA. Increasingly, I’m growing irked not only that Dempster rejected the trade to Atlanta after apparently telling everyone that he would go, but also that he apparently – literally – will go nowhere but LA. It’s a complete 180 from everything he’s said this year about what would happen when the Cubs looked to deal him. I’m not saying there might not be a good reason – a personal, family reason, for example – but, as a fan, it’s deeply frustrating. And saddening.

UPDATE 7 (at 7:26pm CT): Something else from that Heyman article that bears particular mention – maybe it isn’t just that LA is making crappy offers because they have all the leverage. Maybe, as Heyman suggests, they don’t actually want Dempster all that much.

UPDATE 8 (at 7:32pm CT): Still stewing about this latest report. At this point, a few things are apparent, and I’m ready to adopt them into my official narrative. The Cubs negotiated with the Braves AND the Dodgers for a while. Dempster was aware. The Dodgers offered crap, consistently, because they don’t love Dempster. The Braves got desperate, and offered Delgado. The Cubs leapt to take the offer, and informed Dempster, who spoke to some Braves players and suggested that he’d be taking the deal. Then he changed his mind. We don’t know the reasons (blaming the media leak is so totally bogus at this point). Now, the only reason he hasn’t formally rejected the deal is because he knows that, if he does, the Cubs can’t even *pretend* they have an offer on the table from the Braves when they negotiate with the Dodgers, which makes his chances of going there even less.

UPDATE 9 (at 8:39pm CT): And now Kaplan goes back on his earlier report, and essentially adopts the Heyman line: “Just spoke with a great source who told me that the Dodgers are balking at including what the Cubs need to make a Dempster deal.” Kap adds that Theo and Jed aren’t looking to appease Dempster here – they’ll only make the deal if it makes sense for the Cubs.

UPDATE 10 (at 8:52pm CT): Kap tweets out a few more things that are identical to the Heyman story (I’m not saying Kap lifted them, I’m saying Kap is obviously hearing the same thing as Heyman, which makes it more likely to be true). In sum, the Dodgers don’t want to include Webster in the deal, and the Cubs won’t do it without Webster (well, or, presumably, Zach Lee). Kap calls the Dodgers’ offer “very suspect,” and says the Cubs aren’t going to cave. He adds, though, that it would be very uncomfortable for Dempster to still be on the roster come August 1 (you think?), and neither side is going to want that. But, like I asked Kap, at this point, what choice do the Cubs have?

UPDATE 11 (at 9:52pm CT): Kap expands on that tweet with another article, basically explaining that the Cubs and Dodgers are, presently, at a stalemate (look, you can rip on Kap all you want for quick changes in his stories, but at least he’s covering this – and, here’s the thing, sometimes the story DOES change rapidly, as we saw on Monday).

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

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  1. Fastball

    I did some reading on this subject of 10-5 rights in MLB and a player being put on waivers. I can’t find anything anywhere that says Dempster couldn’t be put on waivers. The claiming team assumes his MLB contract. I don’t know but if I’m an owner that 10-5 deal gets yanked from the CBA. And Yo Dumpster…. Take a Lesson on how to be a class act from Ichiro. He waived his 10-5 before he was even asked about a trade. He was on a loser and wanted to go somewhere that had a chance and now look at him. Dumpster you are a damned fool!

    1. dabynsky

      Ichiro asked out of Seattle.

      As far as waivers go, I am pretty sure 10-5 rights still apply. I want to say with Manny Ramirez when he was waived that he still had to approve going to White Sox.

      1. dudeski

        manny didn’t have 10-5 rights with the dodgers. he might have had a NTC, though

        1. dabynsky

          Yeah you are right it was a NTC. I would assume they would work the same way, but it might be different.

  2. Fastball

    Crap. call in the CIA and have them waterboard his ass until he signs the Atlanta deal. If its done in secretly and there are no witnesses it’s his word against Theo’s and in a Chicago court Dempster has no chance of anyone believing his lying ass. LOL… Theo these idea’s of mine are on $50 bucks each.

  3. poot007

    It’s politics as usual. They take your eye off the ball to look at something else. If we just spent the money on players this year instead of upper management, McDonalds, renovations and all the other BS, I think our team would have been a damn good contender. You spend all this money on prospects which end up being rejects, and why? To wait another five years? I am so sick of this crap, after 35 years I might be done with the Cubs.

    1. dudeski


    2. Drew7

      What prospects that they aquired are rejects?

    3. HR Trucker

      A true fan will always believe…….it will hurt but it is still our Cubs and in this management I believe and there has to be a plan…… a lemming toward the cliff I will go always for my Cubbies.

  4. Gcheezpuff

    I still think Demp is moved by the deadline, but if not they can still try and run him through the waiver wire… He’d probably get picked up, but at that point he might be desperate to get out of Chicago and maybe theo could still gets something back. Otherwise hang on and get draft pick.

    1. 34275

      That would be a dumb move. If you keep him, you keep him for the whole year so you can collect a draft pick.

      1. Gcheezpuff

        Did you only read one sentence of my post? WTF? I said put him on the waiver wire and try to get something back… If not keep him and get the pick. Read the entire post.

        1. J R

          Yeah I thought of the waiver thing too. The problem with that is so many teams use it to block other teams, that who knows if a team would really be willing to give something up to obtain Demp for a month.

    2. J R

      I do think the waiver wire may work for Garza though. He may need more time to prove he’s healthy and a team would be willing to give up a hell of a lot more since he would be on their team next year too.

  5. curt

    enough of this already fo should state min amount required 2 get dempster then give 24hrs fro the dodgers 2 decide if at the end of said 24 hrs and no deal is made we keep dempster and he can enjoy the rest of his stay in chicago. and move on to garza but anything but dempster.

  6. Jared

    Alright, I’ve got the answer for reals this time!!! Demp to the Red Sox for this up-and-comer they have in AAA ball at Pawtucket…Mark Prior!!! No joke, I’d take it!

    1. J R

      I like Prior, but I have heard he has durability issues.. It could just be a rumor though.

      1. Jared

        Gots to be rumor! He seems totally legit!!!

        Ha…I really might not be mad if it were to happen though…

      2. hansman1982

        wha? No, he has perfect mechanics, and those calves!!! You could split the atom with those calves.

    2. djriz

      Wait, isn’t Prior ‘day-to-day’?

  7. curt

    oh and sorry for swearing earlier but i read that post where the difference in miles and time of flights is an hour and a few hundred miles are you freaking serious you blew up a trade for 1 hr and a few miles what douschebag ,unbelievable.

  8. terry

    Wouldn’t it be funny if demp was traded to LA, then LA played Atlanta in playoffs and were swept by Atlanta, and even better if sat Demo was best in a game by Delgado? .

  9. Other other JP

    I’m sure it’s “awkward” and I hope it stays that way for the rest of Dumpster’s tenure as a Cub. I just want what’s best for the Cubs and my family, oh wait “I can’t make that statement?”

  10. terry

    Demp was beat…

  11. josh2

    I am going to the Aug. 1 game vs. the Pirates. I have a feeling the roster won’t look much different for the game…. anyone know who is scheduled to start on the 1st?

    1. calicubsfan007

      josh2: The Cubs official site says TBD right now.

  12. Tony S


  13. quintz

    The only thing that would make this site better would be that after each comment it revealed the authors blood alcohol content.

    1. Bubby

      I don’t know. Mine is high right now, but I hardly ever drink.

  14. anotherjp

    In this pit of despair there’s one thing I’m grateful for- if we ever needed more proof of what an awesome FO we have we’re seeing it now. The manner that Theo & Jed are handling this is being noted by every other team and they’ve been adamant about not dealing Dempster or any other player out of weakness. Of all the parties in this mosh pit of excrement, our management has been the most honorable and forthright. The Braves leaked the trade on their website before Dempster was told about the trade, he then backtracked on his agreement with Theo, and the Dodgers have been bait & switching this deal left & right. Something tells me another team or teams are going to enter the fray and get us the prospects were looking for (maybe just not for RD)

    1. 34275

      Country Club Hendry would have traded Demp to the Dodgers for another Blake DeWitt without even checking anywhere else. Glad to see Theo/Jed standing their ground.

    2. calicubsfan007

      I hope you are right anotherjp. My fingers are so crossed right now, they are losing circulation and I am reaggravating my fracture in my pointer.

    3. dudeski

      my respect for theo and jed has risen (and i had plenty of respect for them beforehand) watching them stick to their guns instead of folding is refreshing as hendry would have gifted him to the dodgers as a favor since their buddies, while theo and jed have no emotional attachment to demp and only care about the plan they laid out

      1. 34275

        Exactly. The minute Dempster said LA was his first choice he would have traded him to the Dodgers for some 25 year old middle infielder, and two A-ball relievers.

      2. Serious Cubs Fan

        dudeski: I am right there with you. They shuldnt cater to the dumpster demands, I rather deal him to the astros, and enjoy seeing him in last place. how u like them apples Dumpster?

        1. quintz

          ….except they can’t deal him anywhere unless he agrees to it.

      3. anotherjp

        That’s right dude & calicub- Theo’s first move was to eat an albatross of a contract and move a headcase like Z out of town. Now Volstad has sucked, but can you imagine how much discontent we’d have on this team if Zambrano was still here? Some principles are worth fighting for, and the way I see it-
        “Show me a good loser & I’ll show you a loser”. I’m sick of this franchise being treated like trash by the players that supposedly care so much for it.

  15. calicubsfan007

    Kinda going off the Cubs paying Demp the money to go way thing… How about we all donate some money to the “Go Away Dempster” fund? Might help him realize that we want to him go way.(=

    1. calicubsfan007

      Sorry, typing too fast. I meant “away” not “way”. And no, I am not drunk.

  16. Mr.Boring

    Brett, We love your website.

    But really, an update every time a tweet is released? Let’s be a better website then that and base on facts. First to report doesn’t mean your the best (not meaning you, I meaning those other clowns).

    Reporting is accurate. Please be above UPDATING TWEETS vol. 13. Don’t be the Weather Guy with the 10 day forecast. Your too good to link unnamed sources from other reporters (I just snickered).

    Brett, please give us facts and not links to BS tweets. We all love this site too much.

    1. anotherjp

      I kind of like all the updates- even from the lame reporters. It’s one reason I come here, plus Brett’s takes on the news are pretty damn solid.

    2. J R

      I don’t know about all that Mr. Boring. A lot of info comes out via tweet now a days. Relax, and enjoy the fine job Brett does.

    3. Mdel78

      I think Brett does a phenomenal job, and I find his updates to be very transparent, including who is quoting, summarizing key points, etc. It’s one of the reasons this is my first stop when looking for Cubs info.

    4. bluekoolaidaholic

      It’s ok Brett, give us all the updates you can.
      It would be really boring without them

    5. Internet Random


  17. Gcheezpuff

    If garza doesn’t pitch before the deadline they will probably try, but more then likely he’ll get moved in the off season. What a mess, I was expecting to be reading articles about the return prospects by now.

  18. Jason "Thundermug"

    Yeah at this point I don’t believe the Cubs will trade Dempster to the Dodgers. If that means Dempster stays w/ Cubs past Aug. 1st who knows but I’m tired of the Dodgers don’t want to trade anything besides guys who can only be relievers we need * starters* We got guys who can be relievers for us in double A we need pitchers who we can see being starters for us

  19. Serious Cubs Fan

    I seriously want to see dempster pitch at wrigley field right before we trade him and I boo and rip him a new one

    1. calicubsfan007

      Boo for me Serious Cubs Fan!

  20. Serious Cubs Fan

    A man is only as good as his word and dempster is no man now. He shuld just get Ted Lilly to go wipe his vagina for him. He has lost all my respect

    1. J R

      Ha… I don’t know why that made me laugh out loud, but it did.

      1. bluekoolaidaholic

        Me too, and I know why.

  21. Serious Cubs Fan

    could we make demp pitch at iowa, and make him ride the bus and tough it Iowa? U dont like Atlanta hows Corn Fields for ya?

    1. calicubsfan007

      Like the bus from the Major League movie? (=

  22. Cryinmybluecoolaid

    I guess it is a little late to remind Cub fans to stay classy! Way to late.

    1. Bubby

      Way too late to say stay classy Dempster?

    2. calicubsfan007

      The first thing I thought when I saw the “stay classy” bit was Ron Burgundy (=

    3. Serious Cubs Fan

      Cryinmybluecoolaid: Dont mean to question your fanhood but r u a cubs fan? Dempster is kind of a fake, said he would do wat was right for the cubs, and he told braves players he would be there and has basically held the cubs hostage in this trade for selfish reason. Please excuse me for speculating but the special needs child excuse I think is load of PR spin bullshit by him. I know he has little girl with some health problems but Atlanta is not in the middle of no where and they have qualified doctors there too. Plus I’m assuming his family wouldnt live with him in atlanta anyways and its only for 2 months and playoff run.

      1. Bubby

        We’ve been “snookered.”

    4. Serious Cubs Fan

      Dempster didnt want to look like the bad guy and he has lied to the fans, media, cubs, braves players. No class act.

    5. 34275

      We’re showing more class than Dempster has shown….internet comments don’t affect the Cubs organization but Dempster’s move puts it in a bind.

      1. Bubby

        Again! Why are the fans being looked at as the bad guys? We all know what happened.

        1. 34275

          Because some people have fallen in love with the “good guy” Dempster with the Harry Caray impressions and the sick daughter. They can’t possibly imagine that he’d do something bad….

  23. Dgcubfan

    Any chance the Cubs aren’t trying very hard with the Dodgers so they can eventually go back to Demp and tell him that the Braves have the best — and only — offer?

    1. Patrick G

      There is no offer anymore

      1. Bubby

        I think I have to agree with this. The folks I have talked to basically said Dempster is done in negotiations concerning any team. Not sure what that implies though. Is his agent still negotiating?

    2. anotherjp

      I don’t think the FO rolls that way- plus the Braves have already stated they don’t want Dempster now (only want players that want to be in Atlanta). It’s the Dodgers or bust and right now neither front office will budge. In fact, there was supposedly a 3-way deal proposed between the Cubs, LA, and Atlanta & the Dodgers pissed all over that too.

  24. Nick

    Waiting for UPDATE 12: Ryan Dempster is officially traded!!!!
    Hope that happens before I wake up tomorrow.

  25. leroy k.

    To the tune of American Pie: The saga continues

    A long long time ago, I can still remember, how Ryan Dempster used to make me smile,
    and I knew if I had my chance that I could make those Cubbie fans dance
    and maybe they’d be happy for a while.

    But July 25th made me shiver, with every message the Braves delivered
    not a word was spoken, Theo and Jed were misspoken.
    I can’t remember if I cried, when I heard about his little lie,
    but something touched me deep inside the day that Dempster Lied.

    SO Bye, bye to this Dempster guy, maybe LA some day later, but today he’s still mine
    Them good ole boys were high fivin and sighed, sayin this’ll be the day Dempster cries, yeah this will be the day that he cries.

    1. calicubsfan007

      @Leroy K: I love that movie! Haven’t seen that movie in so long!

    2. anotherjp

      Awesome job!

    3. Bubby

      That’s hilarious!

  26. Mr.Boring

    I don’t think Kap knows anything. In fact, I think he is full of hot air. And so do the W-Sox and Cubs. He might have burnt a bridge or two in the past.

    Brett, you do a great job. Hook your wagon on a different horse.

  27. TSB

    The other team here in the LA area needs two starting pitchers for their run for the pennant. Why not deal Dempster and Garza to the Angels for a slew of their top prospects? Or is Anaheim too far from LA for Dempster to go to have a beer with Ted Lilly?

    1. calicubsfan007

      TSB: Based on what Demp has done, it probably is too far. (= But I do like the idea.

    2. Jonski

      Maybe that would work if the Angels paid him mileage …Dempster said by his on words that it is easier for him to get back and forth from Canada if he was in LA.give him 25 cents a mile throw in some all you can eat canadain bacon and season tickets for the Toronto Raptors for Garrett Richards and Peter Bourjus.

  28. Jim G

    Dumpster has no meatballs, Sorry, I know the man has a little girl with problems, so do other people and they don’t make 14 million dollars. You have a chance to go to a club who could win the world series and you turn it down ? I couldn’t blame any team for not taking a chance on your gutless ass. If I where the Cubs brass you’d throw 160 pitches a game, I wouldn’t care if knuckles touch the ground. Than see who wants you as a free agent next year.

    1. 34275

      And if his daughter were the issue, why is he so willing to go to LA? I doubt his family would move immediately anyway and LA is further away from Chicago than Atlanta is.

      1. dudeski

        that’s the 14 million dollar excuse. really him using his family as a shield for his behavior is pretty low

        1. 34275

          And if he had a legitimate family excuse, he could have offered one up a few days ago.

    2. Internet Random

      Pretty much my thoughts exactly. That, and move him up in the rotation as much as possible. Either way, he’d be throwing complete games from here on out if I were making the calls.

      1. Internet Random

        “As much” meaning “as often”.

        1. yoga master

          Good idea. If Demp wants to retire a cub, this plan should end his career in a few months

  29. cubsin

    Is there any chance at all the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim or the Chicago White Sox would want Dempster, and that he’d accept a trade there? At this point, I can’t see him staying with the Cubs, and I can’t see him going to Atlanta after his recent shenanigans. He reportedly told several Braves players he was coming, then reneged on them too. Even if he winds up going to Atlanta, I think we can kiss any chance of getting Randall Delgado bye.

    1. 34275

      No, he only wants to go to the Dodgers so he can play with his BFF Ted Lilly. It’s as ridiculous as it sounds, but Dempster is one ridiculous SOB.

  30. MightyBear

    Brett said right from the beginning he would put rumors and tweets etc if he thought it was important. It is his call.

    Now we no why hendrys teams never won anything. Talented players but selfish as hell. Always put me before we. Zambrano Ramirez DempsterAre all the same.